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How did the Lord use this sermon in your life this week?
Before we dive into this passage, Rob insinuated that this is a very convicting and difficult passage to preach through. What are some of the things that are difficult in this passage?
Rob stated, “It is entirely possible to live church and not be saved.” What does he mean by this?
To what audience is Paul addressing in this chapter?
If is aimed at the gentile and the unbeliever, is aimed at the Jew, what is Paul attempting argue here?
How does this passage speak to the church just as much as the Jew’s at this time?
Read On what things do we as Christians use to validate our righteousness? (Podcasts, well known pastors, good works, emotionalism, legalism, antinomianism)
Read ; how do we see this passage relate to the church, and the blasphemy of God in the world?
How could the sinner’s prayer, be analogous to circumcission? (Read )
- what does Paul mean when he states circumcision of the heart? - (Visible Church & Invisible Church)
Rob had us review three things pertaining to this passage for application:
What is the difference between “religion” & “Gospel”?
Why is it important to grapple with our sin? (Repentance in light of )
How do we know that we are believing the Gospel & just the Gospel?
Say “no” to any religion that would make you right before God.
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