A Navaho Triangle


A Navajo Indian tradition says that your conscience is like a small triangle inside your heart.  When you know something is wrong, it turns and pricks the flesh of your heart with one of its corners.  But when you harden your heart and ignore your conscience, it keeps turning, wearing down its corners in the effort to get your attention.  Eventually the triangle gets so worn down that it becomes smooth and circular, spinning around and around in your heart but to no use.  You can’t even feel it anymore.

It’s not just our own consciences we’re supposed to watch out for.  The apostle Paul warns against doing things that you know could encourage a brother or sister in Christ to violate his or her own conscience (see 1 Corinthians 8).  Sometimes we have to take a stand for the sake of someone else—like when the group wants to watch a movie you know your friend’s parents don’t want him to see.

Harris, Alex & Brett, Do Hard Things, Multnomah Books, Portland, OR.  Page 159

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