The Grand Entrance

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The time has come for Jesus to die. The Gospel of John has now taken a turn in concentration from the ministry of Jesus to the passion of Jesus. The first 11 chapters tells about the ministry of Jesus covering three years, the second half of the book will cover one week. A lot can change in a week. You know a lot can change in a week. You started out Monday, rested and ready to face the week, but by Friday you ca’t wait to get away from there. Well, by the end of the week Jesus will be betrayed by his beloved friend, deserted by his disciples, lynched by the leaders, sentenced by the Sanhedrin, hear “Crucify Him by the Crowd, and be put to death by Pilate. But, at the end of the week the makes a Great Exit out of a borrowed tomb. A lot can change in a week! But it is on this Palm Sunday that we celebrate the Grand Entrance of our Kind into the climax of human history and deliverance. And Jesus does make a grand entrance.
Well, by the end of the week Jesus will be betrayed by his beloved friend, deserted by his disciples, lynched by the leaders, sentenced by the Sanhedrin, hear “Crucify Him by the Crowd, and be put to death by Pilate. A lot can change in a week!
First of all he sets His own stage. All that Jesus has done had caused his popularity to flourish. As such when Jesus get to town, there are people there from all over who already know about him and the things He has done. (elaborate)

Messiaship is Misunderstood

Hosanna! The cry that the crowd is making is a sound of praise and excitement and celebration and that is all and well. But, the way that it is introduced into the Hebrew culture is by way of a plead for God to save them from their enemies. is what the people are quoting in part. So it is not by chance that the expression was used to celebrate all the things God has done for us and for them. God has done many things that they are able to look back on. (List Times God has delivered Israel). We should always carry the same enthusiasm for celebration the times God has delivered us and saved us because if he has done it for Israel and for our ancestors he can work in our problems right now!
It’s in this same vein that he is misunderstood. Because as God had so many times delivered Israel from wars, or oppressors this crowd thought that Jesus was going to lead a revolution that would immediately overthrow Roman occupation of the their land.

Modesty seems Misrepresenting

Now in the same way that Jesus is not flexing his divine prerogative to call angles to handle Rome the same way we see in Sodom and Gomorrah, Jesus doesn’t enter with pomp and fanfare. Jesus rides in on a donkey, not even a full grown donkey but a colt. The expectation of a King is that they come in with horse and chariot, with the best steed and finest wheels. After all this is the conquering king. But not Jesus. Jesus is not a slave to other peoples expectations, he is faithful to is purpose and calling. (Preach)
It is also important to note that the disciples did not understand what was going on either. Those closest to Jesus didn’t have the slightest clue as to why Jesus was parade in on an beast of burden such as a donkey. This isn’t uncommon for disciples, them or us, to be confused at the workings of God in the mysterious ways God chooses to work. What is necessary when we don’t understand is to be open to the possibilities that we don’t know it all, and that we may receive the revelation once God does make it available, if God makes it available.
Story: Children not understanding parents decisions until they are parents themselves.
If Jesus is OK with a humility and modesty we should be OK with it too. We should not boast in our accoutrements but in our contentment in Christ alone. If Jesus is content with less I can be content with all things. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Miracles are unMistakable

Jesus is not without power or wonder or might. Its just that he does not work in the ways a king would be known to do. But in the way the Son of God would. The Pharisees are upset already because of this brother named Lazarus. You remember Lazarus from last week don’t you? (give brief summery) Well the large part of the crowd are there because the word has gotten out that Jesus is raising folk from the dead.
First of all we should not be ashamed to tell all the good things God has done.
Second, we should not be surprised when God works a miracle in our life and the enemy tries to undo what God did. But the good news is that as I paraphrase the Pharisees, “their plan didn’t work” and now all the people are following Jesus.
Third. Well Jesus has yet to perform his final miracle. But the stage is set. The hour has come. “Father Glorify your name...” “now is the judgment of the world, now the ruler of this world is cast out…And I…If I be lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to myself”
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