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SERMON NOTES Shannon Huetter, Lead Pastor WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT CREATION/EVOLUTION Genesis 1 January 12, 2020 BIG IDEA:​ The c​ reation​ story is the bedrock of the r​ edemptive​ story. IN THE BEGINNING...(vv. 1-2) ● God ​IS​... ● God ​CREATED​.... ● The earth was without ​form​ and v ​ oid​… ● And the Spirit of God was h ​ overing​ over the face of the waters... THE FORMING AND FILLING (vv. 3-31) FORMING FILLING Day 1 - Light (day and night) v​ v.3-5 Day 4 - Sun, moon, stars v​ v.14-19 Day 2 - Water and Sky ​vv. 6-8 Day 5 - Fish and Birds v​ v.20-23 Day 3 - Land and Vegetation v​ v. 9-13 Day 6 - Animals and Humans v​ v. 24-31 SOME OBSERVATIONS AND PONDERING POINTS ● God created a ​mature​ world. ● Genesis is meant to be h ​ istorical​. ● Adam and Eve were real, historical ​people​. ● Death​ came to the world through Adam’s sin. ● God will r​ estore​ His creation in the end.
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