Give Me This Mountain!

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Joshua 14:6-14


The Christian life is one of peaks and valleys. In order for us to experience peaks of life, we oftentimes must learn to go through life's valleys (e.g., low on cash, deferred dreams, and disappointments). Though we all go through these valleys, we don't have to stay there. We must remember that we are just passing through to get to the mountain on the other side. If you are here today, and perhaps stuck in the valley, rejoice because you are due for a mountain-top experience; it is on your horizon.

Main Point of the Message:

If you follow God, He can lead you to incredible mountain-top experiences. (Exodus 14:14-15; Psalm 46:1).

Background and Biblical Context:

The nation of Israel left Egypt on their way toward Canaan, the Promised Land. God led them through 40 years of wilderness wanderings. Our text focuses on the land that God promised to the children of Israel.

Each tribe received a portion of Canaan for an inheritance for themselves and their future generations. Caleb wanted the land known as Mount Hebron, a land that was populated by the Anakim (giants), for his inheritance (Joshua 14:12).

Key Question:

How can we experience our God-given dreams?


    1. You Will Need God’s Favor (Numbers 13:27-31; Joshua 14:7-9).
        • The favor of God is oftentimes the difference between success and failure. I want to know that God is on my side. Israel had God's favor. No matter how often they disobeyed God, God still was determined to bless them.
        • In our text, Joshua is dividing up the land of Canaan to the tribes of Israel. When he finishes, Caleb comes Joshua to ask for his portion of the land - only Caleb's request is not a portion of flat land, rather it is a mountain. On top of the mountain lies the walled city of Hebron and there are giants in the land.
        • When you have God's favor, you can do some extraordinary things. Look at Caleb - he is a Kenizzite who was chosen by Moses to go, along with Joshua and others, to “spy out the land” of Canaan (Num. 13:6; 32:12). Notice how he displays great courage to go after what God had promised him.
        • Caleb tells Joshua that the Lord was faithful to Israel for over 40 years. Caleb was one of those whom Moses sent to search the land in the second year after the Exodus. He was one of the family chiefs of the tribe of Judah. He and Joshua the son of Nun were the only two of the whole number who encouraged the people to go up and possess the land. Caleb asks Joshua like he had asked Moses, to "Give me my mountain because we are well able to possess it."

    2. You Will Need to Fight for It (Joshua 14:11).
        • Caleb was a fighter. He was as strong now as he was when Moses sent him out to spy out the land. If you want to experience mountain-top living, you are going to have to fight for it.
        • Like David fought against a lion and a bear before he fought Goliath, we too must learn to fight. but the weapons of our warfare are a little different than conventional warfare.
        • The Bible says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4). What are you up against? What person or thing is keeping you from reaching your mountain-top experience?

    3. You Will Need Faith in God (Joshua 14:12-14).
        • Caleb says, "Don't let my age fool you. The Lord is with me!" Give me this mountian so that I can have an inheritance for my people.
        • The text says that Joshua gave Caleb his blessing. Caleb took the mountain and it became an inheritance for his generations.
        • Other mountain-top experiences: Noah - Mt. Ararat; Abraham - Mt. Moriah; Jesus - Mt. Calvary; Jesus will return on a mount - Mount Olivet.
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