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On the miraculous discovering seeing experiencing the miraculous works of God in in in our everyday and also looking forward to the miraculous that is to come the things that God has promised in and they will come to pass. It's been a powerful study for me. And then today I ain't no I don't I don't know if your do you think God can work in irony? Today we're talking about God's miraculous provision in in more than any other week that I can recall. I just need God to provide his words and I maybe it's just God maybe God's preaching the sermon through my need for him to provide. So I know we just prayed we pray again in just asked the Lord to it to work and move speak Heavenly Father. We are here because of you. It's because of your purpose because if your pleasure to cuz of your will It's For Your Glory that we're here so glorify yourself through what you would say through me speak through me if you can speak around me if you have to but just please speak in a lumineer your scriptures. Holy Spirit you without you speaking. This is just these are just sounds coming out of the mouth hole of a dude. Like I need you to speak and we need to hear your voice to speak and dumb perform another miracle in in our hearing clear open our ears our hearts and our minds to hear you provide what we need this morning and we need your word when you to speak clearly, so please do in your name. We pray I'm in so our desire to see the miraculous our desire to see Miracles as Believers that desire it is actually a very holy thing often times. It comes in in different in different times times of desperation times of exasperation just times of desperate need and sometimes are desperate need It is not so much a time of like tragedy or like, you know, the life turned up to 11 and things are crazy and bullets are flying overhead. Sometimes we need

a miracle we ask for miracle because things are so dull and dry and desert like in and we just wouldn't were needing or asking for God to do something miraculous and what we really mean as a Believer what we really what we really mean is that we we want God to show himself. Kate now, this is a different cry from a from a from a skeptic or from an atheist where it where I cry bit of a skeptic or an atheist asking for a miracle that that's a crime forgot to prove himself for us as Believers. Will we are not asking for God to prove himself, but just show himself reveal what we know to be true about him. It to show up as we know he can because he's done it before so our cry for the miraculous what I want Live Oaks Bible Church our Collective cry for the miraculous used for God to show up as he has before as he did last week. It's amazing how how God's miraculous presents can conduct transcend the current circumstances. I really got meant to clean up out there and I realized when I was walking in the building this morning that I didn't and I'm looking out there and I'm like, they're just that there's a tub out there. There's an empty cup and I'm like that looks bizarre, but then we see the video and and even even the activity of a baptism is a little odd by itself, but that's up to God somehow transcends like the the current circumstances of the facts on the ground and then we go. Yeah remind God did show up. I mean, I I can't I mean, I don't know maybe you've experienced this I baptize my my oldest son last week video just reminded me to get God showed up but God did something awesome. It was just a it was a bit was that it was a fiberglass reinforced. Resin tub. It was a pool guy for a while. I got to use that in some very cold water and he showed up Amor asking many times for miracles. It is God just just do that again. Please not to prove himself, but we know the power of of a witness to that of being present for that. So we we cry out and we asked for God to do what he's done before. Essentially a Believer asking for God to show up for God to do what he's done for God to do what only he can do. We really asking for for oxygen. And in what I want us to see why I keep talking about it. It is a must look like to God. That we are asking for are as we're holding our breath and what I think God wants us to do. Sometimes it's open your mouth. Look into miraculous is all around us. It's just kind of been to the theme of the whole thing. And you see the thumbprint in the word miraculous like again just I I keep my maybe it's just the thing. It's the object its most readily available to my face, but I feel like I just looked at the human hand and I'm just amazed at the miracle of it by itself and then especially as a parent if you see, you know, the little little hand grow up to be a big candy, like impossible the miraculous is around us and and maybe part of what I want us to do over these weeks. It's just to be reminded of how miraculous life itself is. You no end of sentence just the life itself is a miracle you look through scripture and you see that the miraculous in the Bible is nearly always used by God as a means to satisfy his people. Not justify himself to people see how that's I connected with this idea of for the believer. The miraculous is is for God to show himself. Whereas that for the skeptic in The Atheist. They want the miraculous forgot to prove himself like God is not in the miracle business to prove himself to anybody. He doesn't have to God doesn't have to prove himself or Justify himself to anyone. God uses the miraculous to satisfy his people not prove himself to his people. What do I mean by satisfied? I am continually continually amazed at how how how good we are at ruining words by using them, you know inappropriately. So I was hungry on Friday night and Friday night to pee tonight in the Shelton House Pizzas satisfied me. I cry out to God to do the miraculous and he does and I'm satisfied. So either I misunderstand pizza or I misunderstand the word satisfy. Does that make you get a big pizza both satisfactory but satisfying what's satisfying means is that our need is provided? God satisfies the needs of his people miraculously. Right. Don't miss the one magic word in that need God miraculously provides for the needs of his people not always the one of these people and sometimes needs a little crazy. Okay, not just like empty. Tummy rumbly. Tummy like God will certainly provide the need for that. But even more than rumbly tummy God will provide rebuke correction discipline at all. If you say that you're just proving that you do need some correction in some rebuke the big fancy better sounding where to sanctification that God will sanctify us and sometimes not providing the things that we call needs, but we're actually wants Right, we say I need I need this. I need this. God says, oh my goodness and terrible heavenly father if I gave you that and call it and called it a need. That's just to want know what you need. So I mean going hungry like I have to plead with it with a few my children like feeling hunger is okay. Sometimes you actually need to feel the hunger so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of being fed. Kate sometimes we need that correction. We need that rebuke but know that he will provide needs and he will he will use the miraculous to do so flippy ins for 19 is not on the screens. It's just here Philippians 4:19 says and my people and my God Will Supply every need of yours my God Will Supply every need of yours. According to his riches in glory in Jesus Christ. Ultimately we have to know is Believers brothers and sisters. God will provide our needs He's just kind of summary points to begin then we'll dive in a little closer. And also God's favorite Miracle got his favorite work of the miraculous is to help his people continue in their face not be the reason for their faith. God loves to tube to help us continue walking in faith not be like the magic trick that cause us to finally have faith in him. So for us to go back to come to my first point here for us as Believers, I'm just I just have to I don't know you I don't know your heart's really only God can judge that. I don't know what you're walking Faithfully with Christ right now. I don't know if you've ever been a journey to him, but I'm just going to have to talk for all of us as Believers. Okay as Believers when we cry out for his Miracle me crowd for a miracle what we are really crying for its forgot to show himself reveal himself K. We need him to show up because we know him. Cake we know what his presence does in our lives. And so we're crying out for him because we know him David. I mean read the Psalms in Psalm 69 1 through 3. This is what David Christ save me. Oh God. For the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in deep mire where there is no foothold. I have come into deep Waters and the flood sweeps over me. I am weary with my crying out. He's a he's weary of being weary. My throat is parched my eyes grow dim with waiting for my God. He knows that God him God himself is the miracle that he needs. He knows that God himself is the one who can provide for that need and he's crying out. He's crying out for God's presence forgot himself.

He's crying out or my favorite. I use this as an example last week to Elijah on Mount Carmel in 1st Kings 18 starting verse 36 36 and 37. And at that time of the offering of the oblation like when the time for the offering it come Elijah the prophet came near and said, oh Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and then I have done all these things at your word answer me. Oh Lord answer me that this people may know that you oh Lord Our God and that you have turned their hard Hearts back. Elijah is crying out to the God that he knows. And Elijah knows that God himself is the answer for what was plaguing Israel at the time Israel had had gone off into idolatry Israel had gone off and in worship to other gods in Elijah's crying help. You only need to show up. I know who you are. I know that your presence makes all the different. So please show up the believer cries out for God's presence the believer cries out for the miraculous presence of God because we know that that is what we need that is what the world needs this with the church this with the nation needs. It's for God himself. So so will God reveal himself to people who don't believe.

Yes. Absolutely. Guess how I know that's true. Cuz I believe in the Lord and at one time I didn't. Is that your testimony? Maybe right you didn't believe in him until you did what happened God revealed himself to you. And now you know that his Revelation his presence is a miracle itself. Otherwise, you wouldn't have faith. Ephesians 2 that's not on the wall screen to tell us that Faith itself is a gift from God. The faith itself is a miraculous gift of God. How else would anyone come to Facebook but we need to understand this about the performance of miracles about God performing miracles. Is it he's not a clown that will dance on command? Right. That's that's that's that's the skeptic cry prove yourself to me. God. No.

But when a Believer when a son or a daughter cries out to a Heavenly Father show yourself to me. God please show yourself to me.

I didn't even remember Moses. He wanted to see the face of God. And God says I appreciate your desire. But now you can't quite take it right to let you see maybe the end of the end of the end of the trail of the end of the trail of my robe. Maybe you can handle that in so we like the Lord just just breathe a little move a little show me again who you are. Here's an interesting story. It is from the United Kingdom from England. This is a quote. I should have I guess I'm supposed to attribute these things correctly. I didn't write this a magazine did and I forgot. I forgot to remember which one I copied and pasted it. Among 7870 atheists and agnostics from around the world are praying for 40 days asking God to reveal himself to them as part of a radio experiment in England where they're asking for atheist around the world to pray for 40 days. It was a conjunction with a 40 days program that was going over here in the states. And so kind of as a Counterpoint to that. They're like a atheist. Why don't you pray for 40 days? You know that that God will do something that got all that about got to go show up Premier Christian radio show unbelievable is conducting The Atheist prayer experiment throughout September and October. This is in 2012. I guess the experiment is based on a pop on a paper by Oxford philosopher Tim Mawson who argued in 2010 that on balance it is in the interest of those atheists who don't think it's absolutely impossible that there is a God to investigate the issue of whether or not he exists by the experimental method trying to ask him. Host of unbelievable. Justin brierley is tracking the progress of the experiments participants many of whom are blogging about the experience. It's a bit of a crazy experiment but it's really interesting. A lot of people have got on board. He told listeners last week. This is the cool part. This is what I really love two people have dropped out already since the experiment began on September on September on set English

we both speak the same language. Why is it hard to read? Two people have dropped out already since the experiment began on 17th September been an Atheist who took part tried prayer for one day. I tried my prayer, but you know what? I'm just incredibly staunchly atheist. God does not exist. I began this in the best of Faith but simply cannot continue, he wrote to the radio station another participant Kendra dropped out right before the experiment began. She told Riley She's decided to withdraw from the experiment because I've decided to commit my life to Christ. I think it was there doing the research on the experiment and listening to podcast Etc. It made me realize I need Christ in my life Kendra wrote in an email. I do believe in God, so I'm no longer an atheist. Thank you for letting me join and for opening up my eyes.

Got an even let her get to the ridiculous experiment. He just showed up. Guess what? I'm Jesus.

And now she belongs to him.

the miraculous provision Ultimately is Christ himself? miraculously provided to to those who desire him Abby on Revelation he will use miraculous means of provision to supply his people exactly what they need. So let's let's look at some more like, you know basic needs right when I love going back to Genesis Genesis, 1:29. And God said behold. I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of the Earth and every tree with seed and its fruit you shall have them for food sweet that's providing food Genesis to starting an 18 then the Lord said it is not good that man should be alone. I will make him a helper fit for him. Not out of the ground the Lord God had formed every beast of the field every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man to see what he would call them. Whatever the man called every living creature. That was his name. The man gave names to all the livestock and of the birds they have been to every beast of the field but Adam, but for Adam there was not found a helper fit for him. So the Lord God caused the Deep Sleep to fall upon the man and while he slept took one of his ribs closed up its place with flesh and the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man. He made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said yes, this is at last bone of my bones and Flesh of My Flesh. dog crate camel hilarious

this this is different. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother hold fast to his wife. They shall become one flesh and the man and his wife were both naked and we're not ashamed so it's a look at what look at what God has provided for mankind. Okay, he walks with them in the cool of the day. Genesis also says so all right. Let's go through some list of needs here men. Walking with God a good job good food hot wife needs met and then

Walks With God good job good food hot wife happy man. Okay.

Satisfaction meeting of needs in and look how God is the one that like not only saw the need and met the need before man could even ask for it. Write Adam is Lankenau name and stuff, Aardvark Beach.

bird I mean he's having a great time but God saw that no not yet. Right and God saw that need and met it. Cuz God is in the business of meeting needs to go forward a book. It's going to Exodus you will find an example of God. Not just supplying sustenance like food, but providing other needs like I don't know discipline. And instruction sanctification Exodus 16 starting a verse one. They set out from Elam and all the congregation of the people of Israel came to the Wilderness of sin well-named, which is between elim and Sinai on the 15th day of the second month after they departed from the land of Egypt and the whole Congregation of the people of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, and the people of Israel said to them would that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by the meat Bots and ate bread to the full for you have brought us out into the Wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger. Then the Lord said to Moses behold. I'm about to rain bread from heaven for you. I just I love that. Are you get it? Right Make It Rain on you silly grumbling people and the people should go out and gather days porch and every day that I met testing whether they will walk in my law or not on the 6th day when they prepare what they bring in it will be twice as much as they gather daily. So Moses and Aaron said to all the people of Israel at evening you shall know that it was the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt and in the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord. So what is what is Moses hearing from God and seeing the need of the people both together? God knows that what they need for rebuke and for correction, and for sustenance is for God to show up himself. And make that provision. Man, you're going to see the glory of the Lord and it's going to fill your tummy, but it's also going to fill your heart with Dread because you doubted yyb doubt it. Right. We've been through this a billion times. God meets needs to the Lord because he has heard your grumbling against the Lord for what are we that you Grumble against us? And Moses said when the Lord gives you in the evening me to eat in the morning bread to the full because the Lord has heard your grumbling that you Grumble against him. What are we your grumbling is not against us, but it's against the Lord than Moses said Aaron Shea to the whole congregation the people of Israel come near before the Lord for he has heard your Gumbel grumbling. And as soon as errands spoke to the whole Congregation of the people of Israel, they look towards the Wilderness and behold the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud. So it's the first miracle presence of God and the Lord said to Moses. I have heard the grumbling of the people of Israel. Say to them at Twilight. You shall eat meat in the morning. You shall be filled with bread. Then you shall know that I am the Lord your God.

In the evening Quail came covered the cap in the morning dew lay on dulay around the camp and when they do had gone up there was on the face of the Wilderness a fine Blake like thing fine as frost on the ground when the people of Israel saw they said to one another what is it where they did not know what it was and Moses said to them it is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat. Alright, so first the miracle that was needed is for them to see the glory of the Lord. They needed that more than the bread more than the meat. They needed to see the glory of the Lord. Take it again. And write is the faith of the people of Israel. Are they unbelievable? Or they perfectly relatable. Again, this seems to be another recurring thing this whole series of would we be any different? Are we any different? I cannot tell you how many times my wife and I blind panic how we going to pay for this how we going to pay for this and how many times has God shown up and provided? Couple years ago, he showed up in in such an amazingly tangible real powerful. writing for Christmas and what my wife and I fell to our knees and prayed was God. I am so ashamed.

How many times do you have to show us your glory?

Before we look at fear in the face and we laugh.

Do what you want to circumstances? But I'm adopted child of the king. He's going to provide my need. What day is her lights needed to see was the glory of the Lord that's number one. And because God is awesome. And he provides names they hate they needed me to many didn't read. They needed sustenance. And so he provided in this amazing way Quail at night. And in the morning this crispy Frost like bread. Okay in a in a Biblical survey course that I took in high school.

Somewhat skeptical point of view my professor my teacher. He said that science has now discovered that that that what the Israelites age in the morning was a really a miracle it was what happens when locusts land on leaves at night in and they eat and then they kind of spit up on the leaves at end that combine what to do creates. This kind of crust that actually is filled with with protein and nutrients and because the locusts were coming that also attracted the birds who would eat the locus. So the birds came because the looks of they had Quail because they were coming for the Locust and Locust Left Behind Brett Smith.

I'm doing

it seems rather miraculous to me. right How about this one crossing the Red Sea did this is great. This is my favorite. So so so they're so they approach the Red Sea they cannot cross it because their people and and not fish. You know if they don't have pontoons for feet if fate for feet and so they can't cross the the the the season are they going to do what I ask. I kid you not what happened was there used to be an island in the Red Sea and it was a volcanic island. And what happened was that was the volcano experience a violent explosion in a crater was formed. So the water of the Red Sea rushed in to fill that crater drying out the Red Sea. So the Hebrews could cross and then what happened when the water rushed into the crater is the water crashed into itself. And then ricocheted back in a Title Wave consuming the Egyptians. Thank you science. Total time. Did it was a miracle what you're telling me is right when the Hijra lights needed to cross a volcano explode in trying out the sea and right when the Egyptians needed to be punished for their wickedness. Does she put your right not Miracle at all. So first of all Kano who's Bruce Bruce science and then the quail eating a locust leaving behind a locust bread not a miracle at all. Okay good. Now that we've established that God doesn't work miracles. It's it's just volcanoes and quail and and Locust spit we can move on.

God provides what we truly need. What we truly need not not what our circumstances tell us. I think about it Miracle the crossing the Red Sea and then in the provision in the desert God could have done that any number of ways. doctor miraculously showed up and cause them to always feel satisfied never have to eat and continue on couldn't have done that. read scripture God just kind of like picked him up and Like a cross the Bretton could have done that with sound effects and everything. But God chose to provide in that miraculous fashion, but what they truly needed again was for the glory of the Lord to show up because what we really need is him. Our stomachs to be full not to cross a river or they cross the river miraculously to later. We won't tell that storm or to see what we really need is him. Looking John 6. 3235 look jump out of the confusing sometimes violent Old Testament. Let's let's look at the red letters and John 6:30 to 2:35. Then Jesus said to them this is after the miraculous feeding of the 5000 and and they come back and they went and they want more bread. Cuz the bread was yummy. Jesus said to them truly truly. I say to you it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven. But my father gives you the true bread from heaven for the bread of God. Is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world? Jesus is talking about himself. He's the bread. They said Emser. Well, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. What we truly need is often very blurry. And if we do get distracted by a rumbly, tummy, right we get distracted by the the the collections Agency on the phone, right? We get distracted by this and that and the other we get distracted by those things and often times we confuse once with needs.

As a Believer where you going to believe Philippians 4 19 or not living for 19 and my God Will Supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. We believe this or we don't end in this is what happens when we truly believe that God provides the needs of his children.

This is so simple and so difficult.

If you think you need it. And you don't have it. It's not a need.

Got you going to keep his promise or he's not. So we believe that God keeps his promise. And what you have right now is what you need. Give up. My body's failing. Do you really need this body? If they're going to repossess my house. Jesus said he goes to prepare for you a house.

Not not for me, but my children my children are sick.

but this but this but this

what you need what I need what we need God provides.

hope right. It's another one of those words that we've done our best to ruin. Hope is a guarantee. Hope it's not a wish it's a guarantee. Right. We hope in the Lord Jesus Lord. Jesus provides needs he promises that he provides needs what we need is him. That's what he provides. Hope's name is not healing hopes name is not mortgage hopes name is Jesus.

And he provides him how much time do we waste how much heartache do we inflict on ourselves? How much faithlessness do we shake in God's face because he has not kept the promise. He never made.

God promises himself But we have a good and gracious God who has provided Time After Time After Time. My financial needs has provided healing time after time after time to give you another month to give you another year to give you another decade. I remember in in 1984 we moved from Orlando from Longwood, Florida up to North Carolina where I spent the rest of my childhood and in soon after months after we moved up. I was only six years old. My grandmother had a massive heart attack and she was supposed to die and she did not.

And I got six more years with my grandmother nanny. 6 more years with her. I got to know her. I got to I got to know who she was. I got to eat her Fried Chicken. Happy birthday.

I didn't I didn't need to know her. I need to know Christ. But Christ in His Grace said, you know what tell me for this reason and a thousand others six more years and then she passed and she went on the glory.

Goggle, goggle do the miraculous in your life. And in a few weeks, we'll hear about miraculous works of healing for his glory and for our joy, but what we really need is him. And God's favorite miracle. Is to show up and help people continue in their face. Here's an example of a thousand of them throughout the gospels, especially but look at 8 looking Luke 8 starting a verse 43. And Jesus went to people pressed around him and there was a woman who had a discharge of blood for 12 years. And don't she had spent all her living on Physicians. She could not be healed by anyone or let me put by any person.

She came up behind him Jesus and touch The Fringe of His Garment. And immediately her discharge of blood ceased. And Jesus said who was it that touched me? When all denied it, I don't know. What's the crowds around you and N are pressing in on you as it disable who could know Jesus said someone touched me for I perceive that power has gone out from me and when the woman saw That she was not hitting she came trembling and falling down before him declared in the presence of all the people why she had touched him and how she had been immediately healed and he said to her daughter your faith. Has made you well. Go in peace. That was a miracle of Jesus confirming and encouraging the faith of woman already had how many other healings do we see in Jesus? Where are uses? Your faith has made you well your faith has made you well. Like I said, Jesus was not a clown who came to perform tricks. So that we would believe in him. Jesus came and those who believed in him experience the miraculous. And the miracle for this woman was too was to touch Jesus was to be in the presence of Jesus. That's that that's the she knew. That was the answer. She knew that that's what that's what she needed was to be with Christ to be in the presence of God himself is what she needed.

Reaching out for the miraculous is a glorious thing brother and sister in Christ. Child of God asking for the miraculous is a wonderful thing is what we're doing is Father Abba Father, Daddy. You are the only one that satisfies.

You were the only one that meets the need of the need of my needs. To you. I just needed you father. This morning. I was sitting at my dining room table. 5

praying God I this is it ironic. I I really need you. I need you. I need you. I don't need to see this seemed to me like an easy serpent. They need you. Try to focus try to concentrate at the my favorite worship music drinking some tea. Doesn't make me any less of a man if you enjoy a cup of tea.

Sit on the TV listen music and then I hear the sound of of the of the boys bedroom and and I know it's going to be Judah and it felt like oh my gosh, I can't deal with this right now Lord. I can't deal with this. I've got the sermon to preach I can't deal with this. Wet the bed. Comes up naked with no shame Garden of Eden style wash them off got him dressed. I put them on the couch in the in the in the living room. I mean the dining room around the corner living room and write put him give him some graham crackers kids obsessed with graham crackers, and he snuggled up and is still very early that sun has not woken up yet and I'm like that you just need to lay here just need to lay here. But Daddy's got some what you just need to lay here and it and I keep hearing I'd like to try to focus on the sermon Lord and Judah kept saying Daddy Daddy Daddy. Yes, buddy. Where are you? I'm right here, buddy. I guess I can't see you.

I need to see you. I'm right here. I've been here the whole time. I'm right here. I'm around the corner. I'm right here, but I can't see you. And I go and I sit at the kitchen table. Which is really no closer. That little guy laying there his pops up looks over there. You are anyways back down. And you know I can focus again on the sermon and then it popped. Hey.

Until it's time to leave.

again Judah preach the sermon.

Father we just we just need to see you. We know that it's you. Help us to know it's not an empty stomach. It's it's it's not it's not cancer reading body. What we need is you so what do you heal this body with you fill the stomach we need you.

What's amazing? The word miracle for us we would it conjures is like this amazing unimaginable impossible task. What we call a miracle God just calls being himself.

It's not hard for him.

It's not a miracle for him.

It's just simply him being. And him being with us.

What do we need more than anything the presence of our father? How is that possible by Christ's miraculous coming to us?

And embarrassing the Brokenness of our sin bearing the Wrath that are sinned brought Upon Us bearing it himself. Show that in his death. And in his resurrection, he can be with us. Emmanuel God With Us is the miracle. So let's pray. Let's pray for a miracle this morning. But let that Miracle be the very presence of God himself through his son spray.

Can a desperate moments? I cry out God I need a miracle. Thank you for bringing me to those desperate moments because they they really serve to remind me that what I need is you.

And father ain't in in in my lack of faith. I can be tempted to believe that you've gone somewhere out of sight. But you have not you're right there. You're right there. You have not moved.

The only movement you did God was was coming to me. Stealing my cross from me and dying on it. I didn't ask you to do that you did anyway.

You buried him in my tomb.

And you were raised and you are resurrection and I can be raised with you to be with you and those desperate moments. Thank you for reminding me that what I need is you so hear all of us together as a church. We are praying for the miracle of your presents be present with us. And from your very presence will be satisfied Truly Deeply eternally satisfied.

Can you earn a man for your presence? We pray all men. Let's stand and worship in his presence.

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