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What’s the bottom line?
What’s the bottom line, what is the goal, what do do you want the end result to be?
In Christianity, just as there is in the world, a bottom line.
Tonight we are looking at some things to consider regarding the bottom line, about making a profit, so to speak.
In this world, and in Christianity having a return, a good return, on your investment takes time, energy, commitment, perseverance with some trials along the way.
But the profit in the world and Christianity are different.
(insert Return on Investment picture)
In the world and in Christianity both want a return on investment
Business world return of money invested; in Christianity hope fulfilled
Business world takes time energy; Christianity takes time and energy
Business world takes faith (subjective); Christianity takes faith (objective)
Business world often times has some problems along the way; Christianity is assured there will be.
Business there is no assurance of bottom line profit; in Christianity we can have assurance
Tonight we are going to look at a few things
The profit of considering it a joy
The profit of testing your faith
The profit of being made perfect and lacking nothing
Evaluating, testing your investment
Profit of considering it a joy (Jm1:2)
In a time of dispersion; a time of persecution it was a time of tribulation and trials, and we can learn in the midst we are to consider it all joy.
This is a great proverb for today just as it was to the recipients of the Epistle.
As usual we need to keep things in context so I wanted to give all the verses, then go back and look at them together.
No one likes trials, but the passage says consider them all joy
No one likes to think they are coming, but the passage says when
No one likes the unknown, but the passage says various trials
Trials in positive sense for testing; in the negative sense for temptation.
Trials defined
Trials: word peirasmos in the Greek meaning “an external adversity which provides a testing towards an end” Other scriptures to reference (Mt6:13; Heb3:7-9; 1Cor10:13)
peirasmos: an experiment, a trial, temptation
Original Word: πειρασμός, οῦ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: peirasmos
Phonetic Spelling: (pi-ras-mos')
Definition: an experiment, a trial, temptation
Usage: (a) trial, probation, testing, being tried, (b) temptation, (c) calamity, affliction.
No one likes trials; these Christians were in the midst of them, many were losing their home because of their faith, many were being persecuted because of their faith.
Nero was the ruler in Rome and was even burning Christians at the stake, using them as torches in his garden.
Many were running to avoid persecution, even death.
Our passage says consider it “pure joy”
So, joy, joy a profit?
not only does it say joy, it says pure joy, that means all joy, every joy, whole joy, throughly joyful.
Joy is not limited to circumstances it is found in the Truth.
I want to go back to trails for just a minute and give a few scriptures to look at
Trials/Temptations as you just read go hand in hand, so look at
Another good example we can look at where the same word is used in testing.
Now one more, may we remember what Paul had to say.
(expand on that for 1-2 minutes)
Well maybe one more word form this verse we should look at “various”
Various in Greek is “Poikilos” and the definition is “many or several kinds of trials” here are some various kinds
Cause and effect: - these are the ones we bring on ourselves(Gal6:7)
Spiritual trials (1Pt4:12-16)
Spiritual mystery trials - things we can’t explain
Such things as cancer, death of child, etc.
Biblical example, Job
No matter the trial, no matter the temptation, no matter the testing the answer to the trial, temptation or testing is Jesus.
We need to rely, trust,lean on Him in pure joy!
The profit of testing your faith (Jm1:3)
Just as no one likes disciple at the time (Heb12:11) it is beneficial, so is your faith being tested and tried.
For it produces endurance, patience and perseverance (Jm1:3)
and then in our passage, joyful for we know the results.
God does not create evil, but will use it for good (Gen50:20; Rom8:28)
Look at God using what man meant for evil for good, now that is a faith testing, faith trying, faith building thing
For then we can know
(expand on this; insert personal story of faith being tested, tried, grown)
Faith has it’s source to help it grow (Rom10:17; Heb11:6)
Faiths source
and add to that
Faith gives us victory over the world (1Jn5:4; 1Pt1:7)
Our faith that is imperishable
Faith that is tried, tested is proven (Rom5:1-5)
Faith takes endurance, it takes perseverance and it takes resolve, bringing to the next point
The profit of being made perfect and lacking nothing
The end result for a company is the bottom line profit, for the Christian there is a profit too.
Perseverance end result lack nothing, means, maturity
God will take the trials, tests and give a perfect result
Perfect result, be perfect (Mt5:48); Greek word teleios
Jesus uses the call to be perfect, the same word teleios
(carefully explain, expand on this, our perfection is only in Christ and Christ in us)
Press on towards that goal (Php3:12-14; Eph4:13)
What is the goal? a mature man who brings unity of faith, that has been tested, tried and proven
Evaluating, testing your investment
There are ways we can check the status of our investment to make sure it is growing and it will have a godly profit for not just now, but for eternity.
Here is a self examination to consider.
Are you slave to righteousness (Rom6:17-19)?
Are you seeking the things above (Col3:1-5)?
Are you walking and being of good courage (2Cor5:6-10)?
Are you casting your cares on Him (1Pt5:7)?
Are you being transformed (Rom12:1-2) and conformed (Rom8:29)?
If your faith evident (1Tim4:12)?
Are you salt and light (Mt5:13-14)?
May the end result be
That you are complete in Him (Col2:10)
Sharing him so others maybe complete too (Col1:28()
(encouragement slide 1- complete in Him) encouragement (Encouragement slide -2) prayer (exit slide)
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