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            Joel Balin, a music producer and worship leader, told me of a conversation he had with a young man who was living with his girlfriend.  The boyfriend couldn’t understand why she wanted to get married until Joel pointed out that he expected everything from her – her full loyalty, her constant presence, her intimacy – but was not willing to fully give himself in return.  Joel drives home the crucial point:

            When we don’t trust the Lord fully, when we allow our commitment to stray, we become halfhearted.  We want the blessings of God and want his presence and his intimacy, but are not willing to give ourselves fully in return.  God says he will return to claim his church...but God is not coming back for a girlfriend.  He is coming back for His bride.

In Whom is Our Trust?  Y2K, The Millennium Bug, Shaunti Christine Feldhahn, page 142

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