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Morning Service (12 Jan 2020)

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Are we trying to go into the scriptures now and to 1 Kings chapter 19 1 Kings 19, and I read the first 8 verses.

IHOP told Jezebel Elijah. Now I got to kill with all the profits with the sword. And you're the boss sent a message to Ally just saying so I had to go out to do to me and more. Also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by this time tomorrow.

And he was afraid I need to run to lose on a run for his life and carrying to be a Shiba which belongs to Judah & Leg to 7th Ave.

Reinstall find a Day's Journey Into the Wilderness and came and sat down under a broom tree. Ariana said he might die same it is enough now. Oh Lord. Take away my life. Prime no better than my fathers.

Can you lay down and slept under a broom tree? I've been hold an angel touched him and said to him arise and eat. I do. The hole that was in his head a cake bakes on hot stones and a jar of water. I need the age and drink and lay down a game. An Aries of the Lord came a second time. I'm trashed him and said arise and eat for the journey is too great for you. And you're always and I eat and drink and went in the strength of that food 40 days and 40 nights to horror of the mouth of God.

I better be praying that God would bless his word.

I want just today look at the first three verses of that chapter.

Which is I was saying to the children presents us with a very sad. Tragic turn and all that mean happening with Elijah.

the contrast between the end of chapter 18 and beginning of chapter 90 acai stop Is so great. so far You're so you in Elijah. Eyes that man of God. so concerned the things of God the worship of God. fearlessly Stanley before IHOP signed the drought that have been on for 6 months will continue for another 4 years.

We see his traps. geyser Brook cherith

And staying there. Even though the brook dried up. Tell the Lord sentences are fast. hesi tomorrow Journey

Where he met with a widow. at the song on that last rates WOD final meal

Racine hot trucks

I'm not food replenish.

We seen him after deal. with the death of her son

are we seeing? The Lord commands its return. Do I have?

have a diet that fight for my nuts April 7th if I have stowed to take that message to

We should have challenged. As400 probably should buy out and others the Providence restaurant.

machine that glorious Triumph

the God sent down fire from heaven

Did Cheryl not sacrifice the would the studs? Aurora Water Light around it.

We seeing if I sleep right by. July 7th She's a cloud the size of a man's hand.

The rain is coming. Show me his god-given strength. three managed to arrive in Israel before I have even though I have was in his chariot. amazing incredible Russia power off iPhone C

Now we see it.

Is a craven coward?

Play in as fast as he could.

problem Jezebel entrust, right


hopefully It also has a degree. Question.

But let me remind you. Of what James says we mentioned this a number X James 5:17 Elijah. What's a man with a nature like our Rosie authorization? Has it Elijah was a man. He probably did Minot Ryan. It did not grab the three years and six months. It did not right.

Elijah was not superhuman.

Elijah restraining no different to anyone of us

what does teachers of first of all? Is about the refractive veracity of the scriptures. I've had sure the scriptures actually.

no, human Raisa navigate to Miles River. in part in the life of Elijah would have included this event.

The emphasis would have been on the remarkable the powerful being by using the stupendous things knots. on the failure of this

and that we find all the times in Scripture

I bet my receipts. when on the

journey in the wilderness

Those are water. The place, Darby came to known as matter bar is the result of what happened? The Lord told him to speak to the Rock and water will come full. Moses was angry. And he struck the rock twice.

God was angry.

Emojis with prevented from entering the Promised Land


he saw that woman is Army require a fight in the bathroom. even age policy sold by Toshiba

and he committed adultery with her.

Pizza Damn, it outside before workout clothes or deny me Thrice.

What happened? You did exactly that.

it is because of these three and others indeed it is because I share the same nature. as we do A development which I got all of God's. Is the moment we file?

It's a Maxime the any Are involved in sport with Bulls you need always. Keep your eye on the bowl.

an English cricketer

building of the snakes if you understand what that is. But if you don't

took his eye off the bull.

Events or something flying toward him. He jumped up and he coached bird. amazing fee That's what happens if you don't work, you don't keep your eye on the ball if you don't keep an eye on God. Show me she's not supposed to get any Bowl. You going to fight? because the strain season Octonauts

I don't know which one to take your phone.

What is God about? Who gives us strength? that we need and it's so necessary for if we truly are Going to serve him.

But I see now what happened? What we see Festival in verse one where we read. I had told Jezebel or Elijah have done and how he had killed or the profits with this world. We see what the world view is. What time do today? This is what the world actually sees thinks the world of you is not which is totally opposed to The View. the god says we must have

IHOP Told Jezebel. Put it on two things, basically. what you did or you could have come to Jezebel. I said not this incredible thing happened. Elijah pray to he's got your puppies right leg. Nothing happened. They built the old shillelagh comes down. little people set the alarm for 2 minutes. I had a fiance that. Girl just left out entirely in which he says he has no interest in God and no way. Is he ever going to acknowledge God? I just want to wish you and I live it's a world that totally ignores God. They were checked. They don't want you know him. I want to make sure cheese.

What does OSU accept the worldview which says effectively God does not exist? Uncle David says that the East Professor was of these so-called believe it's like their religion is like that Sunday clothes. One that died and laid aside for the rest of the week.

I do not see God. They do not truly want to know though. little interested in this Sprite or the evidence your many people say if only God would do this so that all the other all police.

Is that totally blind to it? Even though they see it? Those are observed those Mighty miracles on Mount,

Marriott how to reject it and I have lead everything that we see my heart is saying is concerning what we could call Seckman tree causes. Which only does she ignore God's he sent his old lady says around Elijah.

logic dictates largest at that song it is white noise.

It wasn't what it Elijah did respect to God wasn't what the god of Elijah. Elijah. He's the one

a giant that is going to be a very serious and solemn

I appreciate it. I have ownership God. I will Grayson Grace never comes when we say song So said this the Pastor said there's a friend said that it is the only on always and ever want. God is say

The archery in the path of any of them can never make this Polly.

FEMA Sheehan

an a.m. Alarm Christian Center our understanding of God. Around mat

searching Ricci Is it a totally biased? report

Levi's ad quite a few months. She is biased reporting in different lights.

He gave a very fun ice report. The one saying that he haven't changed is what he says he Elijah has killed all the prophets with the sore.

I hate all of us. What jezabels reaction will be to that channel recounted this particular points? Because she would be so incensed.

the game that's exactly what the world. Going to say to people about those 42.4 million babies murdered. Lost yet. They will justify. They must have caught with right. I will try and convince us that life doesn't exist until buzz when it comes from is this from conception and science has proven even more nor that has day passes.

But I make up their excuses.

And I would say I don't want to believe in God he's so angry. He so hard he selling yachts.

Yes, I don't like. well, God actually says

you shot me a lot of love by sideway play. I don't want to go to love. I want to go out there and do exactly what they like. Any idea when I come to Darkness time before I was hoping too bad. You're right, Definitely want to go to Belize in hell.

How you dismiss it?

Sonny's what general did Justin hurwitz

Let's do that. Jezebel send a message to Elijah saying sorry May the gods do to me and more also. If I do not make you lost your life is a life of one of that by this time tomorrow.

No reflection at all. Bronco cleaners

Oh not even momentarily a sword. Well. what to say so really mean

I was events that have just taken place. No. The one thing that she is determined to do is to attack the one. when I mine Jesus Christ and ignored her couch

Jezebel CJ Wallace a very Wicked Woman

In fact, she's yours the scripture in Revelation particularly when the Lord is trying to trust a Titan or he says for the regulation to invest 20K against you. That you're trying to write that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess and his teaching as a juicy my servants to practice sexual immorality and you eat food sacrificed to idols. cheapest artifice Eve I'm wicked.

What she was so evil. One eye. I want desire. Is to destroy the what? North Royalton headlight these things about

maybe salary citizen description Farah with this evening service will be looking at the play place but willing play the death of the firstborn next week. Are we see what happened? But not like I'm Pharaoh said to Moses job. leave h

But he soon changed his mind. SS 59 He says I will bash you to arrive at 8. I would have cried this morning when I get so high up on harvest field Pittsfield of that. I will destroy my heart. I will tell him I said sorry my hand shall destroy them. So why the wicked always act? that track OSHA proclaim the message read church history you see it time and time again by same thing. with Pizza Hut me Steven. First Christian Monson

stoned to death because if his fight nervous before his death He cries out behold. I see the heavens opened and the son of mine standing at the right hand of God.

That sounds bring the response. What have we done wrong?

What this man has said. really true No. What we read? The dollar stoning of the original parties and so many others. I cried out with a loud voice and stuff that is and the rush together at him.

They want to blow us out.

Like which solid fence? unreality and in reality of cos so challenges the stand the night night Well, we'll always do this.


Have you ever gets them also such a massive arrogance and pride?

the White House Jezebel says sorrow May the gods do something to eat and more.

Asif Ali

Krause ridiculous Stein exclaiming But she has control.

and she shows real diesel

if I do not make your life. It's a lie for one of that. by this time tomorrow

hon, just says beware. all resisting God I'm rejecting his word. Let's you be abandoned by him.

And he suffers your Madness. To hasten your destruction.


tragic fear

pressery Elijah was afraid. In a rollers and Ryan face life and cayenne to be a sheep. Which belongs to Judah and left his 7th that

here at

hiiraan because she was deeply. afraid

that fear was that.

because she they were taking his eyes of God.

He was out looking to hit.

You're not trusting in Him.

He was out resting in him. As you have done so previously.

He's very sad. a tragic

Very wrong.

The guy me find similar things in the scripture.

And that Joshua sent out those 12 Spies.

Spy out the land of Canaan and they all came back with the same people at the fruit is Beautiful live milk, and I shall of Leland beautiful.

There are giants.

totem I was just sending out how to throw them Joshua and Caleb. dissect yeah, that's John.

They got strength we overcome next Giants.

This is the great Danger. particularly for all profession beliefs

ants that we get caught up in other thing, sweetie. Begin to think it's the Wild Thing. Vegan Citron Rush the lights. Making something look at other ways of doing things.

and in all this

we turn aside from God.

I mean I no longer. See I know him.

tragic consequences

kind of side dishes bank with John Gill about this pastor in London in the 17th century. He says those have the great ezal and courage for God. and his truth if left to themselves become weak. I'm chipper.

Pizza Money look to the Lord. walk on the water

when you go to Hawaii he fell

I showed her laundry is doing it.

end of the beginning in some ways that is a bit of encouragement that but we do need to be careful. Dangerous, this is what we be presumptuous and think well, it's okay if we got wrong if your right hand, that's not what's being told.

What is being taught is that? When should I do we do for?

when we do Gaara White Milo things take priority in our lives.

protrude each unto him He will forgive us. He will cleanse us.

He will bring us back. 2 I'm one of the greatest prayers.

We can have a pry. for anyone involved in Christian Ministry

Is the God would keep them? from this

so easy. Do white pride? Is that means you to think? Arizona Paula our expression

free swimming pools

It's not. I just called. Let me speak to us. It is going on. Who must direct us? Vista College We must always and ever look.

Not to any other puss.

Not to any particular system.

The concentrating solely. And only upon him. a haircut is found in his word

the scriptures that is why the word of God. Is so vital force. Are all the new reading plan cuz I say it. I have through Facebook and other things heard of. Universe people this year while making plans to read the whole of the Bible during the course of the year. It's cooked and it's quite easy.

The thing that worries me.

Is the that becomes the desire?

And the life is centered around. legalistically trying to keep to that

that's not really reading the scriptures.

This is one reason. Why is a reading plan they're just two or three buses on each day.

That we might spend time. meditation on those verses an expectation that well or if things intervene I got to be careful with this over. Got misquoted and you find your iPod to read it in particular day or even ever get into the thing that the devil always gets into. How terribly baby cuz we missed it and we got some. legalistic about

at least right now.

We need to be as a launch it was. We know the secret Lucas God deals with him a little bit out of it next week. But thank God. This is recorded. the guy and we say he was a man of like passions as we are. I've got used. even though he did. medication God uses us. even though we fall on many occasions Oh, man.

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