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Jesus Prepares a way for us- sons vs orphans

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We have been talking about what happens when become naked before God.

We can hide, like Adam and Eve
We Can recognize our brokenness and decide to work hard at it.
We can do what i recently have done on sabbatical, discover grace.
Read with me john 14- we have spoken much out of this chapter, but today, we will study it in full for context and completeness of meaning.
Context: Jesus has just washed their feet, Announced Judas as the betrayer, and finally He announces He will be departing and that the disciples will scatter- at which Peter declares his loyalty, and Jesus gives him the 3 crows speech. (Troubling stuff)
Then He launches into His departing Discourse- where is He going, what is going to happen?
Speaking of Naked Before God, Jesus just spills HIs guts tot the disciples.
You can see from the responses, that they feel naked before God. And do the same things we mentioned before.
Hide- majority- they don’t speak up… only a couple do. If i don’t let God know my thoughts, then I can’t be exposed.
Decide to work hard- Peter. I will stay loyal!
Discover Grace- Is this what Jesus invites them to?
Father’s House-
In my Father’s House, there are many mansions.
Don’t let the word mansion trip you up into some prosperity fervency. It is a Greek word that simply means dwelling place. Nothing particularly ornate about it.
The real Key- Jesus goes to prepare a place for us…
He prepares a place, and He will come to receive us. Where He goes, we know?
How do they know? The Kingdom of Heaven is like__
Enter Thomas- feeling naked here.
Oh this might be on the test! I must make sure I know the answer.
Hey i don’t know where you are going, how will I know the way to get there.
You can almost see him taking notes.
It is as if he is certain, that in order to get to Heaven, you must know the right answers.
Jesus’ response- I am your right answers (the way, the truth, the life)
Enter Philip- now feeling naked. (If you know Me, you know the Father)
Ooh! I know what the boss wants.
He just washed our feet. Told Peter to chill out and let him do it.
Jesus wants us to just be audience members. That must be Grace!
“ It;s cool, Jesus! Just reveal the Father to us and we will be happy with that.
Check out Jesus’ response:
1. Don’t you know the Father because you have experienced me?
2. Don’t you have faith? Or at least faith because of the miracles you hav seen me do?
3. This isn’t a play and you definitely aren’t an audience member.
You will do the same things I have done…if you believe.
The Spirit of Truth will lead you, the Holy Spirit. Takes you from audience to player.
Enter Judas. (Goodie Judas, not bad) Feeling …you guessed it, naked before God.
“How will you reveal yourself to us, and not to the world?”
Can you hear his deeper cry here? What’s any different about me than the world?
Jesus: My Father and I will make our home with Him.
The real issue here: I am a homeless orphan.
Naked before God, you see what a wretch you are.
“If you love me, you will keep my word.”
If you love Him, You just will. If you don’t love Him, you just won’t. It has more to do with your nature than your effort.
Are you an orphan, no Father to love, or are you a child?
I will not leave you orphans. I make a way for you.
Orphans vs sons-
orphans- steal (forgiveness than permission)
Sons- no need to ask, it is mine.
Orphans have to work hard for the approval, sons walk into their destiny.
Orphans ask for it, then try to earn it. Sons receive what they haven’t earned.
Orphans worry about tomorrow, sons rest in today.
Orphans are ashamed of their nakedness, sons feel not exposed.
Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you: Shalom-
Interesting fact: Hello and Goodbye- Shalom. Entry - Shalom. Peace. Departure- Shalom- peace.
He gives- Shalom.
He takes away- Shalom. Peace. It is well with my soul.
Anyone feeling a little Naked? A little Exposed?
2 dogs- mine
work or have
I kind of like the force himself on me dog more.
During my sabbatical, This ministry grew more than any other time I have led it. Humbling, yes. But peace giving.
What if today, you can change. What if today, you can start being a son?
What if today, you embrace your smallness, and jump on the lap of this Father. Sit at His table and eat and drink- that which you didn’t pay for or earn?
What if today, you prepared your heart for you room in His house. I am a child of God. Not a servant, not just a friend.
“Ho! Anyone that thirsts. Come to the waters. And you who have no money, come buy and eat. Yes! come buy wine and milk without money and without price. “
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