December 2, 2018 - Contemporary

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I see you.

Let us now. Begin this day in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Old Testament reading this morning comes from Jeremiah chapter 33 beginning.

Behold the days are coming. Where's the Lord?

and if that's not I will call A righteous Branch spring up for David and he shall execute Justice and righteousness in the length. In those days will be safe.

and this is the name by


chapter 3

what Thanksgiving can we return to God? Call to Joy. When you feel for your safe for our guy if we can pray the most night and day when we may see face to face.

Tell me our God and Father himself and our lord Jesus. direct our way to may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all as we do for you. So that he may establish your heart and pulling us before our God and fought at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all this thing.

I got the lesson for the first bendy and Advent.


Holy Gospels.

Me and said these things he went on going out to Drew.

going to the

I'm tired and bring you here. If anyone ask you, why are you in Thai?


Why are you in?

on the road is Drawing Near already on the way down.

What is a kingdom come?

I tell you.



Your message for my children.

I have a question for you guys. Do you know what season of the church year we started today? We set the word a couple of times. I think you know, what season is starting today?

You're right on that. You said Christmas. You're right. We're starting at the right now actually at then is the season in which so during a van. I remember when I was a kid, which wasn't as long ago as you think.

And really it is a time of looking. We're looking forward to the coming of Christ and we're waiting for that. We were preparing for that coming of Christ in the Old Testament long long time ago. People were waiting for Price also years for Jesus to come now. God promised you promised them. Waited and waited and waited and finally did come and that's what we celebrate on Christmas, right? Well, they came and he died for our sins and he rose again and he ascended into heaven before he is spending the night and you promised that you would come back and take us with him to live with him forever, which is awesome. Right so it wasn't forever in heaven. And so during the season during Advent and then look forward to Christ first coming when he was born. We remember that God kept his promise. We remember that God kept his promise to send price to us as a baby in the end to be our savior. And so we can have faith that he will keep his promise to us to come again. That's a really awesome things know that God keeps his promises and if people keep that final promise to come back.

Dear, heavenly father. Thank you for the season of Lent. Thank you for sending your son to come to Earth and died for us. Grossing. I pray that you would bless of a season as you prepare. Also as we look forward to your second coming.

I'm in Bangla.

Call backs in Michigan.


Injustice 2


Solano Mall New York City

Grace and peace be with you by the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Those are my favorites.

for those of you

call John office. All ready to go.

for those of you that

We're not able to help us.

Play Wild Thing. When you left there was no Greenery. No dreams, nothing like that and the pyramids were Green in fact. But that you walk in today and Everything's changed.

Where we have a different candle going to have account at Christmas trees.

We have just undergone a lot of change very very quickly. is fantastic the music really hard logical, you know Christ is coming.

And yes, I ran out again this weekend.

We had some time in preparation for all working to prepare.

If you look at our gospel lessons today, I see that preparing going on. I see more than just preparing in Our Deck Down in the freezer.

the first part

the triumphal entry of Jesus happened they prepare before they go to the town, but then even more exactly happened in preparation. What is the disciples? They have a mistress and just two of them, but they're sent.

exactly Hey, you're going to go find this called exactly can hear what you're going to say when they ask you a question. And what happens to go into town. They find it exactly the way. even when the person respond

preparation they are preparing for the triumphant.

So I can park celebration. Whenever Jesus is going down into Jerusalem, there is such to Joyce think there is such a joy. There is such celebration. Jesus has come. What a great. A couple points on this as well first off they misunderstood.

your words are right, but they misunderstood that they were hoping that Jesus was a kid could take over the place in Jerusalem in the throat of the world. It says they say yeah, the king is coming.

And his throne was not in. Sitting at the right hand of God the Father. is coming they were waiting for the Messiah but the one who was to give away two piece. The one that was supposed to again and their eyes take over the

the one who went to the Cross who has looked it up and guide them cuz they're safe.

celebrating all the same and what a celebration

At first I didn't know what to even make of the third phone. Because if it's in there, some people call it a review some people.

Jesus tell his disciples. Go they have two reasons for doing what was going on.

That's why the most obvious one. The other one's a little love obviously.

Well, the people were talking about Kings and Remember, they're still in Rome in Rome. Does it usually take kindly to people saying that they're the new king? The Pharisees they already had Roman occupation. Rome was already in control the room kind of just ignored Naruto.

They didn't want the state of these people out here to cause more attention to fall over isn't it was more the fact that they like their own ability to be they didn't want somebody coming in and taking control over the temple and over. Whatever they felt a hat. So you have this Exchange? Pharisees

look up the three parts. I see if you break down.

And you know, we're kind of in the middle right now in the preparation. We're preparing we're getting ready. We're getting all these things set up and prepare than you know. We also have a mission now. It's not cold.

It's also for today has told us to go out and make disciples of all Nations. We are still called to this day to go out. For the word of God to Proclaim Jesus to the world that still our mission that still what we are to do and we can't just be sent we actually have to go. Maybe car neighbors maybe for friends at work, maybe elsewhere. Your so-called go out. Play, Wisconsin.

Also called be a people of Prayer. Sacramento body of water baptism we are called to be his peace.

Looking forward to a time of celebration for looking forward to the time coming with the clouds. We get just a blip just a glimmer of that Joy.

That we will experience.

I don't know how that really would fit.

Going up to come be with him free.


should we get going? I'm Yours address usually start unpacking and hang up the Garland and and trying to untangle those lights that you don't work last year, but you know some Gumball goes out. You know how it is. If we start doing all of that, just remember what we're preparing. Yeah, we're preparing for Christmas. We're preparing for that little glimpse of the joy. Really we're preparing for so much more. We are preparing for the Son of God to descend with the cloud.

Great thing. What a great celebration.

Navigate to Peace of Christ which passes all understanding keep your hearts.

Turn on God Heavenly Father. We thank you for so many the blessings.

Here is now Lord if you take a moment of silence. Professor says before you our heavenly father.

You're so Lord for Jesus. Take your son our Lord liberated you in the Holy Spirit one God now and Christmas.

A mighty God in his Mercy is giving his sons die for you. And for his safe to give you all of your sins are they called an ordained servant of Christ if I his authority and therefore forgive you all of your sins in the name of the father and of the son. Holy Spirit

I believe in God the Father.

directions to body

Find that book.

Play Spanish guitar head.

Heavenly father is first Sunday in Advent reminds us to prepare for the celebration of your son's birth and I will second coming on the clouds of Glory. Awaken our hearts from the Panthers fire up are paid for your return and give us your Holy Spirit to be about the mission of the church reaching out to those in any need. Hey, where's the pastor Chris this morning help us to bear fruit in our hearts of ice as we await the second coming of your son our savior? Oh mighty God. We enjoy the Manning and His blessings your shower tomorrow Nation. Help her readers bwise faithful if they help us use your blessings for good.

Guide your dog doesn't eat. They touched the hearts of men.

provides Christmas gifts for children

Let me confirmation classes.

Coherent comforter we pray for getting her child support recovery from surgery this past Friday be with all of our members with the long health problems with those who are unable to attend church. in the midst of their trouble we pray that you would be

In a time of Silence we pray now for others who are near and dear to us.

Oh God, we worn with a family of Joy Ballwin Missouri on Saturday wrap the family Peace of Mind knowing that he is with his Shaker in the 70 home. Got her life, we pray blessings upon Garrett Wiggly who will be receiving to wash usually baptism today. Please guide his parents and sponsors if they help you keep hearing his baptism.

Ordinary praise and thanksgiving to you. wedding anniversaries this week of March

Mary Ann Winedale, Carol Brito Bill Anderson we're celebrating group. It is our prayer that you would give Mary Ann Carol and Bill many years ago.

Every pray for each family of our congregation father died this morning before I leave for the breed.

You're handling father. We commit all for when we pray trust.

murder capital FM radio station

The Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. Lord look upon you with favor and give you

show me the next song.

if you do

So glad you made it.

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