The Results of a Fruitless Church

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I just want to say today, God is good. We are a blessed people. No matter how we look at it God has been good to all of us even when we did not deserve it. God did not have ot but He allowed us to labor in His field these many years. As we look around and see how far God has brought us we review in our minds the many toils, trails and tribulation we have gone thru but the Lord saw fit to bless and keep the Church standing. The Church in all her glory is design to develop, mature, nuture, raise, inspire, and give birth to other for them to be Christ like belivers. To Provide a place of worship along with a refuge from the outside world. However, the Church has at times over the years lack in her spiritual responsiblities or obligation not the building but the people. To many times we as believers lack; we lack in our giving, share, caring, worshiping, prayer and praise to the Lord. How can we expect God to move and change things in our lives when we refuse to give our lives totally to Him.

The Church is a place of spiritual growth not spiritual hinderence. It is sad but some people don't want to grow in Christ and don't want you to grow either. We God's people and Church can not grow spiritually or fruitfully unless we are willing to give back to God that which He has given to us.

It is in this text that we have a fig tree (church) plantedin a vinyard (God's world/area) not producing any fruit. The tree did not have to be there God had given it a chance to produce but it fail..... For 3 years it did not produce. The tree was being feed, nutured, protected, cared for, but still it fail to produce. It is amazing how God grace continue to cover us even in our disobedience, unbelief, and unwillingness to trust and serve Him. The bottom line is that the owner told the vinedresser to cut down the tree.

There was 3 things wrong with the tree.


three years the tree did not produce any fruit. It fail in its purpose...ect. The tree showed signs of growth, fruitfulness, potiential but no fruit. When we give our lives to the Lord and come to service regularly we are showing signs. But when we fail to give, share, spiritual mature, study........we are not producing only showing off our leaves. It God is blessing and continually giving to us, places to stay food to eat, protection from danger, saving our soul it seems to me we owe Him our all. Why won't we produce better fruit in our love for other, in our children, walk, talk, service to others.....

This tree had no reason for not giving any fruit. We has a people have no excuse for not being fruitful. We always have an excuse to God for why we can't do what He has already given us the ablity and means to do. The owner told the vinedresser to cut the tree down.

When you fail to leave this building and tell others about Jesus you are fruitless; we stop working in the church, bringing others to Christ, supporting the church with our gifts and substance, we become fruitless and one day the Lord will cut our tree down.


It was not by chance that the tree was placed in that vineyard..ect. Our existence in life is not by chance. Where ever you are in life, career, family, it is not by chance you got there. God new the struggle you had to face. He knew that you were going to have a difficult time adjusting to your new environment and situation, but like everything else in your life He had already taken care of it. And now when He needs/wants you to produce we begin complaining, whining, making excuses of incapibilities. God has planted each of us on His ground {*psalms 24:1} "the earth is the Lords and the fulness thereof...the world and they that dwell therein.." We are on borrowed land. We did not work for it nor did we deserve it thru any good or fruitful act on our part. But by the love and the grace of God he allows us to occupy this ground. Right now, everything we possess, use or have is borrowed from God; our children, land, time, life, families, car, house, air, sight, food,...ect. God lets us borrow them for our use and inturn we are to give back and share with others. Whenever you borrow something you must pay it back. If the Church ever forgets that they are occuping borrowed ground and they are not willing to do Gods bidding by being fruitful....He will cut it down!


Year after year this tree took from the grounds it was planted on. It drew the moisture and food from the surrounding soil and plants. It recieved rain, food, sunshine, protection...(ect) but it never gave back. This tree prevented the other plants from growing by taking and not giving. In our Churches we have those who covers and shadow others with there presence, demeanor, problems. They never have a good word to say. Never try to help out but always ready to point out. This type of personality smothers and hinders weaker Christians from healty growth. They become inverts, scared to be apart of the body, shame of their former life... These groups of people are miserable and they want everyone around them to be the same.

Your life in Gods house should be filled with giving and sharing. If you don't want to praise God for all He has done for you then don't try to hender others. If you don't want to serve, work, love, build, mature, the Word and Life of Christ Please don't work to hinder others from doing so. God has some labors that are willing and able to do His will. They are ready to give God His Friut. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM!!

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