I'm Still Here

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There are times that we take living for granted.  Sometimes, we set in our minds that I’m here because of my strength, Because of my capabilities to do things and make things click in my life.

But if you really would examine your life (past), go back to yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 5 years ago, you will discover that you have already gone through enough things to be gone.


There are others who have gone through less than you went through and committed suicide. Given up on life! But you’ve made it through.

You’ve been hurt, wounded, knocked down, gone through sick spells, through sickness, buried loved ones, had to say goodbye to acquaintances, been left alone, heart has been broken.  There were those who said you would not make it.  But in spite of all the stuff you’ve been through you can stand and say, “I’m still here.”

Even though the pains hurt, even though my heart is still healing, I still have some tender spots, I’m limping and leaping, I’m leaning one sided.

My memory is still playing tricks on me. May not have as much money as I ought to have, may not have as many friends as I think I deserve.

But one thing I can say, “I’m still here.”  And by being here that says one thing, I still have a chance.  I still have an opportunity to reach goals that I have not reached, I still have chance to get closer to God, I still have a chance to let Him use me.

(I like this character Daniel.  He went through different kingships, convictions, didn’t eat the kings meat.)

You know I’ve discovered you can live a perfect life and displease some folk.  But if you live life to please people you will never be happy.  But if you live your life to please God you will always have joy.

If you stand with God He’ll stand with you. 

                  I.      A Demonic Plot

A.               They tried to assassinate his reputation.

B.               They tried to Assassinate his religion

              II.      A Disciple’s Prayer

A.               It was not a crisis prayer.

B.               It was not a complaining prayer.

C.               It was a confident prayer. (Daniel 6:10)

          III.      Daniel’s Peril

A.               He had no power to resist.

B.               He had no place to run

C.               He had no people to rescue him.

           IV.      Divine Protection

A.               He survived the den.


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