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Please open your Bibles to .
Read Galatians 3:10-14
We will look at verses 10-14, but specifically be zoomed in on verses 13-14.
I suppose verses 13-14 will be our main text.
When I was a kid, every fall we’d go to the fair.
It was at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds out on the border of Moreno Valley and Perris.
For 2 weeks it felt like we’d go to the fair every night.
We’d see:
Demolition derbies.
One of the highlights was the exhibition halls.
There’d be the strangest stuff on sale.
Most of it was junk.
I’d always look for the gliders.
They’d be these huge styrofoam airplanes.
The salesman would be in the hall with this giant plane.
He’d throw it in the air, and it would do a perfect loop and land right back in his hand.
Over and over again, he’d throw it.
And over and over again, it’d land perfectly in his hand.
And I knew that was going to be my prize from that year’s fair.
I’d do some extra chores at home, get some extra spending money and go to the fair looking to buy the giant glider.
I was so excited to bring that glider home.
I’d get home.
Go out into the front yard.
Go out into the middle of the street, because I know, I ‘m no professional.
I don’t want to accidentally throw this plane on someone’s roof.
I thought this through.
I’d go into the middle of the street.
Make sure the wings were angled just right.
Prepare my self to throw the plan.
Throw it at a slide upward angle.
The plane would go up, up, up … and then nose dive right into the blacktop.
The wings which were a single piece of sytrofoam that went through the middle of the plane would, would break in half.
And there it was … my first flight and it broke.
$15 down the drain.
And I’d try and fix it.
That’s why God invented duct tape.
For my styrofoam gliders.
I’d tape those wings back together again.
I’d do a good job.
NASA couldn’t put it back together like I did.
The guys on Apollo 13 would have wished they had my skill with that duct tape.
I’d go back outside.
Try another attempt.
Get the angle just right.
Throw it slightly up.
And it’d do the same exact thing.
Fly up
Then nose dive … right into the ground.
Wings would break in two.
I’d throw another tantrum.
And the cycle would repeat itself.
Once it broke you could never get it quite right again.
It was always doomed to fail.
That break in the wings was always going to be a weak spot, I could never completely repair it.
And that’s what we are talking about, mankind is under a curse, and we are doomed to fail.
And like that glider I bought from the fair, there’s just no fixing it.
And that’s what makes this passage so spectacular.
It tells us about a curse.
A weakness.
An area where we are doomed to fail.
But it tells us how God not only fixes it … but how He makes it so much better.
Which rarely happens.
My glider seemed to get weaker with each attempt.
God is going to improve on His work.
Let’s start with the fix, or the Blessing.
It begins with the human condition.
Verse 13 describes our condition, “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law ...”
The condition is we are under a curse.
We are under a curse.
Like the glider, our wings are cracked, and we are destined to fall.
Now what I’m about to say, I don’t say because I hate people.
Because trust me I don’t.
Sometimes hearing the truth about our condition is hard to hear, it’s hard to bear.
You go to a doctor, he gives you a bad diagnosis.
You don’t get in his face and yell at him.
You don’t say, “Why would you say I’m sick?
You must hate me.”
You know he is diagnosing your problem.
Looking for the symptoms and describing your condition is not hatred.
And the same goes for this curse.
Describing our condition is not hatred, think of it as a diagnosis, however negative it sounds.
The natural man is in a condition, where his nature is cursed.
The problem with mankind isn’t that others corrupt us, the problem with mankind starts within ourselves.
And that’s probably what we don’t like to hear.
We want to blame others.
We want to blame the devil, the people you’re around, the dog.
But the problem really begins with us.
says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”
Let me explain why that is such a problem.
The human heart is the reason for the problem.
It desires bad things.
We have a will, we have the ability to make decisions, but the problem is that our will is motivated by the heart.
The decisions that we make have a bias in them.
Yes men have a will, and yes, we
They are influenced by what our heart desires.
And if the heart desires bad things, then the decisions of the will will be tainted.
Sure, you can make decisions, but what do you do when the main deciding factor, your heart, is corrupt.
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