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Hope in the Waiting
What's holding back God's answer you are looking for?
part 2
10 Ways you could be holding up God’s answer!
Last week we dealt with part 1 of the answer
Mainly it could be the enemy hold back the answer, or even other people could be holding it back
Today I want to deal with an even more delicate answer.
Might I suggest that you might be holding up God answer yourself?
Think about it, are there things in your own life that could preventing God from carrying out His will and giving you the answer?
Some things to consider
From these 2 verses we know bad things will happen, and God will turn those bad things into Good
For Who?
for those who Love God, and who are called according to His purpose
We’ve dealt alot with what it means to Love God
It is of the core principles of Our Church,
Love God, Love People, Make disciples
Love God means to obey God
But what does it mean “and who are called according to His purpose”
If you Love God (obey God) you are Called…invited…chosen to be a part of His Purpose here on earth
Your obedience make you usable to be a part of His will being done!
So let’s pull this all together.
You have bad things happen.....guaranteed
But in-spite of the difficulty you choose to love (obey) God
Which allows God to work His good through you,
The time it takes between the Bad and the good is the time I’m referring to as waiting.
But also waiting for something good, even if things aren’t bad!
The purpose of every trial, difficulty, or bad situation, is always used to bring you closer to God
The Good God brings out of it, will always revolve around a deepening relationship with Himself
If you don’t develop a deeper relationship, you can’t really say its “Good”
God greatest desire for you is for you to know Him more, for you to grow in your trust and reliance with Him
Today I want to look at :
10 Ways you could be holding up God’s answer!
Now before we get started, let me say this disclaimer
I’m am not saying these are all the reason we can hold up Gods answer
there may be more
Just because I say this is a reason, does NOT mean it is your reason
My purpose in this is to get you to in the place where you can ask God
Is this the reason why I’m not getting my answer?
then listen what He reveals to you
If one of these reason tweak a nerve, prayerfully consider the truth of the matter
let’s get started
We’re going to count backwards.
in no particular order.
Your need for control.
You love when life falls according to your plan.
You crave organization.
You crave order.
You obsess over having life work the way you want it to.
When things make sense, when you can have or find the answers, or when you’re in complete control over what’s happening to and around you—everything is great.
Faith, to you, seems like a surrender of all that you’ve built your life upon and tried to keep together.
Instead of seeing the truth—that giving God the control allows for freedom, you feel as if you’re going to lose out.
What you fail to see is that when you let God take over, you allow for His plan to be fulfilled,
for true happiness to be found, and for a loss of the stress and constant anxiety you’re plagued with as you try so hard to control what you simply can’t.
Your fear of the unknown.
You’re losing out on a deeper relationship with God because you’re afraid of what you can’t see, can’t know, or don’t understand.
Instead of asking questions or searching for answers, instead of digging deeper, or praying, or learning more about faith to discover what you’re looking for, you push God away.
You treat God’s truth as fallacy simply because you’re scared of what you don’t know—but if you don’t search, you’ll never find.
Your love of all things material.
You put everything before God: your money, your clothes, your house, your phone, your car, your electronics.
The list is endless.
What’s truly keeping you from forming a healthy, deep relationship with your Father is the fact that you value everything over Him, leaving no room for anything deep or substantial in your heart or life.
Your focus on the temporary.
God’s love is forever, yet you focus so much on things that will not last—material goods, human relationships, emotions, things.
Instead of putting your love and obedience towards faith, instead of resting your heart on what comes after this life, you’re too tied to what’s right in front of you, which is fading as each moment passes.
Your need to look back instead of forward.
Your relationship with God is stagnant because you’re so stuck in the past.
“remembering the Good old days”
You’re always looking over your shoulder, beating yourself up over the past, thinking about what happened rather than what could.
You keep neglecting God’s truth—that each day is new in Him.
And there is always, always hope.
Your negative self-image, or self-deprecating thoughts.
Your negative self-talk is what’s keeping you back from God’s love.
It’s not that He doesn’t love you, or doesn’t want to.
It’s not that He’s keeping Himself away, or isn’t present.
The truth is, you’re continually speaking with anger and cruelty to your own heart.
You’re convincing yourself that you’re not good enough, instead of resting on His truth—that you are always more than enough in His eyes.
4. Your inability to trust what you know in your heart is true.
You lack faith
Ill Man who was brought for prayer after 40 day fast
You know that God’s word is real.
You know His deep love for you, and how He will forever be with and in you, no matter what happens.
You’ve seen miracles and blessings all around you.
You’ve been strengthened in Him.
And yet, you’re scared to truly trust.
The reason you’re not able to have a deep relationship with Him boils down to this simple fact—you are doubting what you know is true.
Your desire for personal happiness, rather than God-provided happiness.
You can’t deepen your relationship with the Father if you’re so stuck on selfish or worldly desires.
This life is temporary, and when you put all your passion and energy into pursuing the things and people of this world, you’ll forever miss out on all that God offers—unconditional love, forgiveness, hope, and eternal life.
2. Your nervousness over the possibility of change.
Truth is, you’re scared to have a deeper relationship with God because you don’t want things to change.
You don’t want this life to all of a sudden be harder, or for there to be tests of faith.
You don’t want to wake up and have to choose faith over a normal life.
You don’t want anything remotely difficult, when you’ve gotten so used to the ease of your every day.
But faith is challenge.
Faith is choice.
Faith is passion and love and commitment for the beautiful, and often unseen things of this world.
Your content in your sin
I was asked recently Why Pastors don’t preach on sin any more
I was then asked when was the last time I spoke on sin
Well here it goes..
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