Matthew 8:1-17 // SICKNESSES

Matthew 2019-2020  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  1:04:57
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Jesus heals our sicknesses. Not always how we want, or when we want. Everyone that was healed by Jesus while He was on Earth still died. Those who trust Him are healed eternally and are in His presence awaiting the resurrection. Jesus demonstrated to Israel that He was truly the promised Messiah, God with Us, come to remove the curse upon creation after Adam's sin. Jesus did many great miracles and He still does. Not the least of which, He was raised from the dead and is, therefore, alive now. He has promised to raise everyone who lives and believes in Him. We have truly entered and enjoy His Kingdom knowing freedom from the fear of death! He Himself took our infirmities. Rejoice, we'll live free of sicknesses in the end.

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