Sunday, December 1st, 2019 - AM - Walking in the Way of Christ (Matt. 7:13-23)

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Belief in Jesus Christ offers the only path to a life of meaningful spiritual service.

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Matthew chapter number 7 for those who've been with us along our journey. We journey through and was known as The Golden Rule our last time together. That was Matthew chapter 7 verse 12, but, as we continued studies we are nearing the conclusion of what Jesus is going to say here in the turban on the mount and I pick up with you in the text in first number 13 for those who were listening outside these walls you're listening to the services in Broomfield Baptist Church. And this is the pastor bringing the Sunday morning message just simply entitled. I'm walking in the way of crap and he's laid out the road map for us and you can study along with us as I mentioned in Matthew chapter 7 verse number 13 In these passages we read Jesus telling his disciples to enter in. Straight Gate enter ye in at the strait gate wide is the gate and Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in there at the car spray to the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it. beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruit do men gather Grapes of thorns or even though every tree bring it forth fruit a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit tree. Bring forth good fruit every tree that bringeth not for good here now and cast Into the Fire. We're bored by their fruits. You shall know them into the Kingdom of Heaven, which is in heaven will stay to me in that day Lord Lord. Have we not prophesied in the many wonderful work and then will I profess under them? I never knew you. Depart from me either that work iniquity. Lord I pray that you will help us understand the path of our feet this morning as followers of Christ as his disciples gathered together around your word Our Hearts by wonderful worship music together to draw reminder with Christ it for us already decorated his words. Would we even that much more to be considered a precious gift she gave up its own life-blood. Oh Lord. I want to walk in your way teach me thy way. Show me the path of Life. Your word is full of promises to that in. Florida dangerous road. It's a constricted Road. It's a it's a road on which surely I'll have to add on eyes and she's trying to enter it's a narrow constricted gate that leads to this room. Florida pray that you'll help your words to be like today for those that need to find that why are there so many that live in emptiness and I live there for a long time my wife one day Jesus came and he showed me the right way and what I put my foot in front of the other and set my hand to the plow and I had the Kingdom of Heaven in front of the Lord and nothing is changed from that day. I yearn to be with you Lord, I long for true my true that Heavenly home and one day one day Lord to think about Christmas with Christ. Actress humbles me great condition and the one who love to give his life for his sheep or blood or timing the word in Jesus name I ask him pray. Amen. Dispassionate 7 summarize it for you this way and that the dude the word construction is contrasted with the Rave the way of life the way they were lasting lie, and there's much more that I can do to explain that we can walk on anyone remind us of where the spirits within the rest of the sermon because contact will help us understand the overall.

Picture of the Gospel one of the things that I Endeavor to do in each of the preaching times that the Lord allows me to have with the threats he gets me is to make sure that somewhere along the way there is no appeal for the gospel. There's an appeal for others to come to cry now they do so listen to winter time will notice that at the close of each message, even if it's a message to disciple for Faith and it's a passage of scripture that's not really lend itself to the gospel in particular but it's true that we live and grow by its followers without fail. I always try to at least prevent the gospel whether it's in a prayer that I pray or whether it's think somebody that I can draw people think about Jesus who died for them if they believe on him that I can have everlasting life. Install the gospel call rizel here. I Think Jesus said the preacher is doing no different and I think preachers to the a good precedent for them by the Savior himself because as she begins to whine down his sermon and I almost pissed because these last verses are so thick and just full of for the one who would have stripped alive to see what's here. Jesus Christ is not letting up when I say winding down Jesus Christ is bringing all the thoughts that he is said from chapter 5 and 3 on is bringing all of that into a nice concluding summary and driving home the application points that you and I need to live by as follows. The price of the bottom line is are you saved? Do you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you changed your mind about your standing with God that he had to run to swallow violated and all have sinned and come short of the glory that he originally created with if you realize your scent and you realize the consequences for that the way of Destruction live at the end of that path. If you do not change York or you will die and pay for your sins for all eternity in a lake of fire scripture. That's not me being bigoted that it's scripture that says God, we're not my work. If you have an issue with those teachings take it up with God where did University makes the laws that Jay Vernon McGee says if you don't like that. Make your own Universe, you can make the laws and then you can take that up with. It was later time Orleans real in there is a hell to shun and a heaven the game until we come in heaven for Jesus Christ. We get on that narrow way through him. That's my question are you saying? So then Jesus will come alongside somewhere in your journey with him and he'll give you the invitation. He gave his disciples follow me.

work simple word

That's the crossroad that's where I can win say yes, and I can go about fishing or just a person be on my way to heaven. But if I don't need that invitation to follow then I'll never be transform completely what Jesus would happen to be that is to become a fisher of men or picture of people because he's concerned about so and so what you're saying then the call, to be his disciple is the rubber meets the road. It's for disciple. It's not for ticket into heaven. In other words what I mean, is there been those throughout purchase history that have taught that if you keep the things that are in The Sermon on the Mount you do enough of that good that it's in there. One day on the scales and if you're good outweighs your bad on ride that train because that trained According To Jesus said these forces is headed over a pressed into the truck and the LIE the devil from the ages of Gone by has been you can outweigh your bad with good. It'll never work. I don't care. How much good you do. You still have that black blot on your soul? The Emptiness that's inside and it seems like you can never do enough Sermon on the Mount has nothing to do with Jesus with everybody around me is to live in a way that would bring others humbly before God for them to look up and realize they have to do with him. I just might be converted through something that I say or do it's not about me. It's about finding peace and joy, Jesus me to work on me to be trials and tribulations will be Sunday mornings like today where you just say, it's really close. All we need is great to be able to have all the things that help us. Enjoy the gift of God in our heart and black. Set a timer for Jesus's words. Entering in at the strait gate spelling. I don't want to be redundant here. But I do want to point out. There's no GH. This straight you know, this one is constricted and that's the spelling we have here the other one means a straight line not curved. So the word that is used here has no GA. Can I find a straight line? We're talkin about a constricted near away. One of the one of the things that along the way in study this to think of it like a funnel. You know, you have a funnel and has a wide in and it has a narrow in and depending on which way do you enter the funnel the Broadway and that Broadway funnel down and leads to destruction is no other way construction at the end of that, but the way it's the Lord is funnel over and you come through Christ because he's the only way it's so constricted and soneros come through Christ and it opens up the whole world and eternal life to me. I don't have to that's the way I want what I want. I don't want to start easy and it ended instruction. I want to be able to carry everything. I want through this life and then and then get to the end and have to have it all burn up. Florida review and so entered the Union as a straight gate, so I have some thought for you from dispatch first off. I would ask you to question.

Adobe thinking about yourself or anything of that nature. Okay. I'll give you no equation to help you come along if you can my way of thinking you're on this how tight is too tight in here from Table Mesa Verde Plateau number to Mesa Verde.

So you can bask in all the fields and everything out there and it's a little at a higher elevation, but there's green fields and all kinds of animals and in your Ranch land and farm land out. There is a place where maybe you don't never got the chance to retire.

The Winter's Night be a little a little challenging sometimes but I just think of a place where you got the whole ring to yourself, you know, and you can come and go as you please and pizza Broadway. There's a lot of work that goes into the land and think that that would be around you but you get the idea about that Plateau that Broadway and then right in the same area Colorado from them from the Mesa Verde Plateau its place where I went left frame with our children and that was over at Glenwood Caverns Glenwood. I haven't even match the whole thing out yet, and we haven't talked to her and we had a great guy with us and she was familiar with out her.

I'll meet you on the other side because I'm like, no, you know, maybe it's my past years when I was younger. I might be able to squeeze through some of these things is not even physically possible.

There is a gate that is narrow is that there's a there's a keyhole if you will use the monkey terms. Name all those things. We got to climb through. Please remember I'm right all the pain. I could go through it through me and you need to come to get through the gate that price mentions is prosper.

Need to come humble and say Lord not in Pride lord. It's not my way. But the way I acknowledge I agree with you that you are the way the lot now, we're connecting to Greater understanding of The Sermon on the Mount Jesus been hammering Holman hammering home hammering home then see if you can blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted in relationship to the law of Moses. You've heard a tapping said by the time the weather for Wallkill. Waukegan pointing out of Hypocrites don't live your life wearing a mask we can get on the outside and having your heart far away from God because in his audience and within earshot of what he was saying that they were those that he will later condemned in the gospel of Matthew say World to You scribes and Pharisees that got their own status that is

space far away from danger Jesus is warning out of flea. If you're going to follow him. There's no place for mechanics in your walk. You have to be real and it's going to hit you where it hurts the time and you're going to have to dig deep and it's cool. You are that's going to make a difference to somebody else. Not necessarily what you can do or what we can pray or what we can say Who You Are Who are you is following Christ as that transformation app. Why do you prep cook. Can hear you is it so that others can hear you answer that question. The only for that and you're no better than Israel of Deshawn Barnes was letting the judgment will be better if you skip a meal and help somebody else because they don't have something to eat when fasting. Why are you sad that she has to know you just going out with somebody else can have true fasting in my understanding is it so why are you crying?

Jesus said for those that will stand before the judgment. Many will say Lord Lord. When I do this do this do this do this is the one thing that matter will of My Father which is in heaven and what's his will John pepper 6%. Vincent, and that's where the party at. So now we understand a little better. There's a difference between a true disciple of Christ and a self-righteous Pharisee isn't there a big difference when you can tell I know why you cuz I don't like this kind of why you're expecting something in return.

Put me on all that.

It's not going to help anybody but yourself just like her $0.21 and to hear those words from the lips of the one that you said you followed. The one that you said you were living for and he's the one that says it's hard for me.

Best friend is the danger of false teaching in the church today.

Principal now whether those that are entering into the destruction at the end of it all are those that are the Pharisees and that was achieved by their teaching. It matters not because the end result is the same they followed the wrong way. And they landed in the truck and that's not what God wants and he is doing everything he came here to lay before us the right way the way to life and so have typed. This one leads to the Broadway. The other gate leads to another constricted July and so what is the shepherd John chapter number 10 when I studied you that I was in Hamburg with how our Lord is the Good Shepherd and he gives his life for the Sheep. He said it I said it.

So noticed the gate here. I think there's a shepherding aspect to that. There's a gate which we can go our own way. The gate is the Sheep they come to you in as cheap as a Shepherd leads. They can go back blackberry bushes everywhere. You know, how every little poke you got when you start rubbing alcohol or something with Millions a little tingles everywhere.

What I'm saying biscuits, you know from from a distance to get close enough to see I need to get really close any time with my what my mom always warned me some down-home knowledge for you. You understand what I mean? Saudi Visa account teacher these religious looking people they come and they look real good from where we are to love everybody.

Sprint my heart through 19 years in the ministry and I wish that I could say everybody we've been able to talk to Andre Chamberlain field has been part of us, but John said well, because they were not of us they would have remained with that and not every time this has never been there have been there have been no go though, those few times where I know because we took a firm stand on something here to church and said, we're not going to compromise. Apparently they moved on because they found out they're not going to be able to promote their teaching here because it doesn't line up with scripture. Somewhere along the way that's that's what will break down and Jesus.

I don't want to ride my bike to my belly hurt me. No hot summer day muggy and Georgia and that's what they say around put on Christ head and the thorn flower from a distance and it might stab you through what it looks good on the outside.

Charles because we wind up on this path that leads to serving God and Mammon. Jesus said you can't serve. right here in this sun so hot

Parallel, is there Hebrew parallelism lowest you can line up next there's a connection to a constricted way Loop translate to in this way. We have an interested strive to enter the strait gate at DIA back when he told his disciples Rejoice with exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven.

What? Because so persecuted the prophets which were before you. So you're going to follow this way. I have to be upfront with you. It's going to get Merrill. Sometimes it might be so narrow that like the Apostle Paul said no man stood with me.

It's only place to be and if you want to know what loneliness is involved in Ministry going to be a very intimate place in my life. I have people there. So I'm not Lonely. No.

You give yourself and give yourself and give you something to give yourself and you can only cut yourself into so many pieces before there's nothing left and you give yourself a bat summary Minister. That's an honest summer Adventure. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it because that's what minutes.

What are parallel I were not always the power of his resurrection and the resurrection of Christ in the life, and he is not here. He is risen today, but I also know.

Samara Redway sometimes it can be lonely only as where may be isolated from others in a sentence with word never I play from crap because in that same

Christ was with him the whole way and that's where you know that intimacy of the fellowship of Christ and you can rest knowing that water. You knew this before I started on this way. You knew this was coming before I ever did I'm staying with you and if everyone else goes away the Lord has similar.

Hundred hundreds and 131 tournament are grounded in ansys. Will you go away also these are hard things to understand and they went out from him because they were not open. They were following God. They were following him because he had musically

So Jesus made a made a parting of the way through his sermon there is met.

So we see there is a there's a way that constricted. So how tight is too tight versus the grapes and maybe we grow to understand it's so we can know them by their fruits going back to The Sermon on the Mount to the earlier version 2 chapter 7 were told judge not that ye be not judged whatever you measure out back so that we take away. There's no way I can Overlook Park People can come into the church and say, you know, I want to do this to me.

And so we prove people and by that what we mean is we want them to stick around long enough so we know the product of their teaching that's biblical because that's what Jesus taught his disciples to do.

And so that they can get involved eventually. We see what kind of fruit they produce in their in their Ministry. If they produce good fruit and you can tell it's observable and we haven't changed lives in our church because we have disciple to a bottle or can I have it all figured out people alone in the world is proof against to come in their life and they were living in contentment and godliness in your growing in the scriptures are looking more and more like Jesus everyday that's good for you. And then there's other suits, we'll find out tomorrow when their selfishness there's Pride. There's other fruit, you know, we can observe with a slide from Galatians 5. But there's also the fruit of misery to prove the world. And the baroness of the world brain And So It Begins illustration there to treat these are contraction for they can only just see that Jesus would fill that me he could he could he can help those that come thing you did it for me. I know you can do for them, but they won't let go of their Two Trees Inn in there.

Notice also here and I and I finished with this the terrifying tragedy of Twisted tree. This is in vs 21 in following Down 2 verse 23 the tragedy of Twisted true. Again, this is illustrate Beth Behrs. This is not they had the Oracles of God give it to them. They had the very word of God if they could have lived by but they took that neck Twisted it to stay where you can only walk so far on this tablet. Will you can't pick up your bed on the side where you can't do this on the side. You can sit in the quiet make clay out of that go through and grab the corn city of Wheaton and Shake open their hands in any toes because you're breaking the Sabbath Vol moeten. Swear. Ever said they can do that in Jesus even use the scripture to combat them know that he said to have you not considered.

I wouldn't even hunger they did something that wasn't exactly they went into it and make this the show grant that we supposed to use for work because they were there are times in life when the ox is in the ditch and the funeral is so rigidly not going to help somebody on and you're going to say these are the Line to See Where are we doing it doing that too. Sometimes I wonder Can we not take the simple truths of scripture and live in the Simplicity of Christ? I understand the Bible and its simple form and let the teachings of God stand and live he see how liberating this path is. The Broadway it is almost being able to do this, but it really brings scripting because in the end of that, but when you count and price it opens up to this liberal plate Stand Fast in the winter free to serve Jesus.

Jesus Christ came in Ravena Barnes is back from the world and from the devil from the flattening City. Now you're free to go. What?

Yesterday when I met the master. Like that picture in the Old Testament of that sermon at the end of the Jubilee, you said you're free to go and that's why you didn't so much for me walk over to the doorpost take that all and then Mark that man for that that person and they put that earring on that person because he's going to serve that Master free for the rest of his life and you don't see any physical hearing. There's no other one. I want sir. There's nobody else that can do for me what you've done for me here. It's my life. Take it and steal it Lord use me as you would see fit weather Sebastopol of Honor or Best Of Dishonor Lord use me. Tell me what you want me to be now. We pray that I would be able to walk in the teachings of scripture and understand doctrine that I could be fashioned into a vessel of honor the Master Chief.

And so is a disciple of Christ. If you want to be a vessel of Honor for the more you got to come through the narrow way. The gospel invitation is given here in Jesus opens it up. I think we really need versus that there is a way that leads to destruction. There's a hell and you'll find it. If you continue in your scent and you die on me leave without Christ you will die for your sins for all eternity. That's not God's will he says there's another way there's only one way to get to that road and it's through Jesus Christ. And if you come through him if you will give your life to him who died for you and say Lord here. Am I and that's the road that leads to lie. either

I don't know how many years that Cavern laid dormant dark with no human interaction until a little light Shone through a hole somewhere in the back side of the you there be that find it. Everybody else Broadway. You come to cry if you come through his check blood. Will you come by face and say Lord here? I am I confess. I believe I'm cheating and I receive him as my savior and I want to follow him with retinol. I don't mind. Twisting the truth of God cuz you'll rent it to your own destruction terrifying tragedy of Twisted tree.

Will it be a terrifying fate? Will it be a terrific time in heaven, preacher? I got a little later than you. I don't like you, but I want her.

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