Land of Opportunity

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A man named Walter once invited his friend Arthur to go for a ride through some undeveloped land in southern California.  They drove through some groves of trees and past some ramshackle buildings before they arrived at what looked to Arthur like barren wasteland.  Walter began telling his friend about the exciting plans he had for this uninviting parcel of land.  Walter’s express purpose of the drive was to give Arthur the opportunity to become an investor in his dream.

Walter had enough money for his main project, but he wanted to ensure that the land surrounding his venture would be bought up at the same time.  He felt sure that within five years the whole area would be filled with hotels, restaurants, and convention centers to serve the people who came to visit his development.  Arthur was not impressed, and declined the opportunity.

And so Art Linkletter turned down the opportunity to buy up all the land that now surrounds Disneyland, the dream-turned-reality of his friend Walt Disney…

David Jeremiah, Signs of Life, p. 149

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