Daniel 7 - "Is Anyone Really in Control? YES! God Is!"

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Daniel 7 - "Is Anyone Really in Control? YES! God Is!"  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  43:30
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All right. Is Leah said earlier? We are in Daniel chapter 7. Would love for you to go ahead and turn to that'll also be up on the screen.

This is I kind of have Sheridan and small group a little bit this morning. I said it's trying to make sure that everything's in the right spot in my head when we were doing Daniel chapter 6 and small-group. I've prepped and ready to sermon for Daniel chapter 7. I've already started on the one for next week and Daniel chapter 8 I got to try to make sure I'm all in the right spot so that I'm not jumping around to and fro here. So hopefully we'll we'll be there we are.

I have a little bit of discussion here about genres of writing in scripture because this is what happened to genre is type of writing and it shifts a little bit Daniel Daniel chapter 1 through 6 is kind of history and storytelling right and then Daniel chapter 7. It's now prophecy. It is prophetic writing and it's a little bit different tones a little bit different structure and how it's written and so it changes a little bit about what's happening in Daniel chapter 7 what's go ahead and jump into the scripture. Starting with the first one in the first year of belshazzar King of Babylon Daniel saw a dream and visions of his head as he lay in his bed. Then you wrote down the dream and told the sum of the matter. Daniel declared I saw in my vision by night and behold Four Winds of Heaven were stirring up the great sea and for great Beast came out of the sea different from one another. The first was like a lion and had Eagles Wings Venice. I looked at swings were plucked off and it was lifted up from the ground and made to stand on two feet like a man and the mind of a man was given to it and another Beast a second one like a bear. It was raised up on one side and it had three ribs in its mouth.

Between its teeth and it was told arise devour much flesh. After this, I looked and behold another like a leopard with four wings of a bird on its back and the Beast had four heads and Dominion was given it given to Ed and after this I saw in the night visions the hold a fourth Beast terrifying and Dreadful an exceedingly strong. It had a great iron tea that devoured and broke into pieces and stamp what was left with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it and it had 10 horns may consider the horns and behold there came up among them another p*** little one. Before which three of these the first ones were plucked up by the roots and behold in the horn rise, like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things. As I looked bronze replaced in the Ancient of Days took his seat is clothing was white as snow and the hair on his head was like pure wool is thrown was fiery Flames its wheel like a burnt is Wheels were burning fire a stream of fire issued and came out from before him a thousand thousands served him and 10000 x 10,000. So before him the courts at judgment and the books were opened. I look thin because of the sound of the great words that the horn was speaking and I looked the Beast was killed its body destroyed and given over to be burned with fire. As for the rest of the beasts or Dominion was taken away but their lives or prolong for a season and a Time.

I saw on the night visions and behold with the Clouds Of Heaven There came one like the son like a son of man and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him and his name was given dominion and glory and a kingdom that all peoples Nations and languages should serve him. His Dominion is an everlasting Dominion which shall not pass away. And his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed. As for me Daniel my spirit within me was anxious and the visions of my head alarm me when I approached one of those who stood there and asked him the truth concerning all this so he told me and made known to me the interpretations of the things these four great beasts are Four Kings. You shall arise out of the Earth. But the Saints of the most high shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever and ever and ever.

That I desire to know the truth about the fourth Beast which was different from all the rest exceedingly terrifying with its teeth of iron and Claws of bronze which devoured of broken pieces and stamp what was left with its fee and about the ten horns there on its head and the other one that came up before up before which three of them fell and the horn had eyes and a mouth and spoke great things that seem to greater than its companions. I looked this horn made war with the Saints and prevailed over them until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was given for the Saints of the most high. And time came when the saints possess the kingdom unless he said ask for the fourth Beast. There should be a fourth Kingdom on Earth, but she'll be different from all the other all the kingdoms and it will devour the whole earth and trampled it down and break it to pieces. As for the 10 horns out of this Kingdom 10 King shall arise and another shall arise after them and he shall be different from the former ones. You should put down three kings you show speak words against the most high you should wear out the Saints the most high of the most high and Shop think to change the times and law and they shall be given into his hand over time times and half a Time. But the court shall sit in judgment and his Dominion shall be taken away and to be consumed and destroyed to the end and the kingdom and the Dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole Heaven shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most high. His kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom and all Dominion Shall Serve and Obey him. Here's the end of the matter a stormy Daniel. My thoughts greatly alarmed me and my color changed, but I kept the matter in my heart. Play with me.

Father in Heaven, I just thank you. Thank you from what we've learned in the Book of Daniel and how we have learned to see the Book of Daniel as a missionary book that teaches us to to spread the gospel. Where were planted to take the word of God everywhere to be persistent and constant in our spiritual disciplines to know that you are God and you are in control and father. I want to thank you for difficult and challenging passages of scripture. Like we see your starting with Daniel chapter 7. I think you that there are things that are mysterious to us and hard for us to understand and and Father I pray that is we we look at this and we study it and we we see it brought out here in the word that you would luminous and you would remind us again through this you are in charge. You are a sovereign holy God into your end or into your kingdom. There will be no in follow me long to see that Kingdom Come. Bring that out enough today. Illuminate us to your word and it's in Jesus name. I pray amen. We talked about how Daniel gear shift gears all together 1 through 6 was these history histories the stories that there were Visions but there are stories that went along with the Visions. Is Daniel waking up from what you would have to kind of call and lack of a better way of saying it a nightmare that he knew was given to him by God. He wrote down the nightmare he went back to sleep. It kind of continued. He approached an angel in it and said why is happening here tell me what's going on the angel through God's grace was able to tell him what was happening in this this nightmare that he was having him able to understand and he still wrote it down. so these first six chapters here are About 3 on Hebrews taken into this Babylonian captivity everything now 7 through 12 is going to be the vision to Daniel had during his time in captivity the book as a whole Daniel is not necessarily in chronological order is night visions may have come while we do know this particular night vision came before some of the stories were written down and and that's okay. But the whole thing still is is the story of what God is doing in the life of Daniel and what he's revealing to him. Chapter 7 here actually was given a Daniel to time prior to the event to this. It kind of happened just before it will happen in Daniel chapter 5 is when he got this vision and so chapters 1 through 6 or history chapter 7 through 12 or Prophecy with the overall message of God being Sovereign and in charge. Is always there the message doesn't change and that's what's really important to see here. As we read through Frosty and scripture at the kind of remember that we read here will be very rich with symbolism. A lot of that symbolism. We're going to scratch their heads and go what I don't understand this and that's okay. Allows there to be mystery of the in the scripture and it's a beautiful mystery that he will reveal to us when it's time for him to reveal it. And we need to kind of keep that in mind one of the things that is Chris and I are going to be preaching through I'm going to do this weekend in next week and he'll will finish out 9 through 12 or we're going to have those sorts of things going on. We're going to take the word of God look at it and then do the honestly what the Holy Spirit can do through us as best that we were able to illuminate that So just keep that in mind that there's going to be a lot of Rich deep symbolism here that may be difficult for even. Everyone to understand. The number of Scholars will be read after that. I don't get this. It's okay to have a confident. I don't know when it comes to dealing with prophecy and scripture. Verses 1 through 8 or the first part of his vision hear you sees these four different Beast rising up from the sea the first Beast looks like a lion with its eagles wings and it stood on two legs like a man. The second beast was like a Bear Once I'd raised up some commentators to describe it is like having a hump on one side or or some other things and it has its prey still in its mouth. And this Beast has been told to continue to devour flesh the image in my head as I kind of read. That was this was I grew up loving to watch those nature shows on PBS. My dad hooked me on PBS young and so I love Marty Stouffer's Wild America was like my favorite is a kid, like I love those and always love seeing the grizzly bears catching the salmon as they were jumping like straight into the mouth. This is bigger than that. This is like this this grizzly bear or whatever kind of bear it is and it's got ribs. You can't see Fish ribs from a distance or small even if it's a big salmon, you're not going to see that. This is a large piece of prey this bear has if you can see Its Ribs in its mouth and he's got three of them is a big bear.

The third Beast looks like a leopard with four heads and four wings and has dominion over nations in the fourth Beast is the most frightening.

I find it interesting that Daniel doesn't describe it with an animal everything else. It says it looks like it looks like it looks like this one is so frightening. I can't describe it with anything Earthly. This is this is kind of that big. It has ironteeth bronze Claus 10 horns and eyes like a man in one of the horns. It's going to pop up like just these things are frightening. I I can't imagine I get ordained at the end of the chapter says and my color changed he went pale this would not be something I would want to wait. I don't know that I could go back to sleep unimpressed it that God allow Daniel to go back to sleep to record more of this Vision. I have a lot of coffee that night. I'm just saying, I don't know what I could have done it. These four beasts represent four different Earthly kingdoms of the first Beast represents kind of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon the phrases it was lifted up and the mind of man was given to it. Never back to chapter 5, no, sorry chapter.

3 I'm trying which war was Nebuchadnezzar lost his mind and went out acting like a wild animal for for a time that God said you got to knock this off and he literally humble them in time act like a wild beast and lewie see that. He was the man Mind of a man was giving it to show that God giving Nebuchadnezzar is mine back. I forgot it actually taking it away from him. The second beast is kind of where they're at right now in this time of captivity. It's represents the medes and the Persians the hump a lot of the Commentaries that I kind of read and in some of the scholars that I looked at the kind of believe that the hump kind of shows that there's this unequal power of unequal balance of power within the meadow Persian Empire that help might represent that there is one group a little more strong than the other group in there, but they're still again. Something that some theologians are debating. They're not 100% sure on what that might represent. The third Beast a lot of conclusions come to the dishes. This is Greece and Alexander the Great a leopard cheetah fast Alexander the Great had one of the fastest-growing Empires ever real quick and it spread really quickly as well my goodness. Alexander's Empire India to modern-day Italy and Europe and it was huge this does Empire and it spread very very quickly. And so they think about that but the Defoor kind of heads on on this Beast kind of describes the fact that once Alexander was gone that Empire was in kind of divided into four different kingdoms, and we know that historically as well, so it's kind of there in the fourth Beast. A lot of theologians in a lot of commentators kind of look at this and I say that's Rome, but it's more than Rome. It is the Roman Empire and more to come. It's kind of one of those both Anne's that we seeing prophecy that this is Rome. and more to come that 11th horn that grows from the 10th as it begins with an it popped out the three other horns, and it's got those eyes like a man and it's this really really looks a lot like Antichrist in Revelation, it reads a lot like the man of lawlessness to be seeing 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 That it's all very symbolic that this Kingdom. Starts with Rome but maybe continues on and so there's a lot here. So so why do we really see though? Like there's just this little chunk just in this Vision this this part of it what we see here. We see that God is Sovereign Over All Nations that idea of sovereignty is just I don't know like it's like they took a bucket of paint and they just poured that collar all over the entire Book of Daniel that idea of sovereignty God is in control sovereignty is so much deeper than just God being in control him. God being in charge, right? It's it is his to do with as he sees fit. We're blessed to be in a western country with a democratic kind of concept in an idea that we get to say what happens right? If you don't like the schmuck an office you go in November you vote him out, right we get to do that where there is a sovereign head of state these these countries that still have kings and queens and they write the laws and they pass the laws themselves unilaterally, there is none of that. There's none of this idea of what we don't like the king. Well then how do you overthrow the king? Will you actually have to rise up an Army on your own? Right is it's not a matter of you just vote the king out. That's not how it works. Well, so that idea is kind of or the us because it's a foreign concept us anymore. You know, we don't do that. But God is that he is a sovereign not just head of steak is The Sovereign head of the universe? It is his he made it he can do with it what he wants and he's proved that to us over and over again, right? And so that's what this means that it's his to begin with that why he does so he's setting up a condenser in office to conquer the Jews in Jerusalem because God saw it fit to do that was his choice to do that. Whenever connection was acting foolish. I'm going to cause this man to lose his mind and act like a wild animal for some time until he can get himself straightened out and see who I am is God. He's not. I am he did that. That's the kind of sovereignty the kind of in charge were talking about that. We see painted all through the Book of Daniel here. But he is Sovereign over all of these nations God appointed Nebuchadnezzar to be king in Babylon and to be the emperor belshazzar for the time that belshazzar was there. God has put Dairy is in charge of the throne in Daniel chapter 6. He's got Cyrus. There's what God is doing that. No man. No Army. Nothing God is putting these people in charge. He is Sovereign over all the nations. They are his country's he will put who he wants them to lead in leadership and he will remove that later when it's his is time and he sees fit Earth and all that is in the earth is God's He is in control and he can do what he wants to do to glorify himself. Shows us this by raising up those leaders and taking them away and putting them in power and removing them for power as he chooses to all four of these kingdoms that are represented here. Are here for the purpose of giving God glory. They're used for God and for his glory The Babylon Empire brought judgment to the people of Israel and proclaim the magnificence of God Almighty to All Peoples through that faithful Remnant. That was left. Right? We think of Ezra Nehemiah Esther those folks were all part of that faithful Remnant Daniel Shadrach Meshach Abednego part that faithful Remnant. It was under the medes and the Persians at the Israelites begin to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. It was this time. Or so that that that started happening. So getting God be glorified through this the Greeks ruled over Israel during most of what we would call the intertestamental time when we think about like the holiday the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah that happened under the Greek conquering of Jewish the Jewish people, so there was still a faithful Remnant they're looking for. I'm in Rome.

Under Rome Christ plate Came In the Flesh, right? He ministered Israel. He sacrificed himself freely for the sake was raised three days later. The church was established salvation was opened up to the Gentiles God and his sovereignty raised up these kingdoms and use them for his glory. God is in control of all the governments of the world and their used for his purposes. Not their own. That's important. Verses 19 through for 9 through 14. We see the Ancient of Days the King of Kings the Lord of lords sitting in judgment.

This is this is scary and beautiful at the same time. Right. This is this is this is God and His judgment throne. In all his magnificence all of his Beauty all of his all of his majesty.

It's a beautiful thing. But yet it's kind of judgment. There's there's the fear of God there as well. There's there's this so here it is it portrays God in his wisdom. Is he eternality God is forever and it is pretty sure I think we we we I get why God says you should have no graven image of Me. By the way. I get it. We can't do justice to who got as we can't draw a picture to make God look like God. It just can't be done. We can't put everything through God is into an image. It's foolish to even attempt it. And so when we see God and his big white beard, we got to get this image that he's old, right? It's not that he's old. He's wise. All right, he is eternal he's wise there's wisdom there and he's big he's much bigger than Daniel expected bigger than the beasts that scare Daniel and bigger than the kingdoms that are this world. I love that. It has clothing was like snow.

To God's holiness is Purity and his righteousness is in that that that pure snow idea the head of his hair was like the whitest pure wolf against on his shirt and his wisdom but also is eternality. How how awesome and how ever got is he has always existed and he is wise beyond all comprehension as shown in an idea of the widest pure wool hair. His throne was fiery Flames. He's he's got purity. He's going to purify and there's going to be righteous judgement here.

It's Wheels were blazing Flames. I like this the wheels idea. Why would you put wheels on a throne? And that's just kind of a rough is big enough. I guess you got to scoot around somewhere. But the idea here is that they will show that it is not limited. You can go or you needs to go do what he needs to do. There's no spatial limitations or restrictions on God's judgment. He sees everything he knows everything and he is ever-present our God. Is that big In the Stream of fire that came out from before him. We see God's righteousness and Purity and Raph and judgment all Happening Here. A thousand thousand served him and ten thousand times 10000 stood before him. It's just kind of brought me to. Revelation 5:11 is John's writing there. He says then I looked and I heard around the throne in the living creatures and the elders the voice of many angels numbering myriads of Mary ads and thousands of thousands. it's almost as if Daniel got the same vision John got

How much earlier?

Daniel sees the Great and Mighty judge. God ready to pronounce his judgment by the book. He opens up the book.

I love this that that it's by the book God's judgment is fair and Equitable is no partiality here. There's no hint of unfairness. This is true of God's judgment and it begins with these beasts. He's going to start there.

verses 11 and 12 Is this Daniel is is seeing all of this just kind of like look over I guess. I don't know if it's you just going to wait a second kind of have that moment in his vision to glance over but he says I looked because of the sound of the great words at the horn was speaking. Twisted horn from the little horn right that the 11th when they came up and pluck out the other three that one still speaking here and it's really not just speaking his car running its mouth if there's a difference between speaking and running your mouth. Right and in this one is running its mouth and it's it's speaking ill of God is speaking ill of the Saints it's it's blaspheming left and right.

and God on the throne has the Force fourth Beast killed and its body destroyed then burned very early Old Testament kind of imagery, you know, I think back to Joshua chapter 6 and had to take taken out of the camp because he had stolen things from Jericho and when they took him and his family and his livestock out of can't they stoned them all they crushed them with rocks and we think a story think kids don't want to know when they were just go to Stone Summit the Rocks like shot puts 468 lb of rock being thrown at people and you didn't wrong Just the throw you through with their face. when somebody was Stone biblically this wasn't quit throwing rocks at 7 to get away like chucking rocks at a dog in her driveway, right? This was purposeful. That's kind of what is almost described here in this house the same as crushed and then it was that they did that to Aiken and set the power oxygen stone is Eminem's wife and his kids in the in the lifestyle. They said that power rocks on fire and Joshua chapter 6. Is that chemistry utterly destroy the thing that had been blaspheming against God?

The other beasts had their dominions all taken away, but they weren't killed.

They were allowed to live with inside that Empire that it conquered them right Babylonians were still part of the meadow Persian Empire. right that the Greeks and Alexander the Great came in he still Adam everybody was still kind of doing their thing. The Romans were a great example of this write Romans when they came into Palestine and into what we would consider modern day Israel. They were just like they've got the other gods. They just make sure that the wall they're Gods wanted the law of of Caesar and we'll be fine. We don't need to do a whole lot. There. Are there an established law biting people will just take him over and tax them to death and kind of the approach but this fourth beast when it's destroyed it is utterly destroy. Exorcist Dominion taken away. It is completely conquered and wiped out by God almighty.

assuming we see this this this little horn that gets judged by God. This is this is kind of any remnant of the Roman Empire that remains will be destroyed as well. This is the last little bit of whatever's happened in western civilization in in modern times in anything. It says something against our God. It is crushed and destroyed verses 13 and 14. We see the son of man the Messiah Jesus is giving his eternal Kingdom Here prices given his glorious Kingdom following is working atonement. What started out as this nightmare for Daniel should end with the happiest ending possible. It's a surance if God is in control and that he will reign supreme forever. If nothing to worry about the one who always is will always be. And God is there he's been there. He's going to take it over this section shows us that God is Sovereign not just over the kingdoms of the earth be Sovereign over his own kingdom assignment over his own people is Sovereign because he is eternal he saw him because he is pure it shows us that God is Sovereign with his sentence and in his patients for lost people. And the best part is a God is Sovereign in his plan for Redemption through Jesus Christ Our Lord. We see that.

Vs15 228i start this conclusion of the of Daniel's Vision here. I love the fact that Daniel admits that he's anxious about what he saw. I hate item. I've been more than anxious. I can't even imagine waking up from this. It's really rude to me reassuring that Daniel was nervous and anxious about this. Here's a man that has had a has a an amazingly close relationship with God and yet even in the presence of God's greatness is magnificent his glorious Majesty. He's nervous and anxious about what God is doing. It is a vision he approaches one of the Angels around the Judgment throne and there's some speculation on whether or not it's one of the Angels or if that's one of the elders described in Revelation. I'm going to I was going to go with Angel for the time because it's a phrase I can use easily right approaches this Angel that's there around the Judgment throne.

And he just asks what's happening with the angels around it in the ass for an explanation about what he had seen in this vision and in God through his grace and his Mercy allows the angel the answer and explains the four beasts though these four kingdoms their powerful, but they are limited. Everything here on Earth isn't as it's finite. It's limited by its scope. It's limited by its scale. It is limited by God. God will end all of these four kingdoms. But there is a kingdom where the Saints of the Lord will live that has no end. That's what we're seeing here explained to Daniel. Verse 19 Daniel wants to understand more about specifically that fourth Beast. An inverse 21, you must understand about that little horn at the end the 4th of the fourth Beast. It was warring against the Saints of God and Inn wedding. He sees this into the Ancient of Days God the Father himself stepped in and rescues them from bringing them into it his eternal judgment.

An inverse 23 the angel here speaking to Danny tells him about the fourth Beast and the angel answers Daniel. The fourth Beast is his fourth grade Kingdom in the store three kingdom will devour and it will trample is going to conquer things is going to crush things is going to rise up and it's going to subdue things. It will speak against God most high and it will oppress the Saints and it will intend to change the times and intend to change the laws to serve it on purpose.

feels more familiar little bit Who was king of his limited though? And it will only be around as long as God allows it to be around. God will judge it and destroy it and replace it with his Everlasting Kingdom. So who is the fourth Kingdom? This is where I get to give a confident. I don't know right this is this how it works some really early Protestant commentators claimed. It was the pope in the Catholic Church write that kind of fall short. False very short really beginning with guys like John Calvin that they started kind of looking at it and seeing the fourth Beast is the Roman Empire. Some more modern commentators some some more modern. I mean within the last hundred and fifty years or so kind of commentators and theologians. They kind of look at it as it's the Roman Empire and Beyond in the little horn represents the Antichrist who blasphemes God most high priests accused of people disrupts God's go to order of creation. To this fourth Beast this fourth Kingdom begins with the Roman Empire and concludes.

The consummation of evil as I think about that I think wow. That's a that's a lot. I think there have been. in in time in history And there will be some more there have been several world leaders who probably look like the little horn and then horrible at the same time. If you're a believer in Christ the History Channel's one of those like I wish you people would get it right moments, right? Prophecies of Nostradamus and really and India saw this dumb stuff that's in there that that points to all of this stuff. And yes people like different Caesars looks like an antichrist at the time of scripture being written in the in the first century. BC people like Napoleon might have looked that way Hitler may have looked that way. They're going to be lots of world leaders that are going to rise up and going to look like but the one that comes that is the end of times guy is going to come up and it's going to be bigger than anything we've ever dealt with the consummation of evil how the world will be consumed and evil at that time will be bigger than anything we've ever comprehend it as bad as we think it is now is going to get worse until Jesus comes back. Fact it's here in the book. I can't stand any other way as I pondered that I thought. Oh my goodness. It's going to get evil on a scale as large if not larger than it was it Noah? Think about that a second cuz what's God going to do when it gets to that point. He's going to wipe it clean and bring his kingdom to Earth. What do you do with Noah wiped it clean took that family and started again.

That's where we're at. And we talked about the consummation of evil. We talked about this the final Antichrist the big one capital A or however you want to think of it when the true and final Antichrist comes that's how big the evil in this world will be it'll be on the scale of Noah and larger.

Hate to say this way, but I don't think we've seen anything yet.

It's going to this year's again. There's a beauty behind that. In that end in behind that there's this beauty and that it is going to usher in the final cleansing and Redemption of God's people in all of his creation. It's going to clean it up price will come back. It'll be beautiful. We look at Daniel chapter 7. We look specifically look at verses 27 and 28.

There is good news and hope in this scary Vision that Daniel gets Daniels told a second time that God most high will give his Saints and eternal in Universal Kingdom. All the Earthly rulers and governments will come to an end. The son of man will rule his subjects in a kingdom that will never perish and can never be overthrown.

There is hope. And it is a beautiful. Hope in Jesus Christ. He's always seeing the section that God is Sovereign in his judgment God's people receive an eternal Kingdom that will last forever that's people will suffer and Earthly kingdoms, but those kingdoms and that suffering are temporary. understand that let me think about it in view of Eternity. Even a hundred and twenty years on this Earth isn't very long.

It may feel that way, but it's not we have a view of Eternity ahead of us.

Again, the saints of God will be given a universal Kingdom that will last forever here. I think Danny has a lot to take in you shook think the show cats. It's the way I've heard some of my students say it at school. He's left a pale. He's pondering what he's seen but he also knows it ends the matter. I love that verse 28 first thing. He says is yours the end of the matter and nothing else to say

God is taking care of his people and Daniel trossach God in his sovereignty will raise up and tear down Earthly governments in his timing for his glory and he will rescue and redeem his people and creation from the following this of this world. And that's important here cuz all of this is about how do we get to Christ where it where does Daniel chapter 7 take me to see Jesus of the New Testament? Christ is present in verses 13 and 14. The son of man is there. He is the son of man who receives the Eternal Kingdom from God the Father. The Ancient of Days Christ is who destroys the beasts in verse 11. When Jesus cried out on the cross it is finished. That was the end of the matter is work here was done.

Remember that in Matthew 28 18. Jesus says all authority has been given to me in heaven and earth.

The Beast and Satan who is the Puppet Master behind all of this? Email press the saints of God, but it'll only be for a season. And we need to be mindful that the Son of God became the son of man so that he could identify with us and he could comfort us. Charles Spurgeon said this in a sermon on Daniel. He said as surely as he overcame and Triumph once for you. so surely you would love his name of Triumph in him to

That's where we're at. A timer called action of time invitation is upon us and in this is the thing we need to think about.

There is an eternal Kingdom coming. It will be ruled and rained over by Christ Jesus the Messiah. God the god the son.

but it's only going to have his subjects in that Kingdom Only those who are followers of Christ are going to be allowed to be in that Eternal Kingdom. Everyone else is going to live eternally. Unfortunate truth is they will live eternally in hell. Laser Champs, if you've never had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and you want to know how can I be a part of this eternal Kingdom that will never end. Where do I get this? Hope that I'm seeing in Daniel chapter 7 about a guy who's in control of it all. today's our chance Maybe you're saying well, okay. I'm a part of that. and I know I'm a part of that. I've gotta surance of who I belong to I'm a child of the king and I'm I'm locked in. Maybe I'm not part of a flock yet. I'm not fully involved and fully there in a group of body a body of Believers and maybe today is the day that you're saying. Yeah. I want to do that how to make that commitment to

I'm here. Steve will be here. Chris can put a guitar down. It's not a big deal. If you're ready to do something like that. You're ready to say. I want to I want to surrender It All to Jesus. I want to I want to give it up to be a part of this Kingdom. Let me know to hey, I'm interested in Calvary Heights. You guys are an interesting group of people. I want to see what this body Believers is like and get involved with y'all. Talk to us. Father in heaven, we thank you so much.

Top scripture. Thank you for four parts of your words that are hard and in difficult and tough to understand. We thank you that you have blessed us with the ability to read in the ability to study at. Thank you that you have provided for us Scholars to help us understand it as we study after them as well. father we thank yous mostly though for this eternal Kingdom that is is being built and is ready to come father we pray that is

As followers of Jesus Christ, we were remind ourselves regularly. That we are citizens of that Kingdom and residents of this Earthly one. Father I pray that is citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven even continue to draw us closer and closer to you.

Take me to speak to our hearts move in our lives. challenges in convictus Jesus name I pray amen.

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