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Everyone else you can open up to 1st Corinthians.

We're in chapter 1 we've been there for 2 weeks will be there for at least three more weeks.

I just want to read these first few verses here to you this morning starting. The first four says I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus, but in every way you were in Richton him in All speech and all knowledge, even as the testimony about Christ was confirmed among you so that you are not lacking in any gift as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ. We're going to spend our time. Most of this morning says verse 8 who will sustain you to the end Guiltless and the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of his son. Jesus Christ Our Lord summary years ago. I have a really good friend Trevor and he works for his father's landscape company and he come over every fall around this time to blow out. My sprinklers and Trevor was smart. He'd come over one on my day off in two around noon cuz my wife would be making food. So no dummy and he come over and hook up the machine because it takes a little bit to blow out sprinklers. If you're not familiar with that if you're new to the area, so here's the deal Trevor comes over and we're sitting down out back and we're chatting and he goes I got to tell you the story man.

I was in their backyard and this guy walks out and he was just Haggard. I mean you could tell that something wasn't right with him and he looked pretty messed up any sat down by me and I just felt Preston my soul to ask him how he's doing and the guy responded to my friend Trevor wants you to ask that question you said, how are you what's going on? He said honestly, I'm not good and he said what? Why is that? He said yesterday I died and Trev was like wow. All right. Maybe I shouldn't have went there with him. He said I had Jaya I went in cuz I overdosed and I was laid there on the table and I flat line for 122 minutes. And they brought me back to life. And I know if I was in a Trevor shoes at that time with my personality. My go-to question would have been are you okay or what's unravel some of what's going on in your life and what got you there and Trevor looked at him and said, what do you think would have happened? If you didn't come back if they didn't revive you if you had died there on the table, what do you think would have happened after death? And the man said something that I think is very true of our culture today. Let me know what our culture you can put your thumb on it because we truly ignore this topic in this idea. And he said I never really gave it much thought until this moment. I never really gave it much thought on what would happen to me when the end comes even as Paul is talking about here. I never had much of a thought process because we live actually and I know there's social media for train all sorts of violence. It's going on all the time all over the place. But if you really looked at it in the United States one of the safest time in the history of humanity to live, we're not afraid of some Barbarian group coming on over and raiding our walls and killing us and plundering and taking our children and women are we today? It's not this massive spheres is constantly barreling down on if it's pressing at us on top of that our society tends to kind of put away this Topic of death shove it to the side and not really want to have to deal with it unless it's actually brought to our attention. And so they're Trevor began to share the gospel with this guy named gave him his number the even contacted each other a little bit after that. Death has a way of grabbing. Our attention know many of us are doing many things to avoid that moment currently. We work out. I try to eat healthy. I try to go to bed on time follow diets all kinds of ways to avoid this in our lives and when the subject topic of death comes up. Have you ever sat back and pondered why? Why Jeff? Why we look around to see these atrocities and we see this horrible things that happened in we hear the news of cancer and disease were saddened by the Bible being a unified story that's connected from Genesis to Revelation. Give us a lot of insight on Y and even reveals on what took place in what went wrong in humanity in in Romans 5 College writing to these Believers in Rome and he says in verse 12 there for just a sin came into the world through one man. He's identify why death actually happened in our culture in our world to humanity. It's because of in Genesis 3, there was Adam and Eve and they rebelled against God and said that wanted life on their own terms and because of thin entry into the world and death Russe in and so death spread to all men because all have sins. It answers this big massive question. And then the rest of scriptures from Genesis 3 on is talking about how God is going to remedy. And what God is going to do in humanity in order to bring about Redemption. Hope and life with God. Is the story doesn't stop in Genesis 3 with God saying I'm done with you, but got them begins to work through humans, ultimately himself coming into human history in order to bring hope life and Redemption to our lives. And in that we begin to discuss and talk about why when Jesus came because I'm beat bringing the good news. That is the gospel and how important that is and what Paul is doing in 1st Corinthians. Is he bringing up some important topics for us and last week we talked about this idea of what this is all about this letter to Corn as a letter to Christian. You aren't very good at being Christians. Amen. Anybody ever feel like that and you can put yourself in their shoes and wear to talk about that over and over again and Paul has least fees first 9 verses with this extreme amount of Hope to a messed-up group of people that each and every one of us can relate with in some fashion or another is beginning to discuss the troubled in Corinth. There's going to be moments that hit our own hearts and we go I relate with that but we can constantly come back to 1st Corinthians 1 because it says This is who you are in Christ. You are a saint you are Sanctified and as we see today, you are sustained unto the ends because Christ has done. His blood was shed. Paul speaks of God's grace and verse 4 5 through 7 talks about how he is with us and gifted us and then in seventh through ninth future guarantee. Absolutely love guarantees. Do you guys I was out fishing with Steve Miller a few weeks back and he was there on the bank and had a nice fly rod and got hooked up on something and he was just jerking it in the thing just snapped in half and it came back to me going. I think my day is done and I said, yeah Steve that's typically what happens when your Rod breaks in half and and so he went home and he's really bummed out until he realized he had an Orvis rod and Orvis has a guarantee and he could send that rot in and guess. Happens it gets sent back a new one for for him. They're in perfect condition wheel of guarantees. And this is one place in scripture where God is saying because you're a saint because you're Sanctified I am sustaining you. Dear Christian, you are not sustaining yourself. Do not get in that mindset do not get in that rat race do not get in that Cyclery think because I'm doing this God must then be doing this back for me know it's just she sustains us and he has this guarantee. No, I wish these guarantees were surrounding jobs and health and finances and children. I wish these guarantees that God give us some scripture promised me what prosperity in all of those areas that is not what he guarantees. But what he guarantees is that in light of trouble and trial and tribulation God is going to be with us and it gives us a promise in Ephesians chapter 1. You have a viable you can flip over there when starting the first 11 Paul in this letter is talking about this glorious salvation has come to the church at Ephesus in the people in Ephesus and it's according to God's riches and God's glory and he says it 11 in him, we have obtained and inheritance. This is good news. And inheritance is something that God is giving those who are his children in Romans. Paul says you are adopted in in your heirs and Joint heirs with Christ and he says having been predestined according to the purpose of Jim God's purposes who works all things according to the counsel of his will so that we who are the first hope in Christ might be to the praise of his glory reading some insight into something that's going to be very important to us today on why God sustains us why God keeps us why God calls us and here it's because it's to the praise of his glory and him you also when you are heard the word of Truth The Gospel of your salvation you heard of and it says and believed in him. Sealed with the promised Holy Spirit who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it to the praise of his glory to All Saints. This is incredible news. Apollo's telling the church at Ephesus what he's writing to us today. And he says the Holy Spirit at the point of Salvation had sealed you. Has made you his own dwells within you? It's for God's purposes and God's glory. And why does God do this for that purpose specifically is that he is taking you from being a natural man to being a spiritual man penny has made you his own. in John 14 Verses 15 through 17. Jesus says if you love me, you'll keep my Commandments and I will ask the father and he will give you another helper to be with you forever. Even the spirit of Truth in the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him free dwells with you and he will be in you when you if you are a follower of Jesus at that point of Salvation the Holy Spirit comes and resides in you and that is the promise that God is with us. Forget sustaining us. Said that we go through ups and down. He doesn't let us go and it's all for the praise of his glory. And when you look at this church in Corinth, there would have been a moment where we looked at them and said, are you sure Paul those Christians are sustains because the gossip Circle would have been going around pretty quickly on the Roman Road about the trouble at Corinth. I mean Chloe's people which would have been a house church had already reported to Paul and his group on what's going on with the division and disunity and issues and problems and we could easily looking at their lies and go. Yeah. I don't know about them Paul. HIPAA rights as letter and he says God is able to sustain you and I know how our thinking is today. I know how we can feel today. Maybe God is able to sustain those Christians are not Christian or that brother or that sister, but is he really able to stay with me? Do you know my life? Do you know my past? Do you know my present horrendous? Are you sure that God is with me I've sinned since knowing Christ 2. 30 corn and tall is riding to say you're not some great wonderful church because of you is because of God and what God has done. This church was proud. This church was boasting this church of putting preference over themselves on themselves over others around them. This church had the laundry list of sin that was going on in their lives Paul, even recognizes their immaturity and their need to grow just like you just like me, but he says no your Saints. What's sticks with me in this? Turn my favorite lines from one of my favorite preachers Matt Chandler and he says God doesn't love some future version of you more than the one he loves right now. I often think that way. At some point got to love me more or use me more or accept me more if I get a little bit better for him. Get to have this reality steep in US it incredibly important to Stage the rest of 1st Corinthians because there's going to be moments. We feel the heavy hand of conviction on our hearts, God is speaking to our church and it's going to cause us to maybe go this is an easy God. This is not pleasant. This is not fun and when I'm in those situations, do you love me in that moments? Got to say yes. I love you. I'm calling you to grow I'm calling you to change but I love you right where you are at and that's a reality. God is doing in our lives. This question has to come up on Paul. Why in the world will God sustain us until the end? How does this go? Well for god when we get the answer and some of what we've already read and what we see and hear he sustains us to the end for his glory for his glory. There's something needs to be made incredibly clear to us today. God is absolutely concerned for his glory. He's not going to share his glory with anyone else and that's why here at redeemers we often talked about this is God's story. But you have a story your story is a part in God's story, but you are not the main character. You're not the lead role. This is God's story. You're not the main theme and this whole story is something that God has invited us into and when you get this idea that God is definitely concerned about his glory and Isaiah 48. If you want to go ahead and flip back in your Bibles to look for it. You can mark it. God says this for my namesake I defer my anger. For my sake of my praise I restrain it for you, but I may cut not cut you off behold. I refined you. But not a silver. I've tried you in the furnace of Affliction for my own sake for my own sake I do it or how should my name be profaned. My glory. I will not give to another but 6 Hammer blows here in this passage. God makes it evident in clear that he is concerned for his namesake. He says for my namesake. I defer my anger. I'm not going to unleash this wrath upon you because of who I am for the sake of my praise. From my praise who I am been twice. He says for my own sake for my own sake and as a parent if you say something twice to your children, you mean business don't you specially if it's one right after another how should my name be profaned my glory? I will not give to another and what this is doing is Century Inn on Central Church of God in his own affection. Ultimate goal is to uphold and display the glory of his name. God is going to sustain you your Christian. Not for your namesake for his namesake because he is faithful even when we are faithless and Isaiah 43 637 e says bring my son's from afar my daughters from the end of the Earth everyone who is called by my name who I created for my glory Matthew 5:16 in the same way that your light shine before others. So they may see your good works and give glory to the father who is in heaven one more John 12:27 228 now is my soul troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour, but for this purpose, I have come to this Our Father glorify your name, then a voice Came From Heaven. I have glorified it and I will glorify it again. God save this for his glory and God keeps us for his glory. We are so good at trying to constantly make Christianity about me about me about me about me and feeding this line to us. Really what it's all about who God is and what God has done in the fact that he saves us for his glory and keeps us for his glory. We are beneficiaries of his glory because what we were receiving because he will not deny himself. We need to be about his glory the Westminster catechism says the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. Idea of enjoying him enjoyment is worship. Worship is giving ultimate worth of your affection of your hearts to God. I want to focus in on this moment for a little bit because it tends to be able to initiate Natalie Frost and culture today. But also for the church at Corinth could become so self-centered all about themselves. We talked about extreme individualism off and on over the last couple of weeks and had risen to this place where they said look at me look at my gifts. Look at how God is using me and the church is what we do in the church today. This is my Ministry. This is my thing. Look at how God is using me and we tend to make this idea of who God is and Christianity to serve our purposes rather than serving the king who created and made us for himself and His glory rather than being vessels of for his glory. Return from that. I'm going to focus on ourselves because we worship ourselves and you can listen to secular theologians like Bob Dylan you're going to worship something. You are going to worship God. Are you going to worship the devil? You're going to worship something? What are you worshiping in the moment and here in 1st Corinthians? Paul says this not lacking any guess as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ. So there's this hope that's coming in Jesus ascended at this point and he's gone into heaven and he's made this promise that he's going to return and Paul says while you're waiting while you're waiting for the revealing of Jesus. What are you to be doing or first and foremost God is going to sustain You Until the End Guiltless and the day of our Lord Jesus Christ God who is faithful, but whom you were called into the fellowship of his son Jesus Christ Our Lord.

while we're waiting dissipating the revealing the second coming. What are we doing? About a year ago, my wife and I made the mistake of telling our kids about 5 months too early. We're going to take him to Disneyland.

If you're laughing, you know why that was a mistake. What did we hear every hour of every moment of every day for 5 months straight. Not only when are we going to go to Disneyland? What are we going to do at Disneyland? I mean they wanted to have this whole thing mapped out why they were anticipating the reviewing of Mickey Mouse. They were anticipating they were eager. They were excited to what are they do rightly so they talked about it and they told their friends at church and tell their friends at school and they told their grandma and papa and they told the chickens and the goats and the. Everybody else that would listen to them they were eager and they talked about what they wanted to do there. What's the point of an obsessive amounts worshipping this idea? We're going to Disneyland. Paul use of some very great language Harry says right here waiting for the revealing of Jesus you have these gift. You've been given Fellowship. What are you doing redeemers or do we eagerly await the second coming or is it a second thought? Is it positive? Does it take tragedy? Is it take def to make a start to go? I should be anticipating that I should be excited about that. I should start to give some thought to that. And Paul is inserting this into Corinth is a proud boast in church filled with the vision and he says you need to be thinking on who Jesus says he is correcting this church because of what they valued and what you value is typically what you worship or what you Worship Is What You value and he aims to move their affection from themselves to God. Great podcasts in the sky mark Sayers was talking about how this word focus is worship. Focus is worship. And now he made the connection. What I choose to focus on is what I'm worshipping in the moment. No, please do not discredit that every good and perfect gift comes from the father above the father like please do not take this. Process and sake I should never think about my child my spouse my job my career Hunting Fishing whatever else it is that brings him. Enjoy that God gave us these things to enjoy but I want you to think about this idea Focus, how bad are we at focusing in this day and age? We're horrible what terrible I was sitting in my office last I just yesterday trying to finish some things up in a fly the end of Buzz around and the buzzing of the fly and the slapping at it then had me looking at my phone and checking sports news Ojai this distraction distraction distraction. We have lost the ability to focus for the most part and when I begin to get adoration to something it begins to take the affection and attention of my heart and I dwell on it till I get it or realize I can't get it, God is asking us to do is to focus on him. In this day in age one of the demons that we face and maybe if you're older and here you're going out we've seen this and we're going to be pouring into our grandchildren and children is the devil is not dropping massive bombs into our society does not leave big myths and Lies Beneath some other cultures faced. He is simply stealing our Focus.

Oh, this is not new. What did CS Lewis write in Mere Christianity when he's talking there to Wormwood or whatever the demons were there in order and he said, you know what keep a man busy. buy the bus that passes by find the article in the newspaper keep his focus and attention away from anything, but asking the big questions. Often we think about distraction and passive terms blaming social media or devices for distracting us. Distraction is an active choice. to briefly Escape something to Mandy distraction is an active choice to briefly Escape something demanding. This is why we lose focus on God is saying put your attention on me. It's so easy to be sidetracked. How many of you love the Bible app of the Bible have nobody else loves the Bible after. All right. We got a few Bible after hours in here. Okay is the Bible have that the hardest place to do your devotions from it absolutely is why they dang ding respond to messages respond to email respond to slap respond to this need if everything else becomes more pressing the king of the universe who decided to actually sit down with and spend time with its almost to the point where we have to shove that thing in a drawer on the other side of the house with it off in her to have her Focus. What crabs are tension we can take heart though? Knowing that distraction and worship can actually be fought. We're not left in a completely vulnerable position. That's what I'm talking about here this morning. Is this heart Focus what drives your life?

What your heart loves your will chooses and your mind justifies comes Chalmers credible saying and so true when your heart love something and wants something that goes for it your will then choose. Is it in your mind justifies, whatever you're giving up to get that thing and we're being called to his be drawn to the presence of God. We need to learn to focus every present with God. One of the reasons that I feel like Sunday's is so special because we set aside this time and we come here and nobody has their phone out right now. Maybe if you're reading your Bible app you do that's fine. That's great. And you're saying you want me to do in this moment. I'm actually going to worship God. I'm going to pray and with my heart and with my mind, I'm going to set it on him and we come here with this unified. Mine said if we're going to corporately together praise God and encourage one another in the things of God with minimal distraction coming out us and we walk away from here in a sense doing that is what focused looks like and so often throughout the week we have this desire to lift your eyes to heaven, but our hearts are grounded in the Earth. Sanford maybe this split seconds is quick moment this 45 minutes of preaching and worship. We say both our hearts and our minds are going to go to you. We walked out of here and grab hold of our heart begins to squeeze on an enemy of the best intentions to lift her eyes to God, but we struggle at its what is stealing your focus right? Now. God will sustain you. It can't be your saint that can't be a reason why you can't draw near to him and I know there's troubles and issues and there's problems that are persisting and coming down out of hand typically those to draw and grab our attention and they steal our affection in our thought processes away from God because it becomes so pressing on us. I get that I have four children and three beautiful girls. I worry like crazy. I get that but at some point at some point we have to say, you know what God my focus and my attention is going to be placed on the world the way of the world today. It's all about Dean not focused. Does renewal begin do you look at the history of renewal for Christianity? It's when the church goes left when the world goes, right? It's eggs. We Zach. And I truly believe that if we want to see God removing and renewal and the gospel going forth. This is an opportunity and society today to go left as Christians in the world is going right and we're going to see you know, what's going to capture. My attention is the glory of God. That is what God is calling us to I'm not saying throw the thing away and I'm picking on the phone, but you can pick on the newspaper. You could pick on television you could pick on all sorts of other good things in this world.

Goodness were terrible focusing and got a safe focus in on me. I know there's problems answer my question for you. What do you worship? What do you come in here long enough or what? Did you want God to do here this morning with a certain prayers are hoping would be answered. Are you here to have a guilty conscience clear? Are you here to please a spouse while you're here. So your kids will have good morals or you here for the glory of God take Henry Demers and let's focus on him and the only way to really get Focus if they have our hearts engaged. I was reading sports news this week and Matthew Berry said something incredibly prudent and wise and in the moment right where I was studying his not a theologian, but he said typically we are prisoners of the moment. Not hit me hard not to be right. Here's what I mean by this. I have a job. I had the privilege of being the pastor at this church in along with that comes people in my office asking me a lot of questions. I just about theology but about wisdom and leading and directing all sorts of the things. I have to be mentally engaged with and ask me questions important questions and often more often than not I'm able to mentally be engaged in that and I apologize if there's been meetings where we haven't been mentally engaged but here's the deal we're prisoners of the moment if I had left my house and things of me and my wife were not right and I probably shouldn't have left my house. But as a slave to the meeting happened before and I said, I can't be late. I have to show up for this. Do you think I'm present in that room right there? I'm not I am visibly looking at somebody my head is turning and we are chatting and talking, but my heart is back here thinking.

That's probably my fault. I don't know what it is, but it's probably my fault and I should think through how this is. So I'm over here. I'm a prisoner of this moment if captivated is captured exist. It was so many people and Christians live in is there slaves to the problem of the issues the trials going on so when we want to go and seek God our hearts are detached. Yes, we're looking up and we're trying to see him but our hearts are not engaged and that's why devotional time is horrible and lame and boring. Is our hearts or somewhere else? We don't have the right Focus. So so many of us approach God through the week. And this is why I read Psalm 63 this morning. If you want to turn back there absolutely can I'm going to go ahead and do the same and I want to read this to you this morning and I want you to think about Psalm 63 in terms of what it look like to focus on God David Austin Dunham selves and some very very difficult situations. Did he not Be very likely hanging out in Getty Square that Saul is going to kill him or possibly hanging out in some other area because one of his sons is raising up against him and wants to kill him life was hard for David and David says, oh God, you are my God earnestly. Earnestly with my strength of my soul with my passion. I Seek You my soul thirsts for you. I love this phrase my soul thirsts for you. You ever been in a place? You've been incredibly thirsty and has been no water around you have to think about in the summer. We used to go rafting and be the hearts the end of a long day and there's all this water we can't drink but we've been in the Southern Oregon Sun On the River than a hundred hundred and five degrees and you are just parched and this is that kind of my soul thirst it need a drink from you got a flesh faints for you as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. I have looked upon you in the sanctuary behold your power and Glory. Be holding your power and your glory because your steadfast love is better than life. My lips will praise you. I will bless your name. As long as I live in your name. I will lift up my hands. This sounds like a man. But a lot of problems outside of him, but his focus is in one place. Good looking at the glory of God. I will look to you I will look to your power of a thirst for you. I will crave you cuz you alone can quench that my soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food. My mouth will be praised with your choice full lips. When I remember you upon my bed and meditate on you in the watches of the night for you have been my help. And in the shadow of your wings. I will sing for Joy. My soul needs to you your right hand upholds me. This is a man was craving God and God Alone. Yes, there's problems. Yes, there are trials, but he's waiting on and looking to God.

Ha is telling this church. God has gifted you got to save you got is going to sustain you as you wait for the revealing of Jesus Christ verse 9 God is faithful and you were called into the fellowship with his son engage in that fellowship with him. Don't be a prisoner of the moment, but cling to God. This is not a beer or guilt based obedience that God is calling us to it is love driven obedience. I am accepted therefore. Obey obey not I obey therefore. I'm accepted a lot of us could have grown up and traditions that said I'm going to obey God because if I don't hanging to get zapped things are going to go horribly wrong for me and we have this fear about it, but we are obeying we are worshiping glorifying God because of what he has done got to sustain us to the end because of Christ you were called in The Fellowship of his son. The force of this word is pisto sending me faithful we can depend on God because he is not like a man who goes back on his promise, but he is faithful and get this he's committed to the church is committed to his Saint not getting up on them. He is faithful Ephesians 1:7 in him. We have Redemption through his blood the Forgiveness of our trespasses to The Riches of his grace. This is the hope of the Gospel that he has come that he is faithful. It's the message of Christianity. The message of Christianity is not simply let's just get really moral and have our little click and hide out and be a good group of people. You follow Jesus in the Holy Spirit since when when you was going to convict you of Santa's going to be this move and we ordering it happens in your life if flows out from us because of what he's done inside of us, but it's this idea that because of a Christ has done. That is the good news. We are Guiltless as Paul says here in 1st Corinthians. How can we be sure? One last story comes from Exodus. I always come back to the exit of narrative. Probably every 3 to 4 weeks. I think it's one of the best narrative to preach the gospel from this idea of the Israelites were taken from slavery and bondage in the cross through the sea with Paul and talked about as a symbol of baptism there in the Wilderness Escape the grips of the enemy in Pharaoh's no longer barreling down at them. They should have changed the good life, but they don't trust God and time and time again where they rebelled against God and here they find themselves of the base of Mount Sinai were Moses receiving the law of God and they erect this item that he can't you worship the staff and Moses comes down and looks at them like, why are you doing? Oh my goodness. Why are you doing this and errands like yo, we just threw some stuff in and it popped out like a calf brother. I don't get it. It just happened. So we worship to know that's not what you said. In a turn to idolatry, but this is what's so incredible there and exodus it talk about the love of God this hateful love of God, even though they rebelled God damn remix Covenant with them why for his name's sake you see God looked at Moses and said yo, you're still a son of Abraham. I'm just going to start over with you and Moses if I think that's a pretty good gig. I don't have to lead a million people anymore and my office won't be. He goes. No, no God according to your promises forgive these people.

This is one of the most reassuring words that you can trace the route the scriptures Because of Who You Are God forgive your people. Because of who you are you have forgiven, but they are Saints and they are yours because your namesake even though they are a stiff-necked people. That's the word used in the Old Testament. You're not going to leave them alone. But you pursue those people right after they're horrible Rebellion. God was faithful to act on his promises to them and he does the same for us.

Redeemers, this is so important for us and those two things. I want you to take away today one. Where's your focus? What's grabbing your attention with motivating and driving your heart and to God is faithful, even when you were faithless God is faithful and he is forgiving you and he's called you his people what that means is you get to rest and who he is you get to trust and who he is Paul is going to call this church to repentance. Ebony says you also get to rest and who got it is I think it's a word for some people in here because there's some baggage and some bondage and there's some things that were enslaved to an entrenched in and it's not good and it's Wrecking our own life personalized around us if coins with to persist in their send it was not going to look good and it was not going to go well for them and God is calling them to repent and rest in who he is. Process that wears God calling us collectively individually to that to repent and to rest. And then what does the forecast look like tomorrow the rest of the week end of the year and into the next that's private. Thank you that we can rest in you because of what you've done.

We're thinking that you sustained us that there's no amount of Good Deeds effort that I can put in to sustain myself because you are faithful you sustain me you sustain each and every believer in here regardless of the week they brought in You call us to repentance it cost to turn it cost to look to you we get to rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. So today Lord we want to sing because we know we can rest we want to praise you with our lips because you are worthy of all praise and glorify your name in Jesus name. Amen.

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