When We Follow Jesus: What Can He Do With Our Fish?

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Elder Harris reviews the miracle of the 5 loaves of bread and two little fish from the 4 Gospels. He examines how Jesus used the miracle to explain to those who followed him and to us, what is required “When We Follow Jesus.”

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Come on, come on. Come on. Thank you. God come on put your hands together. Let's give God the praise our elders coming before this morning to bring the word. Amen. Thank you Jesus. We give him glory. Amen. We give him glory this morning. We give him honor this morning. Amen. Amen. Thank you Lord. Amen. Come on. Y'all. Come on. Come on, come on, keep praying keep praying and pray his way through for his way through a man. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. Hallelujah. Thank you God.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Praise God this morning. Oh God is doing a new thing and we just don't understand. We just don't understand it. Thank you Lord. Give me an opportunity to get together like you could you please go back and get me a bottle of water out of frigerator. Is there any in there? might be praise God

what's going open in prayer? Father God we thank you for this opportunity father to present your word Lord God. Father is so many things we have to be grateful for if we would just recognize you and everything father that happens in our lives that we are focused on you that you are the center of our universe and not the other way around. Oh God. Probably as to this word be increased. Oh God, so that all those who hear it will be touched by Your Word understand something a new. Oh God that you are doing in this life, but most importantly father. We ask that you would allow us to see the salvation of the Lord and everything that happens to us the storms and Roll by the gifts that are given to us the Praises that we lift you father all about you God and these are the things we ask in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. You may be seated.

May be seated.

Pastor just motion to ask me if I needed her to take the place in the audio-visual stand and we're going to do something different today because I should be able to control it from up here at the front to go see how it works. And if it doesn't work out, it'll still work out. Amen. Amen.

We know the story we've heard it often, but I don't know if we've ever looked at and you know how I am and Raymond, I believe in inductive study. So I believe in looking in the word deeply breaking it apart and looking for the principles bridges that are crossing from the time that word was written for the people that was written for to our time and its application our lives today and trying to hear what God has to say what we've heard the story of the five loaves of bread and the two little fish. And I want to ask about you questions here real quick just to start us off the first of all how many if you like anchovies anybody here and Joey's is one of those things that very few of us like and I see that very few of us. And you do like they're also sardines and okay who like sardines it but I saw things that raise my hand in that I was raised on sardines when I was a little boy. My grandmother introduced me to her. She would mix them in some mustard and make it almost like a paste and have one saltine crackers. That was some good eat, but I was goody goody. So when we think about those things you say well there was this little boy way back when and he decided he was going to have himself a little lunch. And we talked about loaves of bread and all we get this vision board tell you we are so modernized westernized it words mean things to us differently than they actually meant and when we start seeing them in reality didn't mean something a little bit different but loaf of bread. We think we could have still get the Wonder Bread in a bag of bread and cut up and slices and it or we may think about baked loaf of bread is so 1 PC have to cut in slices for the bread and those days was often made like pita they were just little round cakes and they were his bread happened to be made out of barley. Which means it was hard, it wasn't soft and fluffy. It was hard. So it was a tasting me on those days and they had two little fish and those fish were probably pickled mackerel because you know, you can't keep a fish with very long for it starts to smell bad look bad and taste bad. So it has to be pickled or salt it so that it has and keeps its flavor. Okay, so that's what he had for lunch and his story. Really becomes important when we start pulling apart.

When we take a look at how the Bible was written. You don't know me. I like to talk about how the Bible was written because it's a real its history is our history is history of man with God. Hey, so it's real. So you look at how history was written in the Bible? And it's cultural has some has words in it that we need to understand. so it has purpose cuz God wrote it for a purpose. So now why did God decide to put in the story of the five loaves of bread and the two little fish and when you think about it, it is one of two stories that is in all four of the Gospel. Matthew Mark Luke and John before gospel It is one of two. The only other story that is repeated in all four of them is a resurrection. Wait a minute Lloyd you had different people right about the same thing and they wrote about the same two things in the gospel the resurrection which we understand why it's important and five loaves of bread two little fish. So that made me stop and think say wow. God doesn't do things just for the sake of do what he does for a purpose. So what is the story behind these five loaves of bread these two little fish.

So today we're going to look at when we follow Jesus what can he do what I fish what can he do with our fish?

Let's look a little deeper into what is going on in the word by word comes from the four gospel that's in different places, and we're going to probably look at all of them, but I'm statements mostly in Matthew and John and we're going to start off and John. John 6 chapter verses 1 through 13 and it reads as follows and I'm reading from the NIV this case sometime after this Jesus cross to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee. That is a sea of tiberias. And it makes you wonder is reading. The study. What happened? What is this sometime after this in the Bible is written. I need to take a brief pause here. So I get you to understand there are gaps and pauses in the Bible. It's not written as one long continuous events of things. There are spaces within the Bible there gaps in time and often time the author says things like after this or therefor or because of this and so we have to go through the Bible and figure out what was the this that is referring to so that we can keep up with what's going on in the Bible showing the first one that says sometime after this that means something that happened prior to this. Jesus cross to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee that is a sea of tiberias and a great crowd of people followed him because they saw the signs. He had performed by Healing The Sick he was drawing people to him. Then Jesus went up to the mountain side and sat down with his disciples.

The Jewish Passover Festival was near and we've learned a lot about the Jewish Festival in Ramah. We understand what that was all about. And we know what time was approaching here at this point. Would you just looked up and saw the great crowd coming toward him? He said to Philip when his disciples he said where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?

Did the drum of that question is going to come clear the second. He asked it's only the testing they tested Philip for he already had them had in mind what he was going to do. He already knew what was going to happen. He was going to do. So why did he ask Phillip that question answered him? It would take more than half a Year's wages. To buy enough bread for each one to have a bite. You're that. He said it would take more. Then half a Year's wages to buy a nut bread. Preach want to have a bite just to bite another of his disciples Andrew Simon Peter's brother spoke up. And he said here is a boy with five small barley Loaves and two small fish. But how far will they go among many so many? It would many people there was a crowd of massive crowd. So, how are these five loaves of bread two little fish don't feed all these people. Jesus said have the people sit down there was plenty of grass in that place and they found is Hillside and they sat down about 5,000 men women and children often the Bible only counts the men in the number. And the women and children follow so there were five thousand men. And several thousand obviously women and children. So there were a lot of people to be fed five loaves of bread two little fish. Jesus then took the loaves he gave. Thanks. Wait a minute we go back one more time. Jesus Took the Loaves and gave. Thanks. Grace he said Grace and distributed those to those who were seated as much as they wanted. It did the same with the fish as much as they wanted. Now you think because they saw five loaves of bread. They just took a little corner and much that's not as much as they want to do. Some people are hungry. They have been following Jesus for several days. Have you been watching the scene Miracles so they were hungry?

When they had all at all enough to eat. He said to these disciples gather the pieces that are left over let nothing be wasted. Let nothing be wasted pick up every crumb let nothing be wasted so they can gather them and filled 12 baskets with the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten. Those who had eaten and they picked up more.

They picked up more. We're going to take a look at the details. Today. We're going to take a look at three major things. We major points that are made throughout this. scripture we're going to see how they apply to our lives. That's what we do here baby. Right? We do the inductive study. We applied to our lives. But how many of y'all going to feed 5000 people plus anybody here? Unless you cook in a restaurant or cafeteria. I don't see that happening and often we get enough supplies and support that we would take care of those people and not have to worry about it. Okay, one of the things that this lesson tells us, is that when we follow Jesus? he stretches a he stretches us. It makes sense. He stretches us. Let's look at verse 1 in 7 again in first John and John scuse me, and let's see how we can talk about how he stretches us. It was a great crowd. inverse one to follow him cross the short Sea of Galilee I think about these people are following him and you seem pictures of the Sea of Galilee. It's basically that's huge lake is a big lake. You can see the other side from one side to the other and some spot types of these people on the following is a great a great crowd all because they have seen him. You people okay? Jesus went up on the mountain now. It's getting close to Passover if it was time for him to start teaching his disciples.

when Jesus saw the crowd He said the Philip so he stretched Philip. He challenged Phillip. He said. Are we going to feed these people? The Phillips Lincoln Riley looking around he's seeing there's no cities has the villages. No Talent these people need to be let go so that they can find some food. But Jesus already knew the answer. He already knew what he was going to be doing. Okay, so Phillip with stretch now often times. We are stretched by God. And if you sucks think about it take a look at your life. How often has God stretched you think about those times when you knew he was telling you to do something. It was like that's too hard. It's too hard work. I can't do that. That's too hard Lord. I don't want to do that. That is way too hard. So Jesus says the fill up. We need to feed these people we can do this. So Phillips's but women Lord, there is not enough money in a Year's wages to feed all these people but one bite. Again there over 5000 men plus several thousand women and children. There's not enough money to feed all of these people. snow in one version you see if I can find that version here.

in one version He talks about a Denarius.

I didn't Arius one. Denarius was a day's wages. I think it would probably like a silver coin something like a quarter. Actually. It's probably more than it was worth. But think about a quarter wages your wages today would be one quarter before a day's wages Bosch windshield quarter. That's it and that's supposed to feed you and that takes care of all your needs at least in those days they able to do that. So it would take more than 200 generic to feed all these people. That's 200 days wages.

a lot of food So a lot of money. But Jesus had an answer for all that didn't he? So he puts us to the test as he did Philip. He wasn't just asking Phillip to go out and buy a couple burgers and and get a get a bag of fries and go down to McDonald's and around the corner the crispy chicks or whatever. He didn't I may say go feed these people go out and get me a supermarket is what he said. red Challengers, Philip But why did he do that? He knew Philip is going to fail right? That was at that was a that was a no-can-do issue. Lord can't do that. No, God puts us to the test for reasons. We are reasons. We are put to the test and it's not show our failure. Is to get us ready for the next success that he has for us. He has a lot for us to do. He wants us to succeed. He doesn't want us to fail cuz he knows what failure does that says that's not his plan. His plan is to do glorious and wonderful wonder is things for us. He picks us up when we need picking up. He moves us for he gets us ready for the next big event in our life. So the small failures that we've had back here or nothing more than steps to get us up to the Grand success that he has for us in the future. So he was repairing Philip for his neck successes because Phillip was getting ready to see the Wonders amazing works of the Lord. And then his focus goes to a different place and is no longer on him, but it's on the Jesus that's within him. He'll remember what Jesus did feeding 5000 people when he was challenged to feed those five thousand people.

So the first thing that I would do if I was Philip in the situation where I didn't hear Jesus and I was faced with that challenge that I would pick up the bread and I pray I don't know where it's coming from a little bit. Thank you for what I have today the now now I know you let God take care of the rest. Trevor said he would grow. That was a huge huge demand for him.

move on to the next point I get back to my other space. So our first thing is when we followed Jesus he stretches us. Our second point is that he will show us. God never gives us a task. I challenge you I challenge you in your life and in the Bible God never gives a task without showing you or telling you how he's going to provide for you. He shows you didn't tell you to do something and not provide a way for you to do and what you to wander around in the dark. How successful is his word if he says I want you to do XYZ and a sexist hands off you and you stumble around in the dark or this must not have come from God because I don't know what I'm supposed to do. So God shows you what you have to do. Okay, he shows you. so one of the things that happened here was that the blessing in the story took place in that little boy. A little boy was found to have those five loaves of bread and the two little fish. I don't know if he was asked to do this. I don't know if somebody said anybody here has food. I don't know how that came about but it was known made known that he had five loaves of bread and two little fish now think about that. Once again think about the details great story right? Think about the reality. You out there starving with the rest of the folks. You've got a basket with five loaves of bread and two little fish. People are hungry. Not take some certain compassion in your heart to say I've got food but reality says I got a little food and there's a whole lot of people around me. How are they all going to eat this? How many of us would have given it up?

How many of us would a truly given it up, Keep one of the fish are in one of the love y'all to do something the rest. Imma keep at least one for me. And then hello boy misses a blessing. Just by being selfish. but again Especially little kids how often with a little child do that and then we'll give it up. Most adults would want to give it up but yet he did. Jesus knew that so his Blessing was X thousands of people because he shows Bashar To be blessed. So God will show us.

He will show us. Let's read. Going to see if this will work for me.

Go to John 6 verses 8 through 11. John 6 verses 8 through 11 See if I get back to it. purses 8 through 11

Alright another is disciple Simon Peter. Here we go.

Simon Peter's brother spoke up here is a boy with five small barley Loaves and two small fish. And once again, we don't know how that little boy was singled out whether Simon Peter saw it. I was a little boy said I have some food. I'm willing to share whatever. He said. It's just it was known that he had some fish and some bread. But how far will they go among so many and Jesus said have the people sit down he will show us. He said have the people sit down. Garden just to give it to the people. He said have the people sit down. There was plenty of grass on the in the in this place and they sat down.

about 5,000 Okay. Once again, let's look at the reality of it. Jesus said to the 12 disciples have the people sit down and what did the people do? Adele they sat down. so God showed them what needs to be done. The people sit down and the people followed suit and sat down then he said Jesus Took the blows gave thanks and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. Now did he might catch that? Did he might catch that? Jesus then took the laws gave thanks and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. It did the same with the fish. So Jesus is first. Command was to sit down. And then he passed he gave. Thanks and he passed out the bread and the fish to those who were seated to those who were obedient.

So Jesus showed them. The Next Step He showed him the next step. That was obedience. Okay, so let's look at what it took to make this miracle work. Give us some parts here. And if you caught them on this is pulling out the word of God is all about it. Looking in-depth and looking with reality reality in the eyes and say that no, I see Lord what happened and I see why it happened. So what did it take? For miracle to take place. First of all it took the right Outlook.

And it started with Philip. Does Jesus said we got to feed these people? And then Simon comes along and says Lord, there's young man here with. Five Loaves and two fish so it started with a possibility, right? Even though they said or did it we don't know how it's going to feed everybody. It was a possibility. Otherwise, I wouldn't even brought it up. It was a stick of gum or piece of candy was a Jolly Rancher love we can't feed. I'm not even going to bring that up. But the possibility would Five Loaves and two fish. Okay, so it had to be the right Outlook. Had to have it. Andrew saw an opportunity anybody when she was going to work, but he thought it would resent it right made sense them. but it takes that right Outlook and then it takes one more thing it takes Work it it took the right offering. Took the right offering there was no way and I'm sure that Jesus could have done it. But look at what his people would have said to him if those happen to be five rocks. the five pieces of wood It had to be the right offering. It had to be for a purpose in the offering was something to eat. So it had to be something to eat. Okay, so that Miracle to work and had to have the right Outlook and then they had they had the right offering all of that was very important.

The young man, once again, we talked about the right offering to write out and look a little boy a little boy had to have the right off ring and the right Outlook as well. Did he because he had to realize that his food could feed people he had to realize that he had to sacrifice to give up what he had in order for others to have.

So having the right offering it right Outlook. Is necessary for this miracle to actually work?

Then there's that one last piece that we probably didn't pay attention to. it also takes

organization takes the right organization now think about your home think about our church think about work. Take the right organization. Christ was the organization. He said had the people sit down. He prayed and distributed the food to those who were seated. Which takes us to the next thing we have to have. Train that organization and then he had it distributed. Did he walk around amongst the crowd and distributed know he gave it to his 12 disciples and they walked around the distributed. They walked around this tribute. There's another as I was doing this study and looking at things that was a point that I didn't see it until later and it dealt with numbers. So I need to point it out now. So it don't forget this one. It was important because it also gets me to understand how God works. He had 12 disciples distributed all the food amongst the people they had them go around and collect up all the crumbs. Of the fish and the bread is anybody remember how many baskets they brought back. Number was 12. one for each disciple So what were the disciples doing during this time? They were feeding others? They hadn't eaten themselves, but when they finish they had in abundance more than abundance I come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly. They had an abundance of food because they had a whole basket 12 of them one for each of the disciples. Could I made me think? About God and his plan. You see God originally intended. He said not original it actually happen. The Israelites were to be his people that was his Nation because he was going to teach them how to be priests for the rest of the world. That's important understand who was going to spread there were. The Israelites that was his intent as it turned out Christ came from there obviously and he was the one that spread the word it started and it still came out of the Israelite Nation. So here is the disciples feeding others in the 12. And when they finish there was still enough for them that lets me to believe that even though God has opened his doors for all of us for everyone to be saved and not just Israel. Not just the Jew but everyone the Gentile as well that there's still enough for the Jewish Nation there still opportunity for them to be God's chosen people. And that's it. That's a deeper rooted understanding of that word, but I see it in the world. Play God is feeding the rest of us, but he's always got something for his people as well. So it takes the right organization. So they sat down and it says in.

We get it straight here. It says in mark. 66 and 40 screws Mark 6 and 40 and it gives you actually the numbers even so they sat down in groups of 150 s it's a lot of people. Thousand sitting down in groups of 150 and here are the 12 disciples walking amongst the people breaking off bread giving it to them breaking off another piece in the excetera excetera and there still enough for everybody in enough food. That's a miracle in itself. So organization of churches organization of Our Lives. It's important if we expect miracles, we can't lift chaotic labz expect God to work miracles. Plain and simple, we can't live chaotic lives and expect God to work miracles and change our lives. So that means we need to organize ourselves and our lives.

Needed that part we have we have control over. We need to organize ourselves and our lives. The fourth one that led to that it took obedience to the right obedience. Put the right obedience because I tell you what after reading this word. I got the idea that those who were standing around and did not sit as when they were told. They didn't get to eat. They didn't get to eat. Well, they wish they picked up some of the crumbs off the ground, but they did not sit down and said they were fed. If you seen it those who were standing up I have to take an assumed that we're didn't say so but I know what the word does say if you wouldn't see that you didn't get to eat. Hey, what is the saying that family is two types of people to Quicken the hungry for those who were told to do with the to do face a town. They got to eat? Okay, so it took that obedience. It took The Obedience of the disciples. to distribute the bread to the people that they were told to the ship it to Took The Obedience of the young man who gave up his five loaves of bread is two fish. And yet he had probably a bigger lunch probably than the rest of them cuz he was just as full as everybody else. And did you notice that everybody ate till I got a full? Does the word said they were 8 to 8, but they want it. So they can eat until they got full.

That's the miracle the blessing of this miracle as it happened.

the last thing the fifth thing although it takes obedience. Now. This one's going to be obvious to you until I pointed out to you going to say wow even more. So that's V blessing over. That's just what it takes to this miracle to happen. It took the omnipotence of Jesus Christ to be there. I'm sorry. Y'all got to give you this example. I can take a football. I consider myself when I was younger to be pretty decent football player. I can take that football and I can throw it from here to brother tray back there and it would probably be a nice spiral nice tight. But I'm sorry. I am not going to be a DEX from from Dallas. I'm not going to be who is that from South Carolina? I'm just I'm just not going to be that type of quarterback. I just don't have that. I can take a basketball to the basketball still a basketball. Right but you put it in the right hands and it becomes something different. So I'm not a Shaq O'Neal, you know makes a big difference be against Jack at basketball is not going through the same thing. Okay, so understanding that. The right substance, right things may be there. But without the presents the omnipresence of God through Jesus Christ. He's the one that makes it to work. He is the ultimate one to make it work. That power. He has he has he has the wisdom. He has the understanding. He has the omnipotence omniscience then order to make that happen Okay, so those five loaves of bread which were with the young boy and many thought were very minimal was not enough. In the hands of Christ. It is more than enough. So you may come to God thanking I don't have anything to give.

I don't I don't have the skills. I can't do the things that so-and-so can do I don't have the money that such-and-such has I can't do these things. But God can take what you do have if given properly and give him with the right attitude. He can take it and he can make it more than enough to fulfill the King John.

That part Hit me hard it take Jesus cuz without him the rest of it was still just five loaves of bread and two little fishing couple people might got to eat. But not thousands and thousands. Lastly when we follow Jesus he will supply us. You supply all my needs. You know our our motto. Our logo is based on that. He'll supply all my needs. Will give us the desires of our heart. When we got understand what the desires of these people are going this time, they were hungry. I was the desires to be fed. The desires were to be fed and a lot of times when we come to Christ Our desires are to be fed. May not be food that were looking for but when we come to Christ we're looking to be fed the word we're looking for something in our spirits and our souls to be fulfilled.

Those same things that he's dead and feeding the 5000. He does with us everyday. He fulfills our desires. She supplies us with the things we need. You know in in Sunday study were studying the the gifts of the Spirit. He supplies those gifts so that it feeds his congregation feeds his church. He gives us as administrators. He gives us what we learned that there was in his speech is serving of the categories in the church. Those are the gifts of the all-around speaking in serving. Well this case Jesus did the speaking but the serving was done by the 12 disciples. So those are still gifts and the young boy giving up think those are gifts. Those are gifts. That's God's compassion for us. It all started with Jesus's compassion for the people did it not cuz when he saw the massive crowd he had compassion in his heart. It starts with God's love. If he had no love no compassion, none of the people would have been fat. At all, but because of his compassion his love man, he feeds his people all the time. He frees us all the time.

What it's a great testimony. The story is serious. There's just so much more to it. There's so much more to understanding the other than the story of A great miracle five loaves of bread and two little fish. That's all we remember from Sunday still. That's it. That's it. That's what's important right to marry. One of God's Miracles, but to understand that is one of two miracles in the gospel, which of the four most important books in the New Testament or very important. Most important, but it's very important and it mentions the five loaves of bread tuna fish for a reason. For reason and we just put it all that out. So put your trust in the Lord and Begin to follow Jesus. Yes. He will stretch us. How big is a person who lives in the stretch by God? I mean seriously and guess what? He ain't finished stretching you yet. Remember the challenges that he put you through he'll show you will supply you will give you what you what you need. To give you what you need. And you say well why is life so hard? Why is it so difficult? Why is it so tough? Why we got to go through storms that we just went through. The people in the Bohemians Bahamas, how are they feeling right now? Everything they got all their possessions laying and waste behind them. What keeps them going? What keeps them wanting to go to the next level. How do you do that? Lord that what you're stretching me? Why the Challenger? Why is life so hard?

Man's greatest difficulty is intended his relationship with God is understanding why he has to go through hardships.

It is easiest question in the world to answer. Is easiest question to will dance but we make it hard it's hard because of the sin-sick world that we're in because of what we've done to ourselves. Now what God has done. It's what we have done to ourselves. God has given us a series of laws. He has placed us under laws. And they're not all under the law but under grace but there are laws that we do follow have to go by he is giving us the law of gravity.

You know that if you jump off a building, there's one place you were going to go and it is down and then sudden stop at the bottom is not always going to be pleasant. He is giving us the law gravity. He is the only one that can defy his own laws. so if he means for you to fly by all means But until that time his law Plies. The law gravity. So when we do things against his law how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. Consequences are not favorable for us. So why is life so difficult because of the sin-sick world that we live in and that that we have also created. by the things we do that's why life is so hard. Jesus said take up my yoke. My yoke is easy. Ben said he would challenge you didn't say it would be all that easy since easy, but it's still going to be challenging. Still would be hard but we have faith and that's the reason for that hard life. Because if we didn't go through things. We didn't know that we could depend on somebody. If you never had an issue with you needed somebody that you never know that you would need somebody.

Makes sense cuz at that point in time when you need to borrow money, it's not going to fall out of the sky. It's going to come from some Source somebody. Is going to be support when you're hungry. It's going to come from somebody. Some source. So how do we know that? We do not need if we never need? So we need and know that we need salvation cuz we know that we have done some dumb things against God's laws. We need salvation. We would not know we needed it. If we didn't know we were doing wrong.

So God knew what he was doing. It's not on him. He gave us the gift. But you know what kind of life we would live he would know what we have to do to get to that gift. And that's the Salvation in Christ. amen a man, so when we follow Jesus What can you do with your fish? What can you do with your fish? What are you bringing to the table? And if you bring it to the table, how do you want him to use it? Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to bring your word father Lord. I hope that your word has been built up and everyone who's heard it. Oh God that they would understand that what you're our relationship with you is all about Lord. Yes that you performed a miracle and you have the power to do those things but more so father understanding your character and how you love that it all started with your compassion for us and it from their. Oh God you challenges you supply us you teach us you show us and we thank you for all that. You don't leave us to ourselves cuz we can't make it without you. We pray these things in Jesus name. Amen. Hey Mana.

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