Adult Electives: BFC Aritcles of Faith, Article 1

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That's how quickly we going to start. Okay.

the foundation

because all your base are based on the holy scriptures. Where we going? I tried to hand out a booklet in that booklet if you'll notice.

White Pages


switch with with Marcus

We wanted to be focused and struggling also.

I will acknowledge.

That's all right. We will see what this at the interactive because we believe that Orso by Doreen forces

We Believe wholeheartedly that these articles of Faith scripture you're always credible as they were scripture where they explain scripture That's what you wanted to hear.

This is the latest 2018 version.

And when they do that they bring.

Fiesta person Proposal is correct then I'll bring back the next year.

Take as much as five years to do it.

Nobody had singing this way all the time.

If you study that the group put out or just phenomenal.

Did I get that right though?

Notice that we have at least five or Elders teaching the class.

when I said that these articles

the article it will give that out on that Sunday. I've already put mine in there if you go to the first article.

obviously when you talk about the Holy scriptures

in about 40 minutes 50 minutes, so

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this class on your arm. Stay the same to you that you have inspired men of God to write your word your word.

doctrines of the scripture and their doctors where the Arts

Okay, so I want to give up like a little background would help I have my glasses on right side up. That's starting off. Good. Okay, so why articles of faith?


Celtic bear

Anybody else?

the idea how many never heard of catechisms confessions and creeds

Applying what we believe but you know we all have the word of God.

You should be able to do that the part of throat or what is God so fly.

What the scripture so over the years these are very important doctrines are declarations our documents that I didn't understand the word of God and a great away each one of these I'm not going to read it for Batum. But here it is a catechism is Emmanuel Christian doctrine drawn from a form of questions. You think of when you think about when you think of a catechism?

What are the first question?

God made you write. So these are questions and answers that were to help people understand a question and you get the answer they were in the original in the old they were their children.

What? documents

some of the examples of these or the Puritan catechism the Heidelberg Catechism larger and shorter Westminster catechism.

These catechism In 1855. In the Heidelberg one course Germany Westminster catechism and in primarily in the Protestant, but the Presbyterian denomination. So what's a confession if a if a is a way of explaining the. Answer what is a confession? What confession is just like a catechism except instead of?

Topic telling you about what the scripture teaches and some of these were particularly used at certain times or anything. You know, just what they considered to be the most important scriptures London Baptist confession ever heard that it's a great the Great. document excellent. It was it was done in the 1616. Whatever. course the Westminster Confession really great great document


topic. How about this? How about breeds? Creed's are summaries of certain articles turn principal articles of faith. if there is a situation where we don't

you can tell me some of the famous.

Why was that so important?

Call Jesus.

He had dual nature God mad for the Nicene Creed articulated that eventually also the Nicene Creed.

Very very important Creed's were used in liturgical means they were also used when a person was to get baptized. What was that? They believe about Jesus Christ about about salvation about what God did about the Holy Spirit. These were important in a course definition of child came known as Nicene Creed.

Goes back to about the first century really believes our trees. We have confessions catechisms and Creed. Are they important?


what was the meaning? What was the original meaning?

over and over and over never never adopt the richness of the scriptures don't rely on these things only but they are a means by which we can learn the truth of God's word Christian faith is based on God reveal truth We don't Christian faith didn't just happen with somebody came up with some ideas.

Isabella from God's revealed truth. That's where we get. What we believe is from the word of God. So when we talked about our own statement of faith the Article of Faith it both declares and explains the Christian belief. That's what we want to do. Want to take East? I'm going to explain that to you. Hopefully when you go away from this class, you will know what we believe and hopefully you will know what you believe according to the word of God. Of course, we get this from 2nd Timothy, 3:16. All scripture is breathed out breathe out.

read out by God and it is profitable for what for teaching teaching for Approved telling someone that there is Need for repentance for correction. course correction directions to go here and for training in righteousness how we become like God how we become what God makes us and wants us to be the scripture is breathed out by God that the man of God may be what smart

Know that we would be complete the word. Is there a mature together learning to be all that God wants to be equipped for every good work. And of course Hebrews 4:12 says this will the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing to the division stolen spirit in joints and Marrow and destroying the thoughts and intents of the heart.


let them dead book that was written years ago. That should sit on a shelf. We both dust off at every once in awhile. It's a living active word. So when we talk about the article face articles of faith, and you don't know unless you've read all these yet, but would you consider them a catechism a confession or Creed?

any idea Okay.

So I would call him a confessional Creed between the last two.

They'll confessional Creed used for it explains our faith. That is what we believe in the things that we don't believe it's important based upon what? The Bible based upon the Bible confession of Faith as a church round, declared police. You know me about denominations.

Who is a child of God we worship together we served.

Ripper on certain things turn doctor issues we had

It's important that we understand that these doctrines and when we come together, we can do ministry Ministry philosophy.

important What do we do? How do we carry out what God has told us to do. What else does it do? What unites us together at the denomination is we usually support missionary's acquire passes to working together at various levels.

Submissions or you're trying to be a pastor? So what do you believe? What school did you go to? Why is that important? anybody into We need to know what they believe who would believe what we believe and we're not saying we're better than everyone else. It just helps us to be unified in our philosophy Ministry philosophy and it also serves as an excellent discipleship to why would like to think that what we're doing here on this summer is going to help with discipleship. It was only supposed to take 10 minutes, but it obviously

I'm going to trust that there's some supplemental material I put in your binder.

Too much. Okay, so I know you are all intelligent beings. I know there was a time that you like to sit down and just read maybe you can't fall asleep at night and he's something to help you sleep. So, okay. Let's talk about the Holy scriptures. This is the actual article. And this is what it says the holy scriptures both Old and New Testaments are the inspired infallible word of God a divine revelation original writings of which we were inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are the Supreme and final authority of faith in condo inspiration is a special Act of the Holy Spirit by which he guided the writers of scripture. So that their words would convey the thought you wished they'd would bear a proper relationship to the thought of the other inspired books very important statement and would be free from error of fact and Judgment of these things and still went through this to we had to memorize these things for our coordination.

But you know and then finally 1-3 the holy scriptures the written word of God composed of all the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament named Lee and not to insult your intelligence. But these are 39 books of the Old Testament starting with Genesis going to Malachi and then the 27 books of the New Testament starting with Matthew going to the Book of Revelation. So is it a good place to start?

So what about the apocryphal books remind know what the Apocrypha books are? They are the 14 or so books that were written during the 400.

if you are

what about them? Why don't we use them in our Bible? Well, here are some of the apocryphal facts that have to deal with that the apocryphal and Apocrypha was rejected by Jesus and the apostles. What do I mean by that?

Remember what he says about that? Let me see if I can get my thing here, too.


for some reason my

my notes aren't coming in fuel clear. Jesus never

Genesis and ending with

In one place in their foot in between Genesis and cry the book.

In fact with all the the antagonism between an end.

The apocryphal books were not inspired.

There is good reason why we don't accept the apocryphal books. They were rejected by the Jewish Community as well.

Being fired certainly a success of the Old Testament. As we would know it today every book of the Old Testament. Thoroughly, they were rejected now that just might seem funny to you.

1515 sixty-something where the cat

who came to believe that it was in retaliation against what? the Reformation

even the Roman Catholics and accepted books as until the 15 to the Council of Trent. They are loaded with false teaching. In the book of artists they talk about using Magic. Also in the book of artist it talk about being saved from getting a bomb. in the book of 1st Maccabees, it talks about praying and seeing how much like the

yeah what he said. End up here with mangoes black straight. They were not prophetic. What do we mean by that? is that there was nothing in them that said

so that's why we don't exclude the pocket. So that's a real quick. If you want to get into it. It's one of the supplemental readings that you'll finally.

What the Apocrypha is all about? with that in mind

how was the Canon determined wirtanen mean

How was the Canon? Determined there were five rules that were used. First one is this.

And it said yes yet authoritative another word.

Include. Stay at the lure.

Read me the book do they declare that they are from God? Or they prophetic words. Were they written by a man of God?

What breeds were they involved in The Writing Center people who had Direct Revelation from God in the nude? written by or with

Luke was written

probably the Apostle Paul was able to declare firsthand what the Apostle Paul was saying any words. We know the scripture was God had a revelation.

Mark disabled Information from Peter this is very important.

Or was that person in close proximity with an authorized person like an apostle?

thirdly Is it authentic? Consistent with other Revelation remember how we said in that article of faith?

What are the what are the principles of look elsewhere in Scripture?

Unified as one whole does it teach the doctrines in in a unified fashion.

Okay number for is it Dynamic demonstrating God's life changing power at scripture in Hebrews. 4:12 word of God is sharper when they fighted bowling Spirit Discerning that look is life-changing. so when people took and they obeyed it it transform their life because we're looking at the word of God as Dean supernatural being from God and then 4/5 no words wasn't recognized by other believers the word of God. These are the five test.

Thank you. So I want to make sure that you understand. There is nobody. There is no church.

What did they do?

The word of God destroys the ones eclair them to have authority.

By the way by the 3rd Century Bible as we know it now. 66 books of the Old Testament 27

last book to be recognized with books like Hebrews since we said that

as being an eyewitness the things that you

The other one was the book of James. Why was the book of James the problem?

Talk about being offended. My work's is the result of my faith and there was no more problem. Or any questions on this is hard stuff yet.

phenomenal important process All right.

Steve the way that the scriptures cuz we don't have the original lighting.

inspired the writers of the original autograph We don't have the original autograph. So what did we use to determine this Blood?

Well, there's a fire. Call Diaz Bentley or graphical method.

You said you take Daniel strips?

Homer's Iliad

today and

what was the original? How close was the oldest manuscripts you have to be original right after? Send it to you. It would be authentic. The answer your questions with big long answer key. Use that when they compare the cloud. Why did the Charmin which ones were at?

however, I want you to I'm getting way ahead of myself, but that's okay. I'll never get to be slides anyway.

We have one because in the thousands of men look at your chart if I can find us hear there's a chart in there. in your page

If I can put it up find it on here, okay. I want you to see this chart.

They are truly a real accurate and will be used with this. A graphical method which they are written.

and you go down Homer I mean

Closest thing we have it is abuse is is these manuscripts are being compared?

Is 1300 years of gas between the times you wrote it?

the scriptures

what's the sound of a painted 298 ad? Which is right here between 50 and 100.


we can't even

with the rest of the world what the world holds that

Then our work now there's errors in the word of God.

Indy what original autograph So what time is synthetic hoppiest work? How do I know?

Word of God, some people say there's thousands of errors in Scripture.

in the document

When it comes down to the doctors that we espouse that we hold you there is not one discrepancy in orbit 62 South.

You want to talk about that quickly?

holy spirit scripture But I also believe. Word. What does he do he preserved? So we have a preserve worth.

bumpers number there at all, and it says I don't know what number to put in there because

40 mm or 40 thousand or whatever the Fate that one that we hold dear that our life and death is if it's important there is never any discrepancy ever. The word of God the Bible that we have is a supernatural book, even with all the years. The periods of time that copy is had to copy word for word. Copy. God was involved in helping them do that so that we have the guy. All right. I knew I wouldn't come anywhere near Calvin all this stuff, but I do want to talk about inspiration real quick here. And I know okay. So what is inspiration? I want to give you two verses of scripture first one is Hebrews 1:1. It says long ago at many times. And in many ways God spoke to our fathers by the proper course it goes on to say and in these last days.

You got spunk. But also God spoke that unusual way to look at this is kind of an isolated.

He prophesied with the prophets the people said to one another what has come over. The son of Kish is Saul also among the prophets another. Where's the Holy Spirit came upon Saul and he communicated. We communicated. So how do we Define the word inspiration inspiration is the process used by God to speak? Shuffle my God speaking inspiration is God in heaven the great creator of all things speaking. How does he do that? How does he? How does he use inspiration to speak?

You're not going to find this definition any. because

Okay, so really I'm taking this from scriptures well by need. How did God

used inspiration by means of an agent

through whom he communicates Divine truth made understandable to the intended receiver.

word for people

In order to speak through and to communicate in such a way that the here is the intended.

Truly inspired God is speaking and he's using agents to communicate his word.

We know in the Old Testament speaks verbally sometime to Abraham Isaac Jacob. However, a majority of the time God used engine. How did the assure this process is very important scripture in 2nd Peter 1 20 and 21. Listen to this carefully knowing this first of all that no prophecy of scripture comes from someone's own interpretation for no prophecy has ever Purdue was ever produced by the will of man, but men from God as they were what carried along by the Holy Spirit

pharaoh present participle voice What he's really saying here, is that the Holy Spirit did this he moved along movies and they were being sustained they were being supported. They were being propelled and driven to communicate the word of God. So God, not only expiration is not.

Bob Moore here and just dictating the words because that's their writers style level of Education. They were being thorough being continually being the right as God wanted them to write the who is doing.

It was the Holy Spirit is doing the caring.

We would be recalled it as being the very word of job rate power in it. Alright, I'm going to skip ahead to win because of that. It's the infallible word of God. That's a part of it went out. I already talked about that already talked about that. Okay, let's go to this. I am I like the way the article puts it. I've already explained to you about inspiration. I think the Article of Faith really defines the concept of inspiration and its purpose inspiration to special Act of the Holy Spirit. That's 1-2. And here's what it says by which he guided boar them along. The writers of scripture so that their words would convey the thoughts he wished to convey with speaking.

Use these agents to convey the very word that he wanted. He was conveyed that they wouldn't pay her a proper relationship to the thoughts of the other inspired. You talked about being authentic. They were the word of God as a word that they wrote and they were inspired by God the book that they wrote unified. They had a proper relationship with the other inspired books and would be kept accordingly because of that free from error affect Doctrine. and judgment important statement, isn't it?

Drew Asian right to give us an understanding and judgment the word of God.

The ideas of a Doctrine affect the things that God wants to know the judgments the righteousness. There's things that are so the most important in life. It gives us the principles in which the principles by which we make those decisions about us those principles to leave you with this verse. Extremely important do not think that I have come to abolish the law to prop for truly. I say to you until Heaven and Earth pass away. Not an Iota. Will pass them along to it is

the word of God

it is a word of God everything that we talked about the rest of the summer. This would be taken out of the word of God. the importance of inspiration

criticism all I can separate things in them.

If you want any.

Also, we are escaping this I'm supposed to be near my microphone all the time. You might dear stuff. That's you know, anybody else. Really want to add quick case next week to talk about.

Alright, thank you so much for your word that you were fired.

You help them to write exactly what you wanted us to like and then you preserve your words so that we have your very words.

What you are?

word I pray that you would take.

Thanks, man.

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