Genesis 1:1-31 // In the Beginning God Created

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“In the beginning God …” (Genesis 1:1)

Let’sDefine the parameters of what scripture does for us.
o Those who disagree with Creationism
§ Typically start with rejecting the existence of God.
§ Scientifically – “We have scientific evidence opposing creation”
· They actually have Historical Evidence.
· They have the same evidence we do but interpret it differently.
§ In addition to scientific evidence, we have historical records. Bible.
IMPORTANT – The Bible (even Genesis) is not ONLY Historical
It also theological.
“In the beginning God...” Puts God before creation.
§ The Bible doesn’t attempt to prove God’s existence.
§ Paul tells us we should know that there is a creator. (Rom 1:18-23)
Our belief is still by faith.
· Hebrews 11:3 (ESV)
Hebrews 11:3 ESV
By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

Is the Biblical explanation of creation logical?

· When we talk about the explanation – this is our Worldview
o Worldview = concept of life and purpose
o Everyone carries some sort of worldview
o So, which one is true?
· Christian worldview states that were created by God and worship Him only.
o Ravi Zacharias (a well-known apologist) points out that:
All worldviews must answer 4 basic questions. Creation, Meaning, Reality, Destiny.
1. Origin – Where do I come from?
2. Meaning – Why am I here?
3. Morality – Who defines right and wrong?
4. Destiny – Where am I going?
As we walk through the creation story, we will be looking at how the Bible answers these questions.

“In the beginning God created …” (Genesis 1:1)

Describes our origin
We were created.
· Create or Carve Out?
o Some say the Hebrew word for created [bãrã] just means to shape or carve out. So, God didn’t actually “create” but just gave creation order and meaning.
o “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
Describes creation of Time, space, matter.
§ God transcends time, space, and matter.
o “And God said …”
§ Describes a completely independent God who was unassisted in bring everything into existence.

“The earth was without form and void …” (Genesis 1:2)

Describes our meaning.
God brought everything into existence (time, space, and matter)
God then brought order to everything and that order God also assign purpose.
“There was evening and there was morning the first day.”
· Purpose (“Let them”) Denotes organization (their KINDS)
o Verse 11 – Vegetation
o Verse 20 – Sea creatures and birds
o Verse 24 – Land Animals
o Verse 26 – Man

“It was good”

God defines morality because, by design, only God is able to establish what is good.
· (Preview of Chapter 3) God set the boundaries for man to live by and when they disobeyed that, it was sin.
o AS the creator, who fashioned everything for a purpose, God has the sole prerogative of defining right from wrong.

“Thus, the heavens and the earth were finished.” (Genesis 2:1)

Our meaning is still our ultimate destiny.
God rested on the 7th day because he finished his work.
What existed on the 7th day is a picture of what is supposed to be our reality.
All of creation, including us, is supposed to live in harmony in the presence of God.
We broke that existence, but God still wants us with Him.
Jesus came to make is possible for us to return to our intended relationship with our creator God.
That also explains why Jesus is truly the ONLY way back to a relationship with God, and ultimately heaven.
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