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CHOOSE- MORE LIKE JESUS-From Fear to Faith  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  25:56
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We overcome fear with faith by : 1) God’s Battle not yours 2) Lean into the Word of God 3) Rejoice in the Lord “A scared world needs a fearless church” Tozer

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Come with me if as we open the word today, I am excited about the weather this morning. I was actually on on the radio and had opportunity 104. One to speak to the audience across the Anderson Community and we had an awesome time in the world. And so let's just take some time right now to enter into God's word together.

So God is God is good and his mercy endureth forever. praise God

So we thank God for all that he continues to do and all that. He he He blesses us with as we continue to be strengthened by the mighty power of God and all that. He's doing in our lives Wiki the song if you could as we as we prepare for the word and and I think the song that I think would be would be a blessing to your people right now. I would encourage yourself in the Lord David encouraged himself in the Lord and so we're going to do that.

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Have to encourage ourselves in the Lord. Thank you sister Vicky for this for that wonderful selection. Good. Thank you for your word. Your word never returns void it always accomplish is its purpose? Thank you for your people who are gathered here today to receive the word of God. I pray the word will not return void. It will always accomplish its purpose in so we thank you for what you're about to do with your people today in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord on April 12th. I've been invited back to be on 104. Wanted to see if you're here locally here in Anderson Dilantin at 7:30 some of your wake come on in and listen to the word of God as I've been invited to speak to the community on on radio. Thank you again for this time together. Yo, aw Tozer said something I thought was pretty interesting that we need to pay attention to. He said that a scared world needs a Fearless church. I scared word world needs a Fearless Church. Today I want to talk with you my friends come on in the room. About this message of overcoming fear fear that grips us fear that freezes us this fear that causes us to not be able to focus on what God's purpose is for a life. That really does not come from God. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power love and a disciplined mind. I love that that that scripture found in 2nd Timothy 1:7. It's not a spirit of fear, but of power love and a disciplined mind what a powerful scripture. I think we're all the same to us that we may have some fears. We we have some mama and daddy fairs begins with with unscriptural decisions that we make something illegal decisions that we make because we driven into fear and then that's born with some baby fears and beat these fears that we have analyzed begin to multiply and it doesn't allow us really to do what God has called us to do. So today. I want to just talk about this mess. Fear and what is God saying to us about being delivered from Fear? Amen? This is a great opportunity. I think it's going to be a blessing to a lot of people. You want to come over by us now? I think it's dominating the news. It has now been classified as a pandemic. And so this extreme actions that have been taken by governments to try to contain this disease. It's driving the stock market down. I'm looking at my retirement income in it down 30% and is a lot to be nervous about unfortunately. It is part of this political dialogue even and end entertainment has been closed down. I can't watch my favorite games anymore America shuts down and closes down sports events. Right? And so Friday is a big announcement about income and resources that will be available for us. But we're trying to make sense out of something that we can't seem to understand and so that the primary concern over this sickness is that Is the count of death count that's happening here and a potential Devastation for disease that could impact our entire Globe. They tell me that the influenza pandemic back in 1918 infected. I don't know they tell me one third of the world's population and that that would be about I don't know maybe two and a half billion people to in today's population is estimated that may have killed about 15 million people with the population was much less than ours today. And so this is a serious issue. We meet me at struggling to make sense that sister the statistics are a pretty amazing and dramatic until the Bible has a lot to say about plagues. And we can draw counsel from the word of God Amen. The word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. And so as we begin to embrace the word and embrace God he'll begin to help us to make sense of something that does not make sense or as Christians. What should we personally do about the current crisis? How do we address this issue a fear that has a script some of us would be called the Frozen chosen where it's you can't move you can't do anything because you are so frightened. I'm telling you that God needs our fearless Church who is the church it certainly isn't the building because I'll building is closed down. But guess what the church is open for business. You are the church the Ecclesia the called out ones. And so today I talked about 2nd Chronicles at my text is found in sex. Chronicles 20 are we talk about Jehoshaphat versus I think it's one two and three he was he was afraid he was afraid about what the people was saying. He got afraid he he he was struggling to understand what the enemy what the devil was up to and too. So I want to give you some some Handel's no pun intended today on what to do about dealing with this issue of fear that has has the world grit. Number one need to seek the Lord. That's the first thing I thought it was seeking the Lord seeking the Lord that this is this is a live state of emergency here and we need to to seek the face of God as it says in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 until tomorrow at least stop the Lord. Proclaim the fast the Bible says there's some things only come through prayer and fasting some of us have been praying but you need to you need to open up a fast for all that is going on all around us. He declared a fire in Judah in verse 6 and and then he said that we need to clear fast, but we need to pray and ask the god of the Harvest on what to do. What is he wanting us to do? How do we fight this big battle that we find ourselves in right now? And so today I think it's responded to fear in in in those ways. But Imma give me three other ways that he was founded that I think that would be practical for you. Number one. He realized that The Battle Belongs to the Lord somebody say that with me The Battle Belongs to the Lord. You know some things you just can't change. I mean I sit here in my in my home locked in shut-in but not shut out. Amen because there's nothing much we are able to to do but to pray God didn't bring you this way to let us die. You know what I look back and and and and and see how people are cussing him and I'm frightened and a relationships are going awry and they're telling me that in China that the domestic abuse has risen to a two levels that they have never seen before folks are getting caught up in the circumstances in sagada saying it's not about what's happening right that that that that makes you happy. It's the joy of the Lord that is your strength realize that that he had to pull on something bigger than what he saw happening in the society. And so it tells us that the battle is the Lord it belongs to God Amen. He's working on our behalf. Right? He showed up for us and he's he's he's dealing with the issue that you have some of your Ben Ben Ben Ben loss of job issues with your finances. You you're trying to figure out what to do to pay the rent and the mortgage has a difficult times almost it was a long line of folks looking just to have the basic needs met these are tough times. And so we we we messed up when we respond to to to the situation in a way. That's not godly until God is saying listen first thing I want you to do realize is that The Battle Belongs to the Lord stop trying to fight this thing on your own. Listen, this is bigger than you Amen, this this mountain is bigger than you. And so you need a God. That's a God moving mountain and he moves mountains be moved situations. He he's able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ever ask or think and so we we thank God for the ability to realize that it is not your battle is the Lord's number to reverse 20. If you read verse 20 address of thought was saying hear that you got to receive the word until once you in and shut in with God spend some time in prayer Vicki and me and the and the family are working together the most time that we've actually spent in prayer. Everybody's taking turns leading a Bible study every day and we eating dinner together man that hasn't happened in a long time. And so God allowed us at me an opportunity to come closer together as a as a family and begin to bring bring back the family altar he sang. Listen, I need you to You to hear from me. Your Victory is is your ability to have that faith in my word is what he saying. Not your fears his the Bible says it's impossible to please God without faith and Faith In The Word of Faith cometh by what time to realize that it's not a battle. We need to also realize that we need to be in the world. I believe God we were singing the song Yesterday. I believe the word of God and what God has to say, I believe that folks are going to get healed from this disease. I believe that that you don't have to be stressed out. Amen. God said don't give you your tooth. I'm too stressed. I'm too blessed to be stressed. And so we we have to exchange our fear for Faith and begin to embrace with. I was asking us to do you know the realities that God has a good track record some of you you remember you was sick in your bed and got healed you that accident that you were that you were about to be... Prevented you from dying that day that financial crisis that the manage that almost broke up. Amen you listen if it wasn't for the goodness of God, we would be with wood. Would we be remember just just take Add where he's brought us from. Amen. He's brought us from a mighty Long Way. Amen decisions that we have made should be based upon our ability to believe God and I can't believe his word missing. You can't make me doubt him at this time. I know too much about him. He he's a great God for what he's already done for me. He's a burden Bearer. They meant he said, he's a lift you up about heads. Amen. And so God is asking us not to go to feel fear. But we need to be people that are running interface. Amen. We we have people of faith not people of fear. God needs a Fearless Church believe God can turn things around. I believe that he can the devil will keep talking to you. Okay, your fears will keep talkin to you and he didn't get you to double the double your fare then. Are you a question your beliefs until God is saying listen, I need you to believe in the word of God. The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path Elizabeth going through a storm here. We were starting in Matthew in Bible study how Jesus was there on that boat going from one side of the lake to the other and a storm was a beautiful day like it was yesterday. Your fish is in an Andersen beautiful day and all of a sudden the storm came up in the disciples became frightened. They were scared. They were trouble like we are so they they went down to the bottom of the boat where Jesus was resting and that the Bible says they they roused him they shaped him and begged him to come up to to do something because they were frightened of dying. So he's just came up and he walked up and you know what he did. He spoke to the storm and you know what? He said peace be still he said Shalom. I need you to speak to yourself think you said it today in Courage yourself in the Lord and savior. He spoke to the storm. Stop talkin about the storm. Stop talkin about to people about the stuff. You need to speak to the storm. That's what Jesus did because trouble don't last always passing through the storm. Don't don't build a building in the middle of a storm. It's a tent amen. So God is saying listen, I'll take you through the storm through the rain. Sickness in the play. I don't know about you, but I would much rather be in the boat with Jesus then bed by myself. And so you are in the boat with Jesus. And then lastly I Rejoice again. I say rejoice just last week. I preached on this message of that. God has called us to make the choice to Rejoice for the third thing. I believe that we need to do it to respond to fear is that we need to put on the Garment of Praise to overcome the spirit of heaviness praise. That was the last time you opened up your mouth and you begin to praise God in the hallway, man. I just finish the series about that that we are praising him in the hallway as we are heading towards the open door came and it will be opened or a man that did this. This disease is not good. But in the meantime, I dare you to open up a praise, you know, the Bible says in everything give thanks for this is God's will concerning you. This a forever thing it says in everything I dare you right now to just give thanks in everything because the victory belongs to you. Go ahead and Shout Shout in the middle of what you're going through. He is he's looking for people who will bless the Lord and worship him no matter what they're going through whether you're facing sickness or disease financial crisis. You lost your job. You got evicted missing God's got your back a men. I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread you are with God don't allow your fear to take you over any men. Don't don't let that fit fare is talking to some of you guys right now. Where is talking to you? And it's getting louder, but I dare you to begin to to to to drown out that voice of fear with the word of God. No weapon that formed against me shall I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world scripture and begin to rejoice in the Lord again. I say rejoice you making sure you're making decisions based on your fear. I'm leaving her. I can't stand being up in this house with this this this woman. This man is driving me crazy. Hey, listen, you need to find a place in that room and find a place in that house and you call it your prayer closet and I dare you to go on up and shut that door and you begin to lift up for praise unto God Amen give him give him a place, you know, as I am this time together. My my cousin called me actually reached out to her Marcy Elite. I'm who is in New York, and she was diagnosed with the coronavirus when I call her she could bear. Speak I could hear the the grass before I send it and the laborious breathing as I began to speak to her. She told me her story how she was in the school and they have to now test everybody in the school and then her husband has pre-existing conditions and and as we began to as I began to listen passionately to what an MD plea to what she was saying, I I heard her speak the word of God and she says, you know, all that being said cousin. She said I I will lift up my head to the hills which cometh my strength my strength coming from a god Psalms 121 who made heaven and she began to quote the scriptures. She was blessing me Amen on that call amen. And so we pray together and we shared together we sang a song together and just this week we heard that her fever had gone down any men and that that that that storm of diseases passing through pray for Mercy. Are there many folks we pray for those in need. York and pray for those in Louisiana, Louisiana and pray for those in China and an Italy a folks are suffering and hurting but but we want you to rejoin we need a church that will know that The Battle Belongs to the Lord. We need a church that will know that the word is a lamp unto my feet. You better hear from God. Jehoshaphat's heard from God not from the complaints of people and I mo3 you had better learn to rejoice and drown out that fair exchange your fear for Faith exchange your fear for Faith because he's a Waymaker. Amen. He's a he's a he's a he's a great guy that can do great things in so when you enter into his presence with praise, he'll enter into your circumstances with power. When you enter into his presence with praise, he will enter into your circumstances with power turning fear to Faith. They listen. I love you. Thank you for spending a little time with me today. We'll see you next week know that God loves you in perfect. Love casteth out all fear. Be blessed and have a wonderful. They let me play with your dad. I just thank you for your people. That are called by your name and those that are hurting and struggling that they will know that they can find a place a place of Refuge a place where they can go to hear from God. It's a place of protection somebody calls at the Goshen and Israel Israelites were looking for a way to be protected and they they they were protecting all of the obedient that they that they that they did towards God as they heard his voice and and so we're protected as we do what God says. And so I pray to God that in this in the midst of this pandemic in the midst of this quarantine where the world has been shut down that will be shut in with Jesus and it will find a savior so you may not even know him today and I'm just praying that you will get to know him in the palm of your sin. And if you don't today just say Lord, I confess my sins and I need you in my life. I cannot do this by myself cry out to God and he will meet you where you are folks. He loves you. No matter what you may have done his grace and his Mercy covers you you don't deserve it. But Grace has the power to change come on into the room be with Jesus be shut in but not shut out in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Hey, listen, love you have a blessed week.

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