Avoiding Church Staff Turnover


 People don’t walk away from a job; they walk away from a manager. The best way to build loyalty is by making an effort to know people at a personal level. Find common interests and build bridges into their world. Understand what makes them tick. Reward their successes. Appreciate each person in a way that recognizes and validates his or her unique personality. People will be drawn to the values espoused by your organization, and they will stick by your side because they share those values. Be clear about organizational values from the hiring process onward. It’s not enough to profess these values; you must consistently walk in step with them. Allow the values to be scrutinized, and give people permission to hold you accountable to them. Explain any behavior which appears not to align with these values, confront behavior that runs contradictory to values, and seek forgiveness when you fail to uphold them. Like it or not, “What’s in it for me?” is the refrain at the forefront of the minds of those you lead. To win loyalty, cast a vision for the future so that each person sees how team participation will benefit them. Be intentional about uncovering each person’s strengths, and, as much as possible, position them where their job duties match their desires. Train, mentor, and stretch every person under your leadership. People respond with loyalty to those who invest in them. Familiarity breeds trust!

Adapted from Leadership Wired Vol. 11, Issue 48

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