Experiencing God 19 - Conclusion - Empowered to Serve

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Reading: Isaiah 6:1-8

     Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

     And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”          Isaiah 6:8 (NIV)

I.   I See the Lord

     A.  He is on the Throne

           1.  I’ll never forget that day.

                 a.  I had heard God speak before and preached His message.

                 b.  But this is different, I’m praying in the Temple and God comes in power.

           2.  I can still see Him on the Throne

                 a.  He goes up and up and then past “up.”

                 b.  His Temple is His Palace, you know.

           3.  There is no question. He is the Lord.

                 a.  Uzziah was a good but imperfect king

                 b.  God is the true good and perfect King

     B.  His Majesty fills the temple

           1.  His robe covers the whole floor.

                 a.  His royal robe is everywhere

                 b.  There is no place to stand without stepping on it.

           2.  No, His majesty fills the whole room

                 a.  Even if I could float, I would dirty His royal robes: the symbol of His authority

                 b.  I have no right to be here, let alone stand on and in His Majesty.

           3.  Just being here overwhelms me.

                 a.  It’s like standing next to lightning but the flash and boom go on and on.

                 b.  The weight of His power and authority almost crushes me.

                 c.  If not for His radiant love and goodness I would die on the spot.

     C.  Flaming Angels Praise Him

           1.  The angels the Seraphim are burning.

                 a.  Inflamed with holy zeal for God’s glory

                 b.  I’m glad I’m not closer: I’d burn up.

           2.  I hear them celebrate God’s holiness

                 a.  Qadosh! Qadosh! Qadosh! Yaweh Tsabaoth M’loh Chal-Ha-Arets K’votho “Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord Almighty, the whole Earth is full of His glory.”

           3.  The whole place shakes with their praises.

                 a.  The whole building trembles in awe.

                 b.  The Temple resonates with praise like a giant instrument of adoration to God.

II.  My unclean lips are Cleansed

     A.  I feel Doomed

           1.  I know that their cleansing fire is for me

                 a.  The sin offerings had to be burned up with that sort of fire

                 b.  God’s judgement came in fire like that

           2.  My lips! My lips!

                 a.  How can I sing “Holy” when my very lips aren’t?

                 b.  Not even the Seraphs looked at God, they covered their eyes with their wings

                 c.  I see God Himself. I’m going to die.

           3.  It wasn’t just my lips, you know.

                 a.  Lips only have on them what the heart puts there.

                 b.  My whole being is unclean in the presence of the Holy One

     B.  I am given a fiery Grace

           1.  A seraph takes a coal and burns away the uncleanness from my lips.

                 a.  We bring coals into the most Holy place on Yom Kippur—Day of atonement

                 b.  The burning angel takes one of these coals and touches my unclean lips

           2.  It hurts, but I welcome the pain.

                 a.  The seraph holds to coal to my lips and they burn them clean.

                 b.  But I welcome the pain of it as the coals of atonement burn up my sin

           3.  I recognize the purification as a gift worth more than the pain it costs me.

                 a.  The purification was a gift a grace

                 b.  I am still so grateful for it.

III. Here am I. Send Me!

     A.  God has a Question

           1.  I hear His voice.

                 a.  How can I describe His voice?

                 b.  The whole nation of Israel feared it and sent Moses to risk himself for them.

                 c.  His voice is loud and like thunder and at the same time gentler than a whisper

           2.  I know His question is an invitation.

                 a.  He knows who He wants to send!

                 b.  He could have simply said “Go.”

                 c.  Years later as I think about this I know He was asking about my willingness

     B.  I Eagerly respond

           1.  Hesitate? Are you kidding?

                 a.  I am not only willing, but eager to do what He wants.

                 b.  I felt so small in His presence, so insignificant and yet He asks me.

                 c.  Of course, if He asks, I will go.

           2.  I am so glad he asks me.

                 a.  My heart overflows with joy at the idea of doing what He wants.

                 b.  I think of it as one of God’s great gifts.

           3.  I am so glad my sin had been atoned for, as the seraph told me.

                 a.  Else, I wouldn’t have dared speak.

     C.  How do You respond?

           1.  Maybe you haven’t had quite the same experience of God as I have.

                 a.  But any experience God is just as real

                 b.  God shields us from his full presence until our purification is complete

                 c.  But you have met God, haven’t you

           2.  I’ve heard that Jesus said “Wherever two or three are gathered. . .”

                 a.  I know He’s here today.

                 b.  His presence fills this Church.

                 c.  Do you recognize Him here too?

           3.  I don’t think anyone ever meets God unless God invites them to join in His work

                 a.  At least I’ve never known it to happen

                 b.  I’m certain God has a question for you, an opportunity for your willingness

                 c.  Offer yourself eagerly and be ready for a life of joy, of purpose and of hope.

The Bottom Line:

God’s presence Surrounds you. His grace Purifies you. Say “Yes!” to His call.

Hymn: R#402 My Jesus I Have Promised, v.3

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