I Surrender All

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A key ingredient to the Centurions' faith was his understanding of Authority.

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The Authority of Position

Right from the beginning the Centurion reveals his humility. The pride of the Romans Army. He has already called him (Jesus) Lord- a polite and respectful one up on the modern “Sir” vs. 6
A man who was used to getting things done being a part of a legion was about 6,00 soldiers and each legion was divided up into 10 cohorts, with each cohort containing 6 centuria. Each Centurion had 100 men under them.
He was a man with authority that revealed humility.
Have you ever faced a situation that was beyond your control. We like to be in control in life. We like to be in the drivers seat. It is a fearful thing when we loose control ...
We like to be in the drivers seat. It is a fearful thing when we loose control ...
The idea of his humility to Jesus even when in society he would be considered higher up.
As the prodigal son said in , not worthy to be called your son.
God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.
Do we know where to go when life just doesn’t make sense. When life goes into a tail spin do we know where to turn. This Gentile did while the Jews rejected him.

Authority of

The Authority of Proclamation

Just say the word … You say it that settles it.
Powerful words whether they are constructive or destructive in your life. Example “I Love You” or “I Hate You”
The Power of the Word. and 19
The same hold true true today. There is power in the Word of God.
The Sanctification process through obedience to the Word of God.
The Provision of the Word of God to sanctify through obedience.
The Preaching of the Word to us is a sanctifying process by which we grow.
The Strengthening process by Word directing out lives . ,
The Sufficiency of the Word of God in the believers life. It is enough. “prevailed”

The Authority of Power

The healing occured Why? “Thou has believed” this statement epistueusas meaning to trust (faith)
To have a strong confidence or reliance upon someone or something.
This Greek had faith that Jesus could heal his servant. Just say the Word.
I’m not advocating a NAME IT CLAIM IT attitude in life. One that trust’s God at his Word. To rely on Him.
Clarifying the context of who is will be in the Kingdom.
The non-existence of faith in Israel must have alarmed the Jews listening.
Jesus make the point that it is not about race but about faith.
The future time of a Messianic feast will come in the future. Luke 22:30
Shall be a reclining time reclining at the table.
Shall come from East, West .. Gentiles Isa. 25:26
Shall be defiled at the thought of eating with Gentiles. , opening up.
Bottom line who is sitting at the table is not based on race or pedigree, but by Faith.
Good seed is different from Bad seed.
The Kingdom kids will be put into outer darkness- sphere dominated by evil
This place darkness will be a place of discomfort. ,; ,
Jesus’ authority was demonstrated in this situation and the soldier put himself under the authority of Jesus.
The soldier could not heal his servant. We cannot heal ourselves from what makes us offensive to God.
Only Christ can forgive out sin and make us able to stand before God. Not we ourselves. It’s not about race, but about the faith put in the only one that can do anything.
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