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book a recipes Readers Digest it just be silly. We're here took to have you speak to us through your written word through these spoken words, and I'm praying that you would. Show up in a mighty way. Holy spirit that you would show up in a mighty way. That we might see you to see you to behold you is to worship you is to be changed by you. So send us out of here changed people. We thank you Lord, Jesus. We love you your name, we pray. I'm in continuing in the miraculous this morning last week. We talked about miraculous fellowship and we talked about how God doesn't just call us to be you have saved individuals. He saves us individually, but he calls us to be a part of the miraculous Fellowship of Saved individuals. He calls people's to be a people and this morning that's we're continuing in that same vein in that same idea that miraculous growth And what is that mean now for us our default, you know when we hear miraculous growth, we think bigger we think better we think tremendous K. We think numbers and certainly that's a part of it. But when we talk about God miraculously growing the church, I want to talk about a couple things first of all understand. All of us together we need to understand that when I talk about the church. I'm talking about the church Universal the Church of Jesus Christ that was instituted by Christ ignited by the Holy Spirit began on Pentecost and and hasn't stopped since it's when I talk about the church I'm talking about all of the of the redeemed saints of God the adopted Sons and Daughters of God from the beginning until now. All Christians everywhere on the globe right now. No matter the language them out of the nation that the tribe of the tongue people that have Baldur need to Christ. We are the church this little corner this little corner of the church this little corner of God's kingdom Live Oaks Bible Church sanctuary of the Church of Jesus Christ a Congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ. So just follow with me. Sometimes I was talking about the church Universal. Sometimes I'm talking about just our congregation specifically, but I don't want I don't want us to miss that don't want to talk about miraculous growth in the Church of Jesus Christ. I also want to talk about miraculous growth of People of a person's of you of me. How do we grow in Christ? And how is that growth in us a miracle? So the miraculous growth of the Church of Jesus Christ and the miraculous growth of individuals animal actually see that they are one in the same. And you know, I just I just ruined the punchline of my own sermon. I guess you shouldn't call it a punchline. What would it be? Will Workshop that we'll figure out what that word should be. I don't think it should be punchline, but you know what, I mean? Someone told me one time. Tommy don't plant a church plant the gospel and see what God grows. Can I was at the beginning of the church that I was a part of planting and it was a blessing is five years of my life that I would not alter change whatsoever. I wouldn't change a thing. I learned so much I grew so much but for about 5 years is about 15 folks in and then we did grow together, but it became very clear prompting of the Lord study of scripture that it was time for us to move to to move out from our spot as wonderful as it was and see what God might have for us next but at the beginning of that journey, I was told Tommy don't plan to church plant the gospel and see what God grows from it. The kingdom of God Jesus talks about it all the time. It's it's it's it's one of the majority subjects of which he would speak is is about the kingdom. He would say, he's really crazy things like that. The kingdom of God is coming and it is here. The reason he had to speak in those terms is because Jesus is the Kingdom at a used to be the king of the king. He's the reason for the kingdom. He's the head of the Kingdom. So when Jesus was here on Earth, he's like the kingdom of God is here because I'm here they can of God is also coming because I'm coming back and and we touch the kingdom of God through the church. The church is the kingdom goes beyond the church, but the church is just a little part that we get to touch and inexperience and be a part of right now. So, how did you know? How did? How did God? grow the church

How did God grow the church how did God grow the church he grew the church by planting the gospel in his disciples.

Share the parable in the gospel of Matthew chapter 13.

It's amazing that the patience of Jesus he would he would give these teachings you tell these stories who delivered the sermon knowing they weren't really going to make sense at the time and I just can't help but but but picture just like a little gleam in his eye. He knows what's coming. He knows the truth. It'll be fully understood and he's totally okay with just laying something out there and for it not to be immediately understood as a preacher as a teacher that I want everyone to understand everything immediately and it like

The quizzes. I don't know what could that you could you have the quizzes you feel queasy. So you have two choices. So it gives me the quizzes to to imagine all my good. Maybe they didn't completely understand Jesus had so much about patience. Okay trust. Okay. So Jesus tells the story OK and tells this Parable in Matthew 13 beginning and verse 31. He says he put another Parable before them saying the Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sold in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown, it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree so that the birds of the air come and make nests and its branches. Kay show he is a liking that the kingdom okay in a part that came in that we touch with the church. So he's liking the kingdom. He's telling the church. It's like it's like a like a mustard seed that somebody playing 2k not a certain length of God himself is the cellar in the parable of the sower. It's Jesus right by the power of the Holy Spirit making this gospel known so the gospel is planted. The seed is planted in Jesus saying look, it starts out so small it's going to end up so fast, so giant so big and he uses to see that Mustard Seed at the time in that knowledge that they had the Mustard Seed was the smallest they there are other smaller seeds that we know of now but don't point to be like Jesus is a liar. Okay for their understanding at that time. The Mustard Seed was the smallest and grew into the biggest. Why would he not use this as an example, right so starts with the smallest of seeds and ends up in the in the grandest of of of of plants that the mustard tree that grew to be a tree like 9 to 5. Teen feet tall. I love the fact that Jesus uses seed here. Did you know that Sheetz actual seeds are sermons as it's kind of like an analogy inside of a sermon inside of a metaphor, but actual seeds plant seeds that like, you know out there. Okay sheets themselves are sermons prized the Jesus would use one don't know where do I get this idea? That seeds themselves are sermons. Not just because Jesus use them in a parable look at to John 12.

John chapter 12 starting in verse 23 in in Jesus is talking about his pending arrest persecution torture crucifixion death and Resurrection. He's he's talking about at all. He begins here in ensuring with his disciples John 12 starting in verse 23 The hour has come for the son of man to be glorified truly truly. I say to you unless a grain of wheat also seed grain of wheat falls into the Earth and dies unless a grain of wheat falls to the Earth and dies it remains alone. But if it dies it Bears much fruit.

Unless a grain falls into the Earth and dies it remains alone. But if it dies it Bears much fruit. Jesus is talking about how when a seed is planted in the ground. It ceases to be a seated dies to Kay's and understand the new tree this new plant new flower new crop grows from it from a seed that's buried and it dies. go to If you will, please with me Genesis chapter 1.

Genesis chapter 1 beginning and verse 11

And God said let the Earth Sprout vegetation plants yielding seed and fruit trees bearing fruit. And which is their seed each one according to its kind on the earth and it was show the Earth brought forth vegetation plants yielding seed according to their own kinds and trees bearing fruit and which is their seed each according to its kind and God saw that it was good and there was evening and there was morning the third day.

God invented the process of seeds being buried dying and growing a new crop on the third day on which day was Jesus resurrected from the ground from the grave on the third day. Everything is a sermon. Everything is a sermon. And Jesus the Same look I am the seed. I am the seed that is going to be buried. I be buried and raised again to New Life and not by myself. With everyone that is in him everyone that place is faith and trust in him are resurrected with Jesus.

When was I saved when Christ was crucified and resurrected over 2000 years ago?

Anna. And God made the world to work in such a way that seems themselves would preach the sermon.

It starts small and grows big. Remember we looked at it last week and asked that the first sermon after the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples of Jesus on on Peter at Pentecost and he went out and preach this really terrible sermon. Hey guys. Hey, everybody. Remember Jesus that you crucified that he was God. You murdered him. It's his it's your fault.

Thanks for coming today. Come back and see us murderers. That truth cut them to the heart and and they responded what what must we do. Right. You should repent be baptized in 3000 were added to their number that day from from acts 2:41 3000 were added to their number that day started small simple message simple gospel message was planted. Right in 3000 just in that one day Grew From that one simple message that one simple seed the Gospel of Jesus himself was with sewed with sewn and you saw this miraculous growth. Remember that the parable of the sower not turn their but remember the seller cast seed everywhere seems to be a terrible farmer in my estimation. I just check and see it everywhere and it was only from the the the good soil that the seed grew understand the gospel. The gospel will bring a harvest when it's selling the gospel not talking at altered Gospel made up gospel fake gospel Blasphemous gospel the gospel of Christ and him crucified when its own it. It will bring a harvest it will grow it it must and if it doesn't work either so in the wrong seed over sewing it in the wrong soil I mean when you understand the metaphor that sowing the seed is proclaiming the gospel and then I say maybe we're we're we're sowing into the wrong Sawyer like you're judging the soil who you to judge the soil because the soil is in the hearts of men and women like you who are we to say? Okay, I guess there's a there's a wrong soil. I guess we shouldn't preach the gospel there. How how dare we write like, why would we ever do that? Why would we ever make that judgment and say what they're the wrong soil? So we shouldn't go there if you go to Matthew Matthew Matthew chapter 10

Matthew chapter 10 starting in verse 14

This is Jesus sending out the apostles. At the tail end of his assignment for them. He gives this direction because this instruction if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words. Shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town truly. I say to you it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah then for that town. 2 disciples go in or let's not go into that town. I don't like those people Jonas's. I don't want to go to Nineveh right bunch of cannibals not going to go there. No, we don't do that. Right. We we don't we don't refuse any assign in any direction if the hand of the sower cast Us in that direction, that's the direction which we go. But once the gospel song Once the gospel is declared the right one and only true Gospel of Jesus Christ when that is sewn and rejected.

We haven't judged the soil their judgment selves. right there showing themselves to be pavement how to start a job to stand there for decades trying to push the seed in through some cracks in the pavement. We have a Great Commission to obey and it's all the peoples. It's all the corners. It's everywhere again like the idiot farmer just check and see it everywhere when we tested everywhere.

Jesus is Jesus Jesus makes his metaphors all the time. That's why I feel I can to Jesus calls himself that you know, he's a good shepherd and his sheep know his voice. That's why I said we know who are the Sheep is they're the ones that respond to the voice of Jesus. So we're preaching the gospel for preaching the words of Christ. If we were preaching the words of the shepherd and the Sheep respond, praise God if they don't not cheap.

I mean maybe some people to argue with me maybe that seems harsh or judgmental as the one is going to do the Judgment here. I mean, it'll it'll be more more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah them for that town. We don't worry about judgment. We don't worry about punishment. We don't worry about condemnation. That's not our job never was never will be that's God's I will Smite you woodpecker though. I will judge you too certain of the devil.

fair warning

Will C wood? Maybe he might have outsourced that the list for okay.

We have a Great Commission to a bay. And Jesus is always talking about the day of the Lord coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming.

Right and we have to obey that great commitment that that Great Commission Matthew 28 just flip forward a few more pages in case we've forgotten him. You might say the Bible's complicated, but our orders are not

Matthew 28 starting at Verse 18 all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I Am With You Always to the end of the age

We don't we don't make Believers we can't. All right. We just cast the seed we will use the voice of the shepherd what we see what God grows from the soil. We might be surprised.

I have seen flowers grow up through cracks in the pavement, haven't you? Am I to you? You're like Tommy I grew up to a crack in the pavement by that's why we can't see it everywhere, right Cassie everywhere, but everywhere is important. Let's not forget the everywhere. We have to grow we have a command to grow now. I have a I have a sometimes awesome. Sometimes really achy experience with the Church of Jesus Christ, you know different buildings and whatnot different names on the signs and what not have been around the block a couple times already in my 41 short. And so whenever I whenever whenever the topic of growth comes up whenever I think about numbers whenever I think about the church, what did I call it, please? Yeah, the Queen's starts growing in me and I start feeling very queasy myself personally. So if you're feeling queasy about me saying we have to grow as a church. I'm right there with you communal quizzes here this morning. We're all feeling queasy when I'm saying that we have a mandate to grow and we have to grow and we must grow.

That does not mean though. Have a church is big.

That's growing. Amen. What that means is there's a lot of people and a lot of money collected in that place. It also doesn't mean though that have a Church's small its righteous.

The Church of Jesus Christ is the collection of the resurrected adopted Sons and Daughters of God, and you're going to find them everywhere. And we must grow we have a commandment to grow. I've heard it in all of my travels. I've also heard you know what we're not a growing church, but but we're a healthy Church. No, you're not. That's just what dying church is tell themselves to feel better.

We have to grow.

I want to see the growth we pray every Sunday throughout the week Lord fill your house on Sunday every chair filled to overflowing fill your house on Sunday. But on Sunday help us to see the room is filled cuz we're going to ultimately trust the Lord and it's God who draws people to himself. But we can't like fail to preach the gospel and say Lord we trust you. Right, we obey and trust and God has commanded that we preach the gospel and that we grow. But what do we do with the growth?

God is drawing people to himself as people are coming to Christ and praise God. And we see that the number is growing exponentially. What do we do with that growth? We grow up. bigger better buildings Right. Maybe I'll go this building. I start being in my mug tube screens around town. We do it we go multi-site right? We we just will you to buy up some old stuff and run some other places when we we just do it right Live Oak Bible Church Northwest Campus right to make bulldoze all of this until just a giant. I don't know.

That was tried that was tried in Genesis 11.

let's skip to the short part of it Genesis 11 verse 4 mankind said come. Let us build ourselves a city. and a tower would it stop in the heavens? And let us make a name for ourselves lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth right Tower of Babel.

We are not called to be Tower of Babel Bible Church, even though it really brings it. It's got a nice ring to it.

David Alaba is Bobby. How can I help you when my name is not Bobby, but Tommy.

That's not what we're called to do. We're not called to make a name for ourselves. No matter what. The sign says the one name that is eternal is the name of Jesus live oaks Bible Church. I pray that we are found to be a faithful church, but her name is not going to last forever. It's his thing that's going to last forever. We're not to make our name great way to make his name great. So if we are faithful to preaching the gospel and in this soil is found to be fertile, then we will we will see growth we won't be able to stop the growth. Even if we tried to we couldn't what are we due to what what are we to do with that grossed? We're not called to grow up Tower of Babel style were called to grow out Great Commission Style. We go out. I'll put some I'll put some some some brass tax to it. We fill up this room. We identified 25 3040 folks and say in a year or two were going to send you out to plant. another congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ Nocatee Live Oaks Bible Church, call it something else, but we'll know it's the Church of Jesus Christ will make room for more people. Knights of Europe Euro, what's the plan boss can a guy that's the plan fill this room make some space fill it again.

To make his name great not hours.

Cuz we are called to scatter or gather to scatter and Scatter together. Facebook login in in Genesis 11. What does God do he scatters people everywhere? All of humanity was United don't know we claim that that's what we want and out right now. I mean sing songs about it and I'll be in united in holding hands across the world.

And what did God say about that? What did God do about that? He scattered us. He purposely scattered as he knocked down our Tower angry little toddler boy built up this little thing of blocks and comes over not sit down and send this to our room. He scatters all of humanity to the ends of the globe. And then what does he command the church to do go to the ends of the globe and gather? to scatter all for the greatness of his name. We are called to gather to to to grow out and not up.

We grow out till Jesus shows up. Look at Acts chapter 1.

Acts chapter 1 starting at verse 1 actually, no, that's not do that. Let's just go down here starting verse 7 Acts chapter 1 verse 7. Jesus says it is not for you to know times are seasons that the father has fixed by his own authority, but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the Earth to Jesus saying look I'm leaving it's good that I'm going to the holy spirit is going to come and when the Holy Spirit comes you're going to go out to everywhere and be my Witnesses where is everywhere in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria at the ends of the Earth. If you look at a map, it's like poop.

Right starts in one place. It starts in one spot. It starts really tiny almost like a seed and then it grows. Out to the ends of the Earth and we are called to scatter We Gather and use the growth to make ourselves just more comfortable and more secure. God will have words and actions about it. Looking Acts chapter 8 just get bored a few pages Acts chapter 8 starting in verse 1 And soul approved of his execution Stephen the first martyr Saul approved of it Saul approved of his execution and there are rows on that day a great persecution against the church in Jerusalem. and they were all what scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria that rings a bell. Except the apostles devout men buried Stephen and great a great lamentation over him but saw was ravaging the church and entering house after house. He dragged off men and women and committed them to prison. Now those who are scattered went about preaching the word Philip went down to the city of Samaria and Proclaim to them to Christ and the crowds with one Accord paid attention to what was being said by Phillip when they heard him and saw the signs that he did for unclean Spirit crying out with a loud voice came out of many who had them and many who are paralyzed or lane or he said there was much joy in that City. So so the Constable was planted and Jerusalem and and and Disciples of Christ rose up and they said this is great. We pretty much taken over the city called Ruth Ali Louis Vuitton, New Jerusalem be great if we accomplished The command was Jerusalem Judea Samaria ends of the Earth and they stopped at Jerusalem. We did it. So, what did God do? They got the really cool. She really comfortable right Jerusalem bible church. It was booming. It's that we kept having to build new buildings, right? It's so much money saved up in the bank didn't have to worry about to be faithful really.

He persecuted God caused the persecution that. Cause it or did God really just allow it. Is there a difference. Caused persecution force them to scatter for seem to be obedient to the command?

What was the end result of God causing persecution and forcing scattering Joy?

Joy there was much joy in that city everywhere. The gospel went everywhere. The gospel was forced to go. Joy came with it Without God using the persecution of the church in Jerusalem. We would not be here cuz guess what we are. Where ends of the Earth baby we're here, right? You never would have gotten to us had gotten not persecuted the church in Jerusalem. So so what would my god do for us? If we like the Christians in Jerusalem just built up this place to be nice and Khushi and did not go out.

It's a matter of time for God's Own glory and our own Joy. He'll come down and smash a little Tower of Babel. Force us to go out to the lost sheep.

That's the miraculous growth of the church. But what about the miraculous growth of a person? It also starts small and grows big. You can look in Matthew 17. You could have called this sermon A Tale of Two Mustard's. But that be silly so it's not do that. Matthew 17 starting an inverse 18

the disciples were trying to cast out demons by you know, like and it wasn't working.

Jesus rebuked the demon that came out of him in the boy was healed instantly, then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said Why could we not cast it out? And he said it then because of your little face for truly. I say to you if you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you. That's pretty brutal Jesus and awesome. Right? He says it's cuz your faith is so small if you have faith as huge as a mustard seed which we've already established as the smallest of seeds. So how much are small bust of the disciples pain right as brutal? Thank you Jesus cuz I haven't moved any mountains lately. Have you? Does it say about my faith? But the truth remains it's a small bit of Faith. That's how the growth of a person starts. Is this small little bit of faith that the growth of a resurrected person begins with faith. And like a seed planted in good soil space is a gift. Look to Ephesians chapter 2.

Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8

I pray you know it already. If not, this is the best news you've ever heard. For by Grace, you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing it is the gift of God. Faith itself is a gift of God.

Like the sower didn't think the soil.

When you sowed the seed, right? Who should be thanking whom the soil sinks? Thanks the seller. space seed planted to gift to gift faith is a gift like a seed planted for by Grace you have been saved through faith is not your own doing is the gift of God faith is planted by Grace like a seed. What do you need to grow a seed Judah in his little preschool. He little you know, he probably did it to little little little the bean little bean plant playing a little Styrofoam cup a little soil and on because of physics when the thing grows it tips over and the potting so I can solve your kitchen floor. It's happened now six times in my house. That little see this planet right? When and where you learn what you learn in pre-school to grow with seed. What do you need need three things? You need good soil. Need water and you need a light.

Good soil makes soil good. I wouldn't makes the soil good what makes the soil fertile. It's it's an obscure little reference to a prophet. But and is he Keel 36? Ezekiel 36 verse 26 we read this the prophet says speaking for God

I will give you a new heart and a new spirit. I will put within you and I will remove the Heart of Stone from your flesh and give you a heart of Flesh. Soft heart soft soil to the Fate the seed is a gift the soft soil. What is it? Also a gift a soft heart soft soil seed gift fertile soil gift and working of God God's gift cards work. It's all God's glory. So the soft fertile soil is a working of God. in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 It says that the old has gone and the new has come the old Stoney heart. There is therefore if anyone is in Christ. He is a new creation. The old has passed away behold. The new has come the old Heart of Stone thrown away. I've said it before I'll keep saying it until God kills me. You don't need a shiny your heart to present to God. You need a new heart that's given by God. He takes out the Heart of Stone gives you a heart of Flesh soft heart soft soil for that seed of Faith to be planted in you also need water a seed has to be watered after it's planted in fertile soil. Go back to John Mann. This is like this is like Bible Pilates, I don't know I haven't been to an exercise class in over a decade. Okay, John 4 verse 13

Jesus is speaking to this woman by the well Samaritan woman. He should have been talking to in the first place. She's a half-breed. Jesus loves everyone finds. Everyone precious is spending time with her by the well,

she's not missing. She's misunderstanding what he means by water. She says to her and verse 13 everyone who drinks of this water actual water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again the water I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

She needs water. Who's going to water it? Your good works your obedience your righteousness.

Jesus himself The Living Water will water it. And it's it's no it's no longer this external thing. That's what she was misunderstanding. She kept wanting to go back to the well and be like, okay, so it's like super water. It's like it's like Topo Chico which is sparkling water from Mexico. You can find an ethnic food. I'll eat at the most delicious water on planet Earth. I'm convinced it is water to me. Now. I want all my water to be called Toko Topo Chico and the following think it is just delicious just water sparkling water living water is what Jesus is talking about it and she's misunderstanding. They okay, so it's really cool water in so I'm not but I'm not going to need water anymore or going to the well is going to be easier to just like water that's in you. That's what I offer.

He already called himself The Living Water. He sang. I'm going to live in you. And I'm not going to run dry. I'm not going to run out of water.

If you're going to be in the well at the well is going to be in you.

You need soil you need water and you need to light Ephesians. 5:14 says awake o sleeper and arise from the dead in Christ will shine on you. First John chapter 1 talks about Jesus being the light. John the Baptist he was just a reflection of the light. That's the best we can hope to do is just reflect the light Jesus is the light. And if if the light shines on you and if the water Waters you and if that isn't the soft soil that the holy spirit of God to losing you then you are going to grow you are going to grow.

So we're talking about the miraculous growth of the church, and we talked about the miraculous growth of you. Same thing. When you grow the church cross.

When the church grow as you grow.

Here's the church. Here's the steeple open the doors and see all the people.

Church is the people. Do you want to see it come to pass that the gates of the church. Do you want to see that Jesus Promised at the gates of hell will not Prevail against the church. Do you want to see the actual New Jerusalem descend from heaven and in Christ replace the Sun? He's going to do that to the church. If you fail to grow in Christ, you are keeping that from happening.

You grow we grow Church gross. Christ returns

we grow out until he shows up. Not easy, but it's not complicated.

Let's pray together. Got him praying that you would fill this sanctuary. Is this is just a corner? It's just a bit. It's just a little bit of your church. I mean your church will never shrink back. It'll never stumble. It'll it'll never get the it's you it's you. It's your working us.

Heather I don't want you to I don't I don't I don't want your gross to in me to hinder the growth of the church so so removed from me

Anything that I'm trying to stack up in your way. Am I going to get too comfortable? And now I'm going to be like the church in Jerusalem? Just be very Christian comfortable. You going to have to bring persecution on me for your glory and my joy. I pray not father. I pray that I would be found faithful. I pray that this Congregation of your church would be found faithful and in that we would but we would show the right gospel in the fertile soil.

And that you would add to the number of those being saved. You've done it before you could do it right now.

I mean you could fill this room today still got time. We can show up next week and the room could be filled you could do that. and praying that you would

ultimately were going to continue to trust you. Grow the face that that requires in me in US. In our miraculous Fellowship. I want to see miraculous growth.

and if we don't see it, I pray that you would you would give us the eyes to see what What is happening? Where are we not being faithful? And what way are we not Faithfully preaching the gospel sowing the seed and what way are we not scattering that seat on the fertile soil? Where's the fertile soil will go to that soil? I pray that we will be faithful to the Great Commission. I can't wait to see this come to pass I pray that we will.

For Jesus, thank you. We love you. We're going to stand and we're going to worship one more time father and I pray that that would be a miracle as well that that you would inhabit the Praises of your people that you would grow Us in the sun. This would be your light shining on us.

if anyone here has a Heart of Stone. Maybe now maybe today is the day that that Heart of Stone is removed in a heart of flesh is given its place fertile soil.

Are we love you? We thank you your name. We pray I'm in.

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