Life is Sacred

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I have the gift of cerebral palsy. And I was awarded and I did not die.

My biological mother wants to have a solution that is used to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours and after being burned alive in my own mother's womb for approximately 18. I was delivered alive. California abortion clinic

ladies and gentlemen, I say this with Grace and with Mercy, but everyday I bear the mark of someone else's decision on my life. Abortion is merely about women's rights then what were mine?

in 46 years since Roe versus Wade 46

I don't know how you can watch something like that in your heart not be touched.

most people today

they don't even realize truly what an abortion is.

They understand it.

It's not politically correct to really tell people what it's all about.

Not politically correct to openly take a stand against it.

Is morally correct? Is biblically correct for us to take a stand against it for us to tell the truth about what it is. That being said on the subject that were talking about today is we're coming. Once again to the anniversary of Roe versus Wade. It's it's not intended to make a person that has made a decision or past. Unattended to try to beat you over the head with it or anything like that. It shouldn't tempt. For us to call it what it is and by the grace of God for there to be forgiveness for something like that. God can forgive. If you've asked God for forgiveness of some of the blood of Jesus Christ. If you understand the need in the reason why you should ask God forgiveness, then you understand the need and the reason why it's important that we take a stand against it. And that we teach what it's about. We understand that it is taking a life. a life that we have no right to take new right a lot of Injustice is in the world today. There are a lot there a lot of difficulties in the world today. There are a lot of natural disasters that take a lot of lives today.

You hear about things on the news of somebody going into a a a business and pulling a Gun and shooting people.

horrible Every person here would stand against it and said it's a terrible thing for somebody to walk into the workplace and use a rifle or use a gun or an automatic rifle or a pistol or whatever or even I would be horrible to take somebody's life and we condemn that. We can do an extremist a religious extremist that you would the Muslims as they blow them self up and take people's life with him. We condemn that. we condemn acts of of Literally, I would call it cowardice to do things like what happened on 9/11 years ago. Remember? People that took airplanes hostage and flew them into buildings filled with people.

911 / 2,000 Parish that day at the huge number the thought of that is just horrific people jumping out of Windows trying to escape the flames.

horrific We've had a lot of natural disasters at me if you watch the news or the last year that the different hurricanes and typhoons and you had earthquakes and just recently there was a tsunami that took place in the hundreds of lives were lost as a result of a wave that came ashore that nobody was expecting because of volcano erupted.

Horrible to think about how sad that life was lost. numbers

back in 2004 the tsunami that took place if I remember I remember where I was at when I first heard about the Tsunami was actually over with my wife and Canada. We were at my my in-laws house. We watch the news. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. the number started coming in or 200,000 people killed by a wave. 200000 people I say where you obviously was multiple waves that took place, but I'm just saying a loss of human life was was huge. the fall of that amazing just to think about 200,000 over 200,000. That's a lot. That's a big number. God loves everyone of them that passed in and we ought to love people as well. There's no doubt about that. But here here's another number. I want to talk about for just a moment.

60.9 million 60

point nine million 60900000

Can you wrap your mind around that number?

That's approximately how many have died in America in the Holocaust of the age of since 1973 when the Supreme Court made the decision to make abortion legal that's just in our country. for 1.5 billion worldwide that have been killed in the womb. la'porsha

get the Supreme Court in 1973 made the decision to make abortion legal. Lily placing our official stamp of approval as a nation upon the death of the innocent

46 years

Over 4000 per day.

46 years

Can you comprehend that?

What if it was just one?

What what if somebody just decided that your baby shouldn't make it?

They use all kinds of arguments for it. They say things like let's just a mass of cells that small.

if they have unique DNA

There's no scientific would argue with the fact that it is human life you can argue with it. Unless you didn't deny science altogether you cannot argue with that that it is a human life. What is just a small? mass of cells okay Weather some in here that are smaller than other than by the way every single one of us or just a mass of cells if you want to use that argument everyone of us are just masses of cells. It's just that some are bigger than others. And so therefore if somebody is smaller than me, I have the right then they terminate their life.

I have that right? Nobody should have that right?

And by the way, just because the government puts a stamp of approval on it doesn't make it right. governments in history pasta to put stamps of approval on things that we look back with great shame and horror now about

we wonder why didn't the people stand up against it? beyond comprehension

It's wrong.

It's happening every day.

Have you prayed about it today?

Did you pray about it yesterday? This is not just a challenge for you as a challenge for me the challenge for every Born Again Christians country.

Let days go by when I think about it.

I need everyday. They say the numbers 4400 babies that died. No, maybe that's not the right word. star murdered

life is taken.

talking about babies with Souls since the moment of conception

talking about babies who have developed physically They have a beating heart. digesting stomachs eyes ears babies that since the Advent of ultrasound have been seen literally recoiling and pain desperately trying to escape their killers.

Your watch the video. I want abortion.

You know today they're trying to change history. They're trying to say that the Holocaust never happened.

After World War I really appreciate the leaders in this country. They went and they videotaped what took place there the concentration camps. And they also forced the people that lived by them to come and walk through and see them. I watch videos of them walking through and seeing things. And people holding their mouth people getting sick people being overwhelmed. But the reality of what was taking place in their own country? And yet most people in this country have never even seen her abortion really is. I debated the show things, but I'm not going to do it in this company. I really think it'd be good education for you to watch something like that to see what it's really about how horrific it is. We need to realize it is real it's happening. It's happening every day, and those are baby.

and the truth is we are to protect them. They are innocent. We are to protect them we have to raise our voices. where to take a stand to protect the innocent what is the biblical principle we find in Proverbs chapter 31 verses 8 and 9 is open my mouth for the dump in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction open my mouth and plead the cause of the poor and needy. We ought to be raising our boys. We ought to be crying out. Listen to Bible says that God hates the shedding of innocent blood and the victim had an abortion ranks as the most innocent victim ever sentenced to death. Who will cry out for them?

Think about it. If I approached you, which I wouldn't but if I approached you and I began to put my hands around your throat and it began to choke the very life out of you. You have at least an option and opportunity at that point to yell out of the scream for help. You would have the opportunity at that point to at least to try to sleep and a runaway. a baby doesn't have that choice.

baby cannot even be hard. Cool cry out for them.

Who will stand for them?

The pro-abortion crowd yells and screams about Freedom of Choice. You've heard it. I say it's my body.

It's my body put it down in big letters. What about the baby's body? What about their rights? Whose body is the baby's body? It doesn't belong to the mother.

back once again full let's just a clump of cells everyone of us are all our We have unique DNA. We are unique soul that God created. God is the one that made us.

People don't want to hear that today. People don't want to listen people are being indoctrinated what they a way of thinking that is completely anti-life.

Not pro-abortion, by the way, it's anti-life. We're pro-life there anti-life. UCLA Twisted words they call it pro-abortion. We're anti-abortion. No. No, we're pro-life there anti-life. That's the truth and we're supposed to speak out. We're supposed to raise. Our voices were supposed to protect the innocent. What about the baby's rights? Imagine that aborted baby in heaven asking God, how could you do that?

I bought it.

While you're at work tomorrow over 4,000 more innocent babies will be submitted to capital punishment in our country.

They've never had a trial. Yeah, they're going to be executed. They have no attorney. Nobody who's going to grant them the basic rights of even even a prisoner of war a prisoner of war has more rights.

We will not be treated humanely.

But they're not even going to be given. medicine that will help with the pain

not even going to be put under the not even going to be giving anything to help with the pain.

Are the most terrible things I've ever seen is a video entitled. the silent Cry of the innocent

to watch an ultrasound while a baby is being literally mutilated within the womb or burned alive.

even if veterinarian give medication to an animal before it's put down if there's going to be pain involved.

time that the people of God Rise up, it's time that we have righteous indignation. It's time that we wake up. It's time that we realize every single day. The clock is ticking every single day. There are there are literally babies that are dying Violence, by the way is not the solution.

Problem today is not violence. I Believe by and large the problem today is apathy. The problem today is the natural forgetfulness that we have. We try to put our heads in the sand and in forget that it's happening. God has not forgotten.

He is angry.

God is going to judge.

God will judge

Is equal in God's eyes life is sacred.

And always sacred to us as well. Life is sacred. Our country within the the entire world. Our country has been known for the value of a human life. You look at many cultures in many countries around the world and that the sheer number of people in and how that life has such a low value for our country has always been one that looks at life as being so valuable and yet now we have seen with the abortions that we see and that's the direction that we are headed in that list of it's not going to stop with abortion folks. Stop with that euthanasia is just around the corner.

Putting down the people that are in the Elder part of our society that that aren't worth anything to society that they're too much of a wait.

Putting down those young children that perhaps have some type of deformity that that aren't going to be able to hold her weight and Society.

You say that could never happen that you remember 20 years ago at what happened in the last 20 years are in this country. Stuff that you said probably could never happen.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you haven't been paying attention. The things that have happened this country in the last 20 years is beyond my comprehension stuff. I never thought I'd see.

Life is sacred. Life is created by God.

Life is sacred because God made it. God is the one that created it. Life is created by God in Genesis. 1:27 is so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he them.

God created us. I don't let anybody tell you that we're just like all the other creation for just like everything else that evolved. We're just like the plans. We're just like the animals were on the same level as they are. No, we're not.

By the way, that's a false argument because most people that talk that way they worship the creature.

more than the Creator what the Bible says they will save the whales but they won't save the babies. Who go out how the tree and try to keep trees when you cut being cut down mean while they don't want you to tell them to do what they have with their own body. You can't tell me to do it, but you can't tell me what to do with my own stomach stomach, sweetheart the baby. Not your body, baby.

God created life Colossians 1:16 is his for by him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in Earth visible and invisible whether they be Thrones or dominions are principalities and Powers all things were created by Him and for him life is sacred because God made it he created it life is protected by God. It's protected by God in job 10:12. It says that has granted me life and favor and I visitation have preserved my spirit. God is the one that gives us life by the way, not just in creating us not just allowing us to be born but every single day he is protecting life. Psalm 91 verse 11 for he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.

You see God created life God protects life life is valued by God life is valued by. Isaiah. 49:16 says behold. I have Graven thee upon the palms of my hands by walls are continually before me. He's grabbing Us in the palm of his hands. We are so valuable to God. Once again, Jeremiah 1:5 says before I formed thee in the belly. I knew thee and before. Comes forth out of the womb I Sanctified the life is so valuable. To God it was so valuable that God loved us enough that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us. And John 10:10. He says I am come that they might have life and they might have it more abundantly. He created us he loved us. He was willing literally to die for us.

Is so sacred because God created it because God puts value on it cuz God protects it.

Think about it ever made something with your own hands, perhaps needlework. Maybe you've made a rug or maybe you've made something like a pottery or maybe a painted something something you created something that was special to you. You always have a special place in your heart for that what you've made with your hands. Imagine how God feels when he creates each one of us. And then summer just simply thrown away. a trash or sold his pieces

pieces pieces of what

What are you doing research? With what?

The thought of that is just horrific to me. Can you imagine them doing that with part of your body? Or your children should we don't see it that way. It's a horrific thing to think about what they do they take it and they they cut it up and they throw it away. It's nothing. No, it's life that God created. It has great value. Life is sacred. By the way, it's sacred no matter what its condition might be. No matter what condition. Sea life is a challenge and it's in painted world. A lot of things that we see today we know are a result of this sinful world. We live in some people try to blame God for some things and then they try to rationalize the problems that we have in the world today and by doing so then they can rationalize why it's okay to have an abortion or why it's okay for there to be an abortion. And deny the existence of God because of all the horrible things in the world. Are you see the problem with that logic? There must be no God because why would God allow for children to get sick? And if God allows children to get sick in life must not be valuable and therefore because there is no God, there is no morality. Then what difference does it make if I kill an innocent child in the womb? Well that that can go a long ways. By the way, you were start rationalizing things. That way where does it in first of all secondly to blame God for the sin-sick conditioner this world is wrong. God is not. The reason why we have the problems that we have in the world today. It is sin. We live in a sin sick world. Life is a challenge in this world. There is no doubt. I mean it would be wonderful if God's original creation had not been tainted by sin. What sin did come into the world and what that's in campaign? Come came in Perfection came in Justice. And God warns us are warned us of these challenges and he enables us those who will trust in him to be victorious through him. He tells us in his in his word and 1st Peter 5:7 cast all your care upon him for he careth for you. There are some that make a decision to do something like that because of the challenges of this world put your trust in him to get you through that.

James 1:2 says my brother and count it all joy, when you fall into divers Temptations, there's times we're going to be persecuted. You're going to go through trials going to go through difficulties.

John 16:33, there we see is his these things I have spoken unto you that in me, you might have peace in the world. You shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.

We can have Victory Life is sacred. No matter what condition. It might be in life as a challenge in a sentence with world. There's no doubt about that. We must not Overlook those who have physical challenges in life, even though it's a difficult world, even though things aren't the way they shouldn't should be but listen, we're going to go through difficulties. And by the way, everyone of us we have challenges in our lives and there are some that have special challenges and we all not Overlook them.

I say this not only as a preacher today, but also as a father without cystic child.

Remember Jesus how he showed special concern for those that were special? the lane the blind the woman with the issue of blood the lepers

in our day, we must not forget.

Don't forget. What am I talking about? You know some studies report that as many as 90% of couples faced with the Emil set cent pieces report that they that with probable Down syndrome 90% if their baby looks like they might have Down syndrome 90% get an abortion. 90%

never talk to parents who have a special needs child. What's the talk specifically about a Down syndrome child? You been around any Down syndrome children or adults? Ever seen a lot of your heart.

Mercy Health special they are how they can impact your life.

You talk to most parents will say that that they literally and they are the sunshine of my life light of my life.

I truly help you to see life differently.

We must not Overlook those switch challenges in life.

We're just headed down the road. They got this one test, you know to decide about that's just one test folks. We are so close right now to them through DNA being able to tell every single defect that child is going to have

and you don't think that they're going to have people getting abortions because her child it had this the wrong color hair the wrong color eyes had the potential to get breast cancer down the road. Has some Gene that means are going to be susceptible to something, whatever it might be where does it end? quick decision is that

anybody here that was born with a genetic defect that all of any kind that you know that maybe it's something runs in your family of having I'm not going to ask you to raise your hand. But I mean you think about every one of us if we were to be honest, there's things that run our family lines that everyone of us there are problems that we have.

My family heart problems run in my family. high blood pressure runs in my family I'm so if you get to the place where you start the siding with a baby if it's not what you want and you were trying to say that babies. Let's kill it. What time does that make? We must not Overlook those who have challenges in this life. By the way, everyone of us do.

You are Lord Place great value on Those whom Society had shuffled aside.

Leper on his knees begging Jesus to make him clean.

Christ said get away from me. You're disgusting.

There's people that wouldn't want to sit in a restaurant.

special needs child

people are disgusted by it.

Say what's the point the point is we live in a world in a society that wants to eliminate that.

We live in a society where people would rather have that baby terminated. Let's call it that terminated.

People that baby to have a chance at life.


What's the reason behind it? Why do they want to eliminate that life? Think of the logic we want to eliminate the life because that poor child is going to have a difficult life.

Are you all with me in a logic on that? And how messed up that is?

So let's kill him.

And for me, it's the reason why it's very emotional for me because obviously with a special needs child. I can tell you the way that I thought before I had a special needs child. I can tell you when I sat in a restaurant.

And I saw a special needs children slopping all over the floor how I felt. I didn't feel like they didn't do not exist. I'm just talkin about the feeling that I had and how it disgusted me not because it was disgusting against the person because it made me feel a certain way and I didn't like it. I want to be around it. I'm just being honest with you.

I can tell you this. After having a special needs child. I don't see it the same way at all. Are you going to that restaurant? I see that special needs child. I woke up and I congratulate the parents. I tell him it's doing a great job.

What's the point the point is society can deem people unnecessary don't think it's going to stop with the womb folks.

Don't think they listen to in Belgium right now. It is already legal for them to put down a child.

already legal

for the betterment of a child of course, right?

That's what they try to make you think but it's not true.

Life is sacred.

Mark 1:41, we see there that Jesus was moved with compassion. He put forth his hand. He touched him and stay at them to him. I will beat up clean. Life is sacred.

It's sacred because of its Eternal nature.

life exists before we enter this material world that we live in Psalm 139 verse 15. It says my substance was not hid from the when I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest part of the earth sign eyes did see my substance yet being unperfect and in my book all my members were written which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there was none of them. You think about that? So technically according the word of God Life Begins even before conception wrap your mind around that for a while.

life Life, there's physical life. We all were born in this world with a soul. a body you're born dead spiritually though. I'm thankful life being sacred. It's Eternal nature. You see we're going to spend eternity somewhere and I'm so thankful that there is life at New Birth as well. I'm thankful for salvation. I'm thankful that Jesus Christ told us how we can have a relationship with him. I'm thankful that Jesus Christ died in our place. We could be in that relationship for all eternity with him. I'm thankful that we can be born again and John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him barely barely. I say unto these except a man be born again. He cannot see the kingdom of God. There's life at New Birth. Life is sacred Christ gave all so that we could have life. Earthly life literally is simply a Prelude to Eternity. Hebrews 9:27 it says enter the point of the man wants to die. But after this the Judgment right now is a time of preparing for eternity right now is that I'm living a physical life. The God has given to us in choosing whether we're going to be alive spiritually by trusting in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and therefore be in heaven for all eternity and 1st John 5:13. The Bible says these things have I written unto you that believe in the name of the son of God that you may know that you have eternal life and that you may believe on the name of the son of God.

Another words we can know and be assured of Abundant Life while here on Earth and everlasting life and Eternity in heaven with Christ. We can know that we have a purpose. every single

child every single baby that is conceived has a purpose. God is creating them on purpose with a purpose and life is sacred. God allows for there to be things in her life that challenged us, but he doesn't leave us alone to face it God's he lets us in this life to be able to learn more of him to be able to share his love with others and to take a stand for the Innocents to do. What is right.

Life is sacred. So what are we supposed to do about abortion? How can we put an end? two children being killed

how we stopped it, but I can tell you once again what not to do. Don't react in violence. It's never right to do wrong. To do right.

I can't wrap my mind around all of it. I'm conflicted with it to be honest with you, but I know it's wrong for us to go out and take the matter into her own hands or not to be vigilantes. Stop the weight supposed to be.

So what do we do we want to be informed? Part of the days is the the burden on my heart to make sure that we are informed. Not glazed buy it. Be informed you can't bury your head in the sand is still happening.

Ignorance is bliss right?

Will ignoring the issue doesn't make it go away. And by the way, there's no better platform from which to Proclaim this message then church. Don't be angry with me for bricklaying this message. Don't say this in the political. This isn't political at all. This is about life and death. Right and wrong life is sacred, but I'm not to stay here. We got to take a stand for what is right.

I praise the Lord for what we've seen this past week with us March for Life there in Washington. And is CR vice president Pence get up and say the words he said. how to take a stand for life

Pence was quoted the last 2 weeks for saying he was he is praying and hoping that within his lifetime that abortion is stopped in this country. I said yeah, we have a vice president is taking a stand against the murdering a baby's not just talking about it on the campaign Trail.

I'm thankful that President Trump is taking a stand against abortion as well. The last two years he spoke and he gave what he how he stood on the subject of abortion. What are you agree with him on everything or not? I completely agree with him for his stand against abortion 100% Appointing judges are going to stand for life. life liberty and the pursuit of happiness life the very first thing. We are to be guaranteeing that same. Inalienable rights that we were born with Mark Creator and that is life for our children the babies with in the womb.

being formed what to do work in prey We already working and praying for a constitutional amendment that will overturn Roe versus Wade. It's possible if we speak up if we take a stand. It's possible you're going to have haters in preparing for this message today. I tried to do a lot of research and reading and trying to see where we're at and watching several different videos to try to understand things better than I wanted to share a video with you. I was praying for the right videos share with you and reading some of the comments underneath the pro-life videos. You would be appalled at what people say. I'm talking about the other side the anti-life people the anti-god people. the things that they would say

We are to be working and praying we have to pray for those people to get their eyes opened up that they would experience the love of God, cuz obviously they don't know the God's love by the way that they act the way that they talk they are miserable. They have no. There's nothing about the sanctity of life to them whatsoever. Because they're just in an accident that happened in the vault in evolve that way a glob of cells it just evolve somehow. salud

we are special God is created us. Not like the rest of creation. Like I was saying earlier. We are the Pinnacle of the creation that God made God formed us are the dust of the ground and he breathed into the nostrils of the very first the man that God created into Adams novelty breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul. a living soul work and pray Speak out vote. Take a stand.

Thoroughly teach sexual morality in the home. There is no such thing as safe sex.

There's no such thing.

Sex outside the bonds of holy matrimony is sin.

A child that is Born This World outside of marriage is wrong.

All preacher than they should have an abortion is not what I said at all. It should never even be a choice. the choice began several months prior

Choice doesn't happen when you decide whether you should keep the baby or not the choice happens when young people make a commitment between himself and God that they'll remain pure until the day they get married and then they had children and bring them into this world as God intended for it to be. As some would say what what preacher will you do with the person that made that mistake or they send you love them?

mulatto With Arms Wide Open you accept them. You don't accept us then. You don't say it's a wonderful thing. You don't you don't build it up. It's a wonderful thing. No know you love them. When I walk into a place like this and these four walls in church, they ought to feel the love of God in this place.

We don't condemn them. I'm a sinner this to saved by God's grace.

But you don't say well kids. It's okay to have sex as long as it's safe.

And by the way, it's not just children that need to make that choice. It's not just kids that are having abortions.


as I just said have more compassion for unwed mothers V Lee speak out clearly without apology. What to do is pick out clearly don't apologize for it. I can guarantee you they anti-life people they are speaking out without apology. They're doing more than that. Little research on it. They are hateful spiteful. They want to destroy they want to drowned out the voice. So nobody else can talk. Just look at it. What's happening right now? What's speak out clearly without apology Isaiah 58 one says cry aloud spare not lift up. Thy voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression. We also taking a stand. I will say this we ought to do it in love but you can't talk about the truth of it and not be truthful about what it really is. You can't call that hate speech either. That's love. Let me explain. If somebody is hurting somebody else and I'm seeing it going on and I get excited about it and say stop hurting them. I was showing love to the one being hurt. You understand doesn't mean we have to get so Meek and Mild. I usually shouldn't know know we ought to be getting excited about it because you're innocent children that need us to protect them.

Speak out clearly without apology number 6 refuse to be swayed cuz I guarantee you there are people that want to sway your opinion. There is a whole culture out there. There is a whole news media. There is a Hollywood culture that is trying to sway your opinion on this subject. They're trying to get you to think differently. They're trying to get you to see from a different way. They're trying to sway what you think. Listen, there is some high-sounding arguments of liberal politicians and so-called experts in the scientific field who have no moral base to speak from They don't care don't listen to them when I say that I'm not when I say don't listen listen to what they're saying, but don't follow their way of thinking. the Clueless they really are when it comes to the subject when I say things they say I'm more convinced of it than I ever have been when you delve in and you you start to research for preaching a message like this and you start to hear the craziness of how people stand on the subject. It is unbelievable to me.

If you want to look something up go and look at the C-SPAN when they were doing a Parenthood Planned Parenthood and talking about removing funding from Planned Parenthood. They were wanting to stop the funding because of the selling of body parts of children's body parts. They're wanting to defend it. And so there was a doctor that they had that I watch the thing was on C-Span, but it's on YouTube now you can watch it and see how the liberal politicians treat this man that is describing what actually happens an abortion will blow your mind. They don't want to hear it. They're not going to negotiate.

sound familiar

When it comes to life, there is no negotiating it for us. Don't be swayed. Number 7 pray for God to have mercy on America. We need to be praying. We really do.

for the god God will our country repent

God will bring about National Revival.

That's really the answer. When it really gets down to it about praying. It's about God changing a person's heart. That's the only way that somebody is going to change their opinion on this subject. Then we changed on the inside.

prey pray for God have mercy on America.

pray for that Young person that you know in your life will be strong. Encourage them pray for that person that's made that decision to to be involved in him and wrong relationship and ends up pregnant. pray for them Love them encourage them.

prey pray that God will get a hold of our politicians are. I believe that right now. In the area of right to life. God has answered prayer in that area. What the President and Vice President of this country? I truly believe that God is using them for that when the appointments to the Supreme Court are pro-life 159. Federal judges that are appointed for life that have been appointed since Trump's presidency are conservative judges that are constitutionalist the Constitution this wouldn't be an issue.

Mini Militia judges that are not going to legislate From the Bench praise the Lord for that You say you're talking politics? No talk of morality. I'm talking about spiritual warfare that's raging in our country right now. I'm talking about light and dark black and white I'm talking about the fact that there is a battle that is Raging for the very soul of our children. That's what's happening. We ought to be on our face before God. Begging that God would change our country begging that God will use us to make a difference. We all take a stand for the innocent. Let's all stand up if you would with your head about a nice clothes and they pray.

What is thank you for your love for us?

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