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®TP2¯®PL52¯®OF2¯®TW51¯®IP0,3¯®FF204¯®PT11¯Wedding of Stephanie Garner/Bruce Mason

®MDUL¯11 February, 1995, HLC, Fargo Texts: Rom 15:5-7; John 15:9-12


Before we can go any further: St, I have to ask you one very impt quest, a quest which is critical to our gathering here today: What is the temperature of steam?

(this was a key questn in their initial mtng, and in the excitement of being in B's presence, S forgot)

good for goose/gander: B: qstn for you: Please explain to us in non-tech terms What is the temp of a super-critical fluid?

(this is the stuff B has been doing grad work on at NDSU; kind of like saying it: s-c fluid, sounds so profound)

Now, here's qustn for both of you, please collaborate on the answer: What command did J give as the single, decisive factor in your rel? LOVE ONE ANOTHER

(don't worry, this is still the lecture part: I will be giving the final exam in just a moment)

Simple thing to remem is, isnt it? Love one another.

But as simple as it is, I know, as does every married couple here, that in the daily grind, in the busyness of work and school, it is as easy to forget as the temp of boiling water

As simple as it is to say LoA, it is probably even more difficult to describe than s-c fluids

So to help you out, I've devised a little way to evaluate where you are at, to calibrate your reltnshp, if you will

uc, LOVE, which you would think is a simple matter of the heart, is anything but simple as you live it out in your daily lives

you quickly discover how LOVE, that wonderful expression of the bond in a marriage rel, has become a slippery word in our modern vocab

and what gets advertised all around us is instead of LOVE is: LUV

What you need, then, is a way to help you disting between LOVE and LUV

Here's my little love-o-meter guide:

- LUV is glamorous and sexy, LOVE is solid and enduring

- you fall in LUV at first glance, but you grow in LOVE

- LUV comes easily, and just as easily disappears; it can blossom, flourish, and die in course of half hour TV sitcom less comm breaks

- LOVE takes time and energy, it endures all things and never ends

- LUV is an impulse, but LOVE involves decisions and commitment®IP0,3¯

LUV runs hot and cold, steamy and icy, but LOVE is always in a super-UNcritical state

But even with this simple guide to calibrate your LOVE, it still is not as simple as it seems

for even if you know how impt it is to LOA, even if you know in your hearts what it means to truly LOVE one another, still,

as simple as it sounds, to LOA is a very hard thing to do indeed

so what hope do you have of wedded bliss, what assurance of lifelong love do you have as you are joined today in marr?

Listen again to the entire command J gives: love one another---as I have loved you.

The real reason why we are here today is because J's love for you makes possible your lifelong love for each other

God's love for you, therefore, is the simple reason why this day, this ceremony, this gathering of witnesses is taking place.

God's love for you is the simple reason your love, your marriage, your future life together are all possible.

God's love for you is the simple reason why I am glad to affirm your vows to each other.

You see, it is not simply your promises to each other that are making this marriage happen. It is, in fact, God's love for you that is a ®MDIT¯super-critical®MDNM¯ factor.

For as J also says: "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full."

Bec of J's love for you, God does desire for you, Stephanie and Bruce, a joyous and happy marriage.

it is God (Who? GOD) who steadfastly promises to encourage you, and to strengthen you, and to support your love for each other so that a hard command becomes a lifelong habit.

FINAL EXAM: S: What is temp of steam?

B: What is temp of s-c fluid?

Both: What did J command you to do in order to sustain your relatinship?

And final qustn, worth all the pts: WHO who has called you to stand here today,

- who has promised to be with you always

- who will complete your joy so that you can live and love happily ever GOD

Congratulations. You pass! Now you're ready, not to be matriculated, but to be mated in matrimony.! Thanks be to God. AMEN.

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