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Mark 16:15-16 

Not only do I encourage our staff to share the good news of Christ, I regularly challenge the congregation to invite their friends, family, and coworkers to Fellowship.  I promise our regular attendees that if they will invite someone to Fellowship, we will make sure that the moment their friend or family member pulls into the parking lot, he or she will feel comfortable and welcome.  More importantly, we will make sure that all visitors hear the God created them, Christ died for them, and He is the only way to eternity in heaven.

I tell our congregation that evangelism is a tag-team event.  It takes both the staff and congregation to work together to get people to visit our church.

A healthy church should have a mixture of three groups of people attending: those who have not stepped over the line of faith, those who have just made a faith reception, and those who are mature in their faith.  If everyone is a mature believer, you are not doing the Great Commission.  Conversely, if the church is full of baby believers, you are not discipling.

Andy Stanley/Ed Young, Can We Do That:  24 Innovative Practices That Will Change the Way You Do Church, (Howard Publishing Co.), 2002.  pg. 7

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