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I am not the best at physics, in fact somehow I managed to go through all of high school, college and a masters degree without taking even a basic physics course
but this past week I decided to brush up on my physics and was reading Newtons third law of motion and it was actually interesting to me
because Newtons third law is that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
and I had no idea what that meant, but I started reading about what this even means
and I started learning that for anything to move this law needs to take place.
So if I want to jump I have to push off the ground, and because the ground or earth is bigger then me it doesn’t move but the reaction is I go up in the air.
For example when I walk because the ground is huge and is
but if this law wasn’t in play we would be unable jump, drive, fly in airplanes and even walk.
because whenever a movement occurs it effects one object which in return effects us.
but as I thought of of this law I started to realize that it applies a little more then just physics, because whenever an event happens in our life it causes a reaction in our life in some way
whether its big or small or good or bad events, people and a ton of different things effect our life.
you know our job has an effect on our life
our friends have an effect on our life
our family has an effect on our life
and really today we are going to be talking about three areas that have an effect on our life.
the effect of sin in our life
the effect that Christ has in our life
and the effect that the church has in our life and others (whether thats a good thing or bad)
So turn wit me to
and this is the final week of our short series trusting God and if I am being honest this week God led me a little bit of a different direction then what I planned, but I am excited to share what God’s laid on my heart.
So once again we will be in It says:
So this passage starts out where Jesus is teaching at the synagogue on Sunday the sabbath day
and while He is here it says that He sees a women who has been crippled by an evil spirt
and just for clarification when the Bible talks about an evil Spirit crippling her we do not believe that every-time someone is sick or has some sort of disability that they have done wrong or have a spirit in them or anything like that
In fact Jesus in other passages says that is not usually the case!
but this is kind of a rare case that Jesus noticed
and this passage paints a pretty sad picture here because it says for 18 years this women has bent over.
and could never straighten up
You can almost picture what everyday life was like for her.
You can almost imagine how hard it would have been for her to get around.
You can see her being stuck looking at the ground constantly
back then people would have viewed her as some one to avoid
and she probably would of even been someone who had to beg for money in order to survive.
and really if you can imagine what these 18 years have been like for this women, it has been awful, dark and debilitating for her.
and you know
But what this passage really spoke to me this week because that really is the effect that sin has in our life.
It completely depilates, cripples us, bounds us and it really paints a picture where when sin is in our life we are often living this dark life.
Have you ever felt like that?
where you go I have this addiction and I can’t shake it
I’ve been trying to stop this habit for 18 years but I have just been bound by sin
I’ve been prideful or angry for 18 years and I don’t know what to do about it
I’ve been dealing with (insert whatever it might be) and have no idea how to shake it.
and when this happens what begins to take place is we begin to see a wall being built that separates us from God.
Some of you may remember this illustration I did awhile back where I had a bunch of boxes that had different things written on them that separate us from God and I stacked the boxes up and it formed a wall in front of me
And what happened is I was isolated from all of you and could not get around this wall of boxes
and whenever we deal with sin in our life it isolates us from God like that where we have no hope.
and I am using my imagination a little bit, but I am sure this women in the story tried to find different solutions,
where she went to different doctors, or people who thought they might be able to help her, and now she has finally called it quits where she has come to terms that this is just how life is.
Dark, isolated, bound, and debilitated with this wall in front of her that she has no idea how shell ever get around it.
Thats the effect of sin
But aren’t you happy the story doesn’t end there?
because Jesus sees her and it says He calls her over,
and she didn’t have to come but she comes and look what happens in verse 13 because it says she stood up straight.
Jesus knocked down the wall that has been in front of her for years
The wall that we can probably imagine she has tried to knock down different ways,
but only Jesus could knock down that wall.
and the response it says that she praises God for healing her!
You know the effect of sin is debilitating and bounds us up, but the effect of Christ
the effect of Christ is something amazing,
because we might feel like we have had this addiction for years, or this issue that we have even known about
and at this point it might feel like its just part of who we are and we will never be fixed
but while the effect of sin is great; the effect of Christ in our life is greater.
and praise God for this because we can try to change how we have been acting
and we might be able to a little bit
But we are not truly healed and changed unless we fix our heart.
Its like if you were having health issues and you found ways to manage the symptoms, but the only way to truly be healed was to get surgery
and thats what Christ is calling us to do.
He is asking us to do surgery on our heart.
So we talked about sins effect on our lives and Christ effect on our life which are huge,
But this last point is actually pretty big for us also because it talks about the effects that those in the church can have in our life whether that be positive or negative.
because the passage continues and this women is praising God
and you would think everyone would see this amazing miracle and praise God for it
but what happens is a leader of the Jewish church comes up and is mad at Jesus because the Sabath was a day of rest.
but Jesus healed on it.
and this leader says look you have 6 days of the week you could have done this on, but instead you did it today.
But isn’t that amazing that this miracle happens but instead of rejoicing in what God has done, the leader of the church goes this isn’t how it should happen.
Healing can only take place Monday through Saturday from 8:00-4:00
But the leaders of the church had these preconceived ideas on how God was going to move,
and instead of being bound by what God wants they were bound by there thoughts on how things should happen.
You know you probably have heard this story before but there was once a man who was stranded in a flood on top of his car
and we was praying to God to save him from drowning
And a
and shortly after a boat came by and asked him if he needed help, but he said no God’s going to save me
then the national guard came on a helicopter and came to save him, but He said no my God is going to save me
well he ended up passing away and he was in heaven and asked God why didn’t you save me?
and God said I sent you a boat and a helicopter.
You know that might sound like common sense but the truth is most of us have a preconceived idea on how God is going to move which isn’t a bad thing
but it is an issue when God calls us outside of that, and but we are bound to how we think God should move instead of being bound to God.
If God said I want you to cancel Sunday morning service and move it to a Saturday night would you do it?
(btw I pray that He never calls us to do that because I like have a free Saturday night)
You know if Go
But if God said I want to change this about the church are we going to say no this is how we have always done it or are we going to say okay God we are listening.
Because look at verse 16 because it says: 16 This dear women a daughter of Abraham has been held in bondage by satan for 18 years.
Isn’t it right that she be released on the Sabbath?
For us its saying look there are people who are deer children of God who have been in bondage for what seems like their whole life.
16 This dear women
yet you are going to let your preconceived ideas on how God should work get in the way of them finding Christ and being made well.
And really all of this boils down to do I trust God.
Do I trust Got to the point where I am willing to go where He is calling me even when it doesn’t fit my agenda.
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