Loud Hosannas & Silent Nights

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Loud Hosannas & Silent Nights

We welcome those who we honor in special ways.

Everyone knew the prophecy of the Messiah who would enter Jerusalem riding on a donkey from the East.

Jesus told his disciples that they would find an unridden donkey, and he told them what to say.

Instead of becoming angry, defending his property, the owner let the disciples borrow the donkey for the Lord.

It is a blessing for something of ours to be used for the Lord. What of yours would you give for the Lord?

People laid down their cloaks as a sign of humility and respect for the coming king.

Matthew and John wrote that the people also raising and waving palm branches over Jesus as they shouted Hosanna.

The disciples remembered Psalms 118 in shouting “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”


They did not say ‘he’, they said the ‘king’.

They were fully expecting Jesus as King to:

Enter Jerusalem, riding on a donkey from the East.
Declare himself as king.
Overthrow the Romans.
Re-establish prescribed Temple worship.
Reign on the throne of Jerusalem over all the world.

The Problem is, this is NOT how Jesus characterized his kingdom.

Yes, he rode a donkey into Jerusalem from the East.
No, he did not need to declare himself as king.
No, he did not overthrow the Romans (economically or militarily)
He did argue for Temple reforms and remove those who exploited it for true worship.
He did not reign on a literal throne, but the throne of their hearts.

The people had greeted him as king and praised him for all the miracles that had followed his ministry.

They shouted Hosanna! Which means “God Save(s) (Us)!”

They desired to be saved and Jesus desired to save them.

But attitudes, fears, hardness of heart, rebellion and jealous got in the way.

The Great Lie: Love will NEVER work!

God is silent for a time to allow for free will. God does not remain silent in the face of sin.

When God’s people cry out, God will answer!

When God comes, the opposition is silenced, the oppressed are freed, the hurting are healed, the justice of God is done.

Don’t be in the way of God bringing justice. It does not end well.

Jesus was silent in front of his accusers because his life and ministry spoke for him.

Silence is appropriate when:
Expecting God to act,
Anticipate revealed wisdom,
Suffering for Christ,
Ashamed of our sin,
When in anger,
When amazed,
When submitting to God.

Do you live in a way that evil and lies are silenced?

More important than the affects of divine ministry, is having a relationship of love with God. And, having a relationship of love with others.

We welcome Jesus in praise for the miracles he performs in and for us, but will we continue to be so vocal and faithful when Jesus demands our lives?

Hosanna! God Saves!

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