1 Peter 1

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I. Greeting (vv.1-2)

A. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ (v.1a)
B. To the pilgrims of the Dispersion (v.1b)
C. Elect according to the foreknowledge of God (v.2a)
D. In Sanctification of the Spirit, for Obedience and Sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ (2b)

II. Living Hope (vv.3-12)

A. The Reason For Our Hope (v.3)
1. The Mercy of God
2. We Have Been “Begotten” Again
3. “Through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead”
B. The Description of Our Hope (vv.3-4a)
1. “A Living Hope” (v.3)
2. Inheritance (v.4)
a) Incorruptible/Imperishable
b) Undefiled
c) Fades Not Away
C. The Assurance of Our Hope (vv.4b-5)
1. “Reserved in Heaven for You” v.4b)
2. “Kept by the Power of God Through Faith” (v.5)
D. The Effect of Our Hope (vv.6-9)
1. “In This You Greatly Rejoice” (v.6)
2. “May be Found to Praise, Honor, and Glory and the Revelation of Jesus Christ” (vv.7-9)
E. The Foretelling of Our Hope (vv.10-12)
1. “Of This Salvation the Prophets Have Inquired and Searched Carefully” (v.10)
2. “The Suffering of Christ and the Glories That Would Follow” (v.11)
3. Angels Desired to Look Into the Grace of God (v.12)

III. Be Holy (vv.13-21)

A. “Be Sober” (v.13a)
B. “Rest Your Hope Fully Upon the Grace to Be Brought to You At the Revelation of Jesus Christ” (v.13b)
C. “Be Holy Even As I Am Holy” (vv.14-17)
1) “As Obedient Children” (v.14a)
2) “Not Conforming Yourselves to the Former Lusts” (v.14b)
3) “As I Am Holy” (vv.15-16)
4) “Conduct Yourself Throughout the Time of Your Stay Here In Fear” (v.17)

IV. Born Again By the Word of God” (vv.22ff)

A. “Since You Have Purified Your Souls” (vv.22-23)
1. “In Obeying the Truth”
a) “Through the Spirit”
b) “In Sincere Love of the Brethren”
2. “Love One Another With A Pure Heart” (v.22)
3. “Having Been Born Again” (v.23)
a) “Not of Corruptible Seed But Incorruptible”
b) Through the Word of God Which Lives and Abides Forever”
B. “Because” (vv.24-25a)
“All Flesh is Grass” (v.24)
“And All the Glory of Man as the Flower of the Grass” (v.24)
“The Grass Withers And Its Flower Falls Away” (v.24)
But the Word of the Lord Endures Forever” (v.25a)
C. This is the Word You Preach (v.25b)
What are the reasons for our hope? The Mercy of God, We Have Been “Begotten” Again, “Through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead”
How is our hope described? Living, Incorruptible, undefiled, and fades not away.
What are the assurances of our hope? It is reserved in heaven for us and it is kept by the power of God
What is the effect of our hope? We can greatly rejoice, praise, honor, and glorify in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
5. What does “Gird up the loins of your mind” mean? “Prepare your minds for action” (NASB)
6. What is the “Revelation of Jesus Christ?” The Second Coming (; )
6. What is the “Revelation of Jesus Christ?” The Second Coming.
7. What passage(s) does Peter quote when he says “Be holy, for I am Holy?”
8. What is “Born again” if incorruptible seed mean? Baptism
9. What is versus 24-25a a quotation of?
10. Why quote from this passage? To prove the unending nature of God’s word.
11. What is the main point of this chapter? Be Holy
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