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Jericho… as Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem He goes through Jericho.
In Verse 35 we see He is approaching Jericho (a particular path) and interacts with a blind man
In Verse 1 we see He is passing through Jericho (this is not His destination)… Jerusalem is!
The people following Him know this and are excited
Before He arrives Jesus tells them a parable to help prepare them
Jesus is getting close He has a plan, He has a path, He has a purpose!
This purpose is found in Luke 19:10
In light of all Jesus had in store, bringing about the Salvation of mankind, the trial, the scourging, the cross, the resurrection...
Jesus was always “seeking the LOST” in order to save them!”
Seeking Those Desiring to See
In our passages today we see two men who desire to see Jesus yet are hindered… the blind man and Zacchaeus.
The Blind Man
We see real quick his obvious hindrance… his sight!
We also see the crowds try to hinder this man coming to Christ… Luke 18:38-39
Why is it that we can get the idea that Jesus is not interested in the “least of these” (sick, outcast, poor, children… sinners, tax collectors)???
He cries out even more!!! What faith!
And Jesus seeks Him out!
What a place God can bring one to that they desperately see their NEED for Him even though blind.
I love Verse 41… “I want to see!”
“Receive your sight”…SEE!
And it was Immediate!
We see this outcast, a Chief Tax Collector (rich)… Chief sinner in the eyes of the people.
Remember what Jesus stated last week about the rich entering the Kingdom of Heaven?
Look at the desperation of this man to see Jesus… Luke 19:3-4
Short yes, but were the crowds helping or hindering?
Don’t become so excited with Jesus, your own personal relationship that you push others out.
No doubt this crowd would not go out of their way to let him see Jesus.
On the contrary… they would snub him out, push him back.
Jesus has no time or interest in a sinner like you.
Pride aside, this rich well to do man stoops to climbing a tree in order to see Jesus!
Jesus comes right up to him!!!
He was the reason He was in Jericho after all.
“Seeking the Lost”!!!
“I MUST” this is a divine necessity… wow what love a passion!
God does the impossible with man (rich man) and makes salvation possible!
Having Sight / Being Blind
We see this “BLIND SIGHT” in three different ones in this portion of scripture...
The Crowds
They rejoice and praise God when the blind man sees and is declared saved by faith YET...
They grumble and disapprove when Jesus declares he is going to stay with a sinner!
They see the blind receive sight, they see a sinner receive salvation and they grumble against God
Jesus shares a parable with them as well… Some will see some will remain in their darkness.
Citizens in the Parable (Jews)
Jesus tells this parable for a specific reason… Luke informs his readers why in Luke 19:11
The citizens hear His claim to be King, yet they do not want Him to reign over them
They will even go after him sending a delegation
Worthless Slave
This slave was one who was supposed to be serving the nobleman… he was close yet as we have seen proximity does not equate relationship.
There is no relationship or knowledge of Him… LOOK Luke 19:20-23
This was not who the Master was… Look at how He responded to the other two… Greater reward and responsibility, giving, gracious...
YET… even if this is how the slave thought him to be… why not invest it?
The he had heard the message of the nobleman, but he did not believe… 1) He was King or that 2) He would return
He has the nerve to try and blame the Master!
Nothing twists and deforms the soul more than a low or unworthy conception of God,” wrote Dr. A.W. Tozer
Stewardship of Seeing Truth
So what about those who have had the blinders removed and have seen the TRUTH???
For them there is a Stewardship that should occur...
STEWARDSHIP= managing of something especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care (Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary.
(Eleventh ed.)
Our Responsibilities...
Like the blind man… Immediately he regained sight and began following Him, glorifying God
The TRUTH seen instigates PRAISE and FOLLOWER-SHIP!
Like Zaccheus… Seeing TRUTH and one’s Faith in Christ instigates a changed Life Luke 19:8-9
His response of faith to the Truth made him a True son of Abraham not just a descendant!
Those who do have a relationship, who do follow Him, have responsibility while Christ is away as we wait His return… just as the slaves had a stewardship...
He gave them minas… money to do business until He returned
What has God given you?
Talents, riches, materials, influence… Remember it all belongs to Him.
How are you using what He has given you?
Our Warning...
Notice when He returns there is reward for those who do well… Gracious reward in fact
Note also there is judgement when He returns… Verse 26-27
Those who do not heed the Truth suffer dyer consequences.
Our lives should glorify God as we follow Him, should be marked by a changed life!
He has given so much… and you and I will be held accountable for how we use and handle what He has given.
If the purpose of Christ coming was to seek and to save the lost… are we helping progress His purpose using what He has entrusted to each of us or would we be part of those who are hindering.
Is it time for you to take off the blinders and respond to the Truth?
What will your response be?
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