A Sacred Thing

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The gospel teaches us to understand what is most sacred.

Sanctity - The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.
An object or way of life that is ultimately important.
What do you keep sacred in your life?
What is most important to you?
We all have our quirks about things. If I am willing to be completely honest though, I can tell you what means the most to me.
My wife, children, friendships, sports, bank account, etc.
Everyone has sacred areas.
The day the Holy Spirit revealed what is sacred to God.
Dictionary of Bible Themes 5061 sanctity of life

Scripture treats human life as a divine gift and something for which humans are responsible. It is thus to be valued and respected. No human being has the right to take the life of another.

BOLD STATEMENT - I don’t believe the sanctity of life makes sense without Jesus.
Caring for the unborn & expecting mother.
Suicide prevention
Caring for the sick.
Eliminating poverty
War for the oppressed
Loving the elderly
The orphan crises
Reaching lost sinners
Why does knowing Jesus teach us about each of these issues?

1. God Knew You Before You Knew God. ()

“Knew” Hebrew word yada “to understand, comprehend, know completely.
When you were a fetus in the womb, God already had a plan for you.
As a new dad, I went to the hospital knowing barely anything.
God’s plan is so directed for you that you could think that everything happening is random.
We have no control. God controls everything.

2. God Loves the Entire World. ()

The rich, the poor, the destitute, burdened, impoverished, etc.
The good and the evil.
(Read list of healings) Eclectic group of people!
These are just physical healings.
What about spiritual healings?

3. The Gospel & Sanctity of Life are Intertwined ()

Maybe you’ve never been physically poor, but you have been poor in spirit.
What was/is your affliction?
We were helpless without Him. He looked down and offered His hand to pull us out of the pit.
Isn’t joining the fight of preserving life around us a picture of the gospel?
Most of the negative comments we have received through foster care came from other Christians.
We have to learn that the things that break God’s heart will also break our heart at salvation.
He has called the church to join in this preservation.
What is your most sacred thing?
What is our churches most sacred thing?
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