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History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time
Exodus 33:1-
God gave Moses and the children of Israel a promise of a land that flowed with milk and honey.
God has taken them from the bondage of captivity and a life of harship and was leading them to a place of freedom and blessings.
God has promised to send angles before them removing any threat that was in the land.
But then God says I will not go up with you, for if I go I will destroy you on the way because you are a hard headed people.
We all know that God is omni-present and he is every where at all times, but this is talking about a particular presence where God chooses to make himself know and active.
It is this particular presence that God is threatening to remove from the people.
How upset is God that He has to pull away from the children of Israel because if He didn’t he is going to destroy them?
What did the children of Israel do to make Him so upset?
Why was He that angry?
What was said?
What was done?
What in the world would make God that angry?
We must look at chapter 32 to find the answer
Exodus 32:
Could it be the the people became a little anxious?
Could it be that the people felt like Moses was taking to long up on the mountain with the Lord?
Or maybe it was because the people began to do their own thing and forgot about what Moses had taught them to do.
We know the people began to make and worship their own Gods.
Maybe they felt like they had no leader so they were going to do what ever they wanted to do.
I know we do not have a pastor at this time.
I know we may feel a little abandoned
I know we may feel like we have lost our Under Shepard, but we still have The Great Shepard
God is still in control
God is still on the throne
He will never leave us nor for sake us
He is still faithful to us
He is still alpha and omega
He is still leading this church
So we know what we are supposed to do
We know the
Its not time to give up
Its not time to slow down
Its not time to give in
As a matter a fact its time to pray more than ever
Its time to fast more than ever
Its time to give more than ever
Its time to commit more than ever
Its time to unify more than ever
To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin.
We must learn from History
Exodus 33:7-
It was Moses who would go into the tabernacle and begin to pray
He would pray until something happend
The people would witness the pillar of cloud that would stand at the door of the tabernacle
The Lord would talk with Moses
But the people also would begin to worship
It was in those meetings that Moses would talk with the Lord
When is the last time you had a good ol fashion prayer meeting where you know you have been with the Lord
When you know you have talked with Him as if you were face to face
It’s time for the church to bind together in prayer like never before
We all must get into our own little prayer closet and not leave until the pillar of cloud stands at our door and we talk with Him as if we were face to face
I cant help but think of the story in where Joshua is leading the Israelites in battle.
The Israelites are pursuing the enemy and Joshua realizes he is going to run out of day light
So he prays and ask the Lord to stop the sun and the moon right where they are
The Lord answered his prayer and the sun stood still about a whole day
I love what is says in verse 14
I must ask the question
When is the last time your prayers wowed God?
When is the last time you talked with him face to face and God said wow you really do have faith as a grain of mustard seed
What do you need from Him
What have you been putting off asking Him because it seemed impossible
Let me tell you today we serve a God of the impossible
There is nothing he cannot do
There is not a need to big that He cannot answer
We serve a God that is fighting for us
When you get in His presence, Im telling you today make Him say wow with your petitions
Exodus 33:
Exodus 33:12-
It was prayer that changed the mind of God.
It was prayer that changed the mind of God.
When we read God was not going with them into the promised land
He was so angry that the people were turning their backs on Him and he was ready to destroy them
But it was when Moses and the people began to pray and worship that God changed his mind and he was going to let His presence go with the children of Israel
There are so many of us here today just like Moses, He was wanting to know who was going with him to the promised land.
We are wondering who will be our next pastor
But can I tell you today the better question to ask God is simply found in verse 13
If I have found grace in thy sight, show me your way, that I MAY KNOW YOU
The last couple times I have preached I have preached on knowing Him
If we could turn our focus on knowing him more than knowing who will be our next pastor things will begin to happen in this church.
I get it, it is a bit scary and we all can spend a lot of time on speculating who will be the next pastor, But I must tell you in the holy ghost today
There is a much greater need than knowing who will fill this pulpit, it is getting to know Him.
That is the most important issue today.
Do you know Him
Do you have a relationship with Him
Does He know you by name
Have you spoken with him as if you were face to face like Moses did.
When we get to know him, all of a sudden his presence begins to go with us every where we go.
And Im not talking about the omni-presence where he is everywhere at all times, but I’m talking about the presence where He chooses to make Himself know and active.
We must learn from history
Exodus 33:18-
Moses was not satisfied with where he had been with the Lord
He wanted more
He wanted to know Him better
He never let his relationship get old
He was never content with where he was
He wanted to know the Lord like never before
Just talking with the Lord was not enough
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