What's in a Name?

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Illustration: Baby names, how do you choose?

Meaning? Relatives? Family legacy?
READ: Exodus 3-4

The Importance of God’s Name

First…The Burning Bush Account

Moses, the shepherd now (Egyptians despised shepherds)
Could have been a rock or bush, bush made more sense
Area near Mt. Sinai, likely 2-3 weeks from home, good grassy slopes
Bush not consumed, gets Moses’ attention
God calls to him when He sees that Moses is intrigued
Holy ground
Angel of the LORD = Theophany, God Himself, this is no job for an angel
God explains His plan
Description of Canaan (“ites”)
God says “I KNOW, I’ve heard My people!”
Go to Pharaoh - yes, the most powerful king on earth
3 days’ journey
Euphemism (ancient language culture) for “we are leaving, we’ll be back when we want to be, and if we don’t want to be, we won’t”
SIMILAR: “Can you hang on for a second” or “be with you in a moment” or “just wait a minute”
Pharaoh will only let you if he’s forced, compelled - so, I’ll strike them and he’ll let the people go.
PLUS…the Egyptians will fund your journey!
MOSES: Who am I to do this? Good question, not reluctant, yet. He understands he is an exile, a murderer, and of all places to go....Egypt?
He is now identified as a follower of God, not Egyptian

God Reveals Himself

Supernaturally - the bush
Moses - interested
Supernaturally - Creation, all around us
Creation was all around Moses, but God intervened personally
Creation is all around us, but God intervenes personally
Through the Holy Spirit
Working in believers, like you

God’s Name

Up to now, through Genesis, we know that others called on the name of the Lord, but we don’t know it.
After Joseph, and 400 years in Egypt, people no longer call on His name, and sadly, people don’t know it
They know TITLES
Adonai (LORD), Shaddai (ALMIGHTY), Rohi (SHEPHERD)
They describe attributes of God, but they do not fully describe Him
Mr. and Mrs. _________ to some
______and ______ to each other
Or even more endearing “nicknames” or names of closeness

GOD’s NAME - Short Hebrew lesson....

Statement of existence - “The One Who Created Sustains”
ehyeh - yahweh
God say His name - “I AM”
We say His name - “HE IS”
POINT: What/Who Yahweh says He is, He is ALWAYS!
Love, Compassionate, Forgiving, Just, Powerful - ALWAYS
God: I’ll send you
Moses: Me? Who am I?
God: I’m with you, do it and come worship Me here.
Moses: But I don’t know who to say sent me
God: I AM WHO I AM (statement of being); Say I AM sent me.
Moses: What if they won’t listen?
God: Show them the staff, the hand in the bosom
Moses: I don’t speak well
Fine, Aaron, your brother, he’ll go, too
You tell him what to say, based on Me
Moses: OK, I’ll go

So How Does This Help Moses?

This is NOT a conversation that God had with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Abraham - knew God, yes, but not this intimately
Moses wants to know: Who is God? What makes YOU YOU?
GOD: Whatever I am, I will be!
This Yahweh, THE GOD, Creator, Sustainer, is going to deliver His people.
Not Moses, Yahweh is going to do it
Moses will be the leader
He’s not told to just go get the people, He’s told to LEAD them
(This murderer, loner, loser)
And he asks about how he is worthy
God says: I’m God, ALWAYS, so if I say I will be with you, I will be with you!

In Egypt:

To the people of Israel - shows signs, they believe
They see God amazing, they bow and worship

So…How Does This Help You, Us?

We talk “identity” - yes, it’s good we do
But so what, I mean, says who???
“If I say you are a sinner, you are!
If I say you are forgiven, you are!
If I say you belong to Me, you do!
If I say you can do this, you can!”
Do we see God answering?
Do we bow and worship in response?
Do we make excuses
Do we follow?
See, God’s plan was not exactly Moses’ plan.
But Moses responds with worship
What do we do when our plan is not what God’s plan is?


God’s Name - YAHWEH, means
He is unchanging, unshifting, consistent, ALWAYS
Love - yes, always
Slow to Anger
Yahweh says: I am all of these, always!
We say: Yahweh, you are all of these, always!
And so God wants a relationship, personal


God’s plan then - deliver His people
God’s plan now - deliver His people, from bondage of sin
And if you place your trust in Him, in Yahweh, you are HIS!
But, but, but
Nope - God’s promise to Moses is the same as to you
He’s God, His name reminds us, His name is the promise
He’s got this! Really, He’s got this!
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