God's Grace and Mercy Part 1

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It is hard to speak of God's mercy without first talking about His grace. ! Grace is God's kindness/favor towards us regardless of our worthlessness or what we truly deserve. It is His act of forgiveness, and love. Whereas, His mercy is an aspect of His love where He helps those that are in need or trouble. It is when He holds back the punishment that is truly do to me. God's grace moves for us regardless of our selfishness, laziness, hatred......ect. but it seems as His mercy moves in and take away the punishment that was do to me. When I look at my situation I can't help but tell the Lord thank you because I should have been gone a long time ago, I should have been cut off from His goodness but, His grace and His mercy.........ect.

This song was written for people who had survived attacks, and bondage, despite the oppostion of the enemy. After I have been beaten and shame, attacked by friends and foe, to weak to stand, hurt from the feeling of loss and desertion................but God's mercy.........

God spoke to the remnants in [Isa. 11:10-11] He brings comfort to them as He address them that there will be a day that I will save you from your bondage. There is a "root in Jesse". God's says that when that time comes you will [Isa. 12:1] say "In that day thou shalt say", after you have gone thru struggle after struggle, trails and temptation, beaten down,.............. I will look back and say "In that day" It speaks of a continuation. There are some people and situation that will/have tried to take you out but God's grace & mercy brought me through and when He does I will say "in that day.." It does not matter how bad things have gotten there will come a time with the believer that they will look back and say "in that day". The text suggest that, that day will be so great that you can't help but rejoice. I don't need nobody to shout for me. As good as God has been I can shout for myself................ect. After the Church has been attacked and scorn torn apart and scattered by the enemy. God is going to bring them back together and "in that day...".

Since God is our salvation the author spoke in [12:3] that when we draw from God's well of Salvation that we do it with joy. This well speaks of the deepness of God's grace. For one to go to the well he must first need something, coming with expectation to recieve, therefore his coming and drawing is with joy...........ect.

What do we draw out of Gods well of Salvation?


When I am going thru my battles and temptations I need God to come comfort me. There are somethings that my friends can not help me with. There are times that I don't want even my friends to know about but, I have a friend in Jesus that will comfort me when I feel alone, troubled, hurt, ...............ect. It is God's comfort that comes will I feel like giving up, it is His comfort the raises act as a drying tissue when I'm up crying at night, His comfort soothes me when I feel distorted yet nothing is wrong, it is His comfort.............


[vs. 2b] says that JEHOVAH IS MY STRENGTH. He make this declaration personal because he can't speak for no one else. To claim that God is my strenght is to suggest that I am weak. You can't make thru a storm thinking that you are strong. If you want to make it thru the storm you better get weak and call on the Lord and declare His strength.... I am going to draw my strength out of God's well of salvation. [Psalms 27:1] says,!! "The Lord is my light and y salvation; whom shall i fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Since the Lord is my strenght out of His well then I have no need of worriness, or being afraid of people, or situations..........ect.


[VS.2a] says I will trust. it speaks of a continual action toward Gods grace. It speaks of knowing Him and recognizing what the Lord has done for you. He says BEHOLD; which suggest for all to see. Isa. says to the remnants of Israel take a evaluation of what all the Lord has done and brought you through. Nobody should have to tell you how and what the Lord has done for you..................... Because God is my Salvation suguest thatHe reached me in time and out of my ever worthless point in my life..... He saves, He salvaged me for His purpose. Therefore I trust Him. He made me, bought me, provided for me, feed me, clothe me.......................ect. that just some of the reasons I trust Him. I like to tell the doubter that HE HAS NEVER, EVER, FAIL ME OR LET ME DOWN. If that is personal for you then you should say it with confidence because you know that it was His grace that saved you and His mercy that kept you........................ect.

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