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I found and I could be wrong here. But I found it a lot of Christians today kind of just right off the prophets right now the prophets we need to kind of sets the stage you're so the profits we re a group of men throughout the history of Israel who got the word of God in their bones as one of them put it and couldn't help but declare with the Lord had to say to His People Israel and to the Nations and they say some really incredibly hard things and because they're prophesying so to speak before Christ for those of us who follow Christ. It can be difficult sometimes to understand how the prophets might speak to us. Right when they're when Isaiah talks about these new moon festivals in these sacrifices in the temple were looking at that like that just doesn't have much bearing. On my life and we tend to just kind of skip over it's difficult to know how to Plies to us. It's difficult to understand sometimes the message of them and their preaching in the context is really for in 2 hours. And so it seems like there's almost been this unspoken agreement that we'll just kind of ignore them, but I don't want us to ignore them because rather than being somehow removed from our life as Christ followers, the more that I read the prophets the more I'm convinced that they hold some keys for us as we follow Christ because they were inspired by God to prophesy. It's amazing how even though they spoke thousands of years ago, even though they were preaching hundreds of years before Christ. It's amazing how relevant what they have to say is to us. And so we're going to be going through this series and we're going to be looking at some stuff some of which would be really familiar to you particularly in the book of Isaiah Wright. We're coming into you may not believe this. I know it's only September, but somebody forgot to tell the retailers in our country because apparently it's already Christmas. All right, and it Christmas time we all hear these passages from Isaiah Wright the Virgin shall be with child and give birth to a son and you'll call his name. Emmanuel all right, we're all familiar with that prophecy in and the people walking in darkness have seen a great lights. That's Isaiah Wright in and we see these little kind of Snippets when we roll around the Christmas tree. We roll around two particular times in the Christian calendar, but I want us to understand it. There's a ton more in the profits than just those pieces that are quoted in the New Testament and there's a ton more that we ought to be getting out of this because even though it can be difficult for us to understand how the prophets apply to our lives. We understand. This is the word of God. This is scripture. This is what God gave to his people to conform us to the image of Christ. This is this is part of his desire for us as his followers the word of God. We need to know it. Another thing I think is really important recognizes. Yes, even though they were preaching in a context much different than ours. They were preaching to people and what's one thing we know about people they don't change they were screwed up back then they're screwed up today and guess what the word applies because we're people and our Human Experience. So we've dressed it up with a whole lot of different technological trapping is very much the same as the people in the days of the prophets people who saw wealth at the expense of their neighbor people who sought to manipulate God into doing what they want instead of worshipping God for who he is. This is this is just us Today and they were speaking so long ago sit still very relevant. And in many ways particularly for the American church, and I realize we're not all in here Americans, but I want you to understand for the American church. We have some really unique aspects to Christianity in this country that may or may not be a part of our church may or may not be a part of your life, but nonetheless would characterize us as a whole that really need called out there really are not in line with Christ that aren't a part of his desire for his people and the profits are really good at stepping on American toes. So if you're here, you're not an American maybe that's not as relevant to you. Maybe it is but if you're hearing your American understand the profits are going to say some things that are going to make you uncomfortable. Alright, finally. I think the reason why the prophets matter today and why we need to study them is because of the fact that they give us a great deal of certainty regarding the gospel that we Proclaim and that we believe. They give us a great deal of certainty about the gospel because you can't get very far in the prophets before you start seeing Jesus. These guys are prophesying sometimes hundreds. Not quite a thousand but hundreds of years in advance of Christ and yet you feel like they're just talking about this Jesus we read about in the gospels. It's amazing to me. How many times God told his people this is who's coming? This is who I'm going to send to set you free and how they missed it and how easy it is for us in the skeptical day in which we live. To doubt the gospel and then to look at it and say surely that can't be but you look at God's sovereignty over time you look at him preaching through Isaiah mini and the early church called The Fifth Gospel because there's so much in there about Jesus and your faith in Christ gross. If God was speaking dust hundreds of years before him. My confidence in who he is and what he did has grown exponentially and so for all of those reasons and for many more, I think that the prophets matter. All right. Now, here's the difficulty with this this series The difficulty with this series. Is there some really incredibly short profits. I mean not stature. Why is that we don't have any record of that but I mean like obadiah's one chapter and that's and that's not going to take us much to to blaze through that one Jeremiah's 66 chapter, Isaiah rather. Jeremiah is is not longer in chapters, but it's it's got its the longest book of the Bible as far as word count. So we got a lot of material that we're going to have to cover so I want you to understand this. We can't do that on Sunday morning. My voice wouldn't hold out. Your patients wouldn't hold out. All right, and so what I'm going to ask you to do if you are a guest of ours, I think this would be good practice would particularly though for those of you who would say redhill the Somme I'm here every week each week before we study that profit. I would encourage you to read that prophet in their entirety. This last week was one of the most

Just personally fulfilling weeks that I've had in the word of God reading Isaiah. Just just diving into it and then soaking in this long chunk of text something that we're not very good at we're usually just like we read our chapter, right or we read a few verses here there. There is a lot to be said for just diving in and spending a couple hours with a book of the Bible. And so that each week. This is my encouragement to you read the prophet. We're getting ready to come into and I should have told you that last week so you could have read Isaiah, but I'm telling you this week so that when Jeremiah rolls around next week, you guys can read with me through the week. Also, if you're not on our Facebook group, we have a Facebook page and we put some stuff there but for like can Inn in church stuff. We have a Facebook group. Join. That is Red Hill Southern Baptist Church. I don't know how you find a group vs. Page. Maybe Nicole can help you but I R Group. I'm going to be posting some videos put together by a group called The Bible project that will give an overview of each of these books. So watch the video read it and in each Sunday, we'll gather and we'll just kind of Hit the highlights for the sake of time. All right, so that's the series that's kind of what I'm asking you to do, but let's look at Isaiah in particular. Hopefully by now you've figured out like we're going to Isaiah sauternes there if you would just turn to the first chapter. And why you didn't I just want to give you some background information Isaiah had a really long Ministry in in chapter 1 verse 1 says he was preaching his vision. He saw concerning Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah jotham. A hasn't Hezekiah Kings of Judah, right? So he has this really long Ministry and he's going to be prophesying for probably 50 to 60 years is about the extent of time that he was doing this and in Isaiah. We see this almost all consuming focus on the glory of God. Everything Isaiah has to say centers not on our feelings not on our desires it focuses on God and I think that's one of the main things we need to see is we are as we're going through this understand that Isaiah is talking about God that's hard for us. Sometimes were used to viewing the world kind of threw me colored glasses, right? How does this affect me? What does this mean for me? How does it apply to me? Isaiah calls us to step back from kind of are egocentric Viewpoint and say just look at who got is Marvel at who this Creator The Sovereign this king is and I mentioned earlier that the early church called this The Fifth Gospel. And that's because there's a ton of stuff in here about the Messiah that God would send no to be Jesus but who Isaiah refers to as the servant or the shoot from Jesse or the King after David write these are the things that Isaiah has in mind. So some of that background, I think it's helpful for us to get just a quick overview of the structure of the book. All right, and so in chapters 1 through 12, we have Isaiah getting a message to his people for to God's people on behalf of got so this is God's message for his people and he says I'm going to judge you.

But there's still hope and then in 13th or 27. God has a message for the nation's. I'm going to judge you. But there's still hope and that in and of itself would have been surprising. That would have been surprising for the people of God to hear God's message to the nation's cuz they thought God was just concerned with them. Isaiah is at pains to show God is not concerned just about you Israel or just about you read Hills are just about you individual Christian. God is concerned for the whole scope of the universe and every single nation on Earth and then in 28 through 39. We see God's miraculous intervention as Assyria comes to conquer Judah we see that God intervenes and the people are like ye what we must be awesome and got this. Oh, no don't worry Babylon is coming next and they're going to destroy you and carry you off into exile. Right. I'm giving you hope but at the same time you're going to be held accountable for your sin. Then in 40 through 48. We see God's mercy and Israel's return from Exile. They come back from Babylon. We see God's call to his servant Israel, right? He personifies Israel. This is my servant and he says I'm calling you to faithfulness and in spite of the fact that God rescued them from Exile and brought them home will see that the people continue to rebel against him. They continue to reject him. So in 49 through 55 were introduced to this new Israel & New servant this one who would come and who would bring about God's will for his people he's going to be different from anything before Isaiah says God is going to do something new something. He's never done before something unlooked-for from the for the foundation of the world. And then in 56 through 66 we see that this servants role is to bring into a New Jerusalem a new creation other servants servants like the servant who would follow in his steps who will be saved by the suffering servant who is also a conquering King and they will do the will of God as his faithful servant. So that's just a brief overview of the structure of this book. But as we as we look through this and all those different pieces all the structures, we begin to see some themes and Isaiah and I want you to look with me here as we look at God's design for his people versus the reality. We say Isaiah starts his ministry with this. He says here's what God wanted for Israel. And here's the reality of what they are. Look at verses 2 through 4 chapter 1 0 heavens and give ear or Earth for the Lord has spoken children have I reared and brought up but they have rebelled against me the ox knows its owner the donkey its Masters crib, but Israel does not know my people do not understand sinful Nation a people laid with iniquity. They have forsaken the Lord they have despised the Holy One of Israel. They are utterly estranged and inverse to we see this is what God's desire for his people was his desire was the day would be children. Did they would be his children now parents. What do you tell your kids when they go out? Don't make me look bad. I mean those aren't the words you use. But if we're honest with one another that's kind of some of the intent like hey, when you go over to your friend's house help clean up don't make a mess. Don't back talk their mom or dad because if you do that looks that makes me look bad. God wanted children who would points the Nations to him. He wanted people who he could say look at my kids. Look at how they obey me look at how they honor me. Look at how they glorify me. Look how these kids point to me as their Heavenly Father. And what he got was a bunch of rebellious teenagers doing what they wanted to write. And so God's design for them was to be children who would reflect him to the nation's who would carry his name and his teaching to the world and yet what he ends up with our kids who don't want anything to do with him. Right? And he says the ox knows it's under the donkey, it's Master Scribd. He's pointing to these beasts of Burden write these things that we look at and many of us would say, well that would be a strange pet. But okay, whatever and yet for four people in that day. This was the way they got things done right an ox or donkey was how you got the field plowed how you got the crops in how you hauled stuff around this was This was the way to get something done. God looks at his people and says you were what I've you're what I put on Earth to get my will accomplished. I've given you this task. You're supposed to be my servants. You're supposed to be the ones who are doing my will. An ox will do what the farmer says a donkey knows where it's supposed to stay Israel. You don't know nothing. You won't do what I put you down there to do. So God's design for his people was it they would reflect him to the world and that they would do his will in the world. And he says to Israel You're a sinful nation of people Laden with iniquity children who deal corruptly. You've despise the Holy One of Israel, you are utterly estranged. So one of the themes that we see throughout Isaiah, it's not just you and the first chapter we see throughout I did this is what I wanted for you is real is what I wanted you to do. This is who I wanted you to be Glorifying me doing my will and yet you've gone and done your own thing later. He says you've turned so your own way each of you know, when does what is right? No one does what is good? He says that to the people of Israel, but I think Unless I miss the mark and unless my experience is different than yours. I think this is a constant Temptation for us today to God says you're my people. I've called you to reflect my name to the nation's. I've called you to make a difference in the world around you.

You're not.

And that's why this matters because we need to see God's intent for his people versus the reality that we experience and that needs to cut us to the quick. God wanted people who would be holy you want people who would be loyal to him people who would do his well instead. He gets people are sinful and faithless. and lazy that's a theme throughout Isaiah, but But for Isaiah that is something that's not just about his people that's kind of just this General characteristic. That's the next thing. I want us to see the theme is this God is Holy. God is Holy and we are sinful.

I'm going to say that one more time because when I say these words you think I've heard that before God is Holy. Without sin entirely set apart from it. God is other than send whatever sin is God is not whatever God is sin is not and we are sinners. Well, that's going to be a problem if we want to have a relationship with God that's going to be a problem when the creator of the universe The Sovereign King ruling over everything. Is so completely opposite of what we are. If that's a theme for Isaiah and Isaiah chapter 6 go ahead and turn there with me if you would and Isaiah chapter 6 we see this particularly clearly. I read this when we started. Today, but I think it's worth reading again.

Chapter 6 verse 1 in the year that King Uzziah died. I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple above him stood the seraphim each had six wings with two he covered his face with two he covered his feet with two he flew and one called to the other end said holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of his glory and the foundations of the threshold Shook at the voice of him who called in the house was filled with smoke and I said, woe is me for I am lost for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips were my eyes have seen the king the Lord of hosts. Do you see what I say asees? I'm afraid don't so often. There's there used to be a shirt and in this is going to date me a little bit and some of you younger folk. You're not going to understand this some of the older folk won't either. It's really kind of an itch staying for about the 34 to 35 year olds in here. But there was this shirt that said that there was popular a while back and said Jesus is my homeboy. Right. Okay. So some of you are familiar with it. I Jesus is my homeboy and that really is the ethos of of Christianity as we would experience it today. We want a Jesus who would be cool to go hang out with right. We want a Jesus. Who's okay with you going to the party with us? Who's okay with whatever it is. We're okay with you. I don't care if you watch that movie. I don't care. If you play that video game. I don't care if you do this that or the other I'm your homeboy is going to hang out with you here, right? That's the Christianity we want and then there's some basis for that. Jesus calls us his friend. He calls us Brothers. He says that in him we have access to God to call him not just father, but Daddy, right? But in in doing so we have lost sight of what Isaiah sees here in chapter 6. When Isaiah encounters God, he's not thinking. Hey, let's go hang out later. Hey, why don't we go to the bar and grab some drinks later when he sees the Lord his experience is oh my goodness. Literally you are good God you are nothing but good and I am nothing but sinful. I am a man of unclean lips. I live among a people of unclean lips. You have every right to strike me dead where I stand. Is Isaiah's experience of God and I think we need to hear this we need to remember. Yes we have this relationship with God through Christ, but God is still holy. Holy holy.

And by repeating it three times that you didn't just get stuck, right? That's not the record skipping. There's a reference for some of the older folks.

That's not what's going on. He's saying it three times and he's saying look you don't need to miss this. God is perfectly holy. God is entirely other than your sinfulness Isaiah. You need to understand that that's why I 7 which are 6 and 7 which I don't have up on the screen but you've got in front of you when when the when one of the Angels flies to him and touches the mouth with a burning colon. He says I've taken your guilt away. Your sin is a tone for that's why that's good news.

It's not until though we see God is Holy Holy Holy that we see the need for our sin to be dealt with to be a tone for to be done away with we need to grasp with Isaiah a concept of God as holy and a recognition of the fact that we are sinful. We need to grass that not just in a artificial or mental way, but we need to feel this when was the last time you felt the fear of the fact that our God is Holy When is the last time that you trembled at the thought that the god of the universe? Would one day judge sin and sinners?

When was the last time that you Marvel did not at the fact not not at the fact that God offered you salvation?

But at the fact that he would save a sinner like you when was the last time you marveled at the fact that your son should have separated you from God and yet he calls you and redeems you at the cost of his son's life. Jesus receives the Wrath that you deserved you. Look at the cross you think wow Look what Jesus did for me? Look at what God did to Jesus.

God is Holy Holy Holy we are sinful sinful sinful and yet he offers us Redemption. We should never lose the Marvel of it of that another theme in the book of Isaiah is that God is going to judge Israel. But that he's also going to save Israel and this is a really strange thing to us. And yet isn't that what he does for us? Hebrews says that we endure the discipline of God. Not because God mad at us because he hates us because we're children of God. Right. God judges Us in order to save us God judges Jesus in order to save us. And so when we see this themed pop-up and Isaiah, it shouldn't surprise us that The God Who is Holy would judge sin. But that The God Who is love would redeem Sinners. This is an amazing thing. Look at chapter 10 with me. chapter 10 verses 33 and 34

And then in chapter 10, there's this image of God saying I'm about to cut Israel down the hold the Lord God of hosts with a lock the boughs with terrifying power the great in height will be hewn down. The lofty will be brought low. He will cut down the secrets of the forest with an ax and Lebanon will fall by The Majestic one. This is judgement. He's saying to his people you set yourselves up like you're some sort of great tree Standing Tall standing proud saying nothing can top of me now. And your pride is the very reason I'm going to come and catch you down. And that's going to be nothing where they had been this crowd tree. There's going to be nothing but a stump is real. I'm going to judge my people but look at the next chapter in this is why sometimes I think it's important for us to kind of skip the chapter distinctions because look at what he says next there shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse and a branch from his route. Shall bear fruit. Now Jesse is is a forefather of Israel and it got just said I'm going to cut down this Mighty tree butt out of the stuff that remain there's going to come this truth or the shoot in a branch will bear fruit. The spirit of the Lord will rest on him the spirit of wisdom and understanding the spirit of counsel and might the spirit of knowledge in the fear of the Lord is the light shall be in the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge by what is IC or decide disputes by what is ears here, but with righteousness shall judge the poor and decide with equity for the meek of the earth. He shall strike the Earth with a rod of his mouth with a breath of his lips. He shall kill the wicked righteousness shall be the belt of his waist. Faithfulness the belt of his loins the wolf shall dwell with the lamb the leopard lie down with the younger with the calf in the line in the fatted calf together and a little child will lead them the cow the bear Shug raise their young she lie down together. The lion will eat straw like the ox the nursing child will play over the whole of the Cobra and put his hand on the outers then they shall not hurt or destroy in all my Holy Mountain for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. That's it. I'm going to catch you down. But only so I can bring something better back in its place. I'm going to cut you down and out of the stuff left by that judgment salvations going to shoot up not just for you is real but including you and on my Holy Mountain, there's going to be no more pain no more suffering no more antagonism no more death. So God is going to judge his people but it's in the course of that judgment that he brings about their salvation. This is the same thing that happens when we get to the New Testament and we see Christ. When we see Christ we see the one who Isaiah saying is the shoot from the stump of Jesse. We see the one the Fulfillment of This Promise the one who will be concerned with the things that concern the holy holy. Holy God of Israel who is going to fight against the sinful sinful sinful people of the world, but who will provide a place of Refuge for all who trust in him?

God's going to judge his people but God going to save his people as many as will repent and trust him eat and it's not just going to do that. Look at chapter 24. He's going to do this for the Nations. He's going to judge the nation's but he's also going to save the nation's and this is what would have been so foreign to Israel. They were looking for God to judge the nation's and save them. God says I'm going to judge you and the nation then I'm going to save you and the Nations as many as will trust in me. Look at the beginning of chapter 24 behold the Lord will empty the Earth and make it desolate. He will twist its surface and Scatter its inhabitants and it shall be as with the people. So with the priests as with the slave so with his master as with the maid sit with her mistress. irrespective of social standing As with the buyer so with the seller as with the lender, so with the borrower as with the Creditor still with the debtor, the whole earth will be utterly empty and utterly plundered for the Lord has spoken this words that sound like judgment on the nation's the whole Earth. Regardless of status regardless of wealth regardless of any other human consideration for the sin committed God is going to judge them and he just keeps going the Earth Mourns and Withers the world languages and Withers the highest people of the earth language. The Earth lies defiled under its inhabitants. They transgress the laws violated the statutes broke the Everlasting Covenant there for a cursed of hours the earth and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt. Didn't have it as your The Scorch difuminar left. I don't know how I could be any clearer. The nations are going to be judged but look at 25.

So sorry. Look at 25 and 68.

After saying I'm going to judge you look at the invitation. He extends on this mountain. The Lord of hosts will make for All Peoples a feast of rich food a feast of well-aged wine a rich food full of marrow of aged wine well-refined some of the Baptist in here getting nervous. And he will swallow up on this mountain the covering that is cast overall people's the veil. That is spread over all nations. Not just Israel. What's the veil he will swallow up death forever in the Lord. God will wipe away tears from all faces the reproaches people. He'll take away from all the Earth for the Lord has spoken.

God's going to judge the nation's but he's going to invite them to become his people. That's incredible. This would have shocked Isaiah's original audience. We talked about where where are your people those people are the problems? And yet God says no no. Okay. Yes, you're my people, but they're not the problem. Sims the problem The fact that you're sinful and I'm holy that's the problem, but I'm going to fix it. I'm going to make it right for you. And for the Nations is another passage that for the sake of time. I didn't put in here, but now I feel obligated to include. God says something that would have just rocked Israel's world. He says here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to set up a highway from Assyria to Egypt and the Egyptians are going to worship me as their God in the Assyrians are going to worship me as their God and Israel will be like a third among them worshiping as well. He takes these two enemies that Israel says judge these people judge these people. And says they're going to enter the kingdom before you do you're going to come in third. When I do what I do, which is Judge the nation's and judge you but I'm also going to save you and save the nation's that's incredible. This is important. We need to understand human history to redeem for himself a people from every tribe every tongue and every nation who will recognize his glory submit to his King and be healed and that brings us to what I think is really the key to Isaiah and that's this Isaiah can't fix Israel. The matter of fact God tells him back in chapter 6 look. Okay, you're going to go you're going to speak for me. You're going to speak deafness and blindness to this people. They're going to reject what you have to say. Isaiah can't fix it preachers can't fix it churches can't fix it. Somebody's got to come fix this thing. Cuz the nations are in a mass and God's people are in a mass who is going to bring about. Redemption who's going to bring about the will of God? So we're introduced in Isaiah to this servant who's going to come Israel was supposed to be the servant but they failed in their task. And so there's got to be one who will take the crown who will become what God intended Israel to be who will be the Fulfillment of Israel's promised. Cuz I'm going to send a servant to you. He's going to be a conquering King don't you worry about that Israel? But he's also going to suffer and to look with me at this suffering servant this conquering King. Look at Isaiah chapter 52.

Isaiah 52 were introduced or rather were were given a clear picture of who this servant is going to be.

Isaiah 52 behold my servant this is verse 13 behold. My servant shall act wisely. He shall be high and lifted up and shall be exalted as many were astonished at you. His appearance was so marred beyond human semblance in his form beyond that of the children of mankind. So shall he sprinkle many nations Kings will shut their mouths because of him for that which is not been told them. They see in that which they had not heard. They Now understand starting in 53 who is believed what he heard from us to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed for he grew up before him like a young plant like a root out of dry ground. He had no form or Majesty that we should look at him. No beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by Men A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief as one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised and we esteemed him not surely. He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows yet. We esteemed him stricken Smitten by God and Afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace and with his stripes we are healed all we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned everyone to his own way yet. The lord has laid on him the iniquity of us. All he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet. He opened not his mouth like a land is led to the slaughter like a sheep that before its shares its I'll so he opened not his mouth by oppression in judgment. He was taken away and asked for his generation who considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living stricken for the transgression of my people. They made his grave with the wicked and with a rich man in his death though. He had done no violence and there was no deceit in his mouth yet. It was the will of the Lord to crush him. He has put him to grief when his soul makes an offering for guilty shall see his offspring he shall prolong his days the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand out of the anguish of his soul. He shall see and be satisfied by his knowledge. Shall the righteous when my servant make mini to be accounted righteous. He shall bear their iniquities. Therefore, I will divide him a portion with the many he will divide the spoil with the strong. Who's Isaiah talking about

Who's Isaiah talking about? Say it like you believe it. amen how incredible is that to read through that and then to look at Christ to see Isaiah prophesying in the 600 BCS 700 BC Cab in that ballpark to see him saying he look this servant who comes everybody's going to miss him. Nobody's going to take note of him. As a matter of fact people are going to despise and reject him as a matter of fact that he's not going to be anything. Like what we look for it to be a nobody. And yet he's going to Bear the sins of his people. He's going to receive though. He didn't know violence though. No deceit was in his mouth. He's going to receive the punishment as if he had been violence or had deceived. He's going to be buried he's going to die as a result of the stripes. He Bears he's he's going to be killed with a rich man in his death. and yet he will prolong his days.

Just so we're clear. The normal order of things is death. And that kind of marks the end of the days, right? We we stopped counting at that point and yet Isaiah says of the suffering servant. He's going to die. But his days are not going to stop being counted. He's going to come back to life. And in that Rising, he will see his offspring and he will make the mini righteous.

We're talking about Jesus here. And it is so so clear from the historical record. Nobody went back and tampered with Isaiah to make it look like he was talking about Jesus. We have copies of Isaiah from 200 years before Jesus died and Isaiah 53 is right smack-dab in it. Identical to what you see it's talking about cry. So what do you do with this information? What are you going to do with this the fact that Jesus? Fulfills Isaiah's prophecies to a t the fact that God is Holy Holy Holy and you are sinful sinful sinful. What are going to do with that? I think we get that answer from one of Jesus's early followers. Therefore if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. You will be among the many who are a counted righteous by this death of the suffering servant this conquering King. You will be one of those with whom he will divide the spoil. You can choose to reject Jesus. That's your prerogative. But you cannot in good conscience reject the fact. That we were told he was coming. Reject the fact that God knew in advance. What would be the circumstances of his life and his death? So whatever you want to do with Jesus recognized Isaiah's talking about him here two hundred years 300 years 400 years five hundred years 600 years before Jesus shows up. You're going to have to account for that somehow. So here's my call to you. If you are not a Christ follower you're exploring this whole idea of Jesus. Decide whether or not you're going to submit to him today. Don't sit on the fence. Don't wait till you got all the answers decide today. This Jesus this suffering servant is my savior and I'm going to commit my life to him. If you're a Christ follower sitting here this morning. What are you take away from the book of Isaiah? Here's my suggestion. Your Lord Is Holy Holy Holy.

Live as if he is. Don't fool yourself with some sort of ritualistic religion. Submit to this. Holy king put away. Send walk in righteousness be the kind of person whose life declares to the Lord to the world. Jesus Is Awesome. God is Holy. And I'd love to show you him. Finally the last piece here.

in Isaiah 65

I want you too long for this. Long for the return of the skiing long for the restoration of all things. When I close with this 65 417 behold, I create a new heavens and a new Earth. The former things shall not be remember to come into mine but be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create for behold. I create Jerusalem to be a joy and her people to be a gladness. I will rejoice in Jerusalem and be glad in my people no more shall be heard in at the sound of weeping or the Cry of distress no more shall be in it an infant who lives but a few days or an old man who does not fill out his days for the young man shall die a hundred years old The Sinner a hundred years old. She'll be accursed. They build houses and inhabited then they plant Vineyards and eat their fruit. They shall not building another inhabitation a plant and another eat for like the days of a tree show the days of my people be my chosen will long enjoy the work of their hand. They labor in vain or bear children for Calamity. They shall see they shall be The Offspring of the Blessed of the Lord their descendants will be with them. Before I call before they call I will answer while they are yet speaking. I will hear the wolf and the lamb will Glick Grace together lion shall eat straw like the ox the dust shall be the serpent food. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my Holy Mountain says the Lord. You look in this world. It's easy to get discouraged. But you look at the promise of God, and these things are temporary long for that let your life be filled with a desire to see that day, Would you pray with me?

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