Part 5: Invest for God's Best

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We could have the greatest dream and the greatest plan in the entire world, but if we don’t choose to invest in them, very few things will change in our lives. The future belongs to those who invest in it. That is why through this message, we challenge you to invest in your future. To live out God’s Dream for you, stop asking him to change your environment and start allowing God to change your investment—are you investing for God’s best?

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Did you enjoy the snow this week?

all the kids

You know two days off of school this week and then a late start on Friday. Have you ever noticed that? Around here, you know you would cancel school. It takes 5 6 in of snow to cancel school that you get somewhere to a warmer climate you get down to Atlanta Georgia somewhere around there and like the threat that it might 32° cancel everything down in the South somewhere and degrees is like oh man, it's it's everything is shutting down go get bread milk that the grocery store is empty just the threat of it and we kind of look at it from our you like music. Really talked to my brothers all three of my younger brothers. I live in Minneapolis and they look at us. In Northern Indiana and they say when we cancel school like for for 5 inches of snow, really? 30 inches of snow a year to know that in this area in Minneapolis. It's like 55 inch of snow a year. How about Buffalo New York that looks almost 95 in of snow every year he wants to move to Buffalo. couple people

what are some places like justice?

from here Northern climates and you get further north or places with more snow. It doesn't take that much to ship and it takes a lot more to shut things down. Why is that? It's because of Northern climates. We don't sit around and hope for our environment to change. Instead we invest and change our investment in what the environment is. I think about that cities in the North or more invested in Winter cities in the South are more invested in summer spring and fall is the answer is that we don't offer a change in our environment that if we ready for it. I would contend that when it comes to making a life. Planning your life living your life according to the purposes that God has put out for you. A lot of people are asking God to change their environment. And that's always a bad thing and it's okay to ask him to do that. But in reality, maybe he's wanting you to change your investment. Rather than change your environment because that environment might be the very thing he's going to use to orchestrate those purposes in your life and God if you would just change my job where I work then life would be better. If you could just change where I live you don't get me into that neighborhood. Give me

Then life would be better if you can just change. Fill in the blank those people that circumstance that somehow our life would be instantly better.

We long for a better place and to be around better people, but God might be saying I listen. I'm not going to change your environment. I want you to change your investment. Allow me to change your investment because I'm going to change and the shape you and that's what today's message is all about. Investing in God's dream in God's best for your life. Let me pray and I'm going to be looking at Jeremiah again. Like we have the last few weeks and let me pray father. Thank you for Jesus. Thanks for your grace to us through him and your goodness to us through him.

Or Jesus thank you that you came you entered into our world you put on flash. She lived the life that we could never hope to live on her own. You died the death that we deserve on the cross so that we might have your life. And you've made us new? Exchange Dawson and seasons of Paul writes very clearly that that was all an act of your grace and that also in your grades that you have plans and a future. Dreams Frost things you hope for us to accomplish good works. He planned way ahead of time. And Lord, I believe those things are knowable that their name a bowl and father. I pray that as we continue to work through this series, you might show us maybe just the next step towards those things in our life the next thing to invest in so that you could accomplish all that you have dreamed for us as individuals and as a church Minister people Fortified against the enemy as servants that works in a factory with a causes to be discouraged and turn our sights from you. But instead would you draw stored you this morning? take her eyes off of ice and Jesus put them fully on you and your name, I pray and then

So here's what I would say is that to live out we've been talking about God's dream for you. In other words of the Bible is very clear and multiple places that he's planned all of your days well in advance.

For us to think well in advance, we got a dream. So we're using that language that that God has been dreaming about your life. He has plans for you. Thanks for you to accomplish for his glory others good and your joy and let me just tell you to live out God's dream for you. Go back to that main first slide Jake the live out God's dream for you. Stop asking him to change your environment. Stop asking him to change your environment out with that being said, let me say one thing. Sometimes a change in environment is exactly what you need, right it is and it's okay to pray and ask him for that especially like listen hear me very very clearly. If you're in an abusive situation, if you're in a place that that's toxic where you're in danger. You absolutely need to get out. Did you hear that? This message is not addressing that. If you're unsafe, if if if if you're if you're in one of those spots, listen hear me, that's not right and you need to get out you need a change of environment, but that's not what we're talking about today. What I'm talking about today is I'm talking about God has that dream that plan that assignment in mind for your life and your circumstances, even though they might be frustrating they might be hard and they might not be anything you want. What's in those circumstances might be the very thing that he's going to use to shape you. Bring those dreams about in your life. And to make you into the man or woman that he Longs and has designed you and that Jesus died on the cross for you to become. That's what we're talking about. Not continually waiting for those environments to change before. I follow Jesus this thing, you know, I need to quit asking you to change the Sims and I just need to trust you have been on this journey called 20/20 vision for life, and we've been dipping in and out of Jeremiah and looking at this this whole idea of principles on how to live the way that God has designed and destined us to live We seen the uniqueness of who we all are in Christ that you're unique. You've been created uniquely among all of his people. We've been challenged to turn away from our false selves and embrace who is truly made and designed us to be we've we started the consider inarticulate unique calling from God.

So that we can dream and plan our lives and chase after that. We'll today again were and Jeremiah were going to be in chapter 32 and to set this up this morning. You need to know that Jeremiah is circumstances. His circumstances are rough. They are incredibly incredibly rough today. We find him in some pretty disturbing circumstances last week. I mentioned the King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He had come and put a new charge right there in the midst of the Exile where Jeremiah for decades has been saying listen, if if you don't turn back to him God is going to come God's going to send an army that's going to come in this going to disappoint us and take us into exile. Either were there were tribes to the north of Judah has the same thing to happen to them. They were sacked by the Assyrians were going to get smacked by the Babylonians. It's going to happen. Said it would that if we send we're choosing to suffer, but if we choose to obey he would bring blessing. I continue to choose to sin and they didn't want to hear anything that he had to say until last week. We kind of got right to the point the unthinkable. It happened and the Exile it started and it actually happens in three ways. The Babylonians come. The first time that we can has her dozen as I mentioned. He sets up his own King in Judah so that they won't rebell against him and he takes the main leaders in the main political people in the artist than in all those people. He takes them the key leaders back to Babylon. So that would break the hearts in the spirits of the people so they wouldn't Revell but here's the problem. They still kept for rebelling. They kept rebelling and Jeremiah is one of the guys is there and as they continue to Rebelle Nebuchadnezzar comes back with his army again, and this time he's all the cities in Judah and they surrounded Jerusalem. Under the Sea Sing at these Warfare works round the village they surround surround the city and then

until finally they said they starved enough. They come out and they give in. Heather there's a counselor syrians, especially where nasty at this there's accounts written where they would bake bread outside of the city walls. As the people are starving it just come on out. You can have a little bread. He's over the wall into the city. They would do all kinds of things to get the people to come out one that Jerusalem is underseas and the cities around it have been devastated as well as the land. Jeremiah is one of those people stuck inside the city. Well everyone in Jerusalem's withering away Jeremiah has a message from God for them. Here's what he says now. He says listen the Babylonians are going to win he kind of changed his tune at this point. It's not an option to turn back anymore. The Babylonians are going to win. Judy will lose Jerusalem will fall. Lots of people will die and the survivors will be deported to Babylon. Your only is the surrender. Look for a good message. It all feel like yeah, I like this Jeremih guy. That sounds good. If you feel like that, imagine how the king felt. This is a big message of Doom and Gloom in the king can't tolerate their Maya proclaiming defeat and demoralizing everyone in the city. So he imprisons him in the Royal barracks. Coushatta map and the only thing being worse than Starving in a besieged city is to be in jail in a 60 under season. That's where Jeremiah finds himself. Would you agree? These are kind of rough circumstances. It's not easy. Even in these circumstances Jeremiah is incredible. Cute he refuses to become a product of his environment.

And instead he chooses to invest for God's best invest in God's best for his future. Literally. If you got your Bible open to Jeremiah chapter 32 or going to start actually reading inverse 6, but let me just I'm going to read ahead here a little bit or a little earlier. I should say verses 1 through 5. It doesn't do that at that time. The army of the king of Babylon was the season Jerusalem Jeremiah. The prophet was shut up in the court of the guard. That was the Palace of the king of Judah and it goes on to say for zedekiah king of Judah and present him. Because an Alexa versus I say just said because he would not quit preaching this Doom and Gloom. He wouldn't shut out. So Jeremiah is in prison and then look at verse in Jeremiah said the word of the Lord came to me and to give you a message to speak. I wonder if my hopes for a moment.

I think you might have 30 not sending him praying for that change, but forgot to free him forgot to bring good to him, but nonetheless God doesn't sand. Instead of setting in free got those Jeremiah to invest in a piece of family property.

Keep reading with me. Turn on to the sea to your circumstances, especially for Jeremiah or they might explain some things but they don't excuse him from following the Lord's your circumstances your environment. It might explain a whole lot about you. Would you agree?

It does not. Excuse me. Following the Lord and investing and what he has look at Jeremiah. It's a God said to him behold hannam eldest son of saloum. Your uncle will come to you and he's going to say this by my old Stephen Anna sauce for the right of redemption by purchase is yours. how to stop your. Jeremiah where is he at? imprison in the City Thunder series Army that is seized does it has a city under siege? What is that Army just recently done. all the surrounding towns

God comes to Jeremiah in prison with the land.

A real estate opportunity is coming your way.

Sounds like a bad infomercial doesn't it? I mean that the Babylonians are coming to conquer Judah now, it's happened to Nebuchadnezzar. Pastis. The City Jerusalem do to fall. It's due to be trampled just like the rest of Judah and this is the moment that got tell Jeremiah to consider some real estate.

nothing crazy I'm going to be cheap. He probably get a good deal.

Put on the surface. It just looks like a complete waste the money. I mean it's controlled by the Babylonian Army and its cities have all been devastated. Its of no value to anyone. Is it somehow God would end all of this bring people back who could farm the land and he could run it out and make his money back.

Jeremiah himself keep in mind he's the one who's been saying that isn't going to happen for like 70 years.

I got those Jeremiah to buy the land anyway. Arizona state to live out got streamm4u stop asking him to change your environment and like Jeremiah start Allowing God to change your investment. Listen, if anybody had a rotten environment in rotten circumstances, it was Jeremiah.

God comes and says here's what I want you to do yours. I want you to follow me and in his case quite literally I want you to invest in this real estate. If anyone deserved a new environment was Jeremiah, but he refused to be defined by circumstance. It wasn't an excuse is going to follow the lord and invest in God's plan for his birthday. Then Hannah Mel. My cousin came to me in the court of the guard in accordance with what the word of the Lord in accordance with the word of the Lord and he said to me By my field definition of thoughts in the land of Benjamin for the right of possession and Redemption is buy it for yourself and it says I do. This was the word of the Lord because that's exactly what got told him was going to happen, isn't it? We believed it was clear then to Jeremiah at this point. I'm supposed to buy this field like this is what God's calling me to do. It makes absolutely no sense.

But I'm going to trust them. I'm going to make this investment. So he does he says and then I bought the field from handle my cousin and cons of silver. I sign the deed. I steal that got witnesses way the money on the scales. How many signatures to go through in that day than you do now when you buy a piece of property? What do you think?

Do some of it then I took the sealed deed of purchased containing the terms and conditions and the open coffee. And I gave the deed of purchase to barouch Viroqua to talk about him. But he's a scribe with Jeremiah and in the presence of gives it to Baruch in the presence of hannamill my cousin in the presence of the witnesses to sign the deed of purchase in the presence of all the students who are sitting in the court of the Guard.

Denver's 13 x charge broken their presents saying that says the Lord of hosts the god of Israel take these Deeds both the sealed need a purchase and this open. Do you know what could be the sealed one was the official won the open one with a copy to do today? It could be that the open one was for the witnesses who are there but inside the sealed deed there were more details about this land that he was buying wait. We don't know. But none the last God says their group is to put them in an earthenware vessel. So in a big clay jar that they may last for a long time. I've been following the Lord for a while, you know a little bit about archaeology in the Middle East part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dead Sea Scrolls, there was this group of people who lived around the Dead Sea or studying God's word and they had copies of God's word and they would they would roll up the Scrolls and put them in these big clay jars and hide them deep in an arid climate and they sat there for over 10 years. Nobody knew they were there until around night in the 1940s a little Shepherd boy walking around with his sheep was throwing rocks into the caves, and he throws one in and Clank. Here's something shatter and he walks in and they start finding it use the first one to find an archaeologist to send it on the reason they find all of these old Scrolls of scripture. And they're pretty profound and important find in terms of the confirmation of the reliability of God's word to us because in one case like the the copy of the scroll of Jeremiah that was found there was over a thousand years older than the next oldest copy that we had. So it's a thousand years closer to the original. It's a lot of people in these were found. They're like, oh, I wonder wonder how different it is. This is going to this could prove that scripture is just totally been changed and made up and it just how much change there was. 3 letters

and the entire book of Isaiah that I said Jeremiah earlier I meant Isaiah. entire book of Isaiah and those three letters is simply a matter of spelling.

Anyway, don't be copy of God's word you have is reliable and God has kept it reliable throughout the ages. But in any case that it work to store something in one of these big jars in these caves and it makes me wonder a little bit when they put these deeds in there. Do you know that these have copies of other Deeds similar to these have been found that these particular ones have never been found? It makes me wonder if one day. Maybe soon who knows total speculation, right? But whether or not those deeds that Jeremiah signed for this land of this land that he purchased. In the midst of terrible circumstances and best investing in God's best for the future if those deeds might be found someday. They continue to find fragments and pieces of God's word and other things in this area. And there's other spots identify where they believe when they start Excavating they're going to find more stuff and it makes me wonder like maybe that close deed. I wonder what exact piece of land it was a Jeremiah bought maybe the Temple Mount going to be cool to find out I could totally Rock our world found.

Here's the deal though that says Lord of hosts for 15. The god of Israel here was why he told him to do this. He said houses and Fields and Vineyards shall again be bought in this land.

imagine your someone around Jeremiah the time Have you seen Babylon come in and Destroy Everything? Maybe you're even some of the people who got deported to Babylon. Maybe you're trapped inside the city with Jeremiah. You see Jeremiah do this or maybe you hear about any like why did he buy a piece of land? What a waste of money in that Jeremiah says here's why. Cuz God made a promise and it keeps all his promises and this little thing right here that this is a demonstration that God is going to bring us back that there will be fruitful here again that he hasn't forgotten. He's going to disappoint us for a while. He's going to use this incredibly awful environment to change us into advances purposes. He's good and we can trust him for the future and I don't know about you Jeremih quit asking for him to fix everything and I'm going to say you know, what Lord instead. I know that the way you're going to fix it is as I follow you as I obey you no matter how crazy it seems and is you change my investment then things will change and you promise to do good to me.

different Optimum care Jeremiah tells us exactly the Lord of houses and Fields and Vineyards shall again be bought in this land.

I need to know land is at the heart of an Israelite man's identity and Destiny it affirms who you were at affirmed your future. It was security for your future. We've been talking a lot about that in the series your identity as a follower of Jesus your future as a follower of his and in this prophetic purchase Jeremiah is making a prophetic statement. Who buys the land not because it's useful to him today. But because it confirms his ID identity of his people tomorrow. He is not saying we need to change the environment all the false prophets were saying that you say no we're going to change our investment and we're going to trust the Lord.

Investments pay off or they don't in the future if you noticed that. I do in this purchase. You're my investing shows that he's sold out. The God's dream for his future. It would have been so easy for him to just focus on his environment to focus on his circumstances to give up. I feel like God has given up on him. everything around him indicated that he said What is Faith wouldn't allow it?

God-honoring Investments god-honoring dreams are really acts of faith. Do you know that I share this definition of face with you many times over the years if you're new to you, but you've been here while you seen this that you here awhile, you'll see it. Again that that that faith is believing God's word. What did Jeremiah do you believe God's word and it's not just believing it not just as mental assent, but then it's it's what it's acting upon it. What did Jeremiah do you believe God's word who Jesus says and then Roman Romans 10 says if you believe in your heart confess with your mouth and others if you act on it put your faith in Jesus than you'll be saved. That's true Faith. He believed it he acted on it. And here's the third fight. This is the part I struggle with. How about you? No matter how I feel. How do you spell Jeremiah felt in the moment? I want to talk about the circumstances that makes absolutely no sense to do this.

Jeremiah does it no matter how I feel you might say no matter my circumstances. Why? Because God promises friends promises a good results. now I just said Investments are about the future aren't they? I guess what that good result might not be today. It wasn't going to be today for Jeremiah. In fact, the things Jeremiah prophesied here even through those actions the guns going to bring people back. It's not going to happen in his lifetime.

Going to build on this next week and talk about living leaving a legacy with your life. It's Jeremiah has the opportunity to even in the midst of rotten circumstances right now investing what gods told him to do knowing that God promises a good result and he personally would never benefit from that but he knows God's going to bring a good result about and Jeremiah's benefit is and he's going to be with the Lord so it doesn't benefit that. You don't have saying like Earthly speaking in this place in this moment going to be incredibly hard for him to invest. It's an Act of Faith.

Your decisions today indicate more than anything what you and I believe about tomorrow.

I do it sometimes for us to be willing to invest like that like Jeremiah does we don't need a change? Environment change our investment we need ultimately kind of a change of perspective.

Cuz if I focus on my circumstances and everything that's going on.

Let me just try to write this without. boxing history

everything right now.

All I do is focus on right now. Why doesn't a great sometimes would you agree?

How can sing really large? the disease circumstances the job the loneliness I can just feel huge. What I need is I need to change my perspective. I need to start to see things the way God sees them. I need to step to the other side of the glass in a sentence. I want what God has says. Listen, you may not see it now, but I've won.

And if you'll trust me through the now if you'll invest in my ways now, you will get to the point where you'll see your face will become sight. You'll see the fact that I have one to get it. When I talk to Justin house and now seems so large and so big that I can never get through this I can never fall the Lord through this month. You don't understand my circumstance Josh. TriNet I might not but I know my God. A Jesus supposed to know I've won and when I come to the other side of the glass when I can see it from his perspective. It gives me the ability to invest today for things. I may not see even in my lifetime on this Earth.

Solis two question Where are you investing? And are you investing in God's best believe I got the dream for you? Stop asking to change your environment start allowing him to change your investment. And are you investing your life in God's best Jeremiah. Does that?

Other words are are you following him by face? I wonder what is it that you are investing in? What is it? Whether it's your money your time in your relationship see her investment, you might just think money right you like. I don't have any Investments to us. Think I got a 401 something out there, but that's all I know right now. It's texted to Elena. No, not just financially. your time your relationships realized you're not every moment of your day your investing in something. and in the future it's going to pay off. Or it's not.

What are you investing in and are you investing in God's best for you? Every decision you make every decision. I make it reveals what we truly prioritizing what were truly invested in. In fact, I would say the most spiritual thing you do today is not your devotions your decisions. Are you investing in God's future for you? No matter my circumstances because I know we promised is a good result. That's not your circumstances or say they're not hard. Trust me. I know they can be hard.

too often the Investments of our life are going a different direction than the direction God is calling us to

that's all you got to listen to am not just for the what and why but also for the how of our life we got to be attentive to his voice everyday. Our decisions have to be anchored in what he's saying to us. because if that's any kid who's been to the grocery store with their mom or dad ever go grocery shopping with your mom and dad and your little What was that? What was that experience like? The road around in the cart, maybe or you walked alongside while mom and dad picked out mom or dad or dad picked out and you know, whatever it was that they wanted to buy for the week. At least you didn't have any Say in any of that. Did you you can try to lobby for something but really wasn't up to you. Up and down every aisle over and over but there was one I'll where you had a Fighting Chance. Which one is the cereal aisle? We were here a couple weeks ago to a Fighting Chance because if it was a good week good mom and dad might want to pick out a cereal for this week. Now if you were like me, what did you base your decision on? The prize in the Box. I don't know if they still do this like you should get a prize in the box, right? You get some kind of like secret agent toy. You can get some kind of a cool stamp all kinds of stuff. And the picture on the box and maybe on the commercial on TV just made it look so enticing than it. Your pick out a series you didn't really like because of the toy in the Box. I mean, come on, it's not colorful. Is it Bland? There's the promise of this awesome toys inside and around in this area and all of it digging for that for that little prize. You pull it out only to find out what In flames. It's nowhere near as big as it looked on the box it it's nowhere near as shiny. In fact if I play with this for more than an hour. It's going to break for I'll be in about 5 minutes.

not only that, but now I'm stuck with this Lane box of cereal to

NFL experience

if you're on going I can apply to our lives to the Big Shiny thing on the box looks like the thing I have to do now I have to invest in now that's going to make my life so much better. If it and it could be something good. It could be something that's incredibly sinful. Whatever it is. I got to have that will make my life better. But when you pull it out of the box, what is it? It's small. It doesn't last. And it leaves you left with a box of cereal left with something you've invested in. You wish you could just throw out.

I need to invest in God's best friends. 2 Chainz quit asking him to change your environment all the time start allowing him to change your investment. What are you investing in? Start a lot about Investments decisions like that today, but let me leave you with this. Thought we're going to pray we're going to sing and called him morning. You know, what even is in your life your views maybe your heart feels heavy right now, you know, you know what I have wasted a lot of my life. I haven't invested in the things that that I know would be honor to God the things that I know would pay off for me spiritually relational eternally. There's a great news that even if you haven't been investing God's been investing in you. In fact, he paid the ultimate price for you. Two thousand years ago. Jesus came. He lived a perfect life that you and I always fail after he died on the cross in my place and in your place. and he offers to save you to make you new to give you a fresh start and some of you've made that decision some of you maybe you haven't and you need to and even if you've wasted your life your life isn't wasted. You know, how I know that you're still breathing. You're still hearing what I'm saying? God is not done with you yet. There is still time to turn to him. What is the psalmist rights today? Listen today if you hear his voice? Don't Harden your heart.

By your heads just with your with your with your heads about eyes closed closed up your Bible Enos. You have worship teams going to come forward.

I just want to ask you a question just the two of us talking here.

Even close your eyes. I wonder what steps do you need to take? Today this week this month begin investing in the things that God would have for you.

Tacoma right. Now I ask God to bring to mind where it is. He would have you invest for the future with your life and for his purposes. Passed earlier what you're investing and ask him to maybe to bring to mind. What where is it? You've been investing spiritually physically, it'll actually relationally, how's it going to pay off for you?

Is there a sin you need to turn from?

Do I have running from your circumstances and invest fully in the people in the place is got has in front of you.

And it's a financial investment that will benefit you match, but could have lasting impacts regeneration that I don't know what it is at 4 to bring it to mind. Maybe you've never put your faith in Jesus Christ. He's calling you to turn to him and trust him for your future.

Father we love you. We thank you that you love us that you sent your son to thousand years ago looking into the future knowing we'd be sitting here in this place at this time. died on the cross for us Rochester

for the creation of the world

plans for future and hope good things that you can put out for us to accomplish for Jesus with you help us to follow you by the power of your spirit to the truth. Help us make decisions that investing your best for us and your tree.

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