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Good morning.
Today is a bit different.
In fact this series will be a bit different.
There is something that you may or may not know.
Our church has been written about.
In fact very certain people have been written about in a book entitled “I Know Who I Am”.
Now those stories have hidden names so you may not know who was in the book.
That is why you have this series this month.
Because I want you to meet the people.
Whet your appetite a bit and also help you to maybe see the redemption in your own story.
The first two people in the book that we will discuss are the very people that have been placed to lead this exceptional church.
My beautiful wife and I have our stories in the book.
The reason we are doing it together is because our stories are so intertwined.
IT was amazing how God ordained we be together using all the different pieces that He did.
But I could not have asked for a better plan.
Well maybe I could but it would not have produced the results that are here today.
What we will be doing for the next few days is allowing the people in the book to tell the story.
It will not be the full story because we do not have time for that.
I will be asking questions of those from the book and you get to hear how God has used these people to further his kingdom.
So let’s begin.
Sonya, tell us a bit about your story....
Sonya aka Bethany
Now given that story, how does it right now make you feel about your early life.
Meaning do you feel pity for your life some bit of sympathy.
Of course.
Any one would.
Talk with me about the rejection piece?
Look at my life growing up...
Chris aka Matthew
Were you hesitant about writing the book?
Did the book tend to help you relieve some of that load from your life?
So why are we doing this series?
I’m so glad you asked.
See some of you may find yourself in the same situations.
You feel rejected.
Maybe you actually were rejected.
You don’t believe God is with you.
You remember your life and how hard it was and don’t believe that God had any part in it.
One of the things that was extravagant and shows the God in our lives was how intertwined our stories are.
Let me explain how far our stories go back.
She can and will fill in anything I miss.
So we actually went to highschool together.
Before that I went to daycare with her little brothers.
I was in elementary school so it was acutally before and after care but they were there.
Before that her dad and mom, Scott and Loni, went to school with my mom and dad.
They were great friends.
In fact her dad and his brothers, were on the same street as my dad and brothers.
They used to play football in the street together.
They hung out together.
Before that mothers and fathers decided to be friends.
Attend church.
Where to live.
What is the point in all of that.
Here is the point.
See here is the deal.
She had a road that she was going down.
It wasn’t that God wanted her to make the decisions she made.
He didn’t want me to make the decisions i made.
But the path was to come together.
The road as rough as it was, was leading to the same place.
Together in Him.
You are not and have not been forsaken.
God is with you.
We all the time tend to worry about how something is going to work out.
Don’t worry about the end product.
Go with Him and know the end is in his hand.
You’ve heard our story.
We were broken.
We were going through troubles and situations.
We had it rough.
Rejection was real.
Abuse was real.
Disappointment was real.
Depression was real.
Yet through it all here was God walking through it with us.
Helping us to get to the other side.
Helping us to walk the path and not quit.
Holding us and drawing us to each other and to Him.
God blessed that broken road is our song because we understand completely what that means.
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