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Jesus washes his disciples feet.
Not long ago, there was one morning when we came to Church and there was a smell at Church.
A smell of something rotting.
It was very smelly.
We went around the Church trying to look for the smell with our noses.
When we followed our noses outside of the Church to the rubbish place, we were shocked to find a dead cat there.
It was very gross when we saw the cat.
It was rotting and there were maggots growing in it.
It was so gross that we did not want to touch it.
So we thought that the people who collected the rubbish would come and collect it tomorrow.
So we were willing to bear with the smell for another day and wait for someone else to do that thing that we did not want to do.
The next day when we came to work, the smell was still there and when we went to check, the cat was still there and this time to smell was very bad.
So bad that we needed to take the cat out and put it into a trash bag.
But who will do it?
I asked Cheri to do it, she said no because it was too smelly she wants to vomit.
Koy couldn’t do it also because she was pregnant and it was dangerous for her to go near because it is full of bacteria.
Thank God that Korn was at Church that day and I asked him if he would help to go with me to throw away the dead Cat.
Pi Porn was there too and she was not very excited to go and pick up the dead cat too.
Actually I didn’t want to do it also.
But no one else wanted to do it so I had to do it with Korn’s help.
So in the end, Korn took a broom and I took a dust pan and we sweeped the dead cat and all the maggots that were falling out of it and put it into the trash bag.
Actually none of us wanted to do it because it was not a glamorous job and it was dirty and smelly.
We all hoped that someone else would do it.
i hoped that Cheri would say okay, I will do it.
Today we will look at a passage where the disciples also felt the same.
Let us read this passage together.
John 13
As we read today’s passage, we see the disciples having the last supper with Jesus before Jesus will be caught and crucified.
In the customs of that time, because the streets of Palestine were not like our roads today but were dirt roads, when people traveled along the roads, they wore sandals.
Their feet would be full of sand that is stuck to their feet because of the sweat.
Because the weather is very hot in Palestine.
And they did not have motorcycles or cars at that time.
They walked for long distances.
Their feet would be sandy and smelly.
So usually when they arrived at someone’s home, the host would provide the guests with water for them to wash their feet.
But when they arrived at the place, who was the host?
There was no host.
So someone had to get the water right.
Who was going to get it.
Not the disciples.
they were tired from the travel and they just wanted to rest.
Someone else was going to have to get the water.
So they all just act blur and wait to see who will do it first.
The food was getting cold but they were not going to serve each other.
It says in Verse 1 and 2 that Jesus knowing that his time had come for him to leave the world to go to the father, Jesus loved his own who were in the world, Jesus loved them till the end of his life.
And it goes on to show how Jesus loved them till the end.
Jesus knowing that Judas is about to betray Jesus stood up from supper and took off his outer garments and took the towel and tied a towel around his waist and poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet.
How do you think the disciples felt?
They were shocked that the master would wash their feet.
Do you know who was tasked to wash the feet of the guests?
The lowest of servants were tasked to wash feet.
Only gentile slaves were required to wash feet.
Jewish slaves did not have to do it.
And this is what Jesus did for the disciples.
He who was the the creator of the earth washed the disciples feet.
The feet of Jesus creation.
Jesus washed the feet of his spiritual children just like I am willing to wash Allie’s feet when she dirtied herself.
What was Jesus teaching by washing the disciple’s feet?
1) Jesus addresses their sinful nature
When the disciples were at the dinner, they were worried about status, about smelly and dirty feet and how they did not want to do that job of the lowest servant.
They felt that they were better than that.
Just like me when there was a dead cat.
And I saw that there was a need to be met.
But deep down inside I did not want to do it because it was dirty and smelly.
I asked Cheri to do it to see if she would do it instead so that I did not have to do it.
I was focused on my own interests more than anything else.
But then God reminded me that he has called me to lead and serve the Church.
In my old nature, I probably would not be very willing to do it.
But because of God’s love and sacrifice for me, I am willing to sacrifice to serve others.
Jesus was actually telling the disciples that they were sinning by being selfish and only looking to their own interests.
Before this the disciples were still arguing about who was the greatest in the kingdom.
Luke 22:26
Their idea was that the greatest shall be served but Jesus taught that true greatness comes from serving others.
So what is our idea of greatness?
Do we think like the disciples who will not serve the others because they want to be great?
Are we people who only want to be heard and never want to hear from others about how they are doing in their lives.
In this world people all want to be great and respected.
They think that if they have money and status or high education then people will respect them and they will be great.
Was Jesus rich, very educated, did Jesus go to Bible school?
Did Jesus ever teach the disciples that because I am the son of God, you must respect me and call me great.
Did Jesus ever do anything like that?
No. What was Jesus greatness?
Jesus said in his word that he came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for us.
2) Jesus shows them the way to life
Do you know what was the original sin?
What do you think it is?
It is pride.
When Adam and Sinned against God.
What is the intention of their hearts?
Their intention was pride.
They wanted to be like God and be great like God.
They wanted to be great.
How did Satan become Satan?
Satan was actually an Angel of God who was the main Angel who led the worship in heaven.
But because of pride, Satan wanted to be God, Satan took 1/3 of the angels from heaven and led them to rebel against God.
As we can see, pride was the original sin that causes separation from God.
When Jesus was about to wash Peter’s feet, Peter said to Jesus “You shall never wash my feet.”
But Jesus said to him.
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