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last Sunday we celebrated the resurrection and we continued in our in our study of Luke and we looked at Jesus resurrection in the surprising thing was That even though the disciples had the resurrected Jesus there was still some doubt in their mind and the song that we just sang Give Me Faith was the song that they very well could have sang enter sweet we talked about the fact that for us as Christians as well as Christ followers as people who 2,000 years later are still following the same Messiah that those early disciples did that we ought not be surprised when we face the fact that we can have certainty in the Resurrection based on what the word of God says. however The story doesn't end with the resurrection. And when we look at Luke and we think about following Jesus just Jesus coming back from the dead is not where the story stops. There's another step yet to be taken in it. So today in our final message from The Book of Luke together. We're going to look at what that is. What is it? It's bigger than the resurrection. What is it that this is the note we go out on for Luke as he's writing this down. It's not the resurrection. It's in the scriptures said at some point last week. We saw that when we rightly understand the scriptures. We are convinced of the Resurrection this week. I want to show us what Luke shows us that when we are convinced of the scriptures we engage. In the Great Commission, would you guys pray with me this morning?

Lord, you know each and every heart here today.

And that is both very encouraging and very terrifying.

You know that we are fickle. You know got that the joy of Resurrection can quickly turn into apathy. In your people, you know God that the blessings you give we so often take for granted. Because we forgets of what it is that you have invited us into. So father I pray today for steadfast Hearts. I asked God that we your people as we look at your word would be transformed that you would change not only our minds about what you say. But God changed the trajectory of the lives that we live. Give us faith God we ask. to trust what you say give us Faith to do what it is that you call us to do. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Amen last week as we looked at Luke chapter 24. We saw Jesus rise from the dead and we saw the disciples not quite getting that until the Lord open their minds to this reality and until he was able to show them from the scriptures. This is what we were waiting for. And we said that's where we find a great deal of certainty for ourselves as we approach this risen Messiah. But today I want us to understand that we are also called to do something with that Resurrection. The resurrection is not just good news You can go to heaven when you die. The resurrection is not just even though you die yet you can live in Christ. The resurrection is pointing us to a much bigger reality than just that the resurrection is pointing us to something that doesn't just transform our eternity but it transforms our tomorrow because the Resurrection based in the certainty of the Old Testament scripture shows of something else to it shows us that not only is the resurrection assured but the purpose and meaning that we desire in life is now given to us. Based on that scripture. So read with me here at the end of Luke chapter 24, and yes, we're covering some of the same ground that we did last week. If you're a guest of ours though. You have no idea. This is all new for you. But if you were here last week, just bear with me as we kind of cover some of the same grounds Luke chapter 24 and I want us to start in verse 45. This is the Risen Christ speaking to his people then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures and said to them thus it is written that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead now, that's where we stopped last week. And we looked at the fact that this is what God Said would happen that in the Old Testament Genesis to Malachi. God Was preparing us for this Messiah. Who would Reign Over his people who would set his people free but to do that he had to die. And be resurrected but the farther. So Jesus is not only that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead the first 47 that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to All Nations beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things and behold. I am sending the promise of my father upon you but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high then he led them out as far as Bethany and lifting up his hands. He bless them while he blessed them. He parted from them and was carried up into heaven and they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and we're continually in the temple blessing God. Church what we need to understand is it's not just the resurrection that is testified to in the scripture written hundreds of years before Jesus was ever born. It's not just the fact that he would be a messiah who would save his people from their sins. It's not just that it's that those people set free save them from their sins given the promise of Eternal blessing in the kingdom of God would have their very lives transformed and that the good news would be proclaimed in all nations by these people whose lives have been changed.

Okay, I can tell that some of you aren't getting this.

Not just because one of you snoring either.

Look we tend to think. that the Great Commission we tend to think that this command to go in Free Church. The gospel to All Nations is a new testament thing, right? Okay. Yeah, Jesus rose from the dead. Yay. Now go tell people about it. That's kind of our the extent of our understanding of the Great Commission. I want you to see it is something much bigger than that. We tend to think that the Great Commission is just for professional Christians. I want you to see it is much bigger than that this call to preach the gospel to All Nations is quite literally the backbone of the entire Bible that there would be a messiah who would fix the mess that we've gotten ourselves in and that that Messiah would transform the trajectory of Our Lives from being self-centered from being only focused on our desires and would give us a purpose Beyond. getting rich getting famous being well-liked being successful. The Our Lives can mean something more than that. That's the message of the Old Testament. Not only that Jesus would rise and he opened their minds to understand the scripture saying that the Christ should die and Rise three days later, but that repentance and forgiveness should be proclaimed in All Nations Church. You've been invited into something when Jesus comes to you and says make disciples you've been invited into something that he has had planned from before the beginning of time. You are being invited into something that was true is true in Genesis as it is in Matthew. This is huge understand this the command to preach the gospel and make disciples does not start in Matthew chapter 28. It starts in Genesis 1 the command to do this is rooted in the Old Testament. And if we miss this, we will fundamentally misunderstand the point of salvation. Look at Genesis chapter 12 1 through 3 x you don't have to turn their I don't want to make everybody flip their Bible just in case, you know, you want to read the page you Bible so you can look on the screen cuz that's what I'm going to do to the Lord said to Abram go from your country and your Kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you and I will make of you a great nation and I will bless you and make your name great so that you will be a blessing I will bless those who bless you and him who dishonors you I will curse and in you all the families of the Earth shall be blessed now, if you're not terribly familiar with the Old Testament, let me just give a little bit of background. The Book of Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament. It recounts. The story of God's interaction with the world from his first creation of it to his establishment of the Guard Special creation of mankind giving us his image our rejection of him a rebellion against him and the beginnings of God's plan to change all of that and he comes this guy named Avery when he says Abram here's the deal. I am going to fix everything that y'all screwed up and you're going to be the one that I do it through. But it's not just going to be about you. The point of what I'm doing in you Abram is to change all the families of the Earth. What I'm doing and you and your descendants Abram is not about you. It's about every single person that walks on the face of this planet. That's what I'm getting ready to do. We got this hint of God's intention for his people. You're to be about blessing all the nations. That's why you are my people. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing, too often. We want to say I'll look at God being so nice to Abram. Look at God blessing Abram in the God would give me all the money and that God would bless my family know. Look at Abram and see God's intent to transform the world. Through him God's work in your life is never about you. It's about his plan for all of creation. Look at Exodus chapter 9 verse 16, but for this purpose I have raised you up and they you there. This is this is farro. This is Moses being told go tell Pharaoh this the reason I raised you up. God says to Pharaoh is to show you my power so that my name may be proclaimed in all the Earth. We look at the story of Exodus. And again it I'll just give a little bit of background hear. The book of Exodus is about the people of God Abraham's descendants. They've been enslaved in Egypt and you guys have all seen the Ten Commandments, right? It just aired recently why they put that on TV still right? You know when Moses goes to fairness as Let My People Go Moses looks a lot like Charlton Heston. Did you guys ever notice that Let my people go why so that they're not slaves anymore. Tillett Moses doesn't end up with some egg on his face. No fair. This is why I raised you up so that my name would be proclaimed in all the Earth. So the people would understand that I promised deliverance from the bondage that people are in that I promised Redemption from the circumstances of life that drag people down that I offer this fair. This is why I raised you up. This is why you've held Israel in Chains Israel. This is why you're going free so that my name would be proclaimed in all the Earth. Does Ezra get out of slavery? Absolutely, is that what it's about? Absolutely not. It's about Jesus. It's about God's name being proclaimed in all the earth. Look at 1st. Chronicles 16 23 to 24. Here you have the people of Israel dedicating their Temple dedicating this place within Israel where all of the nation would be invited to Worship the Lord we gathered this morning in a place. I just want to reiterate something I said before this is not the church this building is not the church. We don't go to church. You can't walk into church. The church or Christ followers. So when the church walked into this building this morning when the church Walked In Here We Sing Praises why so that we'd have that good feeling. I love some of those songs. SLS people might say I was worshipping this morning. I felt it. It's not about that Israel dedicates the temple Israel's Temple and this is the point sing to the Lord all the Earth. Channel of his salvation from day-to-day declare his glory among the nation's His Marvelous Works among the People Israel build the temple and I say all of this is about us. This is about God being in the midst of us and God wants to correct that a little bit and say no. This is about you taking the truth of who I am out into the world declare God's glory among the Nations. Look at Psalm 911. Just like any place in Psalm you open up to you see this theme, but I picked this one sing praises to the Lord who sits enthroned in Zion tell among the peoples. His deeds. Does God work from a local spot. Absolutely. Do we all gather here? There's a reason you're sitting here this morning in church and not just out of the lake how many people have ever heard that I can worship God on the lake just as well as I can in the church. How many no don't ask nevermind you can but there's something special about the people gathering together. Yes, you can do this on your own but there's something special about Zion. There's something special about the fact that God's people come together, but it never stops here. This is not the point Church gathering together here. This morning is not the point last week. We had 218 people at Red Hills for a resurrection service. That's fantastic, but that's not the point. What about feeling up to this building? It's about seeing the gospel go out. Let's gather. Let's let's come together. Let's praise the Lord sing phrases in this local place. What were the purposes that we would go among the peoples and tell his deeds?

You got you guys understand this Isaiah 45-22 turn to me and be saved now God is speaking directly to the nation's turn to me and be saved all the ends of the Earth. For I am God and there is no other the old kind of regime the old understanding of things amongst the Nations it this time was you know, you had your god-like babylon's got babylon's Gods Israel's got Israel's gods and Israel worship Israel's gods and Babylon worship babylon's gods and we were just happy with this and a Battle of Gods were better than Israel's God than Babylon would conquer Israel.

Actually Babylon did conquer Israel. Does that mean their gods were better than Israel's God? No. Because Israel's God was not just about Israel. He wasn't about just this tiny little nation-state over there in the Middle East. This call is not just a his people. It's to the entire world. Turn to me and be saved. It's never about us. It's never just about us. From the beginning of God's work in this world until the end of the purpose has always been that the gospel of the Kingdom the good news of the Kingdom would go into all creation. Do you know what this does church when we begin to understand that this was God's plan from the Old Testament until today. It changes the Great Commission for us. It adds a great deal of strength to the command go and make disciples of all Nations. No longer. Can we say it will this is just what the early church did this is there was there growth in marketing campaign? Right, they needed to capture a larger market share in so they convinced their people that they needed to go. Tell the gospel know the strength of the command to go and make disciples is not an invention of the early church. This is God's intention from before the foundation of the world. The strength of this command is impossible for us to ignore. If you are a Jesus follower, you cannot treat the Great Commission as optional. If you are a Jesus follower, there is no out clause on this part of following Christ because it's rooted in what God has been doing through all of history. Jesus says based on the scriptures repentance and forgiveness will be proclaimed in all the nations. He says to his church you need to understand that. This is a reality that transcends this presents. This is huge. You cannot ignore this. Sometimes I think that as it's Christmas we've kind of majored on what scripture minors in and we've minored in what scripture makes major a minor theme and scripture is this And Jesus said to them behold I go to prepare a place for you that where I am. You may be also is that good news? Absolutely. Is that a major theme of the New Testament? Absolutely not. Is it good news that Jesus is preparing a place for us? Yes it is. But that's not the point of the New Testaments. The point of the New Testament is not that we get to go to heaven when we die. The point of the New Testament is like the point of the Old Testament that we have something to do before we die.

I don't want us to miss this Jesus does not give the Great Commission as like, okay, look I got to go get Heaven ready. So y'all do something to keep yourself busy until I can get you there. Jesus is not like I do with my kids sometimes right? Sometimes if I kids. I'm like, I'm on the phone. It's taking a little longer than I thought it would and I'm like, I don't know go play outside or something. That's not what's taking place here. Jesus is not like oh snap. I've got so much to do to get Heaven ready for these people. This is going to take me awhile. I better give him something to do so, I don't screw everything up anymore. I tell you what y'all Go Make Disciples go play outside while I go prepare a place for you. That is not what the New Testament says Jesus says here's the encouragement. While you're doing this very important thing this thing that has been the most important thing from before the foundation of the world until I return why you guys are busy about that. Don't worry about what happens next. I got it. You keep your eyes on the prize. You keep your eyes on the fact that this is what I've called you to do. Don't get distracted worrying about what heaven's going to be like. When I've told you what to do today. Jesus is not just giving his church busy work. This is the only reason Jesus established his church that the gospel would be proclaimed that the name of God would be great among the Nations that all the peoples of Earth will declare his glory the fact that you get Heaven is not the motivation for your Christian Life. The fact that Jesus has brought you in and invited you to be a part of something that he's been doing from the moment. He said let there be light. The fact that he's invited you to take part in his entire plan and purpose for creation transforms your life from a waiting game to get to heaven into the most essential thing in the universe that you would be declaring the glory of God Among the Nations. It changes things when we make minor what the scripture makes minor and when we make major with the scripture makes major now some of your like that's not how I do it at all. I don't view the Great Commission is something that just you know, it's just like kind of busy work optional while we wait for heaven. That's not how I think about it. No, Brandon. I just think it's what you're supposed to be doing right some of you and you would never voice this out loud. I'm sure. Some of you think that's just for the professional Christians. I want you guys to understand something. I am paid by the church. But I am not paid to be a professional Christian. I am paid by the church to study the word of God to proclaim the word of God to you guys. To equip you guys. To preach the gospel in every nation. That's what I'm here for now. I am not removed from this call to preach the gospel to the Nations just because you guys have asked me to equip you for that. But neither are you guys removed from it just because you can pay me. To talk about it on Sunday morning. There is no such thing as a professional Christian and an amateur Christian. There is no such thing as a clergy and a laity hear me say this every single Christian is a professional Christian whether they are paid or not. Every single Christian is responsible for the Gospel of Jesus Christ making it to all the nations.

Where do they stand in the Pulpit on Sunday or sit in the rose on Sunday? Every single Christian has been called Make Disciples of all Nations. So it's not something we just do while we're waiting for Jesus to come back and take us to heaven.

Not to go back to that not to beat a dead horse. Guys, Jesus literally spoke let there be light and there was light. He said let there be a great light and the sun was born. Everything that exists was literally just a word that Jesus spoke. Does he really need two thousand years to get Heaven ready for you? And your people like little man. Look if you could create in 7 Days having ready How Great Is Heaven going to be not the point.

He's giving you two thousand years because Church he's waiting for us to do what he at what he has to do. God is patient with you not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. He's patient with you Church. You're not just waiting because Jesus is blinking Out Heaven you're waiting because Jesus is waiting on you to do the thing. He said to do Matthew 24 says preach the gospel in every nation and then the end will come. I challenge some students this week since you want to see Jesus come back. You are a Cancer to be healed. You want death to be forgotten you want tears to be white from every guy cuz that's what that's what the Bible says happens when Jesus comes back. Death is done away with cancer is no more sense sickness tears all gone all the problems. We Face In This World Gone. Every like that sign me up for some of that. We'll go preach the gospel to Every Nation. And Jesus said she'll come back. If you're tired of War. Certainly. Don't start any new ones. But don't preach the gospel to Every Nation. If you want cancer to be cured work for its study at students some of our college teams were in a pray for them at the end of at the end of our service today cuz we got graduation coming up and I just you some of our students. I hope work for the cure to cancer. The church, you have the ultimate cure preach the gospel in every nation. Jesus comes back and he'll cure cancer. We work in this time right now. But we also say if we can do what we are called to do Jesus comes back. That's amazing. We don't leave it to the professionals. We don't just bide our time here waiting to go to heaven know we've been given the strong command preach the gospel. And search here's the biggest part of this for me. Now that's not true. Here's the thing that struck me the most this week as I was studying this passage. That's where our joy is. Our joy is in preaching the gospel in every nation. I don't want you to miss this we get so easily distracted. I'm one of these people. I love to read. Yes. I'm weird. I find a great deal of joy and going to the Bible and reading what other people have said and commentaries and stuff. I love this stuff. its secondary to preaching the gospel eliminations. I love The Fellowship of the church. We've got some small groups going on right now, and we had people meeting and homes throughout this Area Fellowship meals together.

Studying the Bible together. I love that secondary. Our joy is in the Great Commission and in seeing the gospel go to all of creation. The fact of the Resurrection gives us joy in reaching the nation's what I mean by that. What I mean is that if the scripture say Jesus is raised and we look back when we say Jesus was raised. Then we can look at it when it says and the gospel will be proclaimed beginning in Jerusalem to all the world repentance and forgiveness of sins will be declared to the nation's when we look at that. We have a certainty that's going to happen. Because scripture said it would happen. We know that's going to take place. We know that there will be a great multitude around the throne from every tribe and every tongue and every nation declaring Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. That's our joy. That's why the disciples as they go out to Bethany right as they go out there and Jesus is raised. They go back with joy why Jesus their Messiah the guy that followed around for three years just left. I don't think this is like, you know guys when the Mother-in-law leaves.

That's not what's going on here than. Glad Jesus left their glad he just gave them a purpose for their life. He just transformed everything about them. I hear people there like, you know, I'm going to go into such and such a field. Okay? Good question. I like to ask is and then what will then I'm going to get a job. I'm going to make a bunch of money. Okay, and then what? Well, if I make enough money, then I can retire and I can spend my days golfing or I can go to the beach or I can travel or I can go hunting whenever I want. Okay, great. And then what?

Every single desire that you have everything that you look at your life and you think I want to do that fails the end then what question? except for proclaiming the name of Jesus among the Nations every single thing that you say this is what my life is about will ultimately disappoint you Every single goal that you set for yourself if it is not I want to obey Jesus is going to ultimately disappoints you. You can only hit so many golf balls. Before it gets tedious in my case. It's about 1.

You can only go camping so many times.

I cannot count how many people look forward to retirement and say that's when I'll have made it now. Now and then what and then what and then you die and what was your life worth? for the Christian we say

and then I get to be with my Lord and my savior. And then I get to see the Fulfillment of the work that he said would get done and then I get to rejoice in the day that cancer is no more and then I get to be a part of something fits pan from the beginning of time until time never ends. Hey Jen, I have all of eternity stretching out in front of me where I get to share the stories of God's faithfulness as I was obedient to the Great Commission. And then what question never fails for the Christian? And then I retire and instead of giving my life to selfish Pursuits. I move overseas and I share the gospel instead of trying to keep my kids clustered around me. I release them and say go preach the gospel in every nation and then I died and then and then and then in a never-ending series of and then worshipping God for the work that he's done celebrating the fact that he is redeemed the mess that we made of this world. Church, this is our joy. And if we take our eyes off of this commission go and preach the gospel in every nation. We lose our joy. If our joy becomes about having a church that matches our traditions. What happens when the next Generation comes along and they want to do things differently? well there when our joy what happens if our joy isn't having the same Rhythm every week and a catastrophe strikes and we're no longer comfortable. If that's our Joy gets gone a fixing your joy to anything in this world anything in this life any goal that you might have will disappoint you but if you fix your joy to God's certain promise, this gospel will be proclaimed in every nation. You will never run out of Joy ever. So Church my question to ask this morning is in the light of what Jesus says in light of the fact that the scripture not only says Jesus rises and therefore we will rise as well. But also says that the gospel will be claimed in every nation and we are invited into that. How do we respond as a church? Well, the first thing that I would say to you is that we respond as a church by getting serious about sharing the gospel with people by getting serious about proclaiming repentance in the Forgiveness of sins. And so many of us we just have kind of gotten used to things we have something called shot blindness. I managed to a couple tire stores and it was amazing to me how when my boss would come into my regional manager would come in and be like dude. What is this mess over here in this corner? And I literally see it for like the first time I just got blind to it. Right I walked by the mess so much that I got blind to it, but somebody knew could see it. Well, if your new this morning as you walked in, you might have seen something that people here if forgotten you might have seen as you if you came in through the front door, as you may have seen a board off to the right that says pray share disciple and a bunch of White cards hanging on there. You know what that's about. Church, do you remember what's that about what that's about? I challenged us to write a name on a card and a hanging up. This is somebody I'm praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with and if God gave that opportunity and I share the gospel with them out move that card over and clip it under the share. And if God gave that person a responsive Faith to the gospel, I would begin discipling them and we would move that card over fresh air disciple. Church don't forget about that. Don't forget about your name that you put up there. And if you haven't put a name down there, there's somebody that you're like I am a Christ follower, but this person is not put that name up there start praying for them. Nobody's checking those names just so you know, like I'm not going through there and and judging who's up there. This is for you. The people of God to take seriously the commission of God pray share disciple. Another thing that we want to do is a church as we want to be engaged in church planting. We want to be at church that these new churches started see this is where the business model of church kind of breaks down because in a business what you want is you want market share right? And if you want to make sure that people aren't choosing the alternative to your business if your Coke you don't want people buying Pepsi. That's not how the church works. If I'm the pastor of Red Hills what I want is not everybody in Iron County going to Red Hills. What I want is everyone in Iron County following Christ. That ain't going to happen in this room. That ain't going to happen downstairs that ain't going to happen if we transform this whole lot into a building. We just can't do it this weekend. I can't do it. I can barely keep up with you guys. But what I do want to see happen is I want to see churches started where there aren't any there's not a church in New Harmony. There's not a church in Enterprise, right? There's not a church in Springdale. Church, that's our job. To change that reality. To see disciples made in church has planted that's part of our thing that waves that we connect with this. Okay, and actually what I'm going to ask you guys to do is out of this morning. Here's what I want. Choo Red Hills to start praying. Where when how? God where do you want us to plant a church? When do you want us to plan a church Lord? How do you want us to plant that church and then in a couple weeks, I want you to come to a meeting. If you have been praying those prayers and you are invested in that and you've been asking the Lord for direction. I'm going to gather us together and we're going to talk about it on Monday the 13th at 6:30 p.m. I want you to come after praying for 2 weeks God where when and how would you have us plan to church? If I don't think that I think we're doing not the final thing not the only thing but for the sake of time the last thing I'll talk about is missions. You guys have been giving to Annie Armstrong. We also give to Lottie moon right in Christmas week and elati Mundos dollars go overseas to International missions, and he said we have to ner front of those goes to North American Mission. That's that's fantastic and I'm grateful for your faithfulness to give to those Southern Baptist offering but more than that beyond that we're also going to church and we have teams that go to Kenya. We have a team coming up in a couple months is going to be going to Mexico Lord willing October November issue. We're not sure will be sending a team down to Ecuador. Right we go on missions we pray for Missions. This Wednesday night is the first Wednesday of the month. Yes may believe it or not. This Wednesday night will be gathering at 6:30 to pray. I'd invite you to come and be a part of that cuz part of our prayer is we pray for the gospel to go to the nation's for God to send laborers out into the Harvest to mark your calendars this Wednesday at 6:30. Let's gather and let's pray for that. You can pray for this on your own Joshua if your note taker or if you got a cell phone write this down Joshua Project. Net Joshua Project takes the unreached unengaged people groups of this world and they put together an email and you get an email every day with a people group. Amongst Whom The Gospel is not being preached that you can pray for.

Doesn't get much easier than that. so pray But that gets us into this question not just of how do we respond as a church? How do we respond as a group of Jesus followers? But my question now is how do you respond?

You individual you it's kind of easy to put it off on the church. Like all the churches got this covered. I don't have to worry about it. Well, here's the first thing if you've been sitting here this morning and you are not a Jesus follower. If you've been sitting here this morning and I'm talking about the resurrection and you're like the what? I don't believe any of that. Here's what I have to say to you you are missing out.

You are missing out on an invitation to be a part of something that gives your life purpose and meaning you are missing out on something that enables you to be a part of what God is doing in this world from the beginning of creation until time. never ends you're missing out and your life. If you are not following Christ, your life's purpose will ultimately prove meaningless. It fails the end then what question so if you are not a Christ follower this morning my challenge to you is don't miss out. Start taking seriously the claims of Christ start examining what he says honestly seek out truth. And you'll find Christ. Any of the pastors of this church will be glad to talk with you. And our numbers are on the back of your Bulletin. but if you are a Christ follower How do you respond there's two possible ways if you are a Christ follower, but you have no burden. To engage the lost. You have no desire to change your routine to share the gospel. If you're a Christ follower and you're just sitting around saying I'm ready for heaven.

Can I eat very humbly? askew this question. Are you a Christ follower?

Because there's a big difference between saying I want to follow Jesus who was literally willing to die so that the gospel would come about

and then saying and yet I'm not willing to alter my routine 1iota to see the gospel go out. Christ follower means following Christ

Christ was all about the gospel Christ was all about taking the gospel to the Nations that allows his whole purpose in life. And if there's no room in your life for that purpose, you just need to ask him. I really following Christ. But here's the thing when I say that some of you were feeling guilty. Like oh man, I don't want it enough. Here's the thing. Gospel is not about you work to earn God's love. So when I'm saying that your life is transformed in Christ follow if you're following Christ, you want to take the gospel to the Nations and you don't have that desire in you right now. Don't hear me saying or I just got to kind of work and try to get that desire up. Not hear me saying this the grace that you've been given sets you free. And you don't have to worry about whether you wanted enough. Jesus said Faith the size of a mustard seed is enough. And so here's the thing if you're a Christ follower and you're like, oh man, I don't know if I really want to change my life. But if there's that little part of you that does that's enough Jesus can work with that. You don't you don't get more saved by sharing the gospel. You don't get more loved by giving your life to the cause of Christ. You can't get more love than Jesus dying for you. But when you see that love you can respond in faith and responding obedience some of you though you're sitting here. Like I want to share the gospel, but I just don't know how I don't feel comfortable with that. I don't know. I didn't nobody ever taught me how to do that. Great. Now you're talkin. Because we would be glad to equip you. Shoot me an e-mail. Shoot me a text. What are the other pastors? Shoot them a text call him. They look I really want to be a part of God's purpose for all creation. I really want my life to have meaning and purpose Beyond just hitting a few golf balls. I really want to engage in sharing the gospel. I want to engage in taking the gospel the nation's I don't know where to start fantastic. Let's talk about that. Let's figure it out together, but respond. Jesus's disciples respond Jesus disciples hear him say the scripture says two things. I was going to die and rise again that happened next thing two gospels. Maybe be proclaimed in all creation. Fantastic. Let's worship God for that church. That's my call this morning.

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