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I know. But you have a great plan for me. how to have a great purpose for my life

Satan real Mouse you and all your ways myself from you. For the clear my child of a king.

I am a joint Heir with him.

shallow lyrics Image of woman for that are coming into my life must go on this day in Jesus name for boys. North Africa go to the governor's with me. Say hi. And therefore in Liberty Crossing set me free.

Tied up again in a yoke of bondage for the kingdom of God rules my heart. I am bold. I will not draw Batman.

bold as a lion heels on the Clare for today Trevor Lawrence to children's bread Bible Genesis Center Christ loved and died for me. I am a breakthrough is a part of my life and I will get through and she's as my name to celebrate God, Why don't you give God praise and glory in Jesus name in Jesus name I am.

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And we will shout it out. Shout it out.


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Come up this way. Miss no, one else will come along if you want at the service that you mention ass. Holy spirit to come in. Come on asking to homecoming. Godzilla heart lower. Lower gum call Consumers in Morrow. More, more.

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Right way to walk Hallelujah couple weeks pregnant your name. Gabby just want to soak in your presence now. Double declare Holy Spirit. You are welcome, Holy Spirit. You are welcome. Holy Spirit. You are welcome in this place. We asked you to send your 120 greater. God look down on a sky.

Call Donna.


What's up?

Thank you for the.

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The man in the spirit now.

Doctor of everything that's not like you and feel me again.

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I'm going to go over the announcement for we are getting our offering together. I just want to say first and foremost take you to our visitor in the back. Thank you so much for choosing me to revise this morning. We welcome you.

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So God, we fight there right now.

Somerset address towards the mark Bulleit Rye price Call a cross streets of summer sale trucks. What did you push through all the barriers you pushed back every every everything that's been in the way.

I will push you through this thing. I don't know. What's wrong.

I'm not a hunter King at work.

Play cello solo.

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We are in a new series that we're going to start today. We normally start at the beginning of the month, but we wanted to reiterate last week about that. We believe that we shall he so I believe that this is a new season for us. I'm so excited thinking about strange that the enemy try to scare you to death.

Right when you are at that place of Devastation and disappointment. There's a great breakthrough right around the corner. So when there is something that is weighing you down pushing you down. What happens is it there's a great. opportunity for one of the greatest comebacks

That God wants you to tap into. So the setback was just positioning you for your greater. Come back. Are you hear what I'm saying? Hook the trial but the the the everything that you had to endure the the negativity everything that's felt like it was just surrounded you pushing you down was really God just strengthen you and take you to the next level of your promotion. Are you in what I'm saying? And so now I've been there and Weiser a man. And I tell you cuz I know from from first experience. I've been very transparent about being depressed. So I was depressed but God took my depression and set me up to catapult me. To a new place and this season and I'm so excited and I believe that that's what God wants to do for us. I want to this we are in the series, I will start a new series and it's called Breaking Bad Breaking Bad deal with for the next few weeks with a deal with Breaking Bad Habits Breaking Bad. Thinking Breaking Bad Company and Breaking Bad Motors. So you got to break some stuff.

You got a break Cycles. You got to break some things in.

mobile speaker Shopkin not come with us a man. So we are on some once a training ground. Terminate Mercedes for the next few weeks. He's are in this is going to be training days.

We bring the fish have the right here. Spiritual happy we're getting ready to be spiritually fit a man. And so we want to break some stuff. One of the things that we have to do your training. Somebody is you have to the system you have to see where they currently are and be and begin to locate the problem. So that you can give them a solution. That's what you got to go through. Assessing and doing that time of assessing we have to help them identify those areas that have been holding them back and keeping them from achieving their goals and it's nothing different than what we have to do the sensitive to take physically. It's the same type of things. We have to take seriously our bodies. We are a Sly Park being meaning that there is three components to us. We are a we have a spirit is where how we communicate with God we worship in spirit and Truth. We have a soul with the seat of our emotions where we feel I'm we have a physical body. So we have a spirit or soul and a bottom These three things are so intertwined with each other that when one is all we can go together. This is we serve a God that does not care about just one component, but all three components. And this is why it's so dangerous for the body.

or people in general

Physically, if you are spiritually fit you ain't going nowhere. I hope your house spiritually fit you are if you ain't physically fit you ain't. But I can hear what I'm saying.

Apostle, we can't pray the summertime outside. You know, we did a lie, and I was about to die. I wanted to speak in tunnel. I lost my breath.

What we can do that we can't be in a place where we're not emotionally sit. This is why I have to take a break. Because I needed to make sure that I was spiritually and emotionally fit. Are you hear what I'm saying from dirty water? Come on, can I get a amen up in here? Call someone that has two tegry. This ain't that I refuse let me change my drinking so I can make sure that I'm going to spew.

cuz I care about what you A good place I got to take a break call stairs Amazon anointing on my sabbatical. I have to figure out something. I'll be mad at God for the season. Joel know what I'm talkin about and you always get them friends that show up. They don't have a clue. What you going through.

And you have to have an emotional intelligence to realize that you know what I am sick.

But I can smile on Facebook. Machado Instagram, but if you come in my home I'm depressed.

Well, that's 90% of your friends.

Cuz we got all these people acting like they just doing so good on Facebook.

Instagram But the truth is we're hurting. And sometimes you got to call. The Bible says in Isaiah 52 into he says Stand Up Shake the Dust off your self take your seat Jerusalem remove the box from your neck design ready to start looking at some of this but I'm like these components. He says stand up shake off take your seat and remove those they stand up shake off take your seat. I remove notice you don't take you. So if you got to take a seat, you must been out to sea. If you stab a stand-up you must been pushed down. If you have to shake off you must be covered in something. And so we have to get to the place where we acknowledge that. We realized that some jumping on me right now. Stop discovering. I got I got chains around me and I'm not sending where I sitting where I should and we got to get to the place where we doing.

I'm beginning to take a look within ourselves and say what is going on? And when we do that, we're going to begin to see God begin to give us solution strategies and breakthrough Solutions strategies and breakthroughs solution strategies and breakthroughs and teach us how to be spiritually emotionally and physically my God wants us to get to the place are properly seated in the places where we have the most effective influence and that we can begin to dominate and I do what he is called. A man, he does not want us tied up in bondage barely making it all confused messed up angry. He wants us to have emotional intelligence that we realized if we need some emotional therapy. We get some emotional therapy if we need some physical.

how to break bad, baby So what time is saying we got to break back habits a man? What is a happy happy as anything you train yourself to do that you that you do without even realizing you do it. It's automatic. Hey, man, I hope we got to have to brush my teeth.

Do you think about it or is it automatic?

Is this all I get up in the morning? I got to brush my teeth. I don't know about you, but don't have no whole conversation with me.

You can walk into a load into that bathroom get that toothbrush. a man cuz I know me about my snoring slang.

I just bled what's wrong with you. What happened?

Something that we train ourselves. It's a type of beef.

I think too much to do with we just do and it can be good or bad a man.

Hey, man, you don't realize that you ate all that or you drunk all that a man or you did all day. It just becomes a habit a man and so we could have this morning.

That's one of them are happens. It would make every excuse is born when I read the Bible I get sleepy. I just leave it to you. I ain't going to lie. I can sleep sometime. But you got to train yourself. We don't talk about that.

If you know who Warren Buffett is say yes, he says change. Too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. But that just marinate right there for a minute chains of habit are too light to be felt so you don't even realize that there because it's automatic until it's a bad habit and it's too heavy to be broken. But, you understand that every habit can be broken. every habitat camp program and so what God is one of us to take a look at it as let's look at some of our emotional have a sweet and having the most of habit of sadness. Do you have any more snow habit of feeling lonely open up Olympus look at it, you know that every time and because you've been on this journey of loneliness that every time certain things remind you of something you could take yourself into a mental and emotional prison. Isn't it is there is very best habits of rejection mental habits of low self-esteem. Do you paddle with comparing yourself to other people do you think with when things are going on the up and arrives with other people you start getting jealous. You began to have this habit of of of the feeding yourself these negative things these negative thoughts every time that happens. Every time you see things happen for someone else or every time someone says something you take it to a different level of mentally you torment yourself. Do you have a happy?

Alarm classifying this is a habit because we realized that it's something that happens automatic that you don't even think about it. A man, but we're getting ready as the scripture talks about going to dissect Isaiah 52 in just a moment of we got to shake ourselves. It was a Shake Yourself. Also, we got to get to the place where we we we start shaking these things. So the first thing we got to do is acknowledge our bad habits acknowledge. We got a phone out of agreement with yourself to do it Strange Behaviors with you realize it or not. The more you do the more you train the more you train something the better if rathergood

How do I get to that later?

so you have to acknowledge take the X in a suit yourself do a

Don't have bad eating habits.

Do I have an addiction?

Do I do things that I will be ashamed to talk about?

What habit do you have? Nobody else got to know you need to know acknowledging is the first step on these stunts training and breakthrough is you first have to acknowledge. You have to identify you have to be intentional for your breakthrough. You have to be intentional the train you have to do every client that comes to me we do we do we have to make sure that they are motivated. If you're not motivating you're not ready for change, then I can help you because it's not my body is your body. And you have to know I will help you. I will cut you this but this would Brian says he says motivation will get you started but happen is what keeps you going. Am I going to get you someplace where y'all going to get this morning? But you do this and you're not in it becomes a habit.

I want you to know.

I want you to have a hot chick. Nobody have to convince you to pray. triple pump

That show in spiritual investment. Worship benefits you a man because when I worship God and I'm making about him he somehow strategically in his head. What about me or should we get some break it downloads and ideas. I'm starting up a horse.


get on the name of Jesus.

I'm a broke my neck in the shower worship. Islam delivery

I'm telling you who you worship.

So when something goes wrong, what's the first thing you do? Do you call daughter you calling somebody else to gossip? What do we do do we went as soon as something goes wrong? We get a setback. Do we initiate a conversation with god? Who is Jehovah Jireh my provider? Port from the pastor in Michigan a phone call with Jehovah Rapha the Lord my healer

Escapate and call people and just start pounding everything. Why me? Do you become the victim? I'm not saying you don't have a circle of people that you that you talk to what I'm saying. And that's healthy amount of a circle of wise counsel counsel. Are they putting you together? Are they pointing you to the things which are they pointing to that or are they jumping on? This sad man? Like missing is bad is messed up. It's just terrible and if you know what this is Matt blame somebody in this.

You got to get around people surround yourself with people that want to tell you the truth. I don't want you to cross. I must say they had a preach to you all the time, but you got them both to write. Miss quotes regular going out Just Don't Preach. Do you know I'm talking about the people that are going to surround themselves around that you surround yourself living to give you wisdom. From the word of God and encourage you and it's exhort you. Don't you tip when your feet tell you the truth of the things of God what his word says? Not continue making you feel worse, but lifting you up with true I'm saying yes, that is a problem. But I regard to do this yesterday. That is bad news, but God got some great news. Yes, that looks terrible. I'm a week with you cuz I joist with the rejoice and weep with those who we can talk with you. Hope you praise the Lord through this thing if I got a fast with you were going to last as long as we pushed through a man.

But those people that have that they got to be healthy.

Somebody got to be around us.

I don't know. You got them or someone that knows what they're doing.

So we have to acknowledge. What am I? What am I bad bad habits after we acknowledge number to we got to take action? Number to you attack it someone say attack. I mean you get aggressive. What is a tat mean attack is not that you gently slowly attack as we wait we charge. We we we push in we go in with all weapons a man. I mean

What you think of a lion? A lion when he sees a prey. Or he sees a problem is coming up on their Prague the Lion's Pride. What they do is they attack this thing. They don't sit there and be like, you know entertainers and Beyond calm with it and gentle with it. No the executor planning the attack. That thing's going to hate that it never showed up. And that's how you got to get with any type of thing that you're going through spiritually emotionally or even physical you have to attack this thing. You have to attack it. Now the Bible talks about a 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 that are weapons of our Warfare are not carnal. I'm not talkin about doing a carnal physical attack what I'm talkin about as Weapons not a weapons of flesh and blood but I'm talking about weapons that are divine power cord for the destruction of things. What does it say? We use God's Mighty weapons not worldly weapons to knock down the strongholds. Do not knock that thing down. Whatever it is. You have to attack this thing with prayer weapons of our Warfare are weapons of prayer and their weapons of the word. The weapons of these are the things that you have to use that needs to be in Your Arsenal. in order to prepare a brick through with your life if you aggressive tactics think it's not going to just fish. To say I have to be in.

So what time is saying look at those different areas?

I have a problem transformation has been a common problem with me today. I got a divorce procrastination no more. Washington connection with the we're not in Covenant with each other anymore. You've been keeping me from

it's going to take you on this airplane. This is just what I would definitely this thing is not appropriate to go with me to this is why when we go on we go through the airplane to be you got to go through the Damn you for anything that's not appropriate for this life anything that can that can get to the potential Danger? Mississippi, can you take your shoes off? You have to take your belts off you got to take care of the Indian hot song. You got it in your bag just like this circle around to make sure you ain't got anything that looked it up and then you're ready to get on.

It's once we get in the air is going to be too late. Also, we got to make sure that you are not bringing anything that will be that will that will jeopardize the purpose in the plans that God has for your life. And that's why all people can come with you their receipts. Are you hear what I'm saying? What we get to Bad Company, we don't talk about that. He's bad habits to not get on this flight matter of fact when we went when you bring two carry-ons, there's two. I think there's a steel basket that you take your your your your car to your luggage. Can you put it in and it is so funny watching people trying? Pushing it down. It's a thing hanging all out.

I guess what you ain't going to be. That's how bad it's worth. Garcia's measure what you trying to bring? Does it fit? I'm not bending. Because that record if it ain't even hear it don't go. I hear what I'm saying, but crastination don't fit. the Bible says all Rise and Shine the folks almost missed a blessing when he when he had to do a miracle to turn water into why what did he have to do what he says, he's of Mary said, what are

A song called and told them. Enter the bears that they needed to do a baker.

bit with a missing mirror What day was stirring the water the angel came out of surgery work that Layman had to get into the water if he wouldn't it be with a procrastinator and knocked out there if you would have missed his healing are you insane? How much how much snow?

because you procrastinate

knock knock lyrics to redeemed the catch you up My wife is writing a book called. You should be great by now. I can't wait to see releases. How how how has the bad habit of procrastination?

Stopped you from getting where you supposed to be. I man because you procrastinate.

I meant I'm not talking about procrastination is different from waiting on God's Divine timing. Is the difference what crass Nation would God say go but everything you knew you procrastinate you you take your time. You don't want him to know. He's got bad time management. a man how many of us will make an excuse before we even hear the solution? Got to go.

Is there a button every time you say something? Got this, you know, I want you to print the bus. I don't feel good. That's what I want you to go and an implant. I don't have that but I can but that's a bad habit.

How about you say it? But God, how about that? but what happens if we get to the place where we have to we have to acknowledge that be real with yourself and then attacked that way you were talking and you said you know what I'm going to do this but procrastination I brought to my where is so I got to do something about so the next thing so we got to take action until the Is we have to train ourselves? You have to train yourself. So we acknowledge we attack it would take action and then we

the Bible says this

Where's 7 1st? Timothy 4 and 7? Do not waste time arguing arguing over Godless ID. Instead train yourself to be Godly. You see that shrinks in once a train yourself. So we got to train yourself to do the opposite. Amazon like muscles. Do you have to train it and it will get stronger you have to train yourself to be glad. Bring yourself to Prince. Set the worship you have to train yourself to print a train yourself. so do these something's just don't come natural or automatic for you. You have to train it. Hey, man, you have some people that are just naturally bill. What's up, you got muscles to do a hundred push-ups just for the most muscle to show. I so you got people that you know, it comes naturally, but they'll just be on Butler you have to train yourself that I will not be sad.

I will not be defeated. I did not get you a place while I seeing this depression has so many especially the men of God because because let me tell you somewhere. I think they're going to sister's not here locally. Who's in the body of Christ somewhere we missed it cuz I think we've been we've been so focused on some of the wrong thing. is the body

or since the the the Divine of the Demonic assignment to destroy the men of God. Cuz we've been focusing on the women. which we need to But we didn't see the plan of this agenda. That says that we're going to strip the men. And we're going to destroy the purposes in a person that God has for the man in the authorities, but he supposed to carry. And we uncovered it. Because he's supposed to be strong, right? The Bible says he was a strong man that went to her house as a sloth.

So what happens is we we there was a demonic agenda to to distribute because every man that I know as just is Steve is still in the depression or the coming out.

What song is this?

Everyone handles, there's different. I have a good good good good friend of mine that committed to me it was going through.

And you don't want when he told me he says I can't tell nobody that because when I say it in church. Cuz I'm a man. I'm supposed to be strong all the time right supposed to hurt right 24/7. Never never never feel anything, right? No, that's not true. Men bleed and they hurt.

leaders her

and there is there are witches. stripped stippling release cursive

and sometimes we've been deprived or something for so long that would put on attention on that thing with the interviews going at the back door. women happened to price of Rights for so long that all that would do is focus on women rights and we forgot so why were you looking this way? He went over here like a wrap. Start attacking all these men. Talking when they drink the tap room in a final attack women a marriage attacking them in the ministry attacking them and they mind attacking them in their body. They're not even realizing

Did the stroll because if I cut the head off? You can still be swinging but you don't know where you swing. chicken head cut off everywhere, but any nothing will happen if a company.

You got the body. Eventually, it's going to rain. a meaning waps cover your husband's Church cover your leaders, but because this is so important a man now back to this year. You have to we have the under. Send that that we have to train ourselves. We have a trainer.

Normally, I would go ahead and and stuck myself with cheeseburgers because I'm depressed.

Find all the sweets that that that I accepted to make me feel good temporary comfort me because you are. Normally, I will go do these things but what but what is God saying to do you have to train yourself not to do what you normally would do. You have to be intentional with that. Normally I will go home and cry. Normally I would just close myself in the room.

Normally I say you know what? Skip everything normally I would just quit this thing, but you have to do the opposite. What you normally would do a man.

We're talking about normal. If you got them if you got them take a break so you don't take a break. talk about normal if it's something that you normally would do if you normally

you have to do the opposite of what you normally do. I normally would just keep going. I have to attack them and say you know, what? No, you need to break me the Paul and you need to sit spiritually. Now I have responsibilities and still maintain take care of my family hate me, you know, I got to still run my business, but I have to take a time to do with me. What do you normally do? You have to do what you normally wouldn't do you have to do the opposite a man? So normally you would go ahead and you wouldn't pray so proud. Normally you would not be alone with you could go there on your brain and just feel like it's all falling apart. This is over. It's all messed up. It ain't going and nothing will change and nothing. It's just all and stuff. You know, you will go there and you're thinking so you got to train yourself and say I'm a catch this ball you have to get to the place where we are destroying sophisticated are exalted and proud thing that sets itself up against the true knowledge of God. What does God words that would have been true knowledge of God. No, this is the this is that total opposite. This is why I believe God's work. and so you know what I'm taking

Toledo we can surprise you take that book and you bring it under the Obedience of proper I take with everything that is turn trying to form up here and I begin to attack its and I'll arrest at First Sight arrest. Almost. Negative thoughts of someone messed up.

So you have to go do I get to the place where you say? You know what it is to require work. This is not easy. What does it mean I never knew attacking something was easy.

We are on training please our training day a workout should not be easy.

You got to sweat. You going to get mad? What am I mad at you?

You know, I can't do all this stuff. another round

I don't know what she was saying. Lucy was mad at work. I want you mad at your trainer. A man with God is working us out cuz I be mad.

amen And the more you do the more you train it will become a habit. So look at this. She said so so

every thought purpose Capitol we'd be ready to punish Every Act of this. Are you ready to punish your bad habit. Are you ready to punish this thing?

when you're old so we can punished snake

Football under two under under under under under subjection to the purpose of obedience of Christ and I'm ready for being ready to punish every What is a sacher is complete?

an old wise Tales train yourself to be Godly.

It is good. It's good to be busy with track, but that's not as believe it. That's not what we stop. What training for God in this is much better. So he's not saying that we shouldn't drink cuz you got people that twists that he says, it's good. It's good for the body. It's good for you the physical stuff. Miss training for godliness.

Betty becomes your behavior as so what happens is if he says this is much better promising benefits in this life and the life to come so that's what training there are in this in this season. Look like to come so we going to have any benefits a man. This is a trustworthy saying and everyone should accepted. This is why we work continue to struggle in the Living God who is the singer of all people in particular of all believers teach these things everyone. I have a mandate the teacher sticks. I know this is one of them think you know, these are one of those messages were we just get all excited with blessings is getting ready to come and let you know. This is I'm telling you you want to train for these blessings. Okay, there's some stuff that comes super naturally and there's something you got to work at. Because if you don't got to work at it, then you become this little spoiled brat. right ever seen people that don't they don't work. It look like a wealthy person. He knows that or she knows that they have to teach their children. Can you set up a life? But you don't have to go to learn how to work you will have to do is cause their children to volunteer.

Because you're going to have to learn and so what we have to do is we have to learn these things. It's not going to come automatic. You have to be intentional on how to have joy. You have to be intentional how to be excited happy we live. This is not a world where everything go your way. You got to train yourself to be a tutu of the various that's going to be presenting. Stop is not just going to work itself out. Some is not going to just just working on that. We say all things work together for the good.

Pick up my prescription. You don't say it is we're out. This is for the good. So you're you're struggling, but it went good for you. Give me a revelation.

That brought back the negative thing that transpired in your life. Knows how to take it and make it work for your good that you don't be naive anymore. a man But you don't mean that you don't hurry up and jump into the next thing. What you use to wisdom so it was good. It never didn't mean that it worked out as far as it went. Perfect. And that's playing it may not ever go as planned. But it work for your good to those who is working out.

going to be an attention on we understand it's working for my good not that we got this Revelation at And it was sent us sales up with this appointment cuz we have unrealistic expectations cuz we don't. you got to understand that what God is going to take the

knowing that it will produce. something something is coming on. depression the negativity out. Racing inside of a peach squeezing the complainer out of it.

Thank you for the hardships because this is how I get wiser and stronger if I'm learning how to maneuver. I'm learning how to break through. Me myself. I have to get to the place without my support and I lose myself on the things that I don't.

Isaiah 52 again. Look at this this word right here. He says I like it in the Holman Christian Standard Bible says stand up that work stand up deals with to Aramis The Sting. Indigent it means to become powerful someone say to become powerful. It also means to come on the seat. So if you got to come on the same there was a season you off this thing. Sometimes God will ignore to be in Hidden Caesars intentionally so that you'll be so he can put you in the transformation. Okay if you can put you on They don't know where you been. You ain't been in a You wake me up at 11.

snow paint

he's teaching you patience.

Do you want to continue to put the clothes are not so you can put it back together? He's shaking and holding you and gave you write greatest tunes and release you so you can be powerful after you called do that. Now. I called you the Starbucks and I caused you to put you and I'll put you back in the game and I want you to come back on the seat.

Because if I put you there too soon you going to mess it up?

You don't say the wrong with me.

until I tell folks this what are the things? And I'm not targeting anyone.

This is what me and Mom.

Want to be successful? It won't money. all women most of them most of them

those are the two most things that request that I hear. I'm not limited to hear I'm talking General is when white women want to be why? They want to have a husband. men want to be wealthy

and what happens is sometimes I wanted to fast.

and then would not realize her testimony from Bizzle Bizzle said I told the Lord he said don't let me get there. If I'm not real busy was a rapper.

Because I'll mess it all up.

He said leave when I said imma Do it for the Lord things not happen. I just heard this. same thing with marriages what we want is more likely to be married so quickly and it's like


Because it's not curable. For what you need?

because if you look at marriages benefit and not responsibility you definitely

cuz that's what I need to put gas in my car. You might get Mary spill gas in your car.

Hey, man, you was better to put gas in your ass.

excessive heat goddess is he has a sense of

We take it personally.

And so he says around so that you can become powerful to maintain oneself to be confirmed to be proven. To be set to be fixed. Okay.

It also means to perform. I like that to confirm before we do something we got to because burn those things a man.

the word Shake Is 9 hour in the Hebrew? It means this. To shape to empty yourself to be shaking it to shake off or out it means to it's like the idea of a lion shaking off his Mane.

And so it's the overthrow. So what God is saying is is for you to send up. Is for YouTube to to to arrive to come back on the scene after you've been confirmed to become powerful and then it says to shake off to to shake off those those things that have gotten on you. Like a lion shaking his man sometimes when you been laying down too long all type of stuff ghetto. And you got to say, I think of my dog High just shakes everything gets on my nerves Shake too much. He shakes things. Answer release whatever is on him a man and then it says to sit. It says two to sit.

Or take your seat that were to sit in the Hebrew means sense. It means to

to to take your place

It means to dwell. endings to continue It means to Abba. and then the word says to lose the word lose means to open up to Lose Yourself it means to

let go and become free. So what is this song Mean So what God is saying is this time? I meet you there because this time was you getting ready to go. I'm going to make you pop. And why would you ask your deciding to stand up now? What I want you to do is Shake Yourself. I want you to shake every bad habit. I want you to shake every mad thinking I want you to shake everything. I want you to sick every bad these different things. Then what I want you to do is after you sick that I want you to get to the place. Where you

In my presence, you take your seat and worship and then I want you to get to a place where you lose yourself. I want you to do some some self Deliverance. I want you to get to the place that where you where you where you begin to cause of Freedom 2. The Bible says stay there Point Liberty with crisis set you free and be not entangled.

Navigate to shake these things off and lose yourself from the from the course of weakened is the change of bondage that have been on your life that have been playing at your life.

I want you to attack these things this backpack things that you've been.

Albion Chris Brown and then after that I want you to see where I have you seen it have you seated in Heavenly places have you seen?

Play some breakfast and I want you to begin to take. with all this stuff the sexiest man clears out his man get all the Broncos on this man that you don't know the things that was what that was him. I want you to shake these things to yourself and the grip of the end of the hand of procrastination from the hand of the beds that have been holding you where I want you to go to the pain medication cause you to do what I want you to get to the place where you lose yourself. If you break yourself free from those things. Did you get into the presence of God I need to get his power to come in. The future was stripped to break the chain. I need the sap Center to get to the Play Store says, I'm not a messed up, but I'm not going to see if you're not getting ready to pull smoothest single and ready to kill him a bill of states that has caused me to be in this place. I'm going to sleep at all this week. I'll get rid of all the weight of the seeing all the way of the world. I'm losing myself. This is what was free. That's it. I'm going to take a risk and I'm going to whoop this journey that Christ has already to update the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God. I hate to sound like a male artists and they took their seats and took possession of the cities and got a chicken suit walk whatever whatever things up here. This place is going to hear Shake yourself up with every possible. You're so clever manipulation and Witchcraft smell Shake Yourself from every person in yourself even trying to put on yourself. And we danced in their class that I will I will when I will push you up. I will rise up.

Cuz I don't know why I was just if you believe that.

kids swimming in the pool delish Shake It Off

Billy the Exterminator

What wait nevermind?

Will you believe I believe the report of the Lord is a prosperity?

What do I help my marriage?

What's up with your self? Shut yourself out of it.

Take me to it's going to make us rich and addeth. No sorrow, but that's what she was getting ready to hit. Maybe it's just the stream of the hip-hop generation.

How much is a puppuccino?

Call shut yourself. I was juggin.

Google what time is it? Things you should have in your truck.

Not forgetting a lipstick.

the blessing way What's up? What's up, its head release right now. This is Charles being released in the song exchange and the TV was Jesus take the depression to give me joy. Take the beer. Give me both of us. the disappointment again Madrid expectation

What's the weather outside today?

Who is this?

Give me all.

I declare we are we shall finish. At least Chucky we should we bless. I think your father in Jesus mighty name. Hallelujah I Rise break my shake and I sit. And I loose the things off of my neck.

Every stubbornness we break it right now that ain't what she uses. Every excuse we break it right now in the name of Jesus.

Everybody mad with me. brother right now the name of Jesus

I'm with you.

You right now for the Breakthrough?

Cuz now we get it.

robitussin CF

in the name of Jesus

The slower one of our mothers this little can you come on? I will pray for you if she's half.

What a state breed. She's having a procedure this week and I just want to stick read and she goes to the doctor.

goggle eyes It all goes well father in the name of Jesus. Lord you are Jehovah Rapha the Lord I killed it. Father God I pray that now that the door that she goes. And to this procedure that she's going to have father. I pray that you will guide the hands of the doctors in the whiskey.

Let all things go well and I pray right now for releasing of your images. to saturate that place compliment that was fear would be conducive.

for protection in Florida for healing and let the doctors do what they need to do, but father you do what you can do and probably think you're right now then you're going to do. What you can do. skillet So whatever it is by the neck killing. Right now it's the mighty name of Jesus.

And we come against right now every demonic interference and every enemy that was trying to come and interfere and cause any type of problem we break it right now. We find it right now, but yours is whatever you bind on Earth will be loosed. So far the right now we exercised our keys and Authority right now. We buying right now every Spirit of sickness every apartment taking everything.

We find the right now. We was healing completely killing father in the mighty name of Jesus healing by the right now father God, whatever the procedure.

You're welcome.

So father we thank you right now. But you're not putting protection around it. Kilgore One Touch but I think it's a new Strength.

states of her life that you'll give her a new strength and energy


bother you even

give me cognitively father. I pray that now and then I think you that you kept her in her right mind. Massapequa longevity of the hospital in her she'll continue to have be in her right mind. all the days of her life and I thank you Lord that she's going to have laser focus. Shark boats take a screenshot. She's going to be finding. Be able to remember things. father we thank you right now because

thank you Lord that your blessing is going to be upon her. Now when all those are losing their mind, she won't ever lose her. When others losing their thought their memories, she won't lose her and then what others have different elements in the mind that she won't have those cuz father you protecting her mind. Keep them over Focus. You keeping this mine trained and healthy and we thank you. Jesus me. Let this body continue to be healthy. in the mighty name of Jesus from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet to every ligament every joint every every muscle and pretended Lord every organ.

Let your healing virtue flow. In Jesus. Mighty name. Amen.

Google Hallelujah

God is good Hallelujah. Well, it is nasty out. We've already done announcement.

Weber Q light Continue to keep us in prayer. I want to charge us is something I just want to do. Every week I want to lift your hands up. And in the mighty name of Jesus on charger.

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