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On this third week of Advent we are focusing on Joy. Luke records the amazing event that took place when the angels announced the birth of Jesus to a group of shepherds. They described they news as being of "great joy". That same joy is still meant to be felt when we remember the birth of our savior.

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Joy comes in chaos.

Luke 2:1-7
JOY COMES IN CHAOS – Mention of Caesar Augustus forcing this census shows the bad state that the Jewish nation was in. (not much joy there)
Census created financial issues, had to travel miles away.
There was nowhere to stay because of the overcrowding (due to the census)
Mary was about to give birth.
Why would the savior of the world come NOW?
It was all a part of God’s plan.
What we call chaos God calls His perfect timing.

This joy is abundant.

Luke 2:10
o This Joy is Abundant:
It is common for our culture give an abundance in gifts during Christmas.
But the original Christmas gift (Jesus) brought an abundance in joy
Think about what it means when heaven calls something great.
Take a look at the pictures of heaven (thousands of angelic beings, never ending praise to God).
We have no idea what abundance it until we taste the abundance of Joy that originates from Jesus.

This joy is timeless.

Luke 2:11
This Joy is Timeless:
“For (because) born to you this day >> A savior WHO IS Christ the Lord.
Identifying the source of this joy as Christ The Lord (our saviour) TELLS US SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GIFY.
Earthly joy is bound by time (I can only bring you joy while I am here)
Heavenly joy is timeless (endless) because God is timeless.

This joy is for all people.

o Joy for All people – The fact that the angel announced this to shepherds (and not the elite, powerful, leaders would be something that marked Jesus’ earthly ministry. This joy is for “all people.” You don’t have to be good enough, be in the right place (God have people who deliver: Angles, disciples, the church, YOU)

This joy has conditions.

Luke 2:14
This Joy Has Conditions – (v14) “… peace on earth among those with whom he is pleased!”
Just like a Christmas present, the gift of joy is only useful after you open it.

This joy goes with you.

Luke 2:20
This Joy Goes with You: Verse 20, “And the shepherds returned.” We are tempted to attach joy to situations. (wealth, health, peace etc) but the joy that was offered to the shepherds in the field didn’t mean they would no longer be shepherds. It meant they had joy where ever, whenever, and however, God took them in this life.
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