A Virtuous Woman

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On this special day we like to take time out to appreciate all Mothers and wives. it seems at times that the work of a mother or the dedication of a wife goes unnotice/unappreciated. Even when the world seems silent, the compliments are few, the thank you's unheard of, the results of a good woman are seen in the smiles of her children and the sucess of her husband.

A virtuous Woman is one of high moral standards a woman with conviction of right and the love of righteousness.

She is a woman that is not afraid to give of herself to her family. Forsaking the desire of self want. Awoman not always talking about me, my, and I. One who does not blame the world but she prays continually. Solomon speaks of the rarity of the ideal woman for she is hardly to be found in the streets, clubs, crack house.

This world has its own idea of finding an ideal woman (long hair, pretty, nice size). So often we forget about what is important. Its whats on the inside that matters. What good is it to be pretty and dumb. like to have fun but don't know Jesus, have children but not apart of there lives.

The life of a virtuous woman should be filled with the love of Christ.

This ideal woman can't be found in the streets of life but it is in the christian home that contains her.

A virtuous woman is pure.

She gives her whole heart to her husband and enjoys her acts of sevice to him. She knows that her service is not directly to him but to Christ thru him. She is pure from being decietful, selfish, coniving, and envious. Learn how to love and treat your husband without pickering and fussing.

I. She is clothed with strength:

There are many times that mothers are torn with the worry of there children or family. Even wen every one is sleep she is up worring about her children. Often bearing the load of the family. Sometimes we wonder how will you make it but the strength of a virtuous woman is not depending on herself or her own strength but on the strength of Jesus. Se is invested with a moral force and dignity which arms her against cares and worry. Her strength is not in what man can offer her not in what she can get from a man, not in her beauty, or money. Her strength lies in the clothe armor of the Lord.

II. Tongue speaks wisdom and kindness:

She is not merely a good house wife she guides her family with words of wisdom. When she speaks, it is not gossip, or slander, or idle talk, but she speaks prudence and sound sense that may minister to others. Some mothers don't know how to talk to people. It is bad to see mothers who talk with a foul and evil tongue. Disrespecting themselves, children and family. Mothers you must be cardful about the way you talk and act in front of your children. When mother speaks it should be encouraging to her children & husband. not words of discouragement and let downs.

III. She fears the Lord:

A virtous woman knows who to stand and when to stand back. She knows who rules over her and her family. A virtuous woman fears the Lord because she know that He is the one that provideth all things. A virtous woman feareth the Lord at work. When she is around others she has a sense of godliness about her. A sense of respect for herself and other and it is easy to see that the Lord is first in her life.

A virtous woman feareth the Lord in her home.

She sets aside time for prayer for herself and for her children. She is not afraid to let her children see her pray and ask the Lord for help. She teaches her children to trust the Lord at all times. Whenever the bills are due just trust in the Lord, sickness, just trust in the Lord.... Where can I find a virtuous woman. you can find her praying in the morning, noonday, evening. You can find her giving God praise at home, community, work, and among friends. You can find a virtuous woman laying the foundation of love, kindness, godliness, to her children. You can find a virtuous woman submitting herself to her husband, love and kindness, and always keeping the peace. A virtous woman is a woman that loves God. Mothers do you love the Lord?

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