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Being certain that you are in the center of God’s will, leads you to carry your faith in God to whom He leads you.

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Spending some time with Joseph tonight. We're well said by one commentator who put it like that. She said among the most prized possessions of men of past centuries was a fine. store It was a Damascus blade that was valued for its strength and Edge hammered through secret process in Toledo. Spain Spanish steel be known as strong as you can get the time in a 19th century in the English-speaking world. Nothing would stop better than a Wilkinson Sword British officers in the battle of omdurman. Scrabble pronounce that wrong but it was the last great cavalry charge towards have been immortalized in mythology as well. I think of King Arthur's sword Excalibur pulled from the cloven Rock witcha course gave it, you know magic powers and that's all part of the fairy tale. along with all of that, but Or recently swords play a prominent part some movies different stories Frodo Baggins have staying and you know, it seems like when you go to sword shops, they have no clam drill at all these swords that are based off of JRR tolkien's novels and some swords have played a huge part in that unit delivery from our enemy is the idea when you have a sword like stinging and it tells you where the Orcs are then you can do better if I can get them. Let's go to the scriptures because the scriptures have much to say about swords and I would remind you of Ephesians 6:17 that part of the whole armor of God we are to put on is it to take up that offensive weapon is the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. And you continue that thought and it goes on to say praying with all supplication. And so the spoken word of God. The framer is the translated word there by Paula sick. The spoken word of God is the sword of the spirit. Think about that when Jesus was in Temptation, he spoke the scriptures and eventually the devil

Hebrews 4:12 remind us that the word of God is quicker quick and Powerful sharper than any two-edged sword two different kinds of Swords primarily in Roman culture one would be a large thracian broadsword. That's not the sword referenced in Hebrews 4:12. The thracian broadsword would be stored in Revelation that when Jesus comes back on that white horse conquering and to conquer he comes traveling. That's the kind of broadsword that would be coming from his mouth are so don't confuse the two types of the type of Sword referenced in Hebrews chapter 4 verse number 12 would be best described in our in our mindset is more of a scalpel now, it's not so don't confuse the two but it's sharper than any two-edged sword promise would use the small swords to to do incision like Cuts think of more surgery oriented rather than Warfare oriented. The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. It's quick. It's alive. It's powerful as capable as it has it. So it is sharper than any scalpel. You can ever find is sharper than any two-edged sword verse goes on to talk about it dividing asunder between joint mehron between Soul and Spirit who we are towards have that capability. When used by the great physician John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress remembering that story he carries A right Jerusalem Blade with God's word as his sort. There's another kind of Sword this commentator went on to describe. He said that is the sword. Other human life so shape and honed and tempered by God through the fires of life that it becomes a mighty blade of Deliverance a sharpening a daunting instrument of salvation. This is what we've been seeing in life Joseph. Now. We know the rest of the story hindsight 20/20 the right now Joseph is still in that tempering phase. He's still in that sharpening, but eventually he's going to be wielded by God through his humility and his leadership under peyroux to be able to have the wisdom to supply want in time of famine 7 years of laying up against the seven years of want. That's how Joseph will physically deliver the world from famine through God's help. But then also there's a greater spiritual Deliverance that he brings to his own family being used by God in it. So sharpening of his life such an edge that he becomes a singular instrument of redemption. For his J. If you can when Joseph this writer said is a callow insensitive innocently arrogant. You don't know about all that, but how arrogant was Joseph seen that in his evil report that he brought against his brother's I don't know but he was sold into Egyptian slavery. A bitter experience in yet. I have a hard time pinpointing and come out of him when you study his life know there's a bitter weeping when he's reunited with his brothers and you can sense the one point and he has to withdraw and go in tears and tow a bitter experience and yet through it all you see God's grace. seasoning Joseph with a sweetness

he comes to the place where he actually can forgive his brothers trusting in the Lord that God means it for good even when they mean it for evil. And so we think about chapter number 40. I want to draw your attention to what I believe are the center vs of this chapter in a symmetrical purview of this you'll see I believe Moses is driving us to consider these two verses because it's going to prepare us for what will happen in a couple of years after Joseph has been in prison for 14. If you would after Joseph interprets the dream of the butler in particular, he asks the butler he pleads with the Butler and he says these words butt. Sink guard me. Same root word as remember me later on. We'll see.

And show kindness I pray thee unto me and make mention of me on the Pharaoh and bring me out of this. house house

foreign stolen away out of the way. and here also have I done nothing that they should put me into the UN g e o n

Lord I pray that you will encourage our hearts in your work tonight and help us to see Joseph and consider his plight and also to look beyond that to see how you're orchestrating circumstances that are Beyond his control to lead him to a place that really the way up is down and he is at Rock Bottom here Lord, and the only way for him to go from this point is up and and what and up that will be as she ascends the second in command under Pharaoh himself in his day. This is one of the greatest nations of the world and really he would be the vice president of the world ruler of his day eventually, but Lord he can't see that here. He just sees his dungeon. It is a house Lord, and that's where he is. But I just pray that you'll help us to not lose sight of what you might do and help us to be in the center of your wheel no matter where that might carry us and may we have our space strengthened in you Lord may we also be vessels and instrument to be used to bring others to a saving knowledge of your son Jesus Christ. We ask you father to use us to do this in Jesus name. I pray amen. I thought I'd like for you to ponder and take with you through Genesis chapter number 40 is simply this way. Certain that you're in the center of God's will. Well, I believe like Joseph to carry your faith. Your faith in God to those to whom he leaves you. Consider the circumstances of Joseph in Genesis chapter before y'all say that statement again so that it can resonate with you and you can ponder it deeply every word is selected on purpose. Pink shirt without question without assurance that you are right in the center of God's will weather that's on the mountain or whether that's in the valley weather to the house or whether it's in the dungeon whether it's in Potiphar's Potiphar's care or whether it's the keeper of the prison whether it's with your brothers in the field or father at home. I'm thinking of Joseph. Knowing with absolute certainty that you're in the center of God's will leads Us carry our faith in God.

to those to whom you leaders

through this Joseph is going to encounter a couple of people that need God. And this is all part of God's plan for him son of taking a different perspective on this than I do not to say that, you know, they're wrong or anything. I think there's an application to what they may fit. I think maybe they're taking a little more Liberty than the text allows them to me. Personally navigation Joseph actually wavered in his faith and began to trust in men rather than God now, I'll let you determine whether that's in the passage or not. You can take it to that extent regardless, if you see it as interpretation, I think it is a valid application point if you applied that way and see Joseph is turning two men to try to get him out of the waiting on God, but I do think it's a little bit further than the text goes. Because Joseph here, he just has a patient's about him and I see some elements in his willingness to interpret dreams and particularly in a pray that demonstrates to me. He still has faith in God. He still has belief that the Lord will use him or something greater but a test of faith perhaps Joseph in prison is going to face and I he keeps himself pure from the seduction of pot because he remain pure he's going to suffer imprisonment for it with false accusations. And so now he's here this prison and the King's Ward pharaohs Ward and feed a 1-1 commentator ask it this way. It has Joseph abandon his dreams while we ask that will if you go back to chapter number 37, there were a couple of Joseph had that would have affirmed to him that God had great things in store for him and yet now it looks like that's been turned on its head. Where's God and all of this those dreams that you know, the 12 cheese or going to bow down and the sun moon and stars are going to make obeisance to whom to Joseph Nguyen the prison-house here so has he abandoned he has not and he maintains his faith in God and this is proven by dreams dreams of the Butler and the baker in hopefully you'll notice tonight. If I don't slip up I'm going to I'm going to on purpose use the name Butler and Baker because I believe the the King James translators here have done us a favor and you've already alliterative for me as a preacher. And why would I do that bring into work up there? I don't know. I think Butler work just fine and so will talk about that here in just a moment as we get into the text itself, but

Don't believe so after everything has happened. I believe you understand understand that dreams. The cannon is not closed as we have here from Genesis to revelation God reveals himself and so he will reveal some some things here through the screen. Joseph nailed it in that God has put him in this at first situation. Perhaps the test was going to come out shining through this by the time it's all said and done as Joseph gives the interpretation of the dream. You'll find out it's fulfilled to the letter. Everything that Joseph says he's going to come to pass. I'll have it application on that as we continue on when we get closer to seeing his interpretations of those dreams and understanding how God has revealed what will occur in the lives of these two men in preparation for what he will later do for pharaoh and deliver the entire nation of Egypt based off a rose streams. Everything just like you predicted. Joseph and Daniel are two key people that have We have recorded for us in the pages of Holy Scripture that they were gifted by God with the ability to interpret dreams. And so letting the text and where it is and understanding how God is working in the same time. I want to notice first off with me how Joseph's faith is being tested. Look at verses 1 through 4 with me if you would and it came to pass after these things after what things go the whole soap opera with potiphar and Potiphar's wife and all of that false accusation and out. Joseph is in prison and what we're reading about here. I don't know how long he's been there sometime taters upended down. That's how old he actually is. You can go later on and see if he's exactly so do the math backwards. You'll get a good time frame here, I think. Noticed as his faith is tested. We observing versus number one. There's an offense that is made by Pharaoh's officers in a fence that's made by Pharaoh's lobsters. It came to pass after these things that the butler of the king of Egypt and his Baker had offended their lord the king of Egypt. So who's offended it's not stay to hear what their offense was but I when I was studying this I wanted the commentary said that I find helpful occasionally and has some really good things in it at times. What is the Tyndall Testament commentaries and wrote that commentary for Genesis in the totc and a comment that I had to ponder. If you read his writings, you'll find out at times. It seems like he's not really doing that much to fits of it. So I he made a comment in there about the word offense. He said the word is and here's the word. I took a picture with mr. Kidney. Miss leading. The word offense is misleading or misguided or something to that too. And I stopped and I said, what do you mean, it's Miss guiding or it's misleading? I think it's misleading English readers. Well, I think if we take an understanding, you know, when we can we use the language of today and impose it on the English of the authorized translation.

So what does it mean to offend somebody? Well, if you look it up in Webster, you'll find a long list definitions there. If you look down the list a little further, you'll find out it does mean what we think of maybe offending someone like you hurt someone's feelings. And so it said he felt like throwing them in prison. I don't think you're looking at the right definition of the word offense. The very first definition that's given. Webster's 1828 dictionary on the word offense points to a Breaking of the law

So let's let the word stand. Dr. Kintner with all due respect. There's nothing misleading. We just need to open our dictionary or look up a word that you maybe didn't understand quite fully and we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips and we won't even use it. They got your smartphone look up the word since you'll find out first definition that's given is that of breaking the law and I think one commentator pointed out the fact that both of these two men have offices that they're over that have to do with what the king ingest somehow. The butler would be over his cup and the baker would be over his meats and all that he eats so what he drinks and what he eats, so maybe he got sick after a meal and said, I don't know which one of you did it or which one of you are culpable of it. I'll find that out later, but you're both going in the pan. Maybe that's just might have occurred Cairo getting sick and saying let's get to the bottom of this. I want you to notice though, the Butler and the baker here Butler is a good word all the modern concerts. It seems like every one of them are going to point you to cut there seems like one of those I love I love the King James. I don't want to miss mislead you here tonight is a good understanding but historically and verify this, you know, make sure I'm not going off on a on a whim here, but I don't think it's just more round Arctic Xerxes time and days of Persia. So let's stand with the translators again.

The fact that he is the butler over what the Kings going to drink etymology again do a little research on the word Butler. Does it sound anything like the word bottle? It's French in its origination. The French word for father and son is a bottle of toddler Butler again seems like a lot of movies tonight to listen to another one. Maybe you've seen the movie clue if you have it and you're not really missing much but there there's a comment, you know, hold on with me. I'm not just going to Hollywood to try to you know entertain you. I'm actually pointing out how Hollywood has helped redefine our understanding of what you think of maybe some of the sitcom shows that I grew up watching. Mr. Butler or maybe you think of lurch. I don't know that it has the people are coming in to the house. There were all of the things are going to go down to where to find out who did it with what where and all of that. Glue in there and he says I'm merely a humble Butler and to the tune to which Colonel Mustard says we'll what exactly do you do? And Wadsworth pipes out nieces. I Buttle sir.

What is a butler to? Would you even know what a butler supposed to be the origination of hula Butler would be to a high official a bottler of a prince or a king of a Nation take France. You think rulership in world history the butler a position comes from that so again, let's to stand with the translators.

Why can I say that because the context is came in just a moment when this man tell Joseph his dream. He says you know that I took.

Basler Not cupbearer vossler. He's battling the Kings. Great. Yes. I said great news. Why no purpose in this offense. Go to Scotts providential placement of them in the prison Ward with Joseph. Look at Birth number three if you will and he put them in a row put the Butler and put the Butler and the baker. The chief Butler and the chief of the baker. She put them in ward in the house of the captain of the Guard is that part of her I would argue with you. I don't know if I can be dogmatic about saying it's part of her. It does say captain of the guard and that's the same title. Give the pot of her if it is part of what makes sense why he would be smitten Joseph care because potiphar has personal knowledge of how God's hand has been on Joseph. So I think there's good argument on both sides of that do ideas. It's part of her but it's not spelled out that spot. So the captain of the Guard they put them into prison the place where Joseph was found that tells us this isn't a vacation Joseph is in Chains, he's found here. He is within boundaries. He might have a certain amount of Liberty, but that Liberty only go so far and he is he is found and we see The providential placement of these two men right? We're Joseph is do you notice this in person or three the dream of the cupbearer and the baker the dreams of the butler? Thank you and the fake spoke of life and death. We haven't talked about the dreams yet. But when we see them, the butler's dream will speak of Life. The baker's dream will speak of death. And this way does the polarity of ideas corresponding to Joseph experiences of moving from favor to slavery in chapter 37 from Fountain and chapter 39 from prison to Dominion or kingship in chapter 41. He has he had a way of putting that The contrast polarity authority over success and failure and famine over life and death. I had to stop and Ross's is onto something here because God is Sovereign is he not is he not stop? He is or he is and he is.

Is he not the author of life? Is he not also the one that can end our life there is a sinner to death. I pray not for a Johnson. Any time will you serve that by harming our fellow man taking Lysa doesn't belong to us for taking a life. That doesn't belong to us meeting our own we overstep we transgress our boundaries and we wind up in the realm that belongs to God life and death by Groove doctor. Once you're on the way. The client says when we meditate in his law day and night then we'll be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. So not defining success. But this that negate Joseph spree. Will that's the question where we would we would have to have a deep discussion with our reform friends would not be because they would say perseverance, you know, if you don't persevered maybe you were never saved begin with those kind of arguments. They would you know, they say, they might look at it and take perseverance to level. Dr. Ross never intended perhaps reading into his and his words. Not prepared to go there. But I think that we can see Joseph exercising his Free Will in the midst of Gobstopper.

It's up to him. He doesn't have to even look in on this man and yet he does and then when he sees them and they looked as she said he might ask that he could have just said what was wrong with it today and went out of business.

But he didn't he chose to give himself to them. He chose to serve them in person before you noticed the suffering servant reverse poor with me and the captain of the Guard charged Joseph with him. And look at these work. Maybe you want to underline this. So you see it again when you read Genesis 40. And he served them. Joseph is in a place where he's been commissioned with this man. He's given the charge of these men and he did not hesitate to serve them. He say suffering servant making the connection suffering servant has been tested that Joseph is going to demonstrate his faith. We see Faith shown not only do we tested verses 1 through 4. We see Faith shown in verses 5 through 19 notice with me the Divine appointment that we seeing verses 5 through 8 the first part of it Divine appointment Divine appointments of these Jewel dreamers.

First number 5 read it with me and they Dreamed a Dream. So it says he serve them and they continued a season in Ward and after they were there for some amount of time obviously getting to know Joseph A little better. There was some kind of relationship at least that they had the Butler and the baker both of them dream in one night not different nice in two different cells. Polarized two different offices totally unrelated in some senses and yet in one night, they both had dreams that have similarities as well as striking differences that we need to pay attention to. In one night this to you was no accident. This was not mere coincidence that they just happened to dream such similar dreams in one night. Has Joseph Sherman so you see how whatever happened with Pharaoh put them right where God wanted them to be and now Joseph has an opportunity to witness to them about his God. The god that stands in stark contrast with all the Egyptian gods that they know. No, I don't know if they had there have been things that have been Unearthed and we found in in Tunes if they choose to interpret dreams and you'll have symbols and what the symbols mean and all of this and they had books that they had compiled a musician set his magicians. If you will, excuse me, you won't be able to find Pharaoh's magicians while you're down in the dungeon. Perhaps to speak to a little bit of their perplexity and their continents in that Joseph serves them and they look. They have a literally people face.

Hurtful, sad good translation. Why do you look so downcast what's going on? There's something nice to buy an appointment dreamers. They Dreamed a Dream both of them. Each man, according to the interpretation of his dream and the Butler and the baker of the king of Egypt which were Bound in prison Joseph. They were sad Rose officers that were with him of his Lord's House lowercase l Stay wear for looky so sadly today. The word sadly is the same route that you'll see translated later about Pharaoh's dream and that the hill favored cap Hill favorite. So these guys look pretty sick about whatever they dreamed about that. There's something happening. This was one night. He goes in and checks on him and finds out each one of them have this down catch Counting.

This is the comment that I did agree was kidding around by the way. He said it's besides the efficiency and integrity Joseph. Very efficient, man. He's he's a man of integrity. It says his immediate reference to God Rings true. It was the habit of his mind and Kenner gives us some reference number 9 if we read this we go back and see.

There is none greater in this house than I neither has he kept back anything from me, but the because our his wife, how can I how then can I do this great wickedness and sin again. got if we look at chapter 41 verse 16 Macias and also chapter 15 chapter 41 to turn over there looking for number 16. Joseph answered Pharaoh saying it is not in Me God. So give their own answer piece. Look at first number 51 of the same chapter Joseph called the name of this first born Manasseh for God said he has made me forget all my toilet on my father says she thought and meditation of Joseph's Heart Like That

Joseph isn't Kennedy still dreamers in the first number 5 and they have shared with him there disquieted dispositions in verses 6 through 7 disquieted disposition.

Now notice how Joseph will demonstrate his faith in verse verses 8 through 19. We see their disclosing the stresses. They're going to share with him all this going on looking for some berate. We continue our reading in chapter 40. They said unto him. We've Dreamed a Dream. There is no interpreter of it. And Joseph said unto them do not interpretations belong to Elephant. Joseph is inviting them by his own choice.

Resume to share their dreams. This is Scott Henry Danger doing the same thing. These interpreters of dreams. God uses them in foreign lands where they're worshipping Pagan idols and they in there you draw them through Joseph death. Disclosing distress the baker's Vision about birds. Okay, we have the butler's fish and he's going to talk about the grapes and squeezing it into Pharaoh's cup the fruit of the vine. That's the the baker are the butler. Excuse me the baker. He's going to be involved in in all the pastries and donuts hear anything that you know, this would be the baker past has a vision of birds.

And I think it was The Knack Numerica concert pointed out made a reference back to Abraham. When the Covenant was cutting Genesis 15 and Abraham's task of shooting the bird way and in what's up with that concert went out was the fact that in this dream the dream stream. The baker is the one who neglected his duty to drive the birds way. so I think that was not guilty of him getting sick or do you want to imagine that with me or was neglectful or whatever enso Joseph's dreams are going to come to past the interpretations that Joseph for the dreams are going to confession sucky says Joseph is going to deliver his discernment. So we're talking about how Joseph man coming to him.

With God's help in verses 12 to 13. Joseph said unto him. This is the interpretation of it, to apply this can I you have very words of God.

When you take someone to the scripture? You don't need to Tim Hall round and wonder well, you know, maybe you can be absolutely certain that what God says he will do.

Joseph has a confidence. That many Christians lack today and that ye has God said. This is been the attack of the past hundred fifty years almost. All the way back to Westcott and Hort just you working towards and others. We don't need to question God's word. We have it and we can stand them and the only reason that I can stand up with confidence each time. I approach the sacred desk is because I'm absolutely certain I have God's word. I can't tell you what a relief that is so I can devote my efforts and my time to study what God has given.

out there absolute certain scripture And that it's divinely-inspired and given by God has preserved by him throughout the ages and we can Proclaim it to a lost and dying world. You can deliver the same kind of discernment to folks today better. Wondering I don't know where the answers are all things that pertain to life and godliness. You just need to skillfully learn how to use this to help them apply to their life. And so it's important that you're in it and that you know what God has said so that you can say oh, yeah. This is what we this is you see how this helps stomach much help people that are wandering. In the in the city of life and we can say here's a buoy of hope you can anchor to this that's tremendous. Is Joseph gives the interpretation of it permeate this whole thing? There's there's three branches and Joseph says that means there's three days. If you look back at first number nine pieces in my dream Behold a Vine before me and on the vine, there were three branches as though it number one, but it and number to Blossom Shop 4th and number three the Clusters brought forth. Right, right. Three days three progressions of the vine Bay Road cup was in my hand. I number 1 and number 2, press them in the Pharaohs cover. Number three, I gave it three actions that this did. Now Joseph gives me interpretations interpretation of the three branches and three days within 3 days on head. That means he's going to he's going to have some kind of Court. There's going to be a reckoning after that's all done. He says you'll be lifted up and went out. It's Butler. Joseph says it's going to work out. All right. If you okay it was a dream mean three days is all I got to wait here in this dungeon. Any longer three days. They Rose going to figure things out he's going to restore you back to where you were before. Everything's going to be. Alright, but it doesn't stop there. We get to the heart of why Moses tells us the story. Joseph makes an appeal for justice Remember, this is a day in which he's a slave and he has no recourse. There's no due process. So it's Americans as foreign to us because we we fight we die. We give our lives to protect due process in rights that we have. We believe in here. Stop code for Beach Joseph here is going to make a plea and he's going to make an appearance this when you come before pharaoh. Don't forget about me. There's a couple of things that he's going to share hear about his plight as he makes his appeal for justice, which is the heart of the chapter verses 14 and 15 that we read when we start Josephine was faith in God's promise.

and yet understand all that's going on with his imprisonment deep down inside. He's still reaching up and he's going to get me out of here. Somehow pick me up on the providential hand of God.

Joseph's a wise young me. In a Joseph puts his plate before them. He points out a couple of things that have to do with the pits that he's been in the pits that his brother threw him in the pits of the dungeon where he's at right now. Anniversary 14 thang on me when it shall be well with the show kindness under me and make mention of me. Just just tell Pharaoh about bring me out of this house GIF get me out of here, you know, every prisoner has a sob story about how they're innocent, right? There's more to this Joseph is not just defending himself because you know, he's sorry for being in there. He's legitimately sang. Let me tell you. I've been a victim and victimized from the time that I left the land of the Hebrew the land of the Hebrew. It's up.

Yeah, it's only used one time and this right here in the land of the indicator that he is not lost.

You still believe Scott Hebrews? He doesn't blame his brothers by name here. He doesn't mention Potiphar's wife. He doesn't drag them through all the Gory details. He just makes his plea I was drinking right there. They brought me down here and then thrown in this pit to be thrown in this dungeon. I'm here without cause I'm in someone else who was put to death innocently. I'll let that speak for itself. Joseph has maintained his face, but we close by looking at this and I do hate them cuz you've been kind to listen to me this long and I we got a wine that's down tonight, but notice how the Faithful Is forgot. All this, you know, we talked about Joseph dreaming one day of getting out after closing Day of Reckoning coming from our King James translators and how they help us understand. There's another way you can run to the Hebrew here if you have a center column reference and look at her number 20, it says and it came to pass the third day which was Pharaoh's birthday that he made a peace that all the servants and he lifted up the head of the chief Butler and of the chief Baker among its servants first 20, it can be translated as reckon. So think about that favors going to have a reckoning as we mentioned investigate and somebody's going to get pardoned and the other person's going to get hang. That's the Reckoning on Pharaoh's birthday. The Day of Reckoning happens first number 22, we read and He restored the chief Butler the chief popular to unto his popular ship again, and he gave the cup and favorites hand. Everything works out. Well the Day of Reckoning Rings restoration for the butler. But the Baker on the other hand, it works out exactly like Joseph said it would and here's the application that I told you I'd make for that later on. Joseph did not shun to preach the whole counsel of God. So while we have confidence that this is the very word of God. We must due diligence to show people even that which is hard to understand. We must not shy away from teaching them the Thursday hell to shun and a heaven to gain we must include. The aspect that there is a choice to make between life and death Between Heaven and Hell not just all heaven and no help. So I think some things could be made by wave application today that are out of balance with much of the preaching that happens across our country. I'm not saying you need to representation. This is a true representation that leads to life the baker. Can you imagine being in Josef shoes with a broken heart friend 3 days you will meet your fate.

When we witness the folks, you will not receive everlasting life. You will die in your sins and where he goes you cannot come. These are hard things to swallow. But the message is death true just at the message of life and we might be able to help them avoid avoid. Perishing that doughface should they reject ultimately? And face the Judgment of God, so we see the Day of Reckoning 2222a of Remembrance in verse 23 and me clothes. Resounding words here that the chapter ends with has not read out loud with me. If you would yet did not the chief Butler. Remember Joseph but forgot Back to that part of the chapter. Remember Joseph made his plea he made his appeal for justice. And what what did this man do? same thing that men do things got well with him and

Now this is going to happen for about two years until something's going to happen. And then this baked this Butler's going to say. Oh, yeah. You know what? I remember my send this day. I fell short of something that man that told me I would be okay. I got to tell you about somebody is going to come back but the chief Butler forgot Joseph for 2 more years. Joseph is going to remain incarcerated. Where is God in all this? Let there not be a subtle serve serpent one writer said around who will suggest Joseph did not God say that your brothers will die before you how is your god treating you in return for your obedience name? All you've got to do is serve him Joseph. Where's God in all of this You know all the temptation to the bitterness to anger and resentment the circumstances. We've got to get me on that. We got to have the long look and keep our faith in God being certain that you're in the center of God's will will lead you to carry your face the other soon. The Butler and the baker like encountered the god that Joseph sir because he didn't shun to preach to them and to help them understand the revelation of the Lord.

We think about discouragement. And again, I told you we would end here we will. But disappointment all the skills of his face.

God conveying truth through this man. think about think about others think about maybe somebody like a Hudson Taylor. Experiencing delay in what seems to be the unfolding of God's plan? How many years did Abraham have to wait when the promise was given to when he had a son? Ever see that prompts at 75. He's not going to have his son Isaac until he's a hundred on the backside of the desert after you went off to go be a million years before God would say it's time to go deliver to me. How much time did David have to spend? After he was anointed by Samuel before he ascended to the throne of Israel. How much time did Paul the Apostle have to spend on the backside of the desert being trained by Jesus Christ himself 14 + years from the time. He was saved to the time he would go out and turn the world upside down. She delay doesn't mean God has done. All you think of Hudson Taylor founder of China inland mission of service and Chyna settled with his little boy in the poor East End of London there outside his outside interests faded friends begin to forget five streets in London, but from those years, he and I quote and close yet without those hidden years with all their growth intestine. How could the vision and enthusiasm of Youth have been mature for the leadership? That was to be Some Modern missionary history test when the delay ended the Great China, Inland China mission.

Delay was done. Been home in sharp to be used by God.

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