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All right. Good evening. Welcome back there Sunday evening service here grabbing Straits anyone back out tonight this morning. We had a lot of announcements and I told Terry sound options tonight. So if y'all want to buy all those announcements are in the Barton really we're here just to be able to enjoy each other enjoy some fellowship with each other and what's going on. I didn't know you need some roads. All right. So let's go to the Lord in prayer as you're going to get started this evening. Dirt race is Heavenly Father racist great to be back into your house again this evening dear Lord and we just look forward to this time that we can spend with you and we can spend time with them sleep with each other to have any father and we just want to thank you for your son Jesus. They're bored in which one of you tonight you Lord want to thank you for him coming to Earth live in a perfect life and then him dying on the cross with you raising your bill to work to give us forgiveness for our sins and to give us eternal security with you dear Lord at least want to thank you for him this evening you Lord just watch over us tonight you'll or just continue to be with this church be with all the mens shoes that we had neither preaching tonight with more Steven the words. We need to hear if there's someone here that doesn't know you were still going to say to me tonight midnight. They come to know you thank you for your son Jesus and his name we pray. Amen.



good evening. Would you stand with us? Let's sing Sweet Sweet Spirit phone page 391 singing through a couple of.

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Thank you can be seated while I was going to sing a song. It's a contemporary song you hear on the radio a lot two words are going to be in here to Lauren Daigle song trust in you you all join in and sing with us.


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This bright heavenly father. Again. Thank you for another wonderful day Lord a day. You've allowed us to come into your house Lord to worship you nor be with those who need our prayers be with brother Morris tonight and on and bless him and just speak our hearts. Do you work less this offering or let it be used to bring you glory in Jesus name? Amen.

All right Sermon on the Mount deals with in a blessed life a life of blessing in the midst of turmoil life a blessing when things are going good. I'll show you a video. I hope will be a blessing to you. Okay, or are you going to stay a long time? That's so Jordan? About the profession of your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I now baptize you in the name of the father. and of the Sun and how is the Holy Spirit?

the name of the father name of the son

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But like at the happened with our pastor in the Baptist, but you know I'm saying I'm sure when that happens will be a glorious morning a man. I thought you would like that though Christianity and I'm not going to say that we should go around all the time having a good time but a whole lot better time than a lot of people go around half. But Jesus tells us in The Sermon on the Mount we are to live a blessed life a blessed life. That's a blissful at one time a man playing at the Garden and he watered the garden well and was glad when shoots begin to emerge and as weeks passed those shoots grew in the plants. Every day he watered and weeded is Garden until one day. He was a static to say that his plans for bearing fruit and vegetables and a man said that I can take rest. I'll take a week off and and I'll just enjoy he was content knowing that his efforts would produce a harvest. So he left produce trapped on the plants after a few days. He went back to the Garden. He was just made. The saw that what he had hoped to eat had already been eaten. On every plant was evidence of hungry rodents and rabbits who would rated his crops so we decided to erect a fence. A few days later. The man went again to the Garden saw the same thing. So he put up another fence and another fence and another fence and every time he checked the garden. He found Berman had raided the garden. Finally realize Critters could go over through or under each fence. So he decided to build a brick wall 10 feet deep concrete foundations. He was sure nothing would get over a dig underneath any confidently Slide Away given the garden plenty of time to ripen undisturbed weeks later. He climb the Garden Wall and was horrified to find it was choked with weeds Brown was crack the plant wilted in the worst of all, his crops were gone. And only thing that was left standing was his wall. You look closer and realize his garden was full of Critters failed to clear them out before building the wall and furthermore. His wild have blocked out weeks of sunlight. Resting in the walls protection. He had forgotten to 10 to Garden fail to realize he was blocking the race the sun's rays and he completely overlooked the greatest threat of all to his Gardens the animals who have been inside all alone. I read that this week and I think that parallels The Sermon on the Mount I Think Jesus is talking about the Christian Life and if you would think about it this way are tending The Garden of Life that we all have we trust in similar walls. Are fully built boundaries directed to protect us and its threats of a moral well-being will try to protect ourselves from and will try to manage messy relationship. So maybe the simply manager time and people discover that those walls only fail but they can't encourage internal delay. Jesus was talking about those boundaries and I think The Sermon on the Mount he's talking about getting outside of those boundaries. He's explaining that it's not just the action of a law keeping the ceremonial or legal law, but the intent of why you're keeping it, it's not just doing but it's your motivation of why you're doing things. It was a new a new lifestyle. Jesus was preaching here in fight in Matthew 5 6 and 7 the last aisle it was designed to affect those around us are lives. Not only affects the individual are like my life is not just affect me myself. It affects those that surrounding individual those around me and Jesus was taken in Matthew 5 6 and 7 that are vertical relationships are no good hear me now. Okay are vertical relationships are no good. If a horizontal relationships are not good. We can think like a bee an island and serve my Lord and I have to deal with anybody else, but that's not the case. That's why he gave us the church. That's why we have brothers and sisters to get together in and and and alarm we got to carry out our faith and the community will talk about in the church about keeping Commandments Christianity becomes very quickly a list of do's and don'ts I had a teenager come to me one time and that's all churchy is it just do's and don'ts what you can do and what you can't do your telling me that Commandments you feel like it is just boundaries. Yeah. I said, okay, which ones are good, which ones are not good to keep he just looked at me. I said that shalt not steal. You want some stole from you will know if you ever stolen anything to kill got quiet on. Okay about that should not commit adultery. Is it a good thing for Mom and Dad to be true to each other boy? Yeah. I said God gave that for our benefit he gave that for us in Jesus when he was on The Sermon on the Mount look at verse 17 Matthew 5. Okay. We're just going to travel through verses 5 through verse 26. Jesus said get this now verse 17. He said he's talking The Sermon on the Mount he's got the religious people. I'm sure on the fringes. He's talking to the Jews. He's talking his disciples. He says think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets. I am not come to destroy but to fulfill If you're there with them, I can almost hear an audible gasp from those he's talking to. I can almost hear them people saying Away II here's a person from a place that was known that to be the other side of the tracks from Nazareth and everything good thing come out of Nazareth. It was a poor section of the year was a person that I had a mother who was gossip about that had him illegitimately. She's going around saying that she conceived miraculously. It was once whose teaching appear to be in conflict with all that. We have heard their ancestors this talk. Jesus says think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets and I can visualize the religious people today going maybe he's coming to the since at least he's understanding their heritage. The law was spoken about in the New Testament when Jesus was talking about it. Most people say you can break it into three categories. They understand what he's talking about when he says I came to fulfill it. The first category is the ceremonial law. That was a tabernacle. That was the sacrificial system. That was a special days in the weeks in the face and the ceremonial law was fulfilled in Christ. Look at Hebrews 10:1.

Play quicker Hebrews 10:1. Look at their Hebrews 10:1, I believe.

Jesus told the man with the withered hand only believe I knew was going to be there like what he says now, the ceremonial law is fulfilled in Christ. He sits for the law having a shadow of the good things to come. What is that shadow of good things to come? That was Christ. And not the very image of the things can never with the same sacrifices which they offer continually year-by-year make those who approach perfect. East Side in the ceremonial law is no longer in effect Christ came and he made that perfect sacrifice all the types and shadows in the Old Testament haunted the Fulfillment of Christ. That's why Jesus said in John 5:39. He says you search the scripture and it is day that I witness about me. Deep says I fulfill the law you no longer have to go and make sacrifices. Jesus made the sacrifice Revelations talk to Revelation talks about him being the perfect clan the chapter of the says that they open up the book and nobody was worthy to open that book up there was one that was found in their missed. It was like a land that was Jesus. So he provided that better sacrifice. There's no need for a better or more folder sacrifice for sin. Look here Colossians 3 verses 16 and 17. This says therefore let no man there for judge you and me or and drink or in respect of a holy day or the new moon or the Sabbath days which are shadow of the things to come but the body is of Christ. He fulfilled the ceremonial all we don't have to do that anymore. I am glad I don't have to bring it. You know, I shot one animal in my life. I never make a hunter. It was a groundhog. It was in my garden to my father-in-law said, I got a 20 to pick that thing off about 50 yards away. I got in my kitchen and I shot it in that thing with the flipping around. I felt horrible. I had to get out there and shoot it again. We don't have to make those sacrifices anymore Christ made the sacrifice. Can you imagine even the guard they spend that enough place and God comes and says, where are you? Adam says we've hit herself and the very first day at that happened on this Earth was as a result of what they did. Can you imagine that what Adam and Esau when the life came out of that sacrifice? We get hung up on the booze and we get hung up on we have to do to please God. We don't have to keep the ceremonial law in our age of Grace Jesus fulfilled that the second type of law was a civil or judicial law. That that was lost Pacific to Israel such as the Cities of Refuge and phone number for certain offenses in the Old Testament of the law. If you was a Jew and you worked on the Sabbath, you know, what happened? Put the death and I for an eye if a teenager got unruly in the Old Testament I bet they had kids that walk the straight and narrow teenager. Got unruly, you know what happened. They talk In The City Gate my phone. What a story this week is I was studying a James Montgomery boice Romans commentary on Romans. Listen to this story of the young Roman the sound of a close friend of the Tsar Nicholas. He was caught stealing from the store as Treasurer the Border Fortress for the Russian army. He was to manage thesaurus Manning dispense wages to the Troops, but he began gambling and he tried to cover up his losses by borrowing borrowing from the Army treasury one day. He heard that the government was going to send an auditor to examine the books. So the young man set that added up while you take and he said this is a large amount and hit all of its resources any subtracted it from what it should have been in the account and you know to the great discrepancy so I know the amount due of his work paper. He wrote a great bet who can pay The young man knew that nobody could help him. So he drew a revolver and was going to kill himself. Because he went through so much stress. He fell asleep and it's the clock strike and he slept and he slept Czar Nicholas paid a surprise inspection. Visit Nicholas walked into where the young man was. He saw the books and saw the despairing note and he saw the revolver any realize that the young man who betrayed his try. So rather than the rest of the young man Nicolas have mercy on these stupid and wrote on the page that the young man had written. How many left? Young man awoke the next morning he picked up the gun again. He was about to pull the trigger and he noticed it written on his note under a great debt who can pay a single word was written necklace.

The next morning the bag of coins arrived from Nicholas to cover the exact amount owed when I read that is James Montgomery boice said I can see myself in that story and you should too. We should have the eyes to understand that God has called us in the ACT word guilty of serious crimes. I'm a sinner and so are you and if we got what we truly deserve what we truly deserve that would be death, but but Understanding that are greatest enemy is not terrorism disease or racism. Are greatest enemy it's saying it's our constant inclination to rebelled against God and because of saying we're guilty because it seemed we have no rest in this life. Look what Paul wrote in Romans 7 verse 24 man that I am who shall deliver me Who Shall Set Me Free who shall deliver me out of the body of this death and look what he resolves is the answer burps.

I thank God through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Jesus came to fulfill the civil law. Okay, I have been made legally righteous. My penalty has been paid the verdict has been rendered on me and I've been parked. So when I stand before the Lord when I stand before the Lord and the Bible says Satan is standing there accusing each and everyone of us and they're sad watch him down there. They think they're righteous people showing up on a Sunday night. They gave their time but look what they did during the week. Look what they Harbor against each other. That's when he crashed steps up and goes no no, no. No. No, I've already paid that debt. We don't bring that back up though. Jesus Jesus took care of that legal righteousness. Are you not glad of that? There's nothing nothing we can do to come into God's Grace has nothing we can do I can't do anything to come into God's grace is nothing. He accepts me just like I am I was talking to her Sunday school class this morning, and I've worked with teenagers 30 years, you know, one of the things I have learned about human behavior teenagers like adults. Church should be a place that teenagers. Look forward to coming to. And the reason being is because they're accepted just like they are you understand what I'm saying? When we get together. There it there everything's level. There is no Rich. There is no poor. There is no Talent. There is no untalented. We just accept them as they are but it's not just teenagers adults crave the very same thing. We want to be accepted and I can spend the night and say you're legally righteous in Christ. He got except you just like you are. I guess I had a professor in college one time he went around the room and he said tell me one thing you don't like about yourself and I thought man you're a nut you know, I'm saying that my hair and they got the Mason. Why don't you like about yourself? And I said nothing.

What man Aragon?

I said God made me the way that I am. I like inside my nose or my ears or in my hair the older I get the more gray. It's turning long as it don't turn loose. I'm good. But if you know it just the way that I am. But he says I'm not leaving you in that state. I'm going to continue to work on you. So this is the third category of Allah. This is the moral law that was in the Old Testament. That's a Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 interesting to know that all the Commandments except for the Sabbath are commanded in the New Testament were called to love God with all your heart soul mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. The moral law was still in force today for believers, but Jesus would explain the law has been written in our hearts. And is to be obeyed and the power in the spirit under grace not under law. Okay, but illegal thing. It's done being made legally write in Jesus said in Burton the next verse uses for verily I say unto you till Heaven and Earth pass one jot or one Tittle shall in no wise pass from the law. So I'll be fulfilled I believe that Jesus was saying I'm going to fulfill the law completely. I'm going to keep it perfectly. I think this is a statement. I think we should we should truly understand there's no statement about Jesus more clearly that he States is absolute assertion. That scripture is complete. Okay scripture is God's Own word not only down to every single word butt down to every letter. Down to every the smallest part of every letter. That's the reason we should believe Genesis 1 through 11. eldest God's work That's why we should believe that the flood occurred. A people that I'll hear the bait. That's why we should believe Jonah was swallowed by great fish Shadrach Meshach and Abednego walked in the fiery furnace. And no King looked out and he said you know what I see them but I don't understand this. I put three and her nurse for walking around. I know that for personalized and they said when they came out if I remember my Bible right is the one leaving the smell of smoke on their clothes. Know everything of God's word is true, Isaiah 40 verse 8. I think we have this on her on a Grand at here in the front. It says the grass withereth the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand forever. Jesus was the firmament. The next verse whosoever therefore shall break one of these least Commandments and shall teach men. So he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven but whosoever shall do and teach them the same Shall be Called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. I can almost sense in our passes Jesus when he was saying this was looking at the scribes and Pharisees. I can almost picture him looking straight at them and then verse 20 you say for I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees you shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus was making the assertion hear that the righteousness of his professed followers had to exceed the righteousness of the religious people. They were they really aren't his followers. They will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven and I'm sure that this had to come as a shock to his listeners. PeopleNet culture couldn't imagine anyone who would more who is more of a lawkeeper than the scriber a Pharisee ascribed was a careful scholar of the law God. They knew the law God they was the ones they have printing presses back then they worth the law down hand writ. That's why he was talkin a job to tell shall not pass away. It was all those Hebrew breathing Mark and everything is not going to go away. Brava drawn-out from God's written law 613 specific Commandments firstly was a member of The Devout Layman who set themselves to confront the lives of those various commands and prohibitions and promote them in public life. But their Conformity to God's law and this is where Jesus was telling them. All right, the scribes and Pharisees he from God's law with external and superficial it had to reach down to the heart yet. Esther Center Christianity a heart change Jesus said things to his followers. It suggested what The Obedience of the scribes and Pharisees were like, he said your righteousness must be greater than that of the Pharisees the Pharisees were on good behavior. Jesus criticized the Pharisees and scribes for being Hypocrites though in Matthew 23:25 should be on the screen. He says woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees you hypocrites. You clean the outside of the cup and dish but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgent play act or sincerity Academy Award performance performances back in that day as righteous people external performance or internal reality. And you know, I thought this is me to stop in their church. So many people coming to church on Sunday morning, and we dressed up and will present ourselves. Well on the outside And inside people really dying. And I thought you know people we met on him if we even Sunday schools, we talked prayer request and we really tell what was on her heart. People would look at us and go you're crazy. But there's people all around all around. We don't need Hypocrites in the church. We don't need people just clean on the outside. We need people clean on the inside. They can lead and mentor and disciple and show people here is how you walk the Christian Life. That's what that's one of the biggest things we have in churches today. Not just for teenagers. I'm talking for adults as well. We need people to step out and say follow me like Paul did I had a guy tell me one time is that an arrogant statement to me? I said listen, that's the reason as to why Jesus say that he had disciples he had Apostles and he said follow me and then Paul said follow me. I'll show you how to live the Christian Life. That's what we need in church today. You know what? We're too busy. We don't want to invest in people having and have the trust we want to give that to people. And talk about a strategic missile straight at the religious leader the day they were the religious city leaders. And I thought and you probably think the same thing those who are the loudest about their religion are typically the ones who's hiding behind there.

It worries me that when I see a politician stand up and want to talk about how they're a Christian. I thought myself man just live your life and let people see that you're like You don't stand up and tell folks that there's an issue there.

Surely they thought that nobody in that day could keep a lot more strictly than the scribes in the first week. But this was because they misunderstood what it meant to conform to God's God's law scribes and Pharisees had reduced obedience to God's law to The Superficial matter of merely conforming to the outward letter of the law. Hear Jesus called the true IBD has been a deep heartfelt in word Conformity to the actual intent of the law. Rest of the 5th chapter is nothing else but a large illustrations a difference between Conformity to the outward letter of the law and genuine obedience to the real Spirit of the law. That is characterized his disciples read with me verses 21 through 26. Alright, Jesus is moving down to the meat of his of its normal. You have heard that it was said of them of all time. That shalt not kill and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the Judgment but I say to you but whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and whosoever shall say to his brother Rock. I shall be in danger of the council but whosoever shall say that. Be in danger of Hellfire. Therefore if doubt bring. Gift to The Altar and they'll remember us at thy brother have ought against the leave there. Thy gift before the Altar and go thy way first to be reconciled about brother and then come and offer that gift agree with thine adversary quickly wireless tower in the way with him less than any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge and the judge deliver thee to the officer and they'll be cast into prison Burley. I say in the end of the bow shop by no means come out thence Hill Dallas pay the upmost farthing First illustration. Jesus gives is of the 6th commandment Thou shalt not murder. I believe you chose this one because the scribes and Pharisees could say look we've kept the letter of the law. We've not murdered anybody.

Look closer at Jesus's words. We discover that we can only say that we have a murdered if we only look at the strict letter of the law. As a Disciples of Christ. We're to be characterized by her obedience to God's law in American formally to the outward letter. Let me give you an illustration. I had a preacher come to me one time. I was working in my driveway and he said I got a question for you. Do you tithe on gross or net? I said what? Do you tithe on gross or net? And I said what were you going with that takes a while if you tithe on Gross that means that you need that you don't tithe when you get your income tax back. I said what? If you get to that degree of trying to reason things out, what's the intent of you give you understand what I'm saying? We all work hard. We believe in being taught in church. We believe that's what the Bible says. We don't do that because man if I don't go asking take it away from me. If you got that thought you need to check up and find out for yourself we do that because that's the thing to do. How much of what I have is the Lord's how much all of it hundred percent 10% is just What he tells me to get by but everything I've got is here. There's nothing I don't have this not his my wife. Is he as he's longer to me Mike it or he has he's longing to me we can get so hung up and keeping the letter of the law. We did it in church not in charge here bless God you're sent them for hella. Wait a second. That's why are you not in church? What's the intent to understand what I'm saying? That's why you're our righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees. It's not enough that we have physically taking the life of another God's intention is that we we do nothing we say nothing. We think nothing or even wish nothing better from the dick from the Dignity of another purse. That's according to Jesus's teachings. The real intentions of God's commandment Thou shalt not murder to do otherwise is to commit what it's what I called heart murmur. You can heart murder somebody you can kill somebody Spirit by something you say to them. If you ever had somebody say something to you and touch you to the core and you think in your mind they meant to do that. Have you ever done that? Cuz I have in my self-righteous ways will do stuff like that when he says he says you have heard that it was said of them in Old Town verse 21 Thou shalt not kill and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment and I can see those scribes and Pharisees going. That's right. You're exactly spot on then he says, but I say to you. Whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and who shall whosoever shall say to his brother Rock. I shall be in danger of the council, but whosoever shall say that fool danger of Hellfire. Jesus began identifying what people typically thought of when they thought of that commandment. He said you've heard that it was said of them of old. You shall not murder and whoever murders will be in danger of the Judgment when he spoke this. He said you say it's hard to set up o he wasn't miss those speaking of the commandant itself. And I want you to understand he's certainly is a no way setting his own teaching against God's commandment. What he speaking of here is a particular way that the commandant have been interpreted by the teachers and Scholars since the ancient times do the Jewish people and he was speaking of that when he said you have heard it said of old. He was about to show them that they had not been interpreting the commander correctly or at the ancient teachers that taught the people Amir letter of the law interpretation of that sixth commandment. They had taught that the commandant has been kept if someone is merely refrain from taking or being careful to protect the physical life of another human being and they had taken dad and couple it with numbers 3532 says whoever kills a person the murderer shall be put to death on the testimony of witnesses. Saw when their minds this may the sixth commandment to be speaking of only if something that could be witness to Pride in the court of law that is an act of a physical murder. 6 Commandments certainly meant that much but the spirit of the commandant met more than that. They look at what Jesus does. He says you've heard it said of old but I say to you. Delta Psi, you've heard that the ancient teachers have said about the Commandment of God that its intention is limited to the Prout to prohibit in the matter of taking someone's life physical but I say to you that the true attention is much more than just that alone. Do you realize that the remarkable thing that Jesus is saying but I say to you what he's getting that is I'm a serving a greater Authority than the law as the Son of God in him a flash. He's asserting himself as a true interpreter of God's law. In fact of the original language. Is he speaking emphatic lie, but I say to you he and he alone is it true interpreter. It sounds as though if Jesus is making a sixth commandment so strict that it will be humanly impossible for us to keep it come on who has never been mad at somebody. I have this week and Furious at somebody. I mean mad at if you know what I'm saying. He says here but I say that you can whoever is angry with his brother without a call Shelby in danger of the Judgment of whosoever. Shall say to his brother Rocca Delle be in danger of the council and whosoever shall say that fool shall be in danger of Hellfire. People have salt to soften Jesus's works. Okay? If I cuz I might get copies of the New Testament tried to soften by adding the words without cause whoever is angry with his brother without cause the King James version the new King James version use these words. But you know, if you go back and look Scholars tell us they're not in the original or not in the earliest ancient Greek text. Thomas Tallis, they was added later it it's easy to understand why they certainly suggest something that was true. That is if someone who was angry with her brother for any reason at all. Was certainly not automatically guilty of murder Jesus despite anger during his ministry. Did he not when he was in the temple and they were selling things that he not get angry. I mean you no come on now, but Jesus was never angry without a call. So maybe they're adding without causes is just giving Clarity what Jesus actually said there was much more profound than that. Diane silver thing something of an edge the verb that's found the original Texas a present passive participle. And here's what that means. The correct translation would be whoever is being provoked to anger in an ongoing habitual way toward his brother is liable to judgment the understand the place in there. You're angry. You don't want to get over it. Never been like that mad and I really don't want them to come back and apologize to me cuz I just want you in mind. I don't like you anyway. Anybody else there with me? I don't care for you. And as long as I as long as we have our relationship, we won't have a relationship.

It's not Whoever has been angry with his brother it is whoever is angry with his brother. In the sense of continual State of Mind you get angry and you stay angry at them. Jesus said you murder there's an old folks saying that says he who is a fool cannot be angry, but he that is wise he but he is wise who will not remain name. It's true is that saying is we got even greater Authority Paul in Ephesians 4 verses 26 verse 26 is be angry and sin not. Be angry but not the sun go down upon your wrath. They thought Jesus is teaching here is where not to hold our anger against somebody continually where to make it where to make sure I angry set aside really before the sun sets and the day comes to an end. We're not to go to bed. Angry. Do you know that? 1 reasons why not to wake up angry you ever went to bed angry. there went to bed angry at your spouse on now we have have we not never woke up with a dream and mad at your spouse and she woke woke up one night. She was furious at me. And I said, what did I do? She said in my dream you did a whole lot. I thought okay, you know

Jesus is telling us it when we when we do not let go of her angry when we when we let the sun go down while we still hold it and we keep on being angry toward her brother. We hold a grudge against them. We're sending and we're guilty of murder. That's what he says. He says take care of those things. Okay? Look back at verse 22 goes on to say Jesus goes on to say and whoever says to his brother, Rocca shall be in danger of the Council Rock. It wasn't Aramaic work and most believe it. It means something like empty head or knucklehead. Okay. It's a derogatory term. That is contemptible that to insult people and we might use it to disrespect somebody. We're calling someone a name at a contempt and hatred you ever call. Somebody a name. I have your sitting behind El somebody I got mad the other day and I didn't pass though. I just wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to.

Ben 10 of the heart now remember that, okay. Jesus teaches last that name spoken in a moment of anger or acts of heart murmur didn't the sixth commandment. Take away from the human dignity in the person of another person. Such words are enough to make someone guilty of murder before the high score the lamp and then Jesus goes on to say but whose whoever says you fool. Be in danger of Hellfire, but I was about seven eight years and I called my brother a fool. My grandma said, you know where you're going and I said, we're home. She said no hell. Why did she spoil the Bible that she showed me that nothing hold your goodness. I worried about that for a while. The Greek word here fool is more off and it's a term that constitutes a serious attack on the person of another call. Somebody a rascal is really the type their head, but the sense of calling somebody a fool is to attack your spirit. Is the difference between carelessly and thoughtlessly calling somebody diamond and seriously condemning someone is complete and utter rejecting the side of God a fool is in the worst sense. And Jesus says that there's enough to put someone in danger the very fires of hell. I hope you can see the point in a teaching it means that the real intention of God sixth commandment against murder is much greater than just taking somebody's life. It's the real intention that we do nothing or say nothing Earth ain't nothing that would in any way diminish the humanity of another the Dignity of enough. We're never commit heart murmur. In fact God's real intention behind the sixth commandment is far more than that negatively speaking out. We're to refrain from killing your brother a rather. It's positively speaking you were faithful to love her brother. Look at what 1st? John 3 says, okay. Oh, we know we know that we have passed from Death to life because we love the brethren. What's simple is it not I know I want to hear us because I love the Brethren. He was he who does not love his brother abides in death and whoever whoever hates. His brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. Jesus gives us illustrations there and he gives to illustrations of repenting over bad relationships. Look at the first 10 verse 23. He says therefore if they are bringing that I get to the Altar and our members that thy brother has ought against the leave there thy gift before the Altar and go that way first be reconciled about brother and then coming offer that gift. So the first one here is from the perspective of worship second. We're going to see the perspective of court of law says a verse 23, therefore if you remember if you bring your gift to the altar in there and remember that your brother has something against you they get what that's picture of this is a guy kind of church worship is going to bring a free-will offering just had money in his pocket. All right. Way to go. He's just making a dude is faithful religious Duty just as those who Faithfully attend church put money in the offering plate or listen to Long sermons without complaining. Amen. All right, but then right in the very Act of performing their religious Duty, I remember something Stop and think that's the second didn't that the way that it is whenever we truly seek to draw near to God. He lovingly but gently causes issues in their lives, and I'm up. That point and I dealt with since I was a person is bringing their gift to God's out and he remembers that his brother has something against him and I want you to know that it's not just that if he if he has something against his brother, but that the brother has something against him. Make sure you get that distinction pay it's not I'm just mad at somebody. It's I know somebody's mad at me.

I believe that should be saying in the context of what Jesus says in verse is 21 or 22. Maybe the man was approaching God's holy Throne the Holy Spirit brings it to his mind and he's held on to his anger toward a particular fella believe he's refused to let that anger go or perhaps. We remember that we casual expose the contempt. We holding her heart towards a particular neighbor. or workmate or family member You might have called him some name or been angry at him and we left that Harper. Perhaps right before the altar God can fix him of the fact that he has dared to slander another and hatred and bitter resentment. As such a man stands before God ready to offer his gift on the Altar and God makes him stop and recall that he is guilty of murder in his heart. And they are suspending his holy presence. I got a hold of God receive the gift of such a man truly repents of his heart murmur and Jesus says that before taking another step forward to the altar of God such a man has to do the following leave your gift there before the Altar and go your way first be reconciled to your brother and then come and offer your gift. Listen church. This is a big learning point Jesus teaches us that God places a higher priority on the heart condition of the giver and he doesn't like gift itself.

You understand that? Give me the all I believe I believe that's why Jesus says many will come that day and they'll say we did all these things and he'll say depart from me cuz I never knew you. You murder people you slandered people. You didn't say the never followed me. I didn't care about the gifts. You had you know, why Jesus can say I don't care about the gift you give because he owns it all anyway. I heard a fell asleep one time before I figured out my church has all the money that it needs. It just happens to be in the pockets of the of the of the churchgoers.

Are you get there? Okay. The offer is to come back only after have made things right with his brother that he's been murdering. Many of us a place walls up like the man in the garden thinking works. So good as a Christian. I'm going to have her heart be what causes the K in life. We come to church. We give to the church. We try and do good yet. We Harbor ill thoughts or feelings to someone and therefore we keeping their dignity. And as a result we saying look at the second break quickly while I sell art in the way with him less it anytime the adversary deliver thee to the judge and the judge deliver thee to the officer and I'll be cast into prison verily I say unto you now shut by no means come out then still they'll have to pay the utmost Farthing door to have a cesarean birth. 25 is one that refers to a legal a pound. So the picture of it is this guy was walking down the road way to court to see a judge and a lock the way he meets up with his opponent in court and it's to the advantage of the one man to work out the terms of agreement while with the other while on the way that the settle out of court quickly before coming to the judge and I believe Jesus has given us a picture of the threat of judgment before God. Our pastor this morning said and I wholeheartedly based off of the scripture believe this we're all going to stand in judgment one day we're going to we're going to judge for acts and I believe that Jesus is saying we have time or we're walking in this way to reconcile with her brother or sister. picture of it now You know that there's something out there that you got all against somebody or they have ought against you make it right. What if Maurice they don't want to hear me? I can't help that. You do what you're supposed to do. Maybe all you can do is just make that first offer. Still time while we're on this road of life. Dave. Jesus urges us to seek terms of settlement Now by we can okay, we should we should see this in the context of heart murmur man, a woman who Harbors Hart murder against another brother or sister and who does not repent will stand as guilty as the murder Before the Throne of God. And in that case a person's adversary will have every right to hand them over to the righteous judgement of God Jesus any verse 26 verily I say unto you now Shout by no means come out then still have to pay the utmost Farthing. Another version says assuredly Jesus says I say to you that you will by no means get out of there. Do you have paid the last penny? We can't pay our way to heaven? Okay, that can't happen just the opposite. I think it's the impress upon us that it's impossible to buy ourselves out of it, but it's the reinforces the urgency to make things right with her fellow brothers and sisters while we have a chance to do it quickly do it now. That's what he wants to do want to leave you with the story. I heard about enough sleep at her house key house key was the former prime minister of Poland. He was a master concert pit penis before that. A mother Tucker Tucker, son one day to hear powderhouse Keys performance and a little boy was just learning to play the piano and he barely knew how to pluck anything out on the piano except Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but she hoped that he would enjoy the concert and be inspired. That's what I would say to the mother about an old friend and another seat. She walked down the aisle to Greater. She left her boy alone though, and eventually the boy crawled off of his seat and he wandered around explore the wonders of the concert hall and he eventually explore his way through a door that was marked no admittance. That was the door to the stage with impressed at large Stanley was located at her house key was going to play but when the mother returned her say, she look frantically for a sign and she couldn't find it. But just stay in the house lights dimmed and the curtains open into her horror or sign was sitting at the piano bench repair asked you was going to play and you know what he was playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Humiliating, but just at that moment The Piano Master. add a rescue walked over to the sign and he Gently laying down to the little boy who whispered in his ear. Don't quit just keep playing. Bent Paddle rescue sit on the bench with the boy and reaching out his left arm around him. He began to play along with and filling in the base portion of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star then he stretched out his right arm around the boy and added the blanket over or the part of the music that made it come alive and together the old master and the little boy play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like no one I've ever heard before. The Story Goes that after the concert few people could remember anything else about a rescue play but everybody remembered Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Let me suggest to you. Then. That's a fit picture of Jesus and us he's the master and he has fulfilled the law perfectly. He fulfilled it through his obedience to it. He fulfilled in accomplishing what the scriptures promised about him and he will see to it that heaven and earth pass away before that happens. Nothing to the law will ever fail but he doesn't come up on the stage for we are in says I haven't fulfilled the law or I have fulfilled the law now use your release from any obligation to it. You're no longer. You can no longer keep it instead. He lives down does light powder. Ask it isn't says don't quit. Just keep playing. And then I think just like that pianist. He reaches out his arms around us in the lives out his own fulfillment through the law through us through the Holy Spirit. But when I ask you the Holy Spirit stop you and explain that there is something you need to do with a relationship you have. Maybe you need to go and make something right with someone who's wronged you or who you have ra Jesus is going to return one day some of us it'll be before the Rapture happen others. It'll be the Rapture but I think the purpose tonight is don't let bad relationships continue to go on. All right, I Think Jesus or the holy spirit is telling us tonight. Don't quit. He played a man s parade father. We thank you for your word and I asked you to take it is still in our hearts asteroid. Take the word The Sermon on the Mount and show us and that what you would have us do with let us leave out of here at change change people determine Lord that we're going to have relationships the way you want us to happen. Somebody tonight doesn't know you was our savior my prayers. This will be the night that accept you whatever the need is, you know, your spirit will convict and moves in Jesus's name. We pray. I'm in what you're saying, please.

Thank you all for being here tonight. Hope you have a good week Manny announcement set.

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