5 Two Word Prayers That Will Change Our Lives - 12/2/2018

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These 5 short prayers will change our lives (If we pray in faith, believing) They will give us peace with God and harmony with this world. They will illuminate our future and secure our past! They will make us pleasing to God! They will make us what we have the potential to do for God. They will make us sure of what He wants in our lives. Stop waiting for something to happen, make it happen!

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Wesley asked if I had a short sermon.

I have a friend that has a lame on that lady lady that has a jail Ministry. So she asked me to send my copies of my sermons not that it there preach, but they looking for things I can use in a jail Ministry simple. I sent him this week's and got a call and it said that's a short sermon on Sunday night. I said I knew a lot of talk in between them nose. So

So I'll try not to let this belongs and I don't want to talk about 5 to word prayers that a change our lives. But before I do, let me see it tell you something don't ever forget. Those two word prayers mean nothing unless you received. I know sometimes it's hard to think of God not hearing. But God only hears one prayer from Lost people. and that's what Save me. is everyone let's put it that way God so loved everybody out there that you send his son, but he only answers prayer for his children. I worked an alcohol rehab center almost 3 years. I heard a lot of people trying to recover from alcohol safe Lord. Please deliver me from this now. That would be a good prayer except God didn't know who they were. And God does not deliver people that he doesn't know who they are unless they start off by praying. Just what you said. God save me. God save me now. I know why I bet half of you in here right now. So I know I know somebody I prayed for this and I was lost and God answered it. No, he didn't. Sometimes things happen and we think this is God's answer. God loves his children and he answers our prayers. He loves the world out there and he sent his son to save them and I get where they get a choice they get a choice. So what I'm going to talk about tonight is worth if things that if you and I pray it will change things now lot of times we will wait around and hope something miraculous happens. Mother-of-five to word prayers that you have in your Bible that will make things happen. God gave us these things. So we will make things happen. We can't make God do anything against his will. I mean, I'm not going to pray to win the lottery. I'm not going to pray for it for my football team to win of those things. God doesn't do that sort of thing. He cannot you cannot I cannot make God do something against his will he just doesn't work that way. So I want to use the first and then I will get to get to the to the five things. But this is not on the slide. 15:57. Jesus said If you abide in me, that's what you just saved. You become one of my children you get safe. If you abide in me and my words you believe my book, you play my book if my words abide in you then. He said what whatever you at wish for it will be done for you. But notice how he said it if you are inviting me if you make me your heavenly father and he believed the book and you praying according to the book because I won't do something for you. That's not my will I will not bring you great riches. I'll not bring you the person you're looking for I won't do that. You got to abide in me and let me do it my way. It is impossible to pray correctly apart from knowing what this book says right here. So, let me give you the five. Number one. God says search me. David said it actually David said search me he said that in the hundred 39th Psalm verse 33. He said he said search me o God and know my heart. That's a startling thing to say because what God already knows what's in my heart. He already knows what's in my heart. But if I ask him to search that he's going to reveal things to me that I think I got hidden from him. You think you can hide something from God. I used to think you could hide things from God, but you really sure what David said Lord. I want you to search me. God already knows what's in our hearts. He already knows what we hiding from him. He already knows all of that, but I can tell you this cuz I offered use it in the in the sermon. God does not clean and unclean vessel not feeling unclean vessel. This is where we start. This is where we get the vessel clean would say Lord search me look at look in my heart. Now we have to do this because we don't want to face up to our sins. Will God looking at us do it. We don't want to face up to our sins. Would God looking at us and he is and he knows it when we pray that prayer he exposes though since he exposes are in difference in difference. I can write a book on the things that people have told me that they had to do instead of going to church, you know, and all that sort of thing that indifference that we have excuses for God knows already and if you pray search my heart he's going to hold it out there and let you see it. He's going to hold it out there and let you look at it and see what he says. He's not only difference our pride. We say I don't I'm not a person to Pride. Well, let's see what he finds in your heart. When you do this if there's any in there, he'll hold out if it's jealousy in there. He'll hold that out. If you hold them out first thing to say, honestly God lord. I want you to search my heart cuz he will you pull it out and show it to us. We think we got it. We think he doesn't know about it David knew that right there. If we pray this prayer you got to be ready to face the facts got to be ready to face the facts. It might wind up costing you a broken an appendage of hard. It might bring you and me to change it. Are we living if we think we can hide things from God and when we ask him to search our hearts we in for a big surprise. Was he will search it and he will show us and we might not like it but think of a different so may if he calls his me and you to search our hearts and clean them up. Put in first place in our hearts put him on the throne of Our Hearts II prayer is at that that will help us help me. Help me in this is from Matthew 1525. This is a initial experience at all of us have to have a God we have to come as little children and say Lord help me and Matthew 1525 which means she was not do it. She was a gentile a Canaanite woman came to Jesus. She had heard about his miracles and she sought him out because she had a demon possessed child and she had heard that didn't judge Jesus at casting demons out. No doubt and she looked him up and she said Lord, I want you to heal my daughter now. Jesus said of strange things to her. He said no. Know your gentle and I came to seek and to save the children of this real. Now she was no dummy. She understood exactly what Jesus said. I have not turned Ministry yet to the Gentiles. But she said yes, you do Lord, but remember the dogs eat the crumbs that the children knock off the table me and you would have children the dogs eat the crumbs that you knock off the table and I touched Jesus hard and he said you're right. You're right and from that moment. The daughter was healed. The daughter was healed when she came to Jesus and she said Lord, I need your help. I need your help. I need your guidance. I have a problem. I can't solve and I know you saw those problems. I want you to help me. And first God said no. He said I came to for the for the children of Israel. And she said yes, and I understand that but even the dogs can get on the table and get the droppings get the leadings and Jesus said that's a good answer. That is a good answer and she was healed the third one. He said where we going to look at. It just words show me show me it comes from the 33rd chapter of Exodus 30 third chapter of Exodus. You remember in the 20th chapter of Exodus Moses went up on the mountain spend time with God came down and we got down there. They were acting out and it through this tablet down and broke them and and and fell on those people and a lot of people died as a result of what they were doing. When when you get over to the 33rd chapter. God has given the tablets again and Moses goes up to get him explain to it kind of like we have a constitution and then we have a explains what the Constitution Moses it back up there and God is telling me how to build a tabernacle. He's telling how to build his house his place that you'll need them and Moses getting all this down and then God said, you know Moses I think you better go check on your children cuz they're acting out. I hear something down there. That's not prayer. And so Moses came down and you know what that's done. When Moses was up there. They decided that they do we know what happened to Moses and we don't like this idea about God we can't see so with it. They said the wheelchair to make us a God and ever said, okay bring me a lot of gold. They brought him a lot of gold and he hammered it out and he made a goal calf. And when you said that thing up here, they like it so, well, he build an altar and they've sacrifice on the Altar and then the Bible says that they had the 8th and the rose up to play now all the Bible say their sexual innuendo there and the end there was a whole lot of bad Saint going on whole lot of bad things going on. They had not been out of the Egypt but a month-and-a-half. And they got to go all the way to the promised land and Moses and I'm not going with this. Got that art step aside Moses. I'll kill them all you start over and we'll start with you and Moses being a compassionate man. He was at don't do that Lord. Don't do that. Don't do that. But Lord, you got to show me. You got to show me. You got to leave me. You got the Guide Me It's a Long Way to the promised land now. He didn't know it was going to take 38 more years. But but he knew that he had to have God's leadership and he said something real real very unusual smart statement to God. He said Lord not if you're not going to go with me. I'm staying right here. I'm sitting right here. But if you going to go with me and just show me the way to go walk my face. We use at Save-A-Lot, don't we are you walking back? That's the hardest thing in the world hardest thing in the world, you know of Abraham. It says Abraham went out not knowing where he was going. But God was leaving him. That's walking by faith. Now there's a lot of things we have to do in this life by faith. We can't do it till we try God and walk by faith. That was what Moses said Lord. I will take them don't kill them. I'll take them but you got to show me how you got to show me where and it was 38 or 39 more years before they can finally got away. And by the way, you already know that the only two people who started off on in Egypt got inside the promised land, you know, only two of them made it they left there were two and a half million people and they got to the promised land with a large group of people. We don't know exactly how many actually made it in there. But only two people who left Egypt in that Exodus weld up in the Promised Land. And the desert after one sin after the other one problem after the other that they all died in the desert and those that entered into the promised land where people that were born after they left Egypt. God Moses said Lord, I know how you operate. Please. Show me where we going and how we going to do it. Show me show me my third my fourth point on this is strengthen me. Asking God to give us strength. Strength to do what Trent to do his will and of course I'm taking this from judges 16:28 and if I take it from there, you know, I'm talking about Samson now Samsung was he was an incredible human being he was physically the strongest man in the world. He did and one night killed a hundred Philistines and brought the foreskins back to pay a debt that he made a promise that he had made at another time. They caught him off in the wilderness and he had no weapon. And so he looked around I guess and found us bone yard and picked up a a Jawbone of a donkey and killed about 3,000 people in one day. Would that Joe Bone?

But things didn't always go. Well for Samson Samson was a Nazarite. That means he didn't cut his hair and it didn't drink alcohol and he lived on the probation to have anything to do with the Philistines out there and Samson looked across the border at the Philistines and he thought them Philistine gals look better than these Jewish women do He won over and he said they smell better, too. And pretty soon. He's got one of them and then another one. And so he lost all that power. He he he had he put on several strength exhibitions on how strong he was but one woman brought him down when she cut his hair. Y'all know the story to make movies about it cut it down and then we find the strongest man in the world. His eyes are gouged out. They got him hooked up. He has no strength and they got him hooked up to a mil. He's pulling a meal round and round grinding grain there like a mule and he discovers that in this temple in this place in this gym or industry or large Gathering Place there, too. Great polls to greater things in the middle holding all of that up. And he knows that young. He knows they going to kill him and so he asked God to do something for him. He prayed and he said Lord, would you strengthen me one more time? Will you strengthen me one more time? Would you give me strength one more time just came from a man who had wasted his life. Still wasted his life. God had put him on there for a special purpose special project and it wasted his life. But in death he wanted to be a tool in God's hands he want to do something and he knew they were two different things that were holding up that Stadium up and I don't know why it was built to go to two things holding it up, but it was and he put his hands on both of them and ask God to strengthen me. I wonder how many times we Christians get find ourselves just like Samson we done wrong with paying the price and we like to do something for God and we say Lord. Would you strengthen me? Would you give me the strength to do that? Not the problem with asking God for strength and takes away all excuses cuz we like to be a little bit too dependent so we can make an excuse I can't do that. I can't do that. I can't go there. I can't teach that. I can't be that I can't if you ask God for strength, it means I can stop waiting for someone else to do it. God give me the strength and I'll do it. And the field one of course is send me your member who said send me it's from the 6 chapter of Isaiah after it starts off like this and they hear you saw that I saw the Lord. Lift it up. And the year that Uzziah died can't use I was the king in the year that he died Isaiah got a vision into heaven and he saw God the glory of God high and lifted up her gun. Say something he heard God say now who will go he will speak for me and Isaiah answered. That was that prayer. He said Lord send me. Send me I'll go I'm a volunteer I'll go and so in the in the in the 6th chapter of Isaiah. God said who will go and Isaiah said nothing satisfies us like knowing we are God's will do you think you're in God's will? You know, we can know that. If you're miserable and nothing works out for you and you and you can't sleep at night and you don't rest at night and all of that the thing to do is pray and say Lord. I'm obviously out of your will because if I'm in your will I won't live like this help me to know your will. Help me to know your will for my life and I believe yourself tell us God has a will for every one of us know sometimes we think that only people that have called me missionaries or evangelist and teachers or something like that know God's will know God has a will for ever one of us. There is a purpose in our lives when we born in this world. Not everyone finds it but we all to find it. We should find it. And with what there's nothing any more satisfying than knowing. I am where God wants me to be. I told you how many times I remember I spent 30 years in the military. We got some retired military guys here. I don't mean it. I'm not going to say that it was saying was hunky-dory in the military. I had the same kind of troubles in the military you have here in the same kind of difficulties. I had good bosses and Bad Bosses. I had good people working for him and I had bad people working for me. I had all of that but there was never a day that I spent in the military that I didn't know. I was exactly where God wanted me. Even from the Carla call me and kick me in the rear end and told me that you'll do something I've been refusing to do. I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

You can do. You can do you can if you'll do what I say. I said you are my Lord here. Am I send me and you will find a piece. I'll go for you. I'll do that for you. I'll save that for you. I'll hold that job for you. I'll teach that class for you. I'll be this for you. I'll do that for that pleases God. That's what I said. Did he please God because God wants us all to be willing to be used willing to be used. You know, there's more to the Christian Life and just coming sitting in a few. This is just where we've come to The Filling Station and God speaks to our hearts, but there's a life out there and he wants people out there that's willing to be used. I'm asking what we have to be willing Isaiah didn't get drafted. He volunteered he was a volunteer and the least we can do in this way. It's do what we can Where We Are. Where we are right now, so my application for these things is these five prayers that we would pray them either one or in whatever order you need to will will change our lives. First of all, they give us peace with God they'll give us peace with God and ever have us in harmony with him and the world They'll make us very very pleasing to him. Any one of these five are all five of them put together. It would make us very pleasing to God because what these five prayers will do will make us what we ought to be for him. Some form of each one of these five will make us what we should be for him and they will make a sure of what it is that we on this Earth to do you are here for a purpose. So let's stop waiting for things to happen or waiting for someone else to do it. Let's do the things that are sweet to the ears of god. Let's pray these prayers and let it change our lives. God bless you for being here tonight. Is that short enough? All right. Let's tend to be dismissed.

Michael Lee would you dismiss us in prayer please, sir?

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